Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hypno FM

Ever wondered if there was an internet radio station mixing a selection of music and different hypnotic inductions? Well wonder no more!

I was recently contacted by the Descent Hypnosis site director about the prospect of doing a link exchange and maybe hosting a couple of my mp3s there.

I wouldn't want to recommend a site I know nothing about, so I had quick google and a listen. It looks from the web stats that I dug up like they're the largest hypnosis focused radio site on the net, and I'm a big fan of anyone that creates content or puts something new and interesting online.

The files are from many different producers, so there's a range of styles, techniques and quality levels. Some are just based around relaxation, some are a lot darker and based much more around enslavement and mind control. (So you've been warned)

Mostly the hypno-content seems to be over 90% female hypnodommes. All the trances seem to be free though, and whilst they'll say which website you can find them at, no-one appears to be trying to force their way into your wallets.

They do accept suggestions and feedback, so give them a listen and see if there's anything you'd like them to add. (Like maybe a program schedule or specific times of day for relaxation / dominance / objectification / triggers / hypno ladies / hypno dudes. :P)

Comment down below to share your thoughts and let us know what you think of them and what you'd like to see from a hypnotic internet radio station.

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Mark Powlett said...

Interesting to find out about the hypnosis radio station I was not aware that there was a resource like this to use so I will have a listen ! thanks for the blog.