Monday, 17 April 2017

Hypnosis Chatroom Rules

Rules for #HypnoDolls and #HypnosisUK on Kik Messenger
Actual Rules
  • Over 18s only. (Potentially adult content)
  • Please introduce yourself when you enter.
  • Don’t be a creep / asshole / attention whore.
  • Don’t try to “claim” subs (unless the sub is genuinely into that, in which case, go ahead.)
  • Be clear with your tist / sub about whether you want roleplay or genuine trance.
  • Be clear with your tist / sub about whether you want kinky / relaxation based hypnosis.
  • Presenting as another gender is fine, though if your trance partner is only really looking for one particular gender configuration, please consider being open with them about that if you feel you’re able to. 
  • If someone reveals something personal to you in confidence, keep their confidence. 
  • Please report creeps / assholes to an admin.
  • When the room fills up, those who seem least active will be kicked, starting with those who have no names, nonsense names, no profile pics or who don’t appear to have said anything for a long time. You’re welcome back, but the room limit is 50 people.
General Grumbles
  • Any kik chatroom has quiet and active periods. Stating that “it’s quiet” or asking if the room is active without attempting yourself to make conversation ANGERS THE GODS
  • If you’re bored then you’re boring. This also ANGERS THE GODS who are not here to entertain you. If you’re online in a kik chatroom then you have an internet full of entertainment at your disposal, so try perusing these fine sites:

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