Thursday, 30 March 2017

Honour Hypnotized 5 First 30 Minutes

For a limited time, the induction portion and early freeze play segments of Honour's video are here for your viewing pleasure.

After that it's Patrons and Subscribers only. (Thank you for your support guys)

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• Introduction
• Tactile Induction (Loves being stroked)
• Awake and loves being touched…
• … then feels SHE’S being inappropriate! 
• Sleep Trigger Testing
• Addicted to being petted 
• Needs to nuzzle
• Installing Freeze and Blank Triggers
• Amnesia: Doesn’t realise that we’ve already started
• Freeze Trigger Testing
• Face play and mouth shapes
• Blank Trigger Testing
• Trained to say “Yes Master”
• Blank Underwear Flashing
• Realisation and Confusion
• Blank EyeRoll
• Blanked Mid Conversation
• Believes she’s a Doll (which explains why she can’t move)
• Posing HonourDoll and Freezing her Mind
• Frozen Doll Play
• Released Doll Drops my Damn Phone!
• Can the Neighbours see!?
• Irresistably Sleepy

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