Friday, 25 January 2013

Adeline's Slave Training

Now this was a pretty awesome shoot! :D

It's also the first one we've shot in our new place since we've moved. I spent *ages* looking for semi-hypnotic wall art that wouldn't look *too* obvious to any friends or neighbors who might visit. ;)

Adeline's a lovely girl to work with. She's intelligent, articulate, cute, sexy, has an amazing figure and nude or clothed looks quite *ridiculously* elegant and gorgeous.

Of course what with me being a fan of hypnosis and mind control... and with Adeline being fairly relaxed about nudity, and rather attracted to the idea of hypnotic submission... she did spend a fairly big portion of the shoot as a stark naked.

Stark naked kitten... Stark naked footstool... Stark naked slavegirl, mindlessly repeating mind control mantras...

You get the picture. ;)

Her full shoot's 99 minutes long, and there's some pics of her looking rather hypnotic up on my Tumblr.

If you're too lazy to look though, there's a few pics below. Enjoy!

My name is "Girl"
Mental Bondage
Identity Amnesia
"Obedience is Pleasure"
Blank Dollstate
Human Pendulum
Uncontrollable Hands Want to Undress
"When did I get Naked?"
Shy about her Nudity
Can't recall how clothes work
Triggered to Caress
Nudity is Normal
Triggered to Pose
Magic Enslavement Potion
Slavegirl: Kneels in surrender
Slavegirl: Mindless mantra
Slavegirl: Posing to order
Slavegirl: Human Furniture
Slavegirl: Human Ornament
Kitty Adeline
Kitty and the laser
Slavegirl: Triggered Sexdoll
Laser makes her mindless
Magic Sleeping Potion
"Pop Goes The Weasel"
Human Jack in the Box
Human Marionnette
Puppeteering the Marrionette
Puppet Dance
Video Dating: Nymphomaniac
Video Dating: Slavegirl
Increasing Drunkenness
Talking Teddybear
Closing Chat View at Entrancement UK

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Entrancement: Charlie & Alice

I've just released a new hypnosis video at my Entrancement UK site:

Meet Charlie and Alice

Quite a fun shoot, though it was pretty hard to get the girls into deep trances. Charlie (the blonde lady) had been hypnotized before, (by Derren Brown in fact) so I *knew* she'd be going under. Alice (the redhead) hadn't been though, so I wasn't sure how things would be proceeding. They were also really good friends which on the plus side, means they both felt pretty relaxed and happy... on the down side, their happiness did mean that they barely stopped laughing.

They must have both had a fairly strong belief in it working well though, as the girls insisted I pay them up front: "In case I try anything!"

I took "anything" in this case to mean "Hypnotize us to work for you... then tell us that we don't want paying."

I did the induction, Charlie went under nicely, eyelids flickering, muscles jerking occasionally as her body relaxed. As Alice was lying on Charlie at the time, I'm not sure whether or not that might have distracted her, though after the induction, Alice said she'd been jerking too and could have just fallen asleep right there.

We followed on with a big bunch of suggestions, Friends one moment... Lovers the next. Tourettes on command. Some kitty play. Etc.

Charlie responded really well and was a very fun subject to work with. In Alice's case, I think she started drifting out of trance and into roleplay fairly early on, but she at least enjoyed herself, played along, and she certainly enjoyed seeing Charlie's reactions to the suggestions we were giving them both.

Full Contents
Friends / Girlfriends
Triggered Tourettes
Bound Together
Flashing on command
Freezing one another
Stripping to music
Neat freak Charlie now loves mess
Human kittens
Kittens and catnip
Kittens chasing lasers
Heiresses to camgirls
Dancing Socks
Clockwork Robogirls
Charliebot Poses on Command
Charlie's X-Factor Audition
Intergalactic Alien Visitor
Closing Chat
Running Time: 117 Minutes
Purchase Price: Week 1: $24.99