Monday, 15 January 2018

Serenity 3: Maid Mode and Cleaning Protocols

Fans of being and seeing mind controlled Maids rejoice!
Serenity 3: Maid Mode and Cleaning Protocols is now available!
Hypnotize yourself or your friends in one of four spicy flavours!
STEALTH! - It hasn’t worked! (As far as you can tell.) You’re only cooking and cleaning because those are your favourite things. The only reason you’re wearing an apron and nothing else is because it’s so fetching!
CAPTIVE! - Become a helpless bystander as your body behaves like a maid whether you like it or not!
HAPPY! - You’ve realised that this is what you’ve always wanted! Being a maid makes you feel blissfully happy and content!
DRONE! - Kiss your mind goodbye (temporarily) whilst you become an utterly mindless drone fixated on cleaning and tidying and carrying out household chores.
  • Effects last for 30 minutes by default. (Up to 3 hours can be specified)
  • Maid will wake from trance in emergencies or if RELEASE is spoken.
  • Optional adjustable arousal section if comfort level is sufficient.