Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sleepymaid, Art Commissions and Birthdays

Who's heard of the Mind Control Artist Sleepymaid?

Sleepy is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a *shedload* of kinky robot / hypno and mind control art who takes commissions. I thought I'd treat myself for my 31st birthday (which is today btw. Happy Birthday Meeeee!) and asked for a pic of Lizzidoll and her friend Trish being mind controlled into doing the bad thing.

Here's what sleepy came up with:

Nice. No? ;)

For a lil extra I also got a nice robo-themed version thrown into the deal as well:

Sleepy's site can be found at go show some love!

I'll pop some more art up later. 


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kinky Questionnaire for Naughty Netizens

Skip to the end: Click HERE for questionnairey goodness!

Wotcha Fellow Kinky Types!

Yep, it's Questionnaire time again!

It's not that I've got a fetish for statistics or anything... (well maybe I do, though it doesn't make this particular list.) but I've been wondering what worldwide the most popular kinks are out there.

I've made a short google docs questionnaire listing 60 or so fairly big ones.

There's only 2 optional questions and 2 optional comment boxes if you want to leave details / comments / extra kinks and feedback. Otherwise it's totally anonymous.

Would people mind giving it a look n ticking off a few of their favorite things? ;)

I realise hypnosis is going to be a fairly big tick mark on here, but I'd like to see what else tickles everyone's fancy.

I'll be able to put together some totally awesome bargraphs later displaying the results.

You can find the questionnaire HERE

Thanks very much!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hypno FM

Ever wondered if there was an internet radio station mixing a selection of music and different hypnotic inductions? Well wonder no more!

I was recently contacted by the Descent Hypnosis site director about the prospect of doing a link exchange and maybe hosting a couple of my mp3s there.

I wouldn't want to recommend a site I know nothing about, so I had quick google and a listen. It looks from the web stats that I dug up like they're the largest hypnosis focused radio site on the net, and I'm a big fan of anyone that creates content or puts something new and interesting online.

The files are from many different producers, so there's a range of styles, techniques and quality levels. Some are just based around relaxation, some are a lot darker and based much more around enslavement and mind control. (So you've been warned)

Mostly the hypno-content seems to be over 90% female hypnodommes. All the trances seem to be free though, and whilst they'll say which website you can find them at, no-one appears to be trying to force their way into your wallets.

They do accept suggestions and feedback, so give them a listen and see if there's anything you'd like them to add. (Like maybe a program schedule or specific times of day for relaxation / dominance / objectification / triggers / hypno ladies / hypno dudes. :P)

Comment down below to share your thoughts and let us know what you think of them and what you'd like to see from a hypnotic internet radio station.