Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top 10 Hypnotic Hangouts Online

Sometimes I'll assume (mistakenly) that everyone I chat with and meet online is as familiar with as many hypnotic hangouts and kinky corners of the internet as I am. Fairly often though I'll meet someone who's just getting into the hypno-scene that has never heard of MCStories or is getting their hypnotic kicks by reading the "Hypnosis" section of wikipedia.

As a result, I think it's only good and proper if I compile my list of the: 


1. The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

MCStories is the first dedicated erotic hypnosis site that I ever came across online back when I was just getting into hypnosis, and I've spent *many* hours enjoying the huge collection (8400+ stories at the last count) of kinky writings there.

Stories vary in size from hot flashes and short scenes with under 1000 words to 12+ chapter hypnotic epics written by multiple authors across a number of years. Settings can vary from fantasy worlds to science fiction, to comic book universes to real life, and the methods of mind control can be anything from technological devices, to magic crystals to meeting a guy or gal that's just really good at hypnosis. Endings can be happy, kinky, dark, or open ended.

Stories are categorized to help you find what tickles your own particular fancy with about 30 categories in total. (Some of which *do* involve darker kinks.) Here's a short selection:
db: bondage and / or discipline (359 stories)
ex: exhibitionism (64 stories)
hm: humiliation (251 stories)
rb: robots (247 stories)
ts: time stop (36 stories)

If you don't know where to begin, there are Readers Picks and Recent Additions sections.

2. Mind Control Forum

MCForum is linked to from MCStories and is the first major port of call for hypnosis if you actually want to meet other people with the interest and discuss it with them. There's a core of very active members, a large number of helpful, active and wise moderators, and a fair few lurkers who'll read the posts but rarely reply.

It's members only, (To prevent search bots from archiving everyone's comments about the joys of mind control out of context) but membership is free. (Though to prevent spambots sneaking in, your first post will need to be a response to someone else's thread or a poll.) At the last count, there were over 15,000 members, I don't know how many are actually active from day to day, but most sections of the forum have had over a dozen updates within the last 24 hours, so it's fairly busy.

Mind Control discussion is separated into Story Writing (With reviews and the community's thoughts on writing), Contests, Recommended Reading, Multimedia (Where people post their hypno-related finds from YouTube / Webcomics / Movies etc) and Products and Services (Where many MC Content providers like myself tend to hang out to hawk their wares.) You can also go there to commission services if you've a script or scene that you'd like to see someone film or perform for you.

3. Internet Relay Chat
Access these through (web based membership) or (program download)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is how people used to communicate online before messengers, and social networks were commonplace. They're a little archaic, and you have to memorize a few console commands to make use of them, (Which I've listed below) but as far as I'm aware, they're the best way to find large gatherings of hypno folk in one place chatting about all sorts.

You can chat publicly in channel just by typing, or you can message people privately to engage in one-on-one trances, private conversations and roleplays.

In most cases, unsolicited messages are considered rude, so it's usually best to ask in-channel before you message anyone.

Type this to list all the rooms in the current channel. They're usually ordered by number of users.

[/join #roomname] 
Type this to join a room once you've found one you like the sound of.

[/nick yournamehere]
Type this to change your name from guest2849 to something specific.

[/msg someoneelsesnamehere]
Type this to message someone directly (or just double click them)

[/me Dances for joy]
Typing this will color your text a different color to denote that you're performing an action.

*** WARNING!! *** 
If you're the susceptible type, it is quite possible that you can be hypnotized in these chatrooms. You should exercise caution and judgement when deciding who you trance with. In most of the rooms, predatory behavior is strongly discouraged, creeps are kicked and banned, and consensual hypnotic experiences will be the focus. 

As some people *like* the idea of naughty hypnotists having their wicked way with them, there *are* a couple of rooms that do encourage none-consensual trances... though if you're a subject consensually going *into* a room like that, it's assumed you're okay with it. ;)

Suggested rooms 
#hypnochan Moderated by Sleepymaid. Wacky, welcoming and fun.
#hypnochanrp Similar to above, centered around roleplays.
#sleepandobey "Where subs and slaves come to be trained for obedience."
(Discourages and kicks predators.)

None Consensual Trances
#hypnoseduction "Chat and Learn. Become your dream." (current topic "Can you be hypnotized against your will")
#coverthypnotism "Come discuss covert/conversational hypnotism, and its unique style applied. The Dark Seedy Alley of Hypno."
(This room *does* encourage predatory behavior)

Anything else? 
#hypnorealm (Included for completeness. Has a radio-bot. Discussion of other hypnosites is not tolerated. Not recommended.)

4. The Hypnopics Collective

A truly *massive* repository of hypno based images. The majority of the images are captioned manipulations based around glamour and picture set photography, but there are also animations and flash games too.

5. The Garden of Mind Control

There's some overlap with MCForum here, but whereas much of the former forum is centered around stories and writing, much of the Garden is based around games and roleplay. If you've ever wanted to partake in hypnotic roleplays, then the "Hypnotic Masterpiece Theatre" section is for you.

6. Fetlife

This site's a biggy, over 1 million members. Think Facebook, but purely for the purposes of kink related shenanigans. It's basically *the* social network regardless of whether you just want to spice up your online browsing habits or actually meet local kinky types in your area at a get together or munch.

It's much more geared towards socializing than hookups, so be sure not to post any personal ads except in the designated "Meat Market" sections. :P

One of the fun aspects of the site is the kink list. This is a list of about 3 million fetishes. You can say if you're into something, curious about it, and want to give or receive it. Example: I'm into Harley Quinn (receiving) and Hypnotic Orgasms (giving) ;)

Most of the activity on the site is organised around groups, though once you start adding people to your friends list, you'll see their activity in your feed and can check out what pics they've been uploading / posts they've been commenting on / etc.

Here are the main hypno groups I use:
Erotic Hypnosis
UK Erotic Hypnosis

I'm on there as Entrancement, and will accept friend requests from pretty much everyone.

Liz is on there too, but would prefer to receive messages before people go adding her.

7. DeviantArt

The net's largest and most active art community. (14.5 million members, and over 100 million art submissions.) It's got over 20,000 artworks relating to "hypnosis" alone, and some of the pics there are downright kinky. ;)

As you'd expect from a massive site like that, there are groups that focus exclusively on hypnosis. Here are a few: - The largest hypno group by far, many daily submissions. Kinky. - Second Life - RP based. - A hypnosis art group, no nudity in this one.

8. Hypno-Fetish and HypBook and

These sites are similar in design and purpose, so I'm grouping them together.

These are social networks, smaller than FetLife this time round, but entirely hypno focused. There are far fewer real life meets going on through these ones though, and a lot more roleplayers and girls who are actually guys, so they're probably not the best places to look for finding sexy lady subbies. (Unless of course sexy lady subbies reading this post now sign up!)

Hypbook has a chatroom, classifieds section, and a less kinky name, so would appear to be a little more geared towards recreational hypnosis over kinky stuff.

Hypno-fetish seems to have more users at present, and is definitely kinky, as it's run by Evil Mindwarp Guy (Who's not *actually* evil, but who runs: )

Which of course brings us to...

9. Warp My Mind

An absolutely mahoosive collection of hypnotic files and mp3s  (Nearly 40,000) intended to hypnotize the listener and install various post hypnotic effects. Most of these files come with strong disclaimers and "Use at your own risk" statements.

Files come in several flavours:

Subliminal (Listen without realising you're listening)
Post Hypnotic (Gives you triggers that can be used by others later)
Training (Intended to create long term changes in the listener)
Curse (Intended to make long term embarrassing changes in the listener.)

10. TBC

I've a couple of sites in mind for the number 10 slot. Stay tuned or suggest your own.

So there we are! My 10 (or so) recommended hypnotic hangouts. Are any of these new to you? Old favourites? Please comment below and let me know if I've missed any or you'd like to add your 2 cents.




Anonymous said...

Awesome post, good to see a nice list.
That said I know of them all ;)

Anonymous said...

Agree, great list Lex. I only really ever spend time on MC Stories (have been visitng that site for 15 years now, although IIRC it used to have a different name or at least different web address in the early days), Deviant Art, and Fetlife. Have never tried the IRC channels; last time I did IRC chat was back in '97 - as you say, "old technology"!. In terms of other sites, there are various other "competing" sites to yours, shall we say, with very varied quality. However I genuinely think yours are the most obviously real of all of them (though I know some of the others are too). Any more videos coming by the way?? And haven't seen any posts from Lizzi for a LONG while... Will.

Lex said...

Heya Will, thanks for the comment n compliments on my material good to see ya! :D

Yep there's a fair few places online where you can spend your money on hypno vids, but I was aiming more to include free hangouts in this particular list. (Which is why myself and the other hypno producers only get a small mention in the MCForum bit.)

I released a shoot with Ivy last week (check my twitter feed @Entrancement_uk ) and I'm flirting around with curvacious glamour model Ellie Roe (@Ellie__Roe) in the meantime.

I also have 3 possible "budget" shoots that I might release if I don't film anything new and awesome soon, but they're not as great as I'd like them to be.

Liz is in the middle of her Masters at the moment, so tends to associate writing in all its forms with enforced labour. (Hence the lack of blogification from her.) She's good though. And getting rather into bondage. :P

Chewtoy said...

This is a great list! I particularly like the mini IRC tutorial. :) I have a much less-focused page of hypnoerotica-related links for which I haven't yet figured out how to reference the IRC channels.

In addition to these there's some great discussion on Inraptured, though it's strongly and explicitly femdom-oriented. I'd also want to give a shout-out to Descent Hypnosis Radio, which has the virtue of being a different type of site from the others you've listed.

Spiral Turquoise said...

Just my two cents: I've personally lost interest in the MC Forum as a place for discussion and meeting people - I feel like it's too much of an echo chamber of straight male hypnotists at times, despite the best efforts of the women, subjects, and non-straight people who post there. I've found Hypbook and Fetlife better for the purpose of meeting people, and the Fetlife Erotic Hypnosis group usually has at least some other voices in the discussion (although not always).

MisterBenedict said...

Theres a new more specilized site for hypnofet

very chat room oriented

I like it and you shouldcheckit out


Anonymous said...

Hi MisterBenedict,
Just wanted to point out that Lex got there first and listed the site under number 8

He's smart like that ^.^


Anonymous said...

Classic list! I'd like to add a link to my blog here in the comments. i'm a brainwashed slave to Goddess of Hypnosis, and feel compelled to maintain a blog dedicated to promoting Her will.