Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Locating willing hypno subbies.

Someone recently emailed me asking how I ever managed to find one lady to let me hypnotize her, let alone photograph and video her hypnotized for all the internets to see.  

I get asked this often enough for it to merit some bloggery so here we go!

I'm writing it at 2am from a Seattle hotel room by the way, so my apologies if things are a tad disjointed. Also this list isn't exhaustive, so feel free to comment with your own methods.

Anyway, here are mine: Most are pretty easy, though some take a fair bit of bravery to do the first time round.

Method 1: Find a kinky lady at a munch / club night / kinky get-together.
Monetary Cost: Munches Free / Club Nights £10 / $20.
Time Cost: Very little.
Balls Required: A fair amount
Difficulty trancing someone: Easy!
Setup Needed: None.
Equipment Required: Black T-Shirt / Trousers / Some kind of kink related outfit or prop that says “Kinky Hypnosis Yo!”  

Check Fetlife for local kink events (Bondage, Munches, Club nights, etc) and get involved in your local kink community. You probably won't get to hypnotize people straight away... but you'll be able to speak frankly about your interest in it, and plenty of people will be interested. Showcase it in a way that seems fun, cool or kinky and people will want to try it out or see it done on their friends.

It's hard at first, but do try to make conversation with everyone when you go to these events. (First impressions count, and you don't want everyone's impression to be that you're a shy and silent wallflower.) Other guys will be easy to chat to, but plenty of couples go to these things, and a quick "Hi! I like your X. What are you guys into?" will usually open up conversations pretty easily. Single ladies will be used to everyone hitting on them, so try for a decent conversation first before you go hassling them for trances.

It helps if you have a number of sexy diversions in your repertoire, as appearing solely focused on one thing to the detriment of everything else can look a little intense and weird. It's fine if Mind Control's your major kink, but have something else to talk about and break the ice with. Lizzidoll and myself between us regularly go to bondage, burlesque, photography, art, drawing, dollification and objectification events, and there are plenty of events that are more geeky than kinky. (Movie nights, Board game groups, Fetish fayres and markets, etc.)

Method 2: Hire a model. Offer payment. (And don’t be a creep about it!)
Monetary Cost: $100 / £75 for 2 hours
Time Cost: Quick
Balls Required (First time round): Fairly big ones.
Balls Required (Subsequent times): It gets way easier.
Difficulty (after setup): Easy
Setup Needed: Make a photography profile on a modelling site.
Equipment Required: A decent camera (you can possibly rent or borrow this)

Step One: Find and join a modelling website with a decent number of members. ModelMayhem / Purestorm / Purpleport are three examples, though the latter two might be a bit more uk focused.

Step Two: Make a portfolio of pics in the style that you hope to be taking. Make sure they’re your own pics or you’ll get banned for stealing. Try to find one female friend willing to look slightly sultry for you in at least half a dozen pics. Clothed is fine.

Step Three (a): Feeling brave? Post a public casting call looking for glamourous volunteers.
Step Three (b): Feeling shy? Email a model or some models that you like, tell her what you like about her / her portfolio and ask if she’d be interested in a paid hypnosis themed photoshoot. Be brief, light and interesting at first.

Step Four: If you get an interested response, send some more info. Reactions will range from “HYPNOSIS!??! CREEPY!” to “Hypnosis!? That’s so cool!”

If she’s hesitant to try it out for real, go with hypnosis “themed” pictures first. This can still potentially lead to genuine trances later, but it shows that you’re happy for her to keep her brain in her head, even if she looks like she’s out of it. “Pretend” trances can also be stepping stones towards real ones. I often begin my genuine hypno shoots with staged shoots where (amongst other things) I’ll: Break the ice whilst the model’s in full control of her mental faculties, Introduce the concepts that I hope to be working with, Get the lady used to following my directions.

Provided you don't come across as creepy, dangerous or desperate, most models will be reasonably happy to do weird, semi-nekkid, fetishy or in some cases downright slutty things on camera or for photos. Models regularly work in and out of their clothes, they often work around fetish based topics so tend to be less freaked out by the idea of being a hypnotized slavegirl, zombie, robot, vampire slave than your ordinary gal in the street would be.

Method 3: Ask a lady friend if you can practice on her.
Monetary Cost: Free!
Time Cost: Quick
Balls Required (First time round): *Really* big ones.
Difficulty (after setup): Moderate
Setup Needed: Find / Watch a film with a mind control scene in it.
Equipment Required: A decent camera (you can possibly rent or borrow this)

Here you have to be confident and reassuring, as well as have suggestions and ideas in mind that will be fun... but not too sexual (though I suppose that depends on what kind of friend you're asking)

  • Try not to act nervous (or they'll pick up on it) T
  • Try to talk about hypnotizing like it's something you've done many times before.
  • Make it sound interesting and fun (it is!) but not like it's a really big deal or deep dark secret. (If it seems like a secret shame, that’ll put her on edge.)
  • Try to gauge the best way to bring it up with each friend. (One person might respond well to a "Wanna see something cool I can do?" but that might make another suspicious.
  • If you can have a movie on with a mind control scene in it (Big Trouble in Little China) you can maybe talk about how hypnosis doesn't quite work like that... and segue that into explaining how you know so much. ;)

Method 4: Find a subject online.
Monetary Cost: Free!
Time Cost: Hours upon hours upon hours upon hours.
Balls Required: None. (Which is why it takes so damn long)
Odds of immediate disappointment: High
Odds of long term friends / subbies given a lot of digging: Moderate
Difficulty trancing someone: Easy!*
*Difficulty trancing someone who isn’t roleplaying or pretending to be female: Tricksy!
Setup Needed: None.
Equipment Required: An ability to type.

Check Omegle  (add a big bunch of hypnosis related interests), the Hypnosis IRC rooms, Hypbook, Fetlife for online hypno groups, Reddit.com/r/hypnohookup, and CollarSpace.

These sites contain lots of genuine ladies interested in having fun and sexy adventures. (Huzzah!)


  • Guys outnumber girls about 6 to 1. (Argh!)
  • Lots of the ladies will already have partners. (Doh!)
  • Lots of the ladies will be hundreds or thousands of miles away. (Gah!)
  • Some will be cute 20 somethings... but not everyone's a model. (Ergh!)
  • There's a high number of genderfluid and transgender folk seeking trances, if you're comfortable working with them, great. If you'd prefer to work with a biogirl, just wish them good luck and move on. 
  • In the uk at least, there are wayyyyyyy more catfish (guys masquerading as girls) than genuine girls. Don't ask for it the instant you meet someone, try to have a decent conversation first, but if someone's unwilling to verify they're real with a clothed pic or a Skype chat within a couple of hours of chatting, they're probably a roleplayer or a timewaster*.

  • *Sorry to the genuine girls out there who just won’t verify, but catfish / fakes / roleplayers / timewasters / trolls and figments far outnumber you. They also use the exact same excuses not to verify as you do. ("I don’t take pics / skype ever / I don’t have a camera / I don’t have a phone / I don’t have an email / I don’t give out my email / I prefer this to be anonymous.") There are also a growing number of real ladies out there who understand that spending 30 seconds on Skype saying “Hi” and having a quick chat does not lead to them falling victim to a human trafficking ring or posting naked pictures of themselves to the internet...
  • Saying that there are a large number of talentless creep hypnotists out there who’ll spam someone else's script or induction at you, or demand “Triggers!?” then try to get you to dance around naked for them, and CLAIM your mind FOREVER the moment you trance with them. Understandably this keeps ladies unwilling to verify. (Vicious cycles be vicious, yo!)

Method 5: Start your own hypnosis website!
Initial Monetary Cost: £500-£1500 / $850-$2500 though it’ll hopefully pay for itself in the end!
Time Cost: Pretty damn time consuming
Balls Required: A fair amount
Difficulty trancing someone: Easy!
Setup Needed: Weeks.
Equipment Required: Camera / Camcorder / Tripod / Video Lighting / Video Editing Software / PC

Occasionally girls / couples / doms / subs will approach you out of the blue interested in either working with you, playing with you or submitting to you. It's how I met my g/f, so it definitely works. ;) Takes some doing though. :P

* * * * * 

So there are five methods. The best for building confidence and a presence in your local community is number 1. (Get out there and network with kinky folk.) 

The best for getting it done quickly is number 2. (Hire and pay a model) 

Number 3's (ask a friend) easier the younger and more sociable you are. 

Number 4 (Find someone on Omegle / other adult dating sites) is like banging your head against a brick wall but with persistence pays off often enough not to discount it entirely. 

Number 5 (Become internet famous) is the method I chose after number 2 took off. :P

Hope that helps! If anyone reading this has advice for aspiring hypnotists, please post a comment and share the knowledge!