Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kinky Webcomics!

Some of which you *need* to read!

First up is Shiniez by the artist of the same name.
It's a BDSM webcomic about the various relationships of a group of kinky types. There's Lisa, the red-headed bondage aficionado who writes fetish fiction. She's just started hooking up with Ally who's a geek in every sense of the word (BDSM / Video Games / Books / etc) Ally's friends with Alan who makes quite a trade designing fetish furniture and appliances for clubs and around the home... and it's all beautifully drawn, entertainingly written, sexy as hell, and deals with kink and fetishism in a really adult and consensual manner.

No Mind control fetishism per se, but as I've mentioned previously, Liz is really getting into bondage lately and there's a heck of a lot of THAT! :D

It's hosted on DeviantArt, which is free to join, though it does hide "Mature" artworks behind a membership wall to prevent minors from accessing it.

You can find it here: href="


UK Kinknosis Meet - 25th August 2012

Hello UK Based and European Hypnofans!

Rich from the Fetlife group "Kinknosis" has asked me to post info about the next hypnomeet that he has planned.

Liz and I often head along to these and they're great fun. A while back Rich persuaded Liz to believe that she was an elven princess who'd had her ability to orgasm sealed away by an evil sorcerer...

Then there was the time Jay from the blog gave his other half Elle the suggestion that any time she made eye contact with another hypno-girly she'd feel some rather spicy things happening to her downstairs joy department...

Anyway, here are the details.



Date: Saturday, August 25th 2012
Day Event: 3pm-9pm @ Bristol waterfront.
Evening Event: 9pm-3am @ Romeos Fetish Club
Cost: £10 to enter Romeos
Dress Code Daytime: No Dress Code (though we're out in public)
Dress Code Evening: All Black / Fetish wear

Please see event page for details:

Also note that I'm hoping to put together some demonstrations or technique shares. Anyone willing to volunteer a demonstration of how they work then please PM me so I can coordinate.

Additional note, I understand that Romeos now has a dress code, being either all black or fetish wear. Please be aware of this!

This event is open to all, hypnotists and subjects alike (as well as those who just wish to observe) so please feel free to invite your friends and acquaintances and let's make it a great social event!

Warmest regards,


Entrancement UK - Super Katy Captured!

Director's Choice
A fantastically funny shoot with a really creative lady.

Katy was a real pleasure to work with. At first glance she's so gorgeous, elegant and composed in all her pictures that you expect her to be fairly calm and quiet. Not at all. She's friendly and chatty, brilliantly funny, and ridiculously quick witted. During the shoot there were times where we'd asked her to improvise some of her responses to questions and she effortlessly came out with hilariously creative responses.

A superheroine themed shoot this time round. We give Katy a few of the usual suggestions early on (Blankness / Sleeping Potion / Etc) but discovered when we started giving her personalities to roleplay that she can easily fit herself to very specific personas. Without further ado we move onto the Super Hero section, and this makes up the majority of the shoot.

Transformed into The Crimson Harpy!

Highlights include seeing Katy Leotarded up as a super hero, and spotting the flaws in mild mannered "Sarah Small's" secret identity alter ego.

Director's Choice, Highly Recommended.
Entrancement UK - Super Katy Entranced by entrancement

Introductory Chat
Sleeping Potion
Heiress / Ladette
Can't Resist The Pendant
Intrepid Reporter: Sarah Small
Sarah's Secret
Freezing Sarah in her tracks
Impotent Superpowers
Sarah Made Mindless
Undressing Sarah Small
Amethyst Warrior Revealed
"I am NOT The Amethyst Warrior!"
Amethyst Stuck and Helpless
Sticking Amethyst's Mouth Shut
Frozen and silenced
Forced to Pose
Protesting at her treatment
Ethics Flipped Around
Disgusted by the colour pink
Stripping Nude
Nude Posing
Uniform Change
Mesmer's Mind Control
The Crimson Harpy!
Crimson's Devious Schemes
Made into an Ornament
Controlled by the Music
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Purchase Price: $25.99

Also Available at Clips4Sale ($34.99)