Friday, 30 March 2012

HypnoDolls: The Hidden Hypnotist 2

The trailer for my new fantasy video "The Hidden Hypnotist 2"

Hypnodolls - The Hidden Hypnotist 2 by entrancement

Kayla returns home to find a pocket watch mysteriously sitting on her sofa... She can't resist the urge to pick it up, and once she does, she swiftly finds herself falling into a trance.

Becoming aware of someone else in the room, she finds herself responding to his greeting. With recognition she realises he's the hypnotist from last night's hypnosis show but... "I didn't get hypnotized, but it was really good" she finds herself saying, automatically... as though that response has been... *programmed* into her.

Scenes shown here: Kayla being given a "hot and cold" suggestion where every click of the finger switches her between horny and normal mindsets. Programmed to catwalk. Triggered to pose. Made to clean whilst nude. Made to fall in love with her reflection.

The full video is 47 minutes long and contains scenes too steamy for here!


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