Sunday, 26 March 2017

Erotic Hypnosis FAQ 1

In my latest attempts to avoid doing anything that remotely resembles work, I’ve been pestering the folk in the hypnosis channels on Kik messenger.
The chatrooms in question are Max’s #HypnosisCafe, and my own #HypnosisUK and #HypnoDolls channels.
Feel free to pop by and say “Hi” if you have Kik, though don’t be offended if after a period of inactivity you get booted from the channel. Kik chat-rooms can only hold up to 50 people, so the more popular ones can fill up and stay full if no-one carries out regular housekeeping on all the lurkers that slip periodically into a silent torpor.
The channels span the full spectrum of geekery and there are regulars of all flavours: We’ve got your lurkers, your catgirls, your anime fans, your littles, your gamers, your kinksters, your comedians, your old guard and your newbies.
Because it’s a mobile based chatroom, there tend to be more short conversations and less by way of inductions in there. (Seriously, who wants to carry out a text based induction using just 1-2 of their digits? Sure it can be done… but you’d have to be some kind of masochist to choose Kik as your hypnotic stage over Chatzy, Skype, SleepyChat or Google Hangouts.) and because the room sizes are limited, you see quite a bit more passers-through.
Plenty of people have questions about hypnosis.
Plenty of them have misconceptions about it too.
And plenty of times I’ll be 3 minutes into typing a detailed multi-paragraph explanation to someone when their miniscule attention span causes them disconnect leaving me with 300 now-useless words and a desire to chew my hat in frustration…
Anyway, it’d be quicker to just point people towards a blogpost than attempt to type out full answers to the questions and misconceptions, every time they come up, so here’s a few of the more popular / common ones:
Q: Does hypnosis work by text? How is that even possible!?
Short answer: Yes. But for the sake of your ‘tist’s sanity, please use a medium that gives them access to either a full keyboard or a microphone. :P
Longer answer: All hypnosis happens in your mind. That means the main component of a successful trance is not who’s hypnotizing you, what their voice sounds like, or how enchanting their words, boobs or eyebrows are.
What matters most is what’s going on in your head: How relaxed you are. How comfortable. How focused and open you are to following the direction of the person doing the hypnotizing.
If you can read something like a book, or poem, and you can be emotionally affected, engaged, and caught up in the story, then you can be hypnotized by text.
If the idea of being hypnotized via text, email, or text chat in a chatroom seems preposterous, then you can’t be. At least… not until you see something that changes your mind.   
Q: Hypnosis doesn’t work on me. I’m “immune”.
No, you’re not. Saying you’re “immune” to hypnosis is like saying you’re “immune” to going outside, or wearing underwear, or singing “Happy Birthday”. Hypnosis is something you voluntarily enter, usually using someone else’s words as a guide. It’s your willingness to follow that guide that actually leads you into trance though, not what the hypnotist is doing to you.
If you’re having difficulty going under, then it might be you’re either unfocused, a knee-jerk skeptic or you’re over-excited.
Q: Okay… How do I become a better subject?
If you’re unfocused, get rid of the distractions.
If you’re unable to keep your skepticism in check, ask someone who has experience with hypnosis to show you some convincing examples of hypnosis in action. Most of us can list off experiences we’ve had or videos we can show you that might change an enquiring mind.
If you’re over-excited, try doing something that calms you down before attempting to go under. Do something that relaxes you: Have a bath or a glass of wine, (enough to chill you out a little, not enough to disorient you) put some classical or meditation music on, or indulge in a little self-love. ;)
Sometimes it’s misconception that get in the way. Some people assume that if they’re still aware of what’s happening, that must mean they’re not hypnotized.
A light trance just feels like being chilled out, a little uninhibited and happy to follow suggestion. If you’ve ever done a drama or a yoga class, you’ll have been in that state.
Deeper trances can feel more like you’d expect them to based on media portrayals: Spaced, Thoughtless, Helpless, etc… and some lucky people have such a powerful response to their very first trance that they can experience amnesia, positive and negative hallucinations and all kinds of strangeness first time round…
But plenty of us have to work at it.
For plenty of people, becoming a good hypnotic subject is a matter of practice.
If you feel like you’re in control, but you could happily follow the suggestions you’re given, follow the suggestions.
Go with the flow. Leave the analysis for afterwards, and you’ll have much more success than if you’re constantly second guessing yourself.
Q: I’ve got a deep dark secret… you see… I want…
No no, let me guess…You want to be a… feminized sissy slave, who’s “forced” to a) be gay, b) wear a diaper and c) only wear latex who can’t orgasm without his Mistress or Master’s permission. Am I close? :P
Kinks like these are pretty common, and unless you’re baring these deep dark fantasies to someone totally new, we’ve probably heard most of them before.
Q: Will you hypnotize my wife / girlfriend without her knowledge??
Without any knowledge at all? No. Not unless she’s agreed to it.
In almost all cases, it’s not possible to hypnotize someone without them realising why it is that a strange man with a sing-song voice is swinging a pocket watch in front of them whilst repeatedly using the word “sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyy”
In the few cases where people *can* be manipulated into trance without their awareness, it’s unethical to do so without their consent, and even if you were to successfully put them under, odds of them successfully recalling afterwards that you’re an untrustworthy arsehole and never trusting you again afterwards are high. (Take it from a (hopefully) former arsehole.)
Memory play is lots of fun, but get permission first. You can always have them neglect to remember the fact they did actually give you permission, and that can be pretty entertaining in itself.
Q: Will you hypnotize me?
That depends… are you providing me with some kind of service or paying me?
(and as @scifiscribbler suggests, have we actually spent any time getting to know one another?)
Well in that case, are you an attractive, reasonably fit UK based submissive or model who just loves the thought of being my gardener / maid / butler / librarian / model / personal assistant / performer / dogsbody / living doll / reprogrammed robo-slave or general minion?
Do you have any skills when it comes to website management, SEO, copy writing, accountancy or business development?
If so, sure!
If not, then sorry, but I’ve a kinky empire to run. ;)
Q: But you can do whatever you want with me! Anything at all!
Awesome! Send me £20 and I’ll put it towards the HypnoDoll Performance Fund. :P

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