Saturday, 22 September 2018

How to remote control and robotize someone!

Someone was asking about how you’d go about doing this over on the /r/EroticHypnosis subreddit:
Great idea! And whilst I know the version of this works well enough when you just announce “I’m pressing your PAUSE button!” when you want your subbie to freeze, that only ever seemed to add a needless prop to the equation when what I really want to see is someone reacting to stimulus that only they can perceive. (Via Bluetooth headphones or an earpiece for example. You could even treat it like it’s a nano-bot infused neural inhibition implant!)
I’m sure *actual* bluetooth enabled brain implants are just around the corner... but until then... 
The only reasons I’ve not done this already is because... well, because it’s quite a lot of work, (Well… as much as you want to put into it) requires a subbie who’s into memorizing long lists of commands and so niche that it’d never pay for itself. We’re definitely talking about a passion project here.
However… If I had unlimited time and wasn’t such a lazybones when it came to creating hypnotic tools (That will take tens of hours to put together and never make you any money :P) here’s what I’d do:
Start out with a receptive subject who has a good memory when it comes to recalling and responding to lists of instructions. Someone with a robot / remote control fetish is ideal because they’ll want to respond to the file as powerfully as possible. Other subjects will be fine… but the more into it they are, the more fun you’ll both have.
Once you have them, you will need the following:
  • A custom soundboard app. This one on Google Play is my favourite!
  • A bluetooth headset or earpiece for your “bot” to wear.
  • Or… If you wanted to get super sexy, and have a subject who’s able to memorize patterns of vibration (I know it’s a stretch, but I did say “unlimited time” right?) you *could* get something like a [“We Vibe 4 Plus”]( and use the software that comes with that. (It’s a vibrator that you can remote control from a bluetooth attached phone.)
  • A list of commands that you want your remote controlled subject to respond to, 
  1. Movement: Freeze / Play / Slow Motion / Loop / Rewind
  2. Awareness of being controlled: On / Off
  3. Resistance: On / Off
  4. Pose Style: Artistic / Sexual / Submissive / Human Furniture
  5. Pose Duration: Auto-Pose 30 secs, 1 minute, 90 secs, Triggered
  6. Dance: Robotic, Ballet, Podium, Club, Videogame Emote, Slutty, etc
  7. Masturbation: Allow / Deny / Oblivious / Compelled / Resistant
  8. Consciousness: Resistant, Dazed,
  9. Personality On / Off /
  10. Blank Slate: Temporarily assumes a new personality as parameters are given.
  11. Mood: Studious, Carefree, Stepford Wife, Flirty, Romantic, Slutty, Submissive, Bimbo, Pet, Little.
  12. Resume Normal Behaviour
  • A list of words or sound effects that you want to act as a trigger for each of the above commands mapped to the Soundboard app. The one I mentioned stores 28 commands per page, and you can have multiple pages, so the memory of your subject’s the limit.
  • Any hypnotic mp3 that produces a submissive or robotized state. I’ve a couple up here that can be adapted. If anyone wants to comment to add their own recommendations, be my guest
Serenity 2: Robotized! (Just listen to Serenity 1 first)
Discuss with your subject in advance:
  1. What commands they’d enjoy.
  2. What commands make sense to them,
  3. How good their memory is,
  4. Whether they want sound effects, short trigger words, or robotic commands given them by yourself / text-to-speech engine
  • Then create your remote control soundboard accordingly! Have your subject get into a nice programmable robot mindset and “install” the commands.
I *might* put something together for a HypnoDolls movie at some future date... (As it’s far more likely I’ll find a performer who can pull everything off with a couple of takes than an in-person subbie who’s super into robo play.)  But I don’t want to overpromise and under-deliver, so it’s still pipe-dream territory for now.
Though if anyone fancies commenting with their own ideas for robotic suggestions or recommended files for setting everything up, please do!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Friday, 7 September 2018

Ask Lex: "I feel like I'm driving people away..."

This came in via my HypnoDolls Tumblr: 

"Lex - over the past few months, I feel like I've driven away multiple people from trancing because of my carelessness and trouble communicating with people. I want it to end so badly, but it just feels like every time it's getting better, I make someone get angry at me again for something I never meant to be harmful. Do you have any advice for this - I know this isn't an ask blog, but I trust your experience very much. Signed, a despairing hypnotist."

Obligatory mention up front that I’m not a therapist or counsellor, so my advice ain’t perfect… 
The first step in making things better is accepting that you have this communication / carelessness issue and understanding that you need to work on it. See if you can tell what it stems from, what bad habits you fall into, and what you can do to prevent it from happening in future. 
The second step should be to send apologies to the people you feel you’ve made uncomfortable. Let them know what you did wrong, and how you’re hoping to improve in future. Wish them well and then move on. 
Don’t chase them for acknowledgement that they got your message, don’t ask for a second chance, don’t fish for any feedback beyond that. If they want to offer it and reply to you, they will. 
A non-exhaustive list of things to bear in mind in future… 
  • Communicate! What d'you both want from this? What limits does the subject have? Are they hard or soft limits?
  • Respect your trance partners boundaries, circumstances, lifestyle, desires and interests. 
  • Communicate!! Before hypnosis, during trance (as much as is possible, anyway) and afterwards. 
  • Tailor your trances around what your subject enjoys. Everyone’s different, so don’t assume one size will fit all.
  • Take regular rest / chat / food breaks from hypnosis and ensure that you enjoy one another’s company outside of trance.
  • Monitor their headspace outside of trance. Do they feel happy and normal? Great! Disoriented? Work out why, and whether or not they want to feel that way. (Some people like feeling dazed, for others, it’ll be unsettling) Are they getting a headache? If it’s directly related to trance or confusing suggestions, you can maybe alleviate that immediately with a quick “Release” style “Wake with all strange hypnotic effects removed, feeling normal and comfortable and clear-headed” suggestion. 
  • Perform proper aftercare. Talk about what you did, what you enjoyed, make sure they feel happy and okay.
  • Ensure post-hypnotic suggestions are ones that the subject would NATURALLY wish to be given. (You may have to ask sometimes if this is something they’d naturally enjoy, or something they’re simply agreeing to because they’re hypnotized and feeling extra agreeable.) 
  • Give sensible safety suggestions. If you’re doing this via the net, your subject should never be worried of being unable to wake from trance should housemates come home, or if the phone should ring, or there’s some other emergency. Nor should they feel unable to wake / keep themselves safe if they ever feel uncomfortable, scared, or just because they really need to get to bed / use the bathroom / head off to work. 
  • If you’re playing with consensual non-consent, make sure they’re only helpless when they would WANT to be. The difference between: “I can’t resist because I’m a captive plaything being brainwashed and it’s awesome!” and “I can’t resist… but I really should, because I have work in 10 minutes, my cat hasn’t been fed, and I really need to leave” is a vital one. 
  • Don’t be pushy. Everyone has different limits. 
  • Don’t be demanding of their time. Most people have non-negotiable responsibilities (family, work, health, sleep, etc) that WILL take priority over hypno-play, no matter how mind controlled they are in the moment.
  • Don’t immediately try to claim or collar someone or prevent them from playing with others, it’s desperate, unrealistic and will make you look immautre. 
  • Don’t be sneaky. Even with people who spontaneously develop hypnotic amnesia, people subconsciously KNOW if they had a good time or not during their trance with you.
  • Don’t assume you have any more control than the person you’re playing with. All hypnosis is self hypnosis to a large degree, trance is collaborative, and the only reason you have any control is because the person you’re playing with wants you to have that control. 
If anyone else has anything useful to add or anything vital I’ve missed, feel free to note it below. 
Obviously I don’t know the full circumstances, and it might not be as bad as you think if you’re doing this all via text and the net. Online relationships can naturally be quite fleeting when distance and timezones and real life concerns are part of the equation, but if people have actually yelled at you and told you off, then yeah, you’re clearly not the person you need to be just yet. 
No-one’s perfect. Most of us start out with a mess of bad habits and misconceptions and other biases when it comes to ANYTHING, let alone hypnosis. As long as you remember to communicate, care for, and respect the person you’re playing with, you’ll get better and things will improve for everyone. 
Good luck!