Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sleepymaid, Art Commissions and Birthdays

Who's heard of the Mind Control Artist Sleepymaid?

Sleepy is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a *shedload* of kinky robot / hypno and mind control art who takes commissions. I thought I'd treat myself for my 31st birthday (which is today btw. Happy Birthday Meeeee!) and asked for a pic of Lizzidoll and her friend Trish being mind controlled into doing the bad thing.

Here's what sleepy came up with:

Nice. No? ;)

For a lil extra I also got a nice robo-themed version thrown into the deal as well:

Sleepy's site can be found at go show some love!

I'll pop some more art up later. 


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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday(I know a few days late)

I didn't really have a way of asking this without making it sound like I just came on to your blog to leave a comment, but are you still, maybe doing induction requests on your Youtube? Because I don't know if either of you have played a certain game(I won't mention it here for spoiler purposes) but at the end it is revealed that the main character has been brainwashed to obey the trigger "Would you kindly..." And I was wondering if, maybe, you'd be willing to make a video to put the trigger in? Anyway, have an awesome day/week.