Friday, 30 March 2012

Further Hypnotic (and None-Hypnotic) Adventures

Wotcha Hypnofans! Hope you’re all well lately? ;D

So there’s been a bit less bloggery from ourselves lately, not that we aren’t regularly indulging in plenty of kinky shenanigans. More so than in the past actually... it’s just getting to be a task finding the time to write things down! Currently writing in the evenings is out as I’ve just started playing Mass Effect 3, and I’ve about as much resistance to a Bioware RPG as a kitten to catnip coated string. (Addendum: Okay... I’ve been writing this blogpost over a week or so. I’ve just *finished* Mass Effect 3 and... ugh. That ending! Resisting Bioware RPGs will no longer be a problem! Back to the blogging!)

Lizzidoll’s created herself an account on Fetlife (Under the name Lizzidoll, though don’t add her unless you’re actually going to message her first.) and has had us gallivanting around the country to kinky halloween parties, fetish markets, burlesque nights, fetish munches and recently she’s started getting *really* into rope bondage. (Suspensions, Shibari, TKs, Futamamas... not that I could tell you definitively what half those terms mean... when I find out, I’ll take pictures. ;)

In terms of bondage, we’ve been to classes, workshops, daytrips, we’ve had rope weekends with friends, and we’ve been to one safety demo... though ironically, at the safety demo, one attendee drank so much that he ended up passing out and requiring an ambulance. The couple running the talk ended up looking after the guy for the best part of an hour as he lay outside the function room of the pub we were in making bubbly noises and trying not to be ill.

If you’re interested in getting into it yourself, check out their website ropetopia which has lots of useful and sexy tutorials and pics:

We’ve been to Kage at the Partners club in Bury a few times. A couple of times on our own, and once with Willow and her new squeeze Ventris. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the couples room as it’s quite spacious, and there’s scaffold around the ceiling that offers plenty of diversity when it comes to tying up lady friends. On this occasion, Willow and Lizzidoll had both been given the suggestion to find themselves overcome with the urge to kiss one another

For myself, I’ve been trying to learn the ropes (ahaha) and get my head round the various tricks you can do with hemp in order to better truss a lady up. I did realise recently that before hypnosis, bondage was another one of those weird games I’d play with friends as a kid (before realising what kinks were.) After learning hypnosis though, I think I’ve gotten a bit lazy, knowing I can restrain someone by merely clicking my fingers. I still love me a bit of hypno, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a nekkid lady bound tightly, suspended from the ceiling and utterly helpless. ;)

Liz has been taking every oppurtunity that’s arisen to be a demo bunny at the workshops we’ve been to, and she’s even gone to a couple of ladies only events on her own to hang out with new ropetastic lady-friends.

Real life’s also getting a touch busy, I’m house hunting (Living with parents past the age of 30 is apparently something of a faux pas) and Liz is in her final year at uni, so has coursework and exams to focus on. Coursework at least isn’t too big a problem. She’s quite capable of being a massive brainiac if she puts any effort in... and I’m using my own special “methods” to make sure she *is* putting effort in... and getting a mysterious but satisfying sense of achievement from doing so. ;)

Housewise, we’ve trying to decide what kind of place we want. Are we going to be there for 5 years ?10 years? 20? Should I look for a place with suitable space to be used as a home studio? Should we convert the attic / basement into a bondage dungeon!? (Liz’s idea. Pervert! :P) Would we use a TV? A living room? Or as gamers will we just want one massive joint office / gaming room with opposite desks so we can frag or work without disturbing one another? Decisions decisions.

So that’s where we’re up to... what have we been doing with ourselves that you might like hearing about? Well...

At Halloween, Goodbicpl from Fetlife invited us to one of their parties. They’re pretty active in the fetish community, and have converted their attic into a kinky playspace. The second Lizzidoll realised this, you couldn’t stop her from counting the days till the party down. When it comes to getting our own place, she’s in two minds about whether she’d want to convert a room / attic / basement into some kind of mad science brainwashing hypno-chamber (complete with dentists chair, body restraints, surround sound and spiralling monitors)... or a Thunderbirds style secret lair where at a button press, every decoration, ornament and picture frame in the house flips around revealing kinky artworks and naughty implements behind their more innocuous decoys.

Goodbicpl have an extensive number of ways to play in their home dungeon, there’s a massage chair that hapless young subbies can be strapped to, a spanking bench, a vacuum bed... which I persuaded Liz to have a go in. And they’ve got all manner of spanky, thwacky and hitty implements... (I know, I need some better adjectives.) At one point I was chatting to a lady downstairs (attracted away from the kink-chamber by the generous buffet...) when Liz’s flatmate came running in to let me know that Liz was planning on getting herself chloroformed, and did I want to watch to make sure she was okay?

Chloroform wasn’t quite what Liz expected, she inhaled enough to make her giddy, but not enough to knock her out, but I think she still enjoyed herself... and it *did* give me the idea for a hypnotic suggestion. (Imaginatively titled: “Chloroform”) Now whenever I clamp my hand over Liz’s mouth, (Not her nose. Safety first. :P) she automatically believes she’s being chloroformed into unconsciousness, and will fight and struggle to get free, gradually growing weaker and heavier and sleepier by the second. I’ve added it to my repertoire of ways to get Liz to sleep at night, and it’s proved mightily effective... though more in person than over the phone. ;)

Chloroform and rope were two eventual highpoints of the last Bristol hypnomeet that we went to also. The meet itself was plenty of fun, though as the group now includes more kinky hypno-folk and less stage-magician types, the dynamic’s changing quite a bit. With a group composed largely of stage-hypnotists, it wasn’t unusual to see a swarm of young guys sporting “I’m the hypnotist” t-shirts and badges making their way through the revellers at a pub, sticking the guys drinks to the tables, giving the girls orgasm-handshakes, and getting almost everyone willing to forget the number 7. Lately, there are more newcomers who come specifically looking to be hypnotized or to try their hand at hypnotizing, so we’re a bit more self contained.

We *have* started going to a BDSM club night afterwards at a club called Romeos though, which has been pretty cool. First impressions weren’t fantastic... as the club is on a sketchy looking industrial estate, and is *exactly* the kind of place you expect to get accosted by goblins. The club itself is great though, it’s in a converted office building, and it’s quite trippy to emerge up the stairs onto clean carpet in a professional looking corridor with executive decor and glass walled offices. There’s about 10 rooms, and each one has a different theme. This one’s full of couches for canoodling... that one’s a school room complete with blackboard and old fashioned flip-top desks... this one’s got a huge plasma screen... that one a spanking bench...

The last time we went, Liz wore her corset and I gave her the suggestion to pose like a clockwork dolly, striking a new pose any time anyone clicked their fingers near her. We left her stood that way beside the entrance to our room for about 10 minutes, finger clicking occasionally to have her switch poses. That got us a few interested looks from the passers by. :P

Afterwards we hooked up with Jay and Elle from the Hypnorotica blog and both girls ended up nekkid, partially roped, and wrestling one another whilst each tried to restrain or chloroform the other. Once Jay and myself finished enjoying that little show, we decided to show off what programming we’d been giving our respective slavegirls... Then as you can imagine with two hypnotists and two helplessly mind controlled slavegirls in the same room, things got interesting... ;)

HypnoDolls: The Hidden Hypnotist 2

The trailer for my new fantasy video "The Hidden Hypnotist 2"

Hypnodolls - The Hidden Hypnotist 2 by entrancement

Kayla returns home to find a pocket watch mysteriously sitting on her sofa... She can't resist the urge to pick it up, and once she does, she swiftly finds herself falling into a trance.

Becoming aware of someone else in the room, she finds herself responding to his greeting. With recognition she realises he's the hypnotist from last night's hypnosis show but... "I didn't get hypnotized, but it was really good" she finds herself saying, automatically... as though that response has been... *programmed* into her.

Scenes shown here: Kayla being given a "hot and cold" suggestion where every click of the finger switches her between horny and normal mindsets. Programmed to catwalk. Triggered to pose. Made to clean whilst nude. Made to fall in love with her reflection.

The full video is 47 minutes long and contains scenes too steamy for here!