Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do you and the girls ever... you know... ;)

Whilst I don’t exactly work in the sex industry, (I prefer referring to what I do as: “Adult Entertainment”. ;) the descriptions of themselves that the ladies I work with use, range from the respectable: “Art Nude Model” to the slightly racier: “Kinky Bitch” / “Fetish Slut” and occasionally it includes the good old: “Pornstar” so I guess my work is definitely sex adjacent.

As such, I get asked by folk fairly often if I ever use my hypnotic wiles on the ladies to “influence their attraction” to me. Or to put it a little more bluntly: make the girls want to fuck me.

The answer to that one’s easy. It’s an only slightly affronted - because being a hypnofetishist, I know exactly where they’re coming from: “No!” followed by an explanation that if you use hypnosis in desperate and seedy ways, (like trying to coerce someone who’s not that into you into sex) people tend to see you as a massive creep, and without comfort and trust, they won’t be getting hypnotized by you. That’s why in my videos, I’ll usually give a safety suggestion early on along the lines of: “If I suggest anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re free to wake up, call me a creep and kick me in the nuts.” of course I also give the girls the suggestion: “Everything you like the idea of, you’ll be helpless to resist!” (Because I’m always thinking, see? ;)

Sometimes though there’s a follow-up question: “Okay… but what if they are into you, and like the idea of playing anyway… do you and the girls ever play after the shoot?”

The answer to this question is a little more complicated, and is usually followed by a moment of introspective silence whilst I consult my internal list of “almosts” and near misses.

Since a recent weekend escapade, there’s also now a single shining “Actually… yes!” in there too, which in future I’ll be coupling with a roguish grin and a waggle of the eyebrows.  

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves...

No sense in spoiling the build-up, right? ;)

First the “Almosts”:

One of my earliest shoots was with a blonde lady whose partner liked to sit in and watch her work.

I’m now aware that in the glamour industry this is a little unusual. Most reputable photographers like to feel they have enough positive feedback on their portfolios to mean they’re trusted to work around the ladies and keep their intentions pure… or at least keep their hands to themselves. And of course most disreputable photographers want the girls all to themselves for exactly the opposite reasons.

This particular partner when watching his lady at work was very… “appreciative” I guess is one word that fits, though another could be “vocal”, and as he watched his girlfriend going under hypnosis, posing around, behaving like a puppy, becoming aroused on command, playing with herself sensually one moment before locking in place as a frozen vacant sex robot the next, he’d make happy grunting noises and say things like “Awww yeah!”, “Ooh, would you look at that…” and the ever classy: “Fuck me that’s hot!

I take it that seeing his normally animated and sultry ladyfriend tuning out and becoming little more than a brainless hypno-puppet on command was something he really enjoyed seeing...

After the shoot, they were both pretty turned on by the whole thing, and they asked not so subtly if there was “Anything we can do for you!?”

Now… I’d been out of uni for about 2-3 years and I’d been single for most of that period. I’d just spent the best part of two hours watching this gorgeous 20-something dance eagerly to my hypnotic tune and she appeared to be offering herself to me on a plate… the fact her burly man-friend was also part of the offer didn’t register too highly at first… naive, horny and slightly lonely 23-year-old me didn’t take much persuading.

It was only about 5 minutes later as I found myself lying on my back next to Captain Gruntworth as his lady went to town on us, removing our trousers and underwear and starting to teasingly mouth at our gentleman-parts that I thought to myself “Oh dear, this feels wayyy too seedy” and noped the hell out of there.

So I made my excuses and left, feeling kinda conflicted about the whole thing: Sort of used, sort of horny, slightly ashamed about the fact that my first threesome hadn’t been the cool kind of threesome, and pretty glad that I hadn’t stuck around.

If I’d known about it at the time I’d probably have been pretty certain they were doggers. :P

I guess that was the first lesson about the sex (adjacent) industry:

Some people are in it just because they want SEX!

Okay… that should probably have been blindingly obvious. Sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake… which also explains why in my younger days I kept romantically fixating on lesbians that I had NO IDEA were lesbians.

My next near-miss came about 20 shoots later. (See? it’s not like this was something I was actively looking for. :P)

Lady number 2 (Another blonde) had arranged a shoot with me as she thought hypnosis seemed really cool and interesting. It turned out over the course of our session that she was a rather fantastic subject. A bondage suggestion had her squirming and tugging at invisible ropes, making a futile attempt to free herself as she panted and moaned in a mixture of frustration and arousal. She was buck naked at the time, and made a pretty delicious looking picture. I told her that she was gagged and her mouth spread itself in an inviting looking “O”. I told her that her knees were roped and pulled apart and her legs obediently separated, her shaven cooch moving in appealing little circles.

Remaining as much a man of honour as it was possible to be under the circumstances, I picked a none-erotic bodypart (the tip of her nose) to play with and told her that it was linked to her clit, that I could touch and stroke it and she’d feel it in “other” places.

I’m pretty sure this led to the first “nose-gasm” for both of us.

After the shoot she was left pretty awestruck by the fact that she’d been able to orgasm without me ever needing to physically touch her in any of the “traditional” places… She was breathless, shiny-eyed, excited and even after I’d finished filming, was more than keen to do it all over again, never mind the fact that the camera was no longer rolling.

She wanted hugging… actually she wanted more than hugging, but as at the time I had a girlfriend (I still do, the ever gorgeous Lizzidoll) and she had a fiancé, hugging was all she got out of me. She liked the idea of meeting up in future though… being my occasional plaything, and I said that if her fiance was comfortable with that, and as long as my other half didn’t mind me having a pretty blonde plaything for occasional shenanigans, that would be more than welcome...

It was a good thing that we didn’t go further, as a couple of weeks later, the fact she’d even been tempted to play with a guy who wasn’t her fiancé had her feeling very guilty. She also got diagnosed as bi-polar by her Doctor so ended up reconsidering her entire modelling career and asked me to take her shoot down entirely.

Close call. And I’m pretty glad all we did there was hug.

Lady three came about 9 shoots later. (Okay, occuring a little more frequently at this point) and was a similar tale. (Albeit without the bi-polarism.)

This girl again ended up become far more aroused and excited by hypnosis than she ever thought she would, and again found herself asking whether there’d be a possibility of future play as my submissive or slavegirl.

We sent spicy emails back and forth for a while. She lives fairly locally, so the potential for play was pretty good. Again though, she had a partner and kid, and again, she ended up feeling that hypnosis had made her a little more uninhibited than she initially realised, (starring in a few scenes that were far more spicy and unrestrained than she’d originally intended to be,) so we backed out of that.

Three shoots later we shot with a model who was actually a lifestyle submissive to a dom friend of mine, so that could have led to whatever I wanted… I tend to prefer romancing ladies under my own steam though, as opposed to being told “This is X, she’ll bang whoever I tell her to. Would you like to have a go on her?”

Nearly a dozen shoots after that, I gave a model a submissive alter-ego who was obedient to the extreme and whose waking personality initially knew nothing about what her new alternate personality was getting up to. Sexy though that idea was from an MCStory standpoint, I didn’t want to be the kind of guy who mind controlled girls without their knowledge for his own nefarious ends (at least, not in that sense) so I allowed “waking girl” to know what her alter-ego was getting up to. (To be fair, whilst her unconscious alter-ego was an eager submissive sexslave, her waking self would have probably broken a baseball bat over my head if she got wind of me misbehaving with her subconscious sub side. :p)

A couple of shoots after that, we come to Kim…

Kim Shoot One.

Working with Kim was lovely. We hit it off immediately and had a good amount of banter going before I’d even started filming. Kim’s fairly flirtatious, pretty shameless, has a dry and sassy sense of humour and she’s geeky to the point where I’m worried that my own geek credentials might not pass muster. Whilst I can claim ownership of over 500 videogames on Steam, I can’t claim to have any experience LARPING or with Roleplay and D&D nights, or with adventures in hair-dye. (Shortly after my one solitary experiment with hair dye, (Neon red if you’re wondering) the majority of my hair fell out… I don’t think the events are related) and there she beats me hands down. Alas!

Our first shoot was a lot of fun, and featured amongst other things a section where she used a replica BROADSWORD to masturbate with (for when a nicely contoured dildo just won’t do), a kidnap scenario where she wakes to find herself tied up in a sex club, stripped and on display whilst a collection of onlookers watch with amusement as she’s spanked and stroked and misused in all manner of amusing and erotic ways… and a section where we had her cuffed to a spreader bar whilst she experience deep and powerful hypnotic orgasms. So powerful in fact that she actually broke the spreader bar. :o| (Our apologies to Frank at Greengate Studio. We *did* offer to pay for the damage ;)

She was (and still is) happily married… but her hubby knows she’s something of a kinky bitch, and trusts her to the point where she can play with other randy folk, as long as she’s coming home to him afterwards.

The first time we shot, I didn’t know this in advance, and whilst after the shoot, things did get slightly racy with Kim, (I... may have given her the suggestion that the moment anything touches her lips, she’ll become utterly mindless and be overtaken with the desire to thoughtlessly suck, lick and pleasure whatever it is…) I hadn’t checked that Lizzidoll would be okay with my playing though, so the only thing I had her pleasuring was my thumb… though in her favour she did a damn fine job of making it feel like the sexiest thumb IN THE WORLD.  Much to my enjoyment, she obediently followed this suggestion whilst we were still in the studio… and again whilst we were sat in the car enjoying a post-shoot pizza… and she continued to follow it even sat out in public at the train station waiting for her train.

Being based at opposite ends of the country meant that whilst we’d occasionally send flirty emails one another’s way, actually meeting up for further play wasn’t really on the cards…

Until recently, when the stars aligned and we both become available for another hypno shoot that is…

Kim Shoot Two.

This went well.

Like… seriously well.

Like… this girl responds to my voice like she’s been programmed persistently to become blank and dizzy if I happen to use words like “Submissive” or “Surrender” or “Weak” or “Enchanted” around her.

The merest mention of any of these words would have her eyelids flickering, her gaze growing unfocused, her body rocking slightly, stiffening… becoming almost doll-like…

After greeting Kim at the station, a couple of flirtatious comments about making her my plaything once again had her almost going under. The only reason I didn’t perform a rapid induction on her there and then in order to carry out some impromptu street hypnosis was because I’d initially mistaken a different girl waiting for pickup as her (going so far as to set up a surreptitious camcorder in my car) and had gotten myself confused.

Anyway… she’s an awesome hypno subby, and this time round, she had hubby’s blessing to play with the devious hypno man, and I had Liz’s blessing to have my wicked way with the helpless hypnolady, or even the both of them if she herself found Kim suitably appealing to be around. :D

So… I should probably mention a few highlights about how the shoot went…

Like how my usual 20 minute induction was reduced to what felt like two minutes simply due to the fact that Kim was so submissive and eager to be played with…

Or the fact that we got through a fair number of the 60+ suggestions and requests that had come from the audience as to what they’d love to see hypno Kimmy getting up to…

Then there was 10 minutes of shining hilarity where we had Kim believing she was Doctor Who regenerating into a woman for the very first time, and finding the whole experience exciting and exotic… if only slightly marred by the fact that women’s clothing is completely lacking in a) pockets and b) practical footwear.

“Doctor Kim” wakes with a jolt, her hands flying to her breasts before jubilantly claiming: “It finally happened!” then there are the usual Whovian behaviours, like checking out the hair (“Bah, still not ginger”) face and figure in the mirror: (“Rose would be jealous… she’d definitely be jealous”)

This bit’s so good that it’s actually viewable for free if you’re interested in checking it out here:

All in all, A pretty great shoot.

Kim was staying for the night in our spare room so we had a break for some food (and wine) after we were done, and we filmed the closing chat later.

The After-Shoot

Glad to have another kinky lady around. Liz (who’s a big fan of bondage, rigging and shibari) asked if she could practice some rope-ties on Kim. Kim was more than happy to be stripped to her underwear, tied up with hemp and experimented on, so the evening was entered with both ladies sat on the floor, Kim with her hands bound behind her, harnessed up whilst Liz manipulated and moved and tied her, music playing from Liz’s phone which we’d hooked up to the speakers.

Liz had been shopping that day, and hadn’t had a chance to show off any of her new clothes yet as we’d been shooting. When she asked (post ropery) if we’d like to see her new underwear and silk robe, I don’t think I noticed a devious twinkle in her eye… but there was definitely one in mine.

I’d asked Kim off camera during the shoot if she was enjoying herself, and she most certainly was. I’d asked her if she felt like playing with the pair of us later on and she most definitely did, so when Liz stepped elegantly off the staircase, silken dressing gown flowing appealingly over her hourglass curves, unbelted, so we could see her burgundy bra and pantie set beneath, complementing her bare skin nicely. It didn’t take long for me to tell Liz to pose… then to freezeor to invite Kim over to play with her once my hypnotic companion was rigid and vacant.

We took turns, posing Lizzidoll like a mannequin, bending her this way and that, tracing our hands over her skin, enjoying her warmth, her stillness, her thoughtless obedience. With a snap of my fingers I allowed Liz to become aware again, and she jerked awake with surprise which swiftly became a grin as she realised what we’d been doing with her.

Liz unhooked her thumb from where it had been playfully placed, pulling her panties teasingly to one side, and smiled shyly unable to contain the smile that was spreading across her face. “I see someone’s enjoying themselves” she said.  

“Ohhh yes.” I said, before checking that she was happy to be toyed with and made into a doll for our further amusement. Being a mindless dolly is one of Liz’s favourite things in the world, so unsurprisingly, there were no complaints.

“Good” I said, with some amount of glee. “Crawl over this way” I commanded, with a snap of my fingers. She complied before she knew what she was doing, Liz tends to excel at hypnotic obedience the more hypnosubbies there are in the room. Her competitive nature means she wants to be the best, even if the being the best means becoming the most mindless, most obedient, most responsive and most empty-headed. A growing flush on her cheeks, her grin bordering on huge as her eyes flicked slightly nervously between the pair of us, she wasn’t sure where to look. I blanked her mind with another snap of my fingers.

Once mindless she knelt there staring vacantly into space, lips parted thoughtlessly, spine unconsciously arched backward, silken dressing gown granting her a little modesty, but at the same time flowing over her every curve. I looked over at Kim, who was drinking in the sight of Liz with barely contained hunger.

“D’you like her as a doll?” I asked.

“Ohhh yes.” Kim replied, as I snapped my fingers before her face, blanking her mind also.

“That’s good… because that’s all she is now, d’you understand?”

“Yes Master” came Kim’s response. She’d decided earlier within trance that “Master” was her preferred form of address for me and I wasn’t about to change that.

“That’s right. She’s just a doll, a plaything a sex puppet, poseable, beautiful, fuckable… and we’re… the quality assurance testers. Our job is to ensure that her body is perfect. To inspect her from all angles, to make sure she feels flawless all over. Clear?”

“Yes Master” she murmured dreamily once more.

With a snap of my fingers, Kim’s eyes which had been half lidded and unfocused became clear. She regarded Liz the way you might look at a fun new toy and rubbed her hands together.

“This is a nice model. Shall we get to work?” she asked, casually bending Liz over onto all fours, momentarily enjoying the way her silk robe traced the roundness of her arse. before flipping the robe over her hips to expose her pantied butt.

We wasted no time.

“Getting to work” involved the pair of us kissing, stroking and entertaining ourselves with Liz’s supple body. We left her on all fours, but manipulated her legs a little wider… head a little lower… Kim was becoming much more familiar with Liz now there was nobody home and seemed to be delighting in her task of examining the gorgeous creature from every angle.

I was getting rather turned on by this point, thought to myself “Well, nothing ventured...” and drew out my cock.

“You’re happy for me to test her mouths capacity for oral stimulation?” I asked casually gesturing towards my schlong, as though I were a technician taking measurements and pointing towards an everyday tool. (I guess in a way, I was)

“Oh by all means go ahead” came Kim’s blasé response. “It’s not like I have the equipment to carry out that particular test.”

As I spread Liz’s lips and slid myself into the warm wetness of her mouth I did notice that as I began to thrust into her, Kim began watching the show with somewhat more interest than your typical technician might do, and she seemed to lose all track of what she was doing as I began to slowly and rhythmically mouthfuck Lizzidoll. She looked… hungry.

A wave of my hand… and Kim was staring into space just as thoughtlessly as the sexdoll beside her.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Kim?” I enquired.

“Yess Sir” came her response, the quiver of arousal in her voice unmistakeable.

“Would you like to be a sexdoll too?” I asked with mock innocence, still slowly and deliberately driving myself into Liz’s mouth.

“Yes please Sir” she moaned softly.

I withdrew myself from Liz’s mouth and directed both girls to their knees. They complied smoothly and unthinkingly.

I instructed them to strip out of their bras for me, and they smoothly and unthinkingly unhooked them, allowing their breasts to spill out for appraisal.

I told them both to melt down into trance, and the strength slowly left their bodies, they melted to the floor, before I ordered the pair of them to lie on their backs for me.

What followed were several minutes of erotic brainwashing, as I had my topless pets lying spreadlegged on the carpet, hands buried in their underwear, teasing themselves. Both girls were breathing deeply but were otherwise silent. Both of them lay there eyes open but blank, staring but unseeing.

I deepened their trances further, whispering in their ears, commanding them to drop deeper by the second, ensuring that whilst they could play and titillate themselves, they wouldn’t be able to do it fast enough to distract them from my voice, my words, my wishes. I allowed my hands to stroke over their faces, their lips, their collarbones, their breasts, and as my words grew more teasing, I simultaneously tugged at and tweaked their nipples, highlighting choice words like “Submit” “Surrender” “Tease” and “Please”

By the end of it, both slavegirls were gasping and I… well you can probably guess how much I was enjoying myself. ;)

“Are you enjoying yourselves slavegirls?”

“Yes Master” came their voices in unison.

“And would you Slavegirls like to please me?” I asked, perhaps a teeny bit tentatively. I wasn’t about to get what I hoped I was about to get… was I!?

“Yes Master” came their voices in unison.

“Would you both like to pleasure my cock?” I hazarded.

“Yes Master” came their voices one more time.

“Well then… crawl this way!” I exclaimed, turning my back to them, stepping with confidence and poise towards the sofa and unbuckling my jeans, thankful that neither of the rising slavegirls, now sensually crawling their way towards me, eyes blank, mouths open obediently, could see the MASSIVE cheesy grin on my face.

I’ll draw a veil there… what followed was… a highly enjoyable first time experience for me… but I don’t want to get too crude.

Well… no more crude than I’ve been already. ;)


Lizzidoll: Tsch! I love that this whole Blogpost is basically a long winded way of saying: “I just had SEX! (And it felt so good!)"