Friday, 25 January 2013

Adeline's Slave Training

Now this was a pretty awesome shoot! :D

It's also the first one we've shot in our new place since we've moved. I spent *ages* looking for semi-hypnotic wall art that wouldn't look *too* obvious to any friends or neighbors who might visit. ;)

Adeline's a lovely girl to work with. She's intelligent, articulate, cute, sexy, has an amazing figure and nude or clothed looks quite *ridiculously* elegant and gorgeous.

Of course what with me being a fan of hypnosis and mind control... and with Adeline being fairly relaxed about nudity, and rather attracted to the idea of hypnotic submission... she did spend a fairly big portion of the shoot as a stark naked.

Stark naked kitten... Stark naked footstool... Stark naked slavegirl, mindlessly repeating mind control mantras...

You get the picture. ;)

Her full shoot's 99 minutes long, and there's some pics of her looking rather hypnotic up on my Tumblr.

If you're too lazy to look though, there's a few pics below. Enjoy!

My name is "Girl"
Mental Bondage
Identity Amnesia
"Obedience is Pleasure"
Blank Dollstate
Human Pendulum
Uncontrollable Hands Want to Undress
"When did I get Naked?"
Shy about her Nudity
Can't recall how clothes work
Triggered to Caress
Nudity is Normal
Triggered to Pose
Magic Enslavement Potion
Slavegirl: Kneels in surrender
Slavegirl: Mindless mantra
Slavegirl: Posing to order
Slavegirl: Human Furniture
Slavegirl: Human Ornament
Kitty Adeline
Kitty and the laser
Slavegirl: Triggered Sexdoll
Laser makes her mindless
Magic Sleeping Potion
"Pop Goes The Weasel"
Human Jack in the Box
Human Marionnette
Puppeteering the Marrionette
Puppet Dance
Video Dating: Nymphomaniac
Video Dating: Slavegirl
Increasing Drunkenness
Talking Teddybear
Closing Chat View at Entrancement UK

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