Thursday, 29 August 2013

Trancing Ms Tori

So a week or so back, one of my Yahoo hypnobuddies tells me that a lady on Fetlife has caught his eye as she’s seeking hypnotists to explore her trance related kinks with. He’d kindly offered to play with her himself, but she was looking to be hypnotized in person, and with him being based in the US and her in the UK, that made any form of direct interaction problematic.

I took a peek at her profile, and I saw that she’s 21, reasonably cute, tends to identify more as a dominant than a submissive (but *is* really interested in submitting within hypnosis). Also, she has a rather world class bottom that judging by her Fetlife pictures she enjoys showing off, and she lives about a 90 minute drive away. “Close enough for a kinky day trip!” I thought to myself… but then I think that almost every time I chat with anyone female within a 200 mile radius. It’s not that I have a one-track mind… it’s just *that* particular track is a bit wider than the others… and the other tracks are overgrown with weeds... and populated with angry badgers… and the hypno track has regular refreshment stands! Okay okay, fine. Maybe I’m a *little* obsessed with hypnosis. Welcome to my blog! :P

Of course I can’t really plan my kinky daytrip of delightfully deviant deeds before I’ve even said “Hello” so I shot her a message on Fetlife introducing myself.

It seems I wasn’t the only person to take an interest, as she’d had about 37 other responses since posting her message a couple of hours previously… Fortunately for me, running a kinky website has it’s benefits, one of which being that in a group of 40 hypno-fetishists, it helps one stand out from the crowd a little, and I got a response back. She had actually heard about me from a mutual friend that she’d tranced a little with in the past, though she couldn’t tell me *too* much about what he’d said or what they’d done, as apparently her memories when it come to hypnosis are often rather “hazy”. Still, she’d gathered that I wasn’t a total arse, so I guess that’s a pretty good start!

She’s had enough of relationships for the time being, so told me she was looking for kinky playmates, as opposed to a boyfriend, or someone who’s going to fully own her brain. That suits me just fine though, having one fulltime girlfriend cum slavegirl (hehe) is *quite* tiring all by itself, though it’s always a pleasure to make friends with ladies who might be willing to show me their bottoms. ;)

We found ourselves skyping pretty quickly, though her net didn’t take long to die, so we rapidly progressed from that to phoning one another. (Well, her phoning me. Free minutes for the win!)

Her name’s Tori, and though she describes herself as a hard nosed bitch and quite the robot, I didn’t see many signs of it myself. If anything she seemed pretty warm and funny. The only time I heard otherwise was one point where I thought my phoneline had gotten crossed as a screaming torrent of incoherant abuse shot out of the phone (apparently aimed at one of her cats who had jumped up somewhere he wasn’t meant to be.) Other than *that* though, quite lovely. ;)

Tori told me fairly early on that she drops very easily into trance and not to try any funny business, so I behaved myself (mostly) during our first conversation. I say “mostly” because as we *were* discussing hypnosis, it seemed only natural to ask her what it is she likes about trance, where she’d like it to lead her… what fun and games she thinks she’d enjoy… She admitted to having several “buttons” that get her thinking submissive thoughts and certain things you could say that would wind her up in the right or wrong way depending on her mood…

I wouldn’t say I *jabbed* the buttons, but I’m a geek as well as a hypnotist, so when I hear that a *person* has buttons that allow you to affect their mood, behaviour, or mental state, I have a pretty hard time holding back…

At one point she was “Mmmm”ing along quite emphatically with whatever ideas I was raising, (She’s quite a big fan of the classic 1950s style housewife for example) but when I noticed her conversation skills flagging, I didn’t push it, and changed the subject to something more geeky and less hypnotic. X-Men movies possibly… (More on that later.)

Mainly we just got to know one another as well as bounce a few hypnotic ideas around. Like I’d *love* a female assistant to star alongside me in the videos hypnotizing the ladies. It’d make a nice change to have an onscreen hypnotist, and I’m not *quite* there yet in terms of having the look, wardrobe or figure that I’d want if I was front and center in my hypnovids.

Liz is gorgeous and quite capable of trancing others, but hates how she sounds and looks on camera.

We chatted a good long while, I was surprised that I managed to make conversation for more than an hour without giving into the urge to drop her into trance. (Something usually reserved only for my vanilla ladyfriends, and only then because they tend to smack me and call me names if I start doing my hypno voice.)

A day or so later, we *did* get around to having that trance, and she proved every bit the subject I was hoping she would. (I put the idea in her head that she wanted to send me pics of her bottom, and that’s exactly what she did.) I subscribed to her tumblr and read a few of her blogs (The one called “Voice Activated” has my hypnotic blood a pumping, and the one titled “You are going to fuck me” is *extremely* hot. Probably something about the phrase “drool pool”... more on *that* later. :P)

She also blogged about me, and what a delightfully charming and benevolent gentleman I am. You can read her post here: “There’s a new creepy, evil and cunning twit in town” (She means that affectionately… I’m almost certain! ;)

A few days after *that* and I was planning my trip over to see and play with her. Liz informed me that as long as I was keeping *my* pants on, Tori could get as nekkid as she liked and I could play with her however I wished, so I started to concoct ideas. Here I’ll admit I *did* poll a couple of kinky buddies online with a little more experience than me with direct domination. (Rich, thanks for the tea-drinking suggestion!)

It’s not that I don’t do a lot of hypnosis… it’s just rare that I get hands-on in any way. :P

So… Saturday came. Weekend traffic around Birmingham was every bit the bastard you’d expect it to be, (though I’d found ways to amuse myself in the standstill… texting Tori and telling her what kind of food to prepare for lunch being one, pushing  her buttons by calling her “Darling” “Sweetie” and “Cupcake” being another.) and finally I found myself knocking at her door.

Lunch hadn’t worked out, so we went to a local pub instead. We tucked ourselves away in a quiet corner and ordered some food and drink. Conversation flowed well, Tori was shaking the effects off of her late night partying, (apparently her wife had persuaded her to go out drinking and then abandoned her once she was sozzled. Bad wife!) but she’d showered, spruced herself up and was wearing a nice dress.

As we drank and ate, Tori talked about herself, her sisters, her friends, her horse, her night out… and she mentioned how when she’s approached in pubs and clubs by guys that think they can just grab at her arse just because it’s *there* she’ll give them what for… and I saw a way in.

“So…” I began, innocently enough.
“Groping and touching you without your permission is a no-no?” I checked, with a wink.
“Yeah, I hate that stuff. Dickheads” she grumbled.
“What if the guy *does* ask for your permission?” I asked innocently.
“Erm… well… then I suppose it depends on…” a frank person herself, she was still momentarily flummoxed.
“Tori…”  I said… interrupting and looking her in the eyes. “Would you like me to touch you?”

There and then the girl beside me transformed. At hearing so direct a question and knowing there was only one honest answer she could give, she changed. She smiled nervously, bit her lip, looked down and softly said in whispered anticipation:

“Yes please Sir.”

So I hugged her close… I stroked one hand playfully across her… I wondered just how obedient she was now feeling, so asked her to spread her legs beneath the table… she happily obliged. Had things been a little more private, I might have investigated further… but our corner had livened up.

We finished up our meals pretty quickly. Conversation still went by pleasantly, but I think we both had something else on our minds.

As we headed back to the car, Tori raised something interesting.

“I was a bad girl last night.” She said playfully as we walked.
“Oh yes?” I asked.
“Mmmhmmm, I went out without any underwear on. My dress was pretty tight so you could see my panties through it, I thought I’d be best off without them.” she grinned.
“With your love of flashing your arse, I can’t really see it staying hidden…” (I could see where this was leading.)
“Nope. I ended up flashing the bouncers at the club.” she cackled gleefully.
“You seem pretty proud of that fact.”
“I am! I’ve a great ass.” was her justification.
“So they didn’t mind?”
“Mmmmm Nope! I think they enjoyed the show!”
“I bet they did… hmmm….”

I trailed off… my mind thinking the only thing it *could* think at this point.

“Hmmmm?” her turn to act innocent.
“Yeah…. take off your panties and give them to me.” I said, folding my arms.
“What… here!?” she said, warily looking around.
“Yes, now please, there’s a good girl.”

Standing beside the car, her fingers hastily hooked her panties from the bottom of her dress as she dropped her underwear to the concrete. She stepped out of them (Black and frilly, nice!) and wordlessly handed them to me. I pocketed them for later as we got into the car.

She could see I was enjoying myself, but I wanted to know how much of a good time she was having.

“Lift your dress. Spread your legs. Show me how turned on you are.”
“Yes Sir.” she complied.

I gave her a little smile as I allowed myself to investigate.

Ahhh. She *was* having a good time. ;)

The drive back was pretty civil. She was driving and I didn’t want to distract her any more than she was already, though once we were parked, before getting out of the car I thought it’d be fun to have her put her underwear in her mouth for the walk from the car to the front door.

Note to self: If your submissive lady friends wears braces, don’t go having them put panties in their mouths. :|

Once we’d gotten her teeth untangled (Now there’s a sexy image for you) we headed inside.


Now at this point I *could* give you a vague and general idea of what went on, but leave most of it to the imagination… or I could leave nothing to the imagination and spill every detail.

If you’d prefer to envisage the specifics yourself, there were deep trances, mindless inspections, memories going missing, human kitty behaviour, a heck of a lot of spanking, and


The rest of you perves want to know every detail eh? Well then. Read on. :P


A few moments later and we were snuggled up on the couch, Tori nestling into me as I murmured hypnotic words in her ear, guiding her down into trance. It didn’t take long at all to get her to the point where she was completely limp in my arms.

We’d talked a little in advance about where she’d like things to go, and as I mentioned earlier, a few friends had already given me ideas…

Mindlessness has a rather large appeal for the pair of us, so once I was happy that her marbles were in another bag, I instructed her to stand with her legs spread, palms high against the wall, back arched. She obeyed unthinkingly, rising from the sofa, moving like a sleepwalker, stepping towards the wall, then smoothing her hands up it slowly, arching her spine into position then locking in place. Watching her face, I casually teased the base of her dress up to reveal her arse and gave it a nice long squeeze. She gazed expressionless at the wall in front of her, lips parted slightly. I drank in the scene for a few moments.

“Aaand Awake and aware” I said, with a loud *SNAP* of the fingers on my left hand. (My right hand still firmly occupied in grabbing her arse.)

Her eyes focused on the wall an inch from her nose, and her head jerked back in momentary confusion, she looked towards me then glimpsed down towards where my hand was.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked, a little flushed.
“Isn’t that the whole idea?” I responded deviously before snapping my fingers in front of her face and watching her melt into mindlessness once more.

Next I had her undress for me. Again, she casually obeyed. Eyes unfocused, moving like my own personal zombie. Once nude I had her posing like a slavegirl. Ever the photographer, I grabbed my camera and began to snap pictures. First stood to attention, now posing like a mannequin, next showing off her butt, now spreading herself and squeezing at her buttocks.

Stripped of clothing and standing there blissful and mindless, legs spread as she presented her most intimate areas to me, I noticed a glistening line of her own juice running from the lip of her labia to partway down her thigh. I really should have taken a picture of it for posterity, but my inner OCD kicked in at it’s lack of symmetry and I’m ashamed to admit that I dabbed it away.

Soon after that I had her thinking she was a cat. Initially all she wanted to do was ignore me and sleep (Obviously she knows cats well) but with a couple of further suggestions, I soon had her padding around on all fours, investigating her front room, sniffing at her two pet cats (who being typical moggies, soon lost all interest in their owner’s odd behaviour and left the room in disinterest.) and looking for mice. I filmed her sniffing around before encouraging her up onto the sofa so I could give her a stroke and her tummy a tickle. She rolled on her back, a half smile on her face, making “Mmmmm” and “Merow” noises as I skirted my fingernails over her stomach and breasts. She seemed oblivious to the fact she was nude, or the fact that lying there with her legs parted, everything was on show.

I teased at her clit, increasing her pleasure and telling her that the vibrations in my voice were linked to her down there. That every word she’d hear me speak for the rest of the day, she’d feel vibrating through her clit. Her breathing deepened as her arousal grew. Not wanting to give her too much pleasure in too short a timeframe though, I clicked my fingers and blanked her mind once more.

A little deepening, a few depth testers to ensure that her body was totally limp and I was ready to continue teasing.

“Tori… on waking, you’ll not realise that you’re naked, nor that you’ve been hypnotized already, nor that I’m filming you. You really really *want* to be hypnotized though, and can’t believe that I’m taking so long. 3.2.1.Wake!”

Her eyes opened and she looked at me over her bare breasts.

“Are you gonna hypnotize me then?” she asked grumpily.
“At some point… if you’re good.” I teased, noticing with some awkwardness that my fingers were still moist from toying with her clit.

“Oh come on… that’s what you’re here for” she moaned, exasperated.
“Maybe… but I want to tease you before I do…” I said, eyeing her exposed boobs and wondering how to go about drying my fingers…

She harumphed unconvinced.

“You think I should give you everything you want the second you want it?” I asked, buying some time.
“I *always* get what I want” she grinned.
“It might be nice to make you beg though.”, I continued teasing. (Ah! I had her pants back in my pocket. Awesome!)
“Really?” she asked. Non-plussed.
“Mmmhmmm… Hey… d‘you have any sex toys?”
“Yeeeeh….? One or two...” she admitted.
“Go and get one” I grinned.

Like a good girl she toddled off upstairs (Still starkers) and retrieved her vibrator… though for the life of her she wasn’t sure *why*. As I’d already mentioned, she was pretty damn turned on, but then I remembered something she’d asked for in one of our conversations that I knew she’d enjoy…

“Actually let’s go upstairs, you’ve not shown me your room yet.”

Once we were up in her bedroom, I saw that it took up one side of her house, with windows set floor to ceiling in opposite walls, one looking out over her back garden, the other out into the road outside. Light from the afternoon sun spilled into the room giving everything a nice glow. I looked out into the street, there was a small museum opposite that seemed to have some kind of outdoor cafĂ© area or beer garden. From the way the light was entering the room, and the placement of the beer garden (raised a little from the roadside) it wouldn’t have been too hard for anyone sat outside in the sunshine enjoying a nice drink to peer through the window and see naked Tori standing there. (Well… I say “standing” I might have had her padding around like a cat again.) It was unoccupied at present though, so I didn’t bother closing the curtains.

With a wave of my hand, her mind was empty once more, I had her kneel at the foot of the bed, facing her chest of drawers whilst I set up my camcorder in front of us.

I slipped one arm across her chest, and gently cupped her chin in my hands. I rocked her naked  kneeling body back into me and asked her.

“Do you have a mind?”
She shook her head dumbly and softly slurred a slow and sleepy “nohh”
“Do you have any control?” I asked, stroking teasingly up her arm.
Again, came her breathy and thoughtless “no”
“Who am I?” I asked.
“Masterr” she whispered
“And what will you do for me?”
“Anything” she responded, immediately.
“What will you think for me?”
“Nothing” she breathed.
“Feel yourself being *fucked*” I said, with a snap of my fingers. “Arousal filling you, feeling so fuckable and hot.”

Her body begin to slowly rock as her hips began unconsciously thrusting.

“You’re being used… you’re being held… you’re being spread…”

Her moans began to deepen as she felt all these things happening to her. I stroked my hands over her, enjoying how helpless she was in my arms.

“But now I want you mindless, so your mind’s just blank.” I snapped my fingers again. “Not thinking anything, you’re just a doll. A poseable doll… smiling spacily, eyes open, smiling like a pretty doll.”

She smiled vacantly at the camera as I puppeted her around. Posing her one way then another. Sat above her like her puppeteer. All intelligence gone from her face, nothing remaining but my obedient hypnodoll.

I decided it was time to bring Tori back out, but thought I’d surprise her with something she’d find fun.

“You’re a mindless slavegirl, obeying every command… NOW”


“Up! Across my knee.” I commanded and sat myself back on the bed.

She rose and positioned herself over my knee on all fours, eyes still nicely vacant, face looking out of the window, arse pointing towards the camera.

“Now… waking as Tori, not knowing how we got here, not *caring* how we got here… but wanting very much to be spanked… to what point though? Do you want to find yourself crying?”

“Yeah” came her dreamy admission. (This was something she’d mentioned being interested in earlier. Making girls cry isn’t usually in my kinky repertoire, if they’re *into* it though… then I’m happy to oblige.)

“Waking as Tori, 3… 2… 1… Now”

The hypnotic cloudiness cleared from her eyes and they focused on the window in front of her.

“So… you want a spanking do you?” I asked, fingernails tracing over the curve of her nearest buttock.

“Oohhhh yes!” she grinned, eagerly, looking up at me.

“What… like a...” I gave her a quick, light and fairly pathetic *slap*slap*slap*slap* “little playful spanking?”
“Noooo noo… come on” she grumbled disdainfully  “I’m made of hard stuff here.
“Oh I *am* sorry” I said. (Not at all sorry) “How hard are we talking?”
“Nobody’s ever made me cry!” she gloated
“Well then…”

My next spanks were harder… stronger… longer… seven stingers on each buttock.

At the end of it her body untensed and she let out the beginnings of a satisfied sigh.

“You seemed to enjoy *that*” I grinned.
“I do… I love it.” she admitted.
“Do you?”
“But I thought the idea of spanking was that you warmed up to it slowly.” I asked innocently, bestowing a pitter patter of pathetic swats.
“That’s… uh…  pretty measly.” she said, not very diplomatically… not that a girl *can* sound all that diplomatic when she’s naked and on all fours over your knee.
“So you want it hard straight away?”

This time I put my whole arm into it, adding a little whip-crack to my wrist, ensuring that my whole hand would make a strong impression. They spanks took a little longer, but I was fairly relentless.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, seemingly surprised at my sudden bout of manliness. I continued till her feet were kicking and she was “Ahh” and “Ohh”ing at the sensation.

I stopped, and again she breathed a happy sigh.

“Well this one certainly does seem to be getting rosy…” I said, breaking the tension and tracing my fingers ever so lightly over her left buttock. “The other needs to match, though, doesn’t it.”

She started to laugh, but it turned into another moan of arousal as I heated up the rest of her rump.

Again, she ended up kicking “Daahhhhh! Nonono Stop!”

“Stop!?” I asked, confused. “Why!?”
“It hurrrts!” she justified. Giggling.
“I thought you were made of tough stuff!” I mocked, somewhat smugly, but still letting my palm smooth over her backside.
“Yeah… I have been given really really hard blows whilst tied up, and standing… but never been given y’know… quick quick ones… so that actually feels quite different.”
“Well if you want to tell me the perfect way to spank you I guess I could do that… but that doesn’t seem very submissive.”

I began to slowly experiment with my spanks, one buttock then the other, smoothing out the sensations each time till Tori was Mmmmming and grunting happily.

After one stinger there was a hissing intake of breath and an “oooh” from her.

“Faster or slower?” (SPANK) I asked, feeling like her barber.
“Actually I’m finding” (SPANK) she began “from a horse riding accident” (SPANK) “that I had...” (SPANK) “that THAT one” (SPANK) “hurts more than that one!” (SPANK) she chuckled.

“ Which one hurts more?” (SPANK)
“The right one!” (SPANK)
“That one hurts more?” (SPANK)
“Yeah” (SPANK)
“In a bad… ‘I’ve had an accident down here’ way?” (SPANK)
“Possibly… I fell off my horse onto concrete” (SPANK) “landed straight on my arse” (SPANK) “and since then it’s never really been the same and…”(SPANK) “I do believe we’re being watched… possibly.” (SPANK)

“Do you think we should close the curtains?” I asked, looking out through the window and seeing that there were now three ladies in their 20s sat in the beer garden enjoying a drink. One did seem to be looking directly at us…

“Erm…. yeah…”  (SPANK) she said, burying her head in the duvet somewhat embarrassed. “I can’t look my neighbours in the eye.”
“Do they know you?” I enquired.
“Nope!” she said, happily.
“Well then that’s fine!” I said. (SPANK)
“Ahhhh sod them” she decided. “They kept me awake the other night” (SPANK)
“So you can ruin their lunch!” (SPANK)
“Yeah!” (SPANK)

I continued my spanking with renewed vigor. Circling my spanks around all the areas of her arse I could reach. Warming up every part of her. Soon she was kicking, gasping, moaning breathlessly.

Tori looked out of the window at one of the girls that may or may not have been watching the whole scene and said: “She’s pretty hot actually…”

“You think she’s… looking right at you” I said, and gave another click of my fingers.

I carried on my spanking till she was squirming before teasing her a little more.

“You do need to be a good girl for me… then I might hypnotize you. Would you like that?”
“Would that be nice?”
“But you’re not *crying* just yet… do you want more?”
“Mmmm… no…” she grumbled. “Pain doesn’t seem to make me cry”

With another “Sleep” and snap of my fingers, she melted back onto the bed. Limp across my knees.

“Open… helpless… obedient… open about everything, cares, loves, lusts, longings.” her breaths were deep, slow.
“Tell me why you want to cry.”
“To see if I can.”
“Find yourself feeling emotional… find  yourself feeling vulnerable… out of control… under my control… find yourself filling with emotion, recalling the last time you cried, not necessarily what *made* you cry… but the feelings you had. Inside. Now what you’ll find on waking is that every. spank. Intensifies all those things. Waking up 3… 2… 1… Now.”

I started to give her experimental spanks. This time punctuating them with questions about her behaviour.

“Do you think you need to be spanked for something? Perhaps a punishment.”
“Mmm” she grunted thoughtfully.
“Maybe for being a dirty smoker?” I decided.
“I *try* to give up” she wheedled petulantly.
“Well you need to try harder!”
“Mmhmm” she agreed.

(In fairness to her she hadn’t smoked around me, so I couldn’t really complain about her behaviour… crying was the fantasy for her though, so I didn’t let that stop me!)

“Got to set an example. It’s not good, is it?”
“No” she agreed quietly, starting to sound quite upset.

I continued spanking.

“It’s *stinky* isn’t it.”
“Do you like being stinky?”
“No” she said, sounding more like a little girl.
“Do you want people to see you as a stinky dirty smoker?.... Well?“
All that came from her was a whine.

“Well!?” I asked, with another spank.

She mumbled something
“What!? What are you going to do with your cigarettes?”
“Stop” she cried, pitifully, sniffing like a child.
“How many cigarettes d’you smoke each day?” I asked.
“Too many” she admitted.
“From now on, each cigarette you try to smoke will remind you of this.” I said, giving a firm spank. “You need to be reminded, don’t you”

By this point she was making soft sobbing noises into the bedsheets.

“You don’t want to be a smoker, do you.” I said, stopping with the spanking and stroking soothingly over her glowing derriere. “You want to be a good girl, don’t you.”

Her breaths began coming in larger heaving sobs, I couldn’t tell if she was crying or just thought she was crying, her eyes definitely looked red though and her nose was running. Her shoulders shook as she made “hur hur hur” crying noises like a kid who’s had her favourite toy taken away.

“You want to be healthy and happy… for you… for your friends… for your family…”

Her crying began to slow as I let my voice become more reassuring and soothing.

“Are you going to stop?” I asked, like the concerned parent.
“Mmmhmmm” she agreed.
“You going to be a good girl.”
“Yes” she said quietly.
“Okay…” I said, “If you’ve learnt your lesson you can have a cuddle, come here.”

A little shakily, she got up from all fours and curled up beside me with her head in my lap. A couple of moments later we were cuddling up on the bed, her nude, me still fully clothed. I let her sniff for a while longer, before taking the camcorder, filming her face and calling her a cry baby.

Eventually she admitted: “I need to man the fuck up” and we got back to the sexy play. ;)

I decided to test out her fellatio skills, so sat her on the edge of her bed, emptied her mind, and as I stood there, holding her 8 inch rampant rabbit at cock height, told her to suck and pleasure it as though it was me. She diligently went to town on it. Face-fucking with gay abandon, repeating back anything I told her.

“You are a mindless hypnoslut what are you?”
“A mindless hypnoslut”
“Who will you fuck for me?”
“What will you be for me?”
“Anything you want” she said, between sucks.
“Any time I want it?”
“Mmmmmmhmmmm” she murmured, mouth full of rabbit.
“Good Girl…. Freeze. Frozen. Fixed in place.”

She sat mindlessly on the bed, mouth open wide like my a human sexdoll. I grabbed the camcorder, went back over to her and filmed her directly pleasing her playtoy.

After giving her blowjob, I noticed there was a spot of drool at the corner of her mouth. I emptied her mind once more and told her what a good girl she was, and how mindless she was, and noticed with enjoyment that the spot became a line of drool which eventually began to pool on her thigh below. When that pool too had begun to spill onto the floor, and there was a long line cascading from her mouth to her thigh to her floor, I woke her up again.

I had Tori become my kitty cat again next, and once more she began to slink around the room. This time I had her believing she was on heat, so much of her time was spent teasingly wiggling her arse at me, and rubbing against my legs.

Then I allowed her human mind to return, still on heat, wanting to fuck me *really* badly… but finding herself unable to touch me through some kind of hypnotic forcefield. (Not that she was aware yet that she’d even been hypnotized)

Finally (finally for upstairs anyway) I had her sat on the bed like a sexdoll once more whilst I experimented with her sextoy’s settings. Battery operated sextoys are all very well and good… but I think I prefer hypnotic ones. ;) I got her nice and near orgasm… but wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted *just* yet.

Heading back downstairs, I allowed Tori to put a dress on and had her make me a cup of tea. (I fancied some refreshment, and something my buddy Rich had suggested yesterday I’d yet to do.) She asked if she could have one too, I told her “not yet”

Blanking her mind with a wave that was becoming customary I gave her the following instructions.

“Now Tori… whilst I’m drinking my tea and watching tv, you’re going to lie on the floor and masturbate for me. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir” she said meekly.
“Very good. Now what you’ll find is that every time I take a sip of my tea, you’ll come right to the very edge of orgasm… but you won’t come. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir” came her reply.
“When I finish my tea and tell you that I’ve finished. *Then* you may orgasm.”
“Yes sir”

I took my tea, sat on the sofa whilst Tori lay legs spread between myself and the television, and enjoyed the show (Every time I sipped, and *especially* when I finished.)