Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nessia Hypnodoll

Sorry all, but Nessia's reconsidered being quite so public about her subby side. This post did detail some of the fun vids she'd posted on YouTube, but I realise if you can't actually view those videos, it feels more like a disappointing tease than a satisfying and fun hypnotic experience. 

You can still read a story related to one suggestion I woke her up with here: "Morning Heat


Hypno Noob said...

hey there, i'm new to hypnosis and the like, and i look forward to reading your blog, and hopefully i'll be able to learn something, :D if you could give me any pointers that would be fantastic and majorly appreciated

Felix White said...

Lol, Hypno Noob. What a classy name :)

Lex has some how to articles buried deep within this extensive blog on his hypnosis journies.

Find them and prosper!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex; have missed the regular updates of your hypnoshenanigans with Lizzidoll, any chance of hearing any more, or updates agina?!?! W.

Anonymous said...

1. where are the regular updates? I wanna see something on Portia and Rachelle.

2. where can I find the hypno stuff on Liz.

3. What on earth happened to your website? It used to be much better!

Janny5 said...

I can't seem to view the videos, when ever I click on them or try to copy the link, it says "This video is private". Please help!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a huge fan of your blog. I was just wondering when the next update is going to be here has been a while I eagerly await your next post.