Sunday, 29 July 2012

UK Kinknosis Meet - 25th August 2012

Hello UK Based and European Hypnofans!

Rich from the Fetlife group "Kinknosis" has asked me to post info about the next hypnomeet that he has planned.

Liz and I often head along to these and they're great fun. A while back Rich persuaded Liz to believe that she was an elven princess who'd had her ability to orgasm sealed away by an evil sorcerer...

Then there was the time Jay from the blog gave his other half Elle the suggestion that any time she made eye contact with another hypno-girly she'd feel some rather spicy things happening to her downstairs joy department...

Anyway, here are the details.



Date: Saturday, August 25th 2012
Day Event: 3pm-9pm @ Bristol waterfront.
Evening Event: 9pm-3am @ Romeos Fetish Club
Cost: £10 to enter Romeos
Dress Code Daytime: No Dress Code (though we're out in public)
Dress Code Evening: All Black / Fetish wear

Please see event page for details:

Also note that I'm hoping to put together some demonstrations or technique shares. Anyone willing to volunteer a demonstration of how they work then please PM me so I can coordinate.

Additional note, I understand that Romeos now has a dress code, being either all black or fetish wear. Please be aware of this!

This event is open to all, hypnotists and subjects alike (as well as those who just wish to observe) so please feel free to invite your friends and acquaintances and let's make it a great social event!

Warmest regards,


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