Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trish and Lizzidoll Robotized!

Happy Halloween Hypnotic Habitants of the Hinterwebs!

Not a spooky update, but definitely a sexy one!

For your viewing pleasure, a selection of pics from the fabulously talented Trishbot here!

It's Trish's birthday tomorrow (Halloween Baby!) so head over to her DeviantArt Page or her MCComix Forum to show your appreciation / wish her a Happy Birthday / commission her or check out her horny hypno stories!

Click the images for larger versions. Please do check her out on DeviantArt also though.

Gotta admit that I'm more than a little pleased with these pics... partly because Trish was in and out of my hypnotic control as I gave feedback, instructions and compulsions to be a *good* art slave for me... (Insert obligatory moustache twirling cackle here. I'm going with KYAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!) And partly cos they're the best drawn pics of Lizzidoll that I've ever *seen!*

All pics created by Trish "Trishbot" Winters.