Saturday, 20 April 2013

Egad! Foxy Female Hypnotist!

Lately I've been bumbling around a chat site called "Omegle". It's like Chat-Roulette, only instead of being connected to a completely random stranger every time, you can enter a list of interests and it'll partner you up with someone who shares those interests. For example: "Bondage, Erotic Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brainwashing." (You did want a look into my personal psyche, right? ;)

When you get connected with another hypnosis fan, many conversations unfortunately seem to go the same way: Hypnotists will open chat by saying "Hi. ASR?" (Which I've learned is "Age, Sex, Role?" Role in this case being either Hypnotist or Subject.) Generally the other party will disconnect the instant you reveal the shocking truth that you're a guy... probably in the belief that talking to another guy will immediately turn them gay.

In case you're wondering what is in store for females on that site, after about the 38th instant disconnect, I decided to just lie every time an ASRer popped up and say I was female to see what kind of reaction it would provoke.

Turns out if you say you're a female subbie, you'll invariably be asked "Triggers??" and then on revealing your triggers (or at least... pretending to reveal them) you'll almost immediately be triggered and then told that you're the obedient helpless slavegirl (or slaveboy, if they're not a massive homophobe) of whoever it is that's triggered you.

There are *some* people on there who have enough consideration to ask what you want from trance, and what your comfort levels are, but just as many if not more seem to believe that a triggered slave girl is only one small step away from sending them photos, sharing email addresses, and hypnotizing any and all female friends and family members within an 800 foot radius.

I'd call them a bunch of deluded, horny, over-excitable tossers... but I can remember being that age (18-25) and thinking hypnosis would immediately transform any and every girl I hypnotized to fall under my sway and immediately become my helpless plaything, so I can't really go throwing any stones lest someone throw one back and chip my nice glass house.

Anyway, that's the background. Now... onto the women!

So I thought to myself, if the most common thing people see when using that site is some guy typing "asr?" then why not have a nicely prepared mini-induction that I can use as an opener to see who's a good subject and who's got a good imagination.

This is what I came up with:

"Whilst slipping almost into a hypnotic daze, where clicking "Disconnect", "Yes I'm sure", "New chat" has begun to become muscle memory, you find yourself before a dark hypnotic figure.... they seem to emanate an aura of power, of mystique, allure... yet at the same time you feel strangely drawn to them. Invited almost... before you've even begun putting your thoughts in order, you're already introducing yourself."

Yes it's a little melodramatic, but it presents all the ideas that I want to put across. Namely:

a) I'm a hypnotist.
b) I have some kind of psychic ability. (The muscle memory bit.)
c) Their thoughts aren't in order.
d) They should introduce themselves.

Reception has been mixed, but then that's a good thing. If they sneer at it or immediately vanish, they're probably one of the ASR bunch. If they don't read it all or don't understand it, they're probably a bit of a dimwit. Most of the other reactions are positive. Some people are quite happy to see something different, and enjoy my comment on the fact that so many people rely on three letter acronyms to get to know someone... some people see it as a fun conversation opener... and some people immediately find themselves dropping.

If I get a good response and someone goes ahead and introduces themselves, I move onto the second part of my mini induction:

The figure seems pleased by your response. It's clear that hypnosis is the subject that's brought you here... but what about it most attracts you? As you find yourself gazing into their eyes, different ideas, emotions, sensations and fantasies begin to spiral around in your mind... being enthralled... being so relaxed you can hardly think... becoming enslaved, submissive... being toyed with, captured, teased, tantalised.... being made to act and behave like someone else, to forget yourself, becoming mindless, blank, empty, a canvas waiting to be painted, your mind made clay, ready to be sculpted into whatever shape the stranger wishes... Unbidden, your desires rise to the surface, and you spill them.

The idea here being to bombard my soon-to-be-subject with different appealing ideas, to continue their drop into hypnosis, and to give them the instruction to tell me what they want from trance. I've had people tell me:

  • Stephanie: I love being dominated, taken control of.
  • Jackie: I want you to take control, release me from who I am.
  • Eric: I want to be a feminized sissy slut.
  • Mandy: I want to be a mindless bimbo and triggered in public.
  • John: I'm a sub looking to be controlled.
  • Ruben: I want to be controlled, made vulnerable. Transformed.

    Yes. If it turns out they're a guy, I'll still hypnotize them.

    No. It hasn't turned me gay.

    (Update: Also, a little bird tells me that *someone's* decided to start using my opener yourselves on Omegle. Go ahead and use it, but at least comment that you like it, instead of just wordlessly appropriating it without any kind of acknowledgement or tip of the hat to me! Also you'll get much better at hypnosis if you write your own openers and scripts instead of just pinching them.) 

    Then there was "Becky". (Not her real name... more on that later.)

  • Becky: I love being controlled, trying to resist and not being strong enough to.

  • This led to playing hypno-cat and mesmer-mouse with her for a little while as I steered the conversation into what was actually an induction, sneaking in some hypnotic predictions to stimulate her imagination. Typing like the clappers to keep her firmly focused on my words. Feeding her ideas and images that she'd already revealed would be appealing to her...

    She didn't take long to drop at all, and before long was forgetting her name, everything about herself... and believing that she was a helpless captive in a slavegirl training camp where she'd be systematically trained, toyed with and programmed into the perfect state of submission and obedience. I had her hearing slave mantras thinking that minutes were days, and that any time she tried to escape, she'd be tickled and teased mercilessly for hours, till her mind was begging to be an obedient hypnodoll, if only it would mean she'd be allowed some release...

    Now... If it sounds like I'm doing exactly the same thing with her as all the randy young teenage and twenty-something tists would have done... well... uh... she had asked for helplessness and futile resistance, so I'm absolving myself. :P

    So yes. A very enjoyable trance for the both of us. And afterwards I released her mind into the wild again (If you like someone, set them free, right? ;) and we got chatting about ourselves. She was surprised she'd dropped that fast, I said that I have a hypno site so get a lot of practice, then she [Edit: revealed some info about herself that she's asked me to take down!

    Becky's a rather foxy gamer geek student (Listing Chronotriggers as one of the best games ever, (Yesssss!) and a bit of a Zelda Fan. More on that later!)

    We've been chatting on Skype and webcam for a few weeks now and I'm having rather a lot of fun with her. (Yes, I *am* a lucky git!) [Edit: Full blow-by-blow accounts of everything we got up to are no longer available, but there's still some highlights below]

  • I had her take some hypnotized looking mannequin / doll pics for me on command:
  • She may have taken some slightly more submissive / mind controlled / zombiesque / risqué / bondagey pictures... but I couldn't possibly comment on that... or show you them if they exist... which they might not... maybe... ;)

  • She's spent days out convinced that she'd forgotten to wear any underwear (when in fact she had)

  • When hypnosis gets mentioned around her friends, I had her experience hypnotic sensations in interesting places if anyone should say the words "Trance" or "Hypnosis" in her vicinity... they also used her "Would you kindly" trigger a couple of times till she had to seriously fight the urge to obey.
  • She's experienced a number of different mental and hypnotic mindsets from "Pose Mode" (where she feels she just *has* to get up on webcam and pose around) to "Pleasure Mode" (where every breath of air fills her with dreamy dazed feelings of intoxicatingly sweet pleasure.)

  • She's found herself daydreaming in public places and reliving certain sexy videos that devious hypnotists have had her watch the day before. (Though admittedly this idea came from another hypnotist who's been working with her. Nice job Steve! ;)

  • I've had her zombie walking on webcam for one delighted hypno-buddy.

  • One fine fellow over at the MC-Forum has actually bought her a Princess Zelda cosplay dress, and she's *quite* interested in having some pictures taken of her hypnotized in it!

    Basically I'm having far too much fun than is good for me and I'm one jammy bastard. Please comment below (in your most none-creepy of ways) and let her know how cool she is. (And no, I've not been hypnotized to say that... at least I don't *think* so...)


    Starrah Aeon said...

    Preston said...

    Hey Lex! Big fan, I myself have been on omegle for hypnosis, as an amateur hypnotist (always interested and been curious to learn) trying to gain some experience. I can admit that I am guilty of looking for female subjects, but I am willing to do stuff with guys, but I don't feel comfortable with submission from one.. Currently I've been taking a break from it, as on omegle its really difficult for a newbie like me to determine if its genuine and roleplay, and to know if i've actually hypnotized them or not at all. I always do my best to ask people what they want and fulfill it, trying to be as open as possible to everything that people are into (though I am quite inexperienced). Anyways, like I said, taking a break, and trying to figure stuff out in my relationship with dominance and hypnosis.
    Keep up the good work!

    Tsubasa said...
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    Tsubasa said...

    Hi! Great entry except for one tiny, little, mincy and insignificant detail that caught my eye(OCD kicked in, can't help it XD) and I wanted to ask about: by "Chronotriggers" did you intend to say "Chrono Trigger" instead?

    P.S: Same entry, just added a missing comma (OCD again XD).

    Tsubasa said...

    And now I missed a space D:!!!!

    Praefectus said...

    I'm a big fan. I've also been trying to do som thing on Omegle (since i'm barely 18, and actually really shy). i do agree with Preston: knowing whether people are faking or not is difficult. (did you think this person was hypnotized: ?)

    My latest chats were all with 'female subjects'. Of course there wasn't a man behind the computer, i mean why would they lie? Did you hear the sarcasm? If not, listen better to my intonation!

    I like all your stuff!
    you should write more stories like morning heat. And I must admit that knowing somthing like that really happened, was a total turn-on ;)

    keep doing what you're doing!

    Greetings, praefectus