Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sleepymaid, Art Commissions and Birthdays

Who's heard of the Mind Control Artist Sleepymaid?

Sleepy is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a *shedload* of kinky robot / hypno and mind control art who takes commissions. I thought I'd treat myself for my 31st birthday (which is today btw. Happy Birthday Meeeee!) and asked for a pic of Lizzidoll and her friend Trish being mind controlled into doing the bad thing.

Here's what sleepy came up with:

Nice. No? ;)

For a lil extra I also got a nice robo-themed version thrown into the deal as well:

Sleepy's site can be found at go show some love!

I'll pop some more art up later. 


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kinky Questionnaire for Naughty Netizens

Skip to the end: Click HERE for questionnairey goodness!

Wotcha Fellow Kinky Types!

Yep, it's Questionnaire time again!

It's not that I've got a fetish for statistics or anything... (well maybe I do, though it doesn't make this particular list.) but I've been wondering what worldwide the most popular kinks are out there.

I've made a short google docs questionnaire listing 60 or so fairly big ones.

There's only 2 optional questions and 2 optional comment boxes if you want to leave details / comments / extra kinks and feedback. Otherwise it's totally anonymous.

Would people mind giving it a look n ticking off a few of their favorite things? ;)

I realise hypnosis is going to be a fairly big tick mark on here, but I'd like to see what else tickles everyone's fancy.

I'll be able to put together some totally awesome bargraphs later displaying the results.

You can find the questionnaire HERE

Thanks very much!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hypno FM

Ever wondered if there was an internet radio station mixing a selection of music and different hypnotic inductions? Well wonder no more!

I was recently contacted by the Descent Hypnosis site director about the prospect of doing a link exchange and maybe hosting a couple of my mp3s there.

I wouldn't want to recommend a site I know nothing about, so I had quick google and a listen. It looks from the web stats that I dug up like they're the largest hypnosis focused radio site on the net, and I'm a big fan of anyone that creates content or puts something new and interesting online.

The files are from many different producers, so there's a range of styles, techniques and quality levels. Some are just based around relaxation, some are a lot darker and based much more around enslavement and mind control. (So you've been warned)

Mostly the hypno-content seems to be over 90% female hypnodommes. All the trances seem to be free though, and whilst they'll say which website you can find them at, no-one appears to be trying to force their way into your wallets.

They do accept suggestions and feedback, so give them a listen and see if there's anything you'd like them to add. (Like maybe a program schedule or specific times of day for relaxation / dominance / objectification / triggers / hypno ladies / hypno dudes. :P)

Comment down below to share your thoughts and let us know what you think of them and what you'd like to see from a hypnotic internet radio station.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top 10 Hypnotic Hangouts Online

Sometimes I'll assume (mistakenly) that everyone I chat with and meet online is as familiar with as many hypnotic hangouts and kinky corners of the internet as I am. Fairly often though I'll meet someone who's just getting into the hypno-scene that has never heard of MCStories or is getting their hypnotic kicks by reading the "Hypnosis" section of wikipedia.

As a result, I think it's only good and proper if I compile my list of the: 


1. The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

MCStories is the first dedicated erotic hypnosis site that I ever came across online back when I was just getting into hypnosis, and I've spent *many* hours enjoying the huge collection (8400+ stories at the last count) of kinky writings there.

Stories vary in size from hot flashes and short scenes with under 1000 words to 12+ chapter hypnotic epics written by multiple authors across a number of years. Settings can vary from fantasy worlds to science fiction, to comic book universes to real life, and the methods of mind control can be anything from technological devices, to magic crystals to meeting a guy or gal that's just really good at hypnosis. Endings can be happy, kinky, dark, or open ended.

Stories are categorized to help you find what tickles your own particular fancy with about 30 categories in total. (Some of which *do* involve darker kinks.) Here's a short selection:
db: bondage and / or discipline (359 stories)
ex: exhibitionism (64 stories)
hm: humiliation (251 stories)
rb: robots (247 stories)
ts: time stop (36 stories)

If you don't know where to begin, there are Readers Picks and Recent Additions sections.

2. Mind Control Forum

MCForum is linked to from MCStories and is the first major port of call for hypnosis if you actually want to meet other people with the interest and discuss it with them. There's a core of very active members, a large number of helpful, active and wise moderators, and a fair few lurkers who'll read the posts but rarely reply.

It's members only, (To prevent search bots from archiving everyone's comments about the joys of mind control out of context) but membership is free. (Though to prevent spambots sneaking in, your first post will need to be a response to someone else's thread or a poll.) At the last count, there were over 15,000 members, I don't know how many are actually active from day to day, but most sections of the forum have had over a dozen updates within the last 24 hours, so it's fairly busy.

Mind Control discussion is separated into Story Writing (With reviews and the community's thoughts on writing), Contests, Recommended Reading, Multimedia (Where people post their hypno-related finds from YouTube / Webcomics / Movies etc) and Products and Services (Where many MC Content providers like myself tend to hang out to hawk their wares.) You can also go there to commission services if you've a script or scene that you'd like to see someone film or perform for you.

3. Internet Relay Chat
Access these through (web based membership) or (program download)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is how people used to communicate online before messengers, and social networks were commonplace. They're a little archaic, and you have to memorize a few console commands to make use of them, (Which I've listed below) but as far as I'm aware, they're the best way to find large gatherings of hypno folk in one place chatting about all sorts.

You can chat publicly in channel just by typing, or you can message people privately to engage in one-on-one trances, private conversations and roleplays.

In most cases, unsolicited messages are considered rude, so it's usually best to ask in-channel before you message anyone.

Type this to list all the rooms in the current channel. They're usually ordered by number of users.

[/join #roomname] 
Type this to join a room once you've found one you like the sound of.

[/nick yournamehere]
Type this to change your name from guest2849 to something specific.

[/msg someoneelsesnamehere]
Type this to message someone directly (or just double click them)

[/me Dances for joy]
Typing this will color your text a different color to denote that you're performing an action.

*** WARNING!! *** 
If you're the susceptible type, it is quite possible that you can be hypnotized in these chatrooms. You should exercise caution and judgement when deciding who you trance with. In most of the rooms, predatory behavior is strongly discouraged, creeps are kicked and banned, and consensual hypnotic experiences will be the focus. 

As some people *like* the idea of naughty hypnotists having their wicked way with them, there *are* a couple of rooms that do encourage none-consensual trances... though if you're a subject consensually going *into* a room like that, it's assumed you're okay with it. ;)

Suggested rooms 
#hypnochan Moderated by Sleepymaid. Wacky, welcoming and fun.
#hypnochanrp Similar to above, centered around roleplays.
#sleepandobey "Where subs and slaves come to be trained for obedience."
(Discourages and kicks predators.)

None Consensual Trances
#hypnoseduction "Chat and Learn. Become your dream." (current topic "Can you be hypnotized against your will")
#coverthypnotism "Come discuss covert/conversational hypnotism, and its unique style applied. The Dark Seedy Alley of Hypno."
(This room *does* encourage predatory behavior)

Anything else? 
#hypnorealm (Included for completeness. Has a radio-bot. Discussion of other hypnosites is not tolerated. Not recommended.)

4. The Hypnopics Collective

A truly *massive* repository of hypno based images. The majority of the images are captioned manipulations based around glamour and picture set photography, but there are also animations and flash games too.

5. The Garden of Mind Control

There's some overlap with MCForum here, but whereas much of the former forum is centered around stories and writing, much of the Garden is based around games and roleplay. If you've ever wanted to partake in hypnotic roleplays, then the "Hypnotic Masterpiece Theatre" section is for you.

6. Fetlife

This site's a biggy, over 1 million members. Think Facebook, but purely for the purposes of kink related shenanigans. It's basically *the* social network regardless of whether you just want to spice up your online browsing habits or actually meet local kinky types in your area at a get together or munch.

It's much more geared towards socializing than hookups, so be sure not to post any personal ads except in the designated "Meat Market" sections. :P

One of the fun aspects of the site is the kink list. This is a list of about 3 million fetishes. You can say if you're into something, curious about it, and want to give or receive it. Example: I'm into Harley Quinn (receiving) and Hypnotic Orgasms (giving) ;)

Most of the activity on the site is organised around groups, though once you start adding people to your friends list, you'll see their activity in your feed and can check out what pics they've been uploading / posts they've been commenting on / etc.

Here are the main hypno groups I use:
Erotic Hypnosis
UK Erotic Hypnosis

I'm on there as Entrancement, and will accept friend requests from pretty much everyone.

Liz is on there too, but would prefer to receive messages before people go adding her.

7. DeviantArt

The net's largest and most active art community. (14.5 million members, and over 100 million art submissions.) It's got over 20,000 artworks relating to "hypnosis" alone, and some of the pics there are downright kinky. ;)

As you'd expect from a massive site like that, there are groups that focus exclusively on hypnosis. Here are a few: - The largest hypno group by far, many daily submissions. Kinky. - Second Life - RP based. - A hypnosis art group, no nudity in this one.

8. Hypno-Fetish and HypBook and

These sites are similar in design and purpose, so I'm grouping them together.

These are social networks, smaller than FetLife this time round, but entirely hypno focused. There are far fewer real life meets going on through these ones though, and a lot more roleplayers and girls who are actually guys, so they're probably not the best places to look for finding sexy lady subbies. (Unless of course sexy lady subbies reading this post now sign up!)

Hypbook has a chatroom, classifieds section, and a less kinky name, so would appear to be a little more geared towards recreational hypnosis over kinky stuff.

Hypno-fetish seems to have more users at present, and is definitely kinky, as it's run by Evil Mindwarp Guy (Who's not *actually* evil, but who runs: )

Which of course brings us to...

9. Warp My Mind

An absolutely mahoosive collection of hypnotic files and mp3s  (Nearly 40,000) intended to hypnotize the listener and install various post hypnotic effects. Most of these files come with strong disclaimers and "Use at your own risk" statements.

Files come in several flavours:

Subliminal (Listen without realising you're listening)
Post Hypnotic (Gives you triggers that can be used by others later)
Training (Intended to create long term changes in the listener)
Curse (Intended to make long term embarrassing changes in the listener.)

10. TBC

I've a couple of sites in mind for the number 10 slot. Stay tuned or suggest your own.

So there we are! My 10 (or so) recommended hypnotic hangouts. Are any of these new to you? Old favourites? Please comment below and let me know if I've missed any or you'd like to add your 2 cents.



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trish and Lizzidoll Robotized!

Happy Halloween Hypnotic Habitants of the Hinterwebs!

Not a spooky update, but definitely a sexy one!

For your viewing pleasure, a selection of pics from the fabulously talented Trishbot here!

It's Trish's birthday tomorrow (Halloween Baby!) so head over to her DeviantArt Page or her MCComix Forum to show your appreciation / wish her a Happy Birthday / commission her or check out her horny hypno stories!

Click the images for larger versions. Please do check her out on DeviantArt also though.

Gotta admit that I'm more than a little pleased with these pics... partly because Trish was in and out of my hypnotic control as I gave feedback, instructions and compulsions to be a *good* art slave for me... (Insert obligatory moustache twirling cackle here. I'm going with KYAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!) And partly cos they're the best drawn pics of Lizzidoll that I've ever *seen!*

All pics created by Trish "Trishbot" Winters.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kinky Webcomics!

Some of which you *need* to read!

First up is Shiniez by the artist of the same name.
It's a BDSM webcomic about the various relationships of a group of kinky types. There's Lisa, the red-headed bondage aficionado who writes fetish fiction. She's just started hooking up with Ally who's a geek in every sense of the word (BDSM / Video Games / Books / etc) Ally's friends with Alan who makes quite a trade designing fetish furniture and appliances for clubs and around the home... and it's all beautifully drawn, entertainingly written, sexy as hell, and deals with kink and fetishism in a really adult and consensual manner.

No Mind control fetishism per se, but as I've mentioned previously, Liz is really getting into bondage lately and there's a heck of a lot of THAT! :D

It's hosted on DeviantArt, which is free to join, though it does hide "Mature" artworks behind a membership wall to prevent minors from accessing it.

You can find it here: href="


UK Kinknosis Meet - 25th August 2012

Hello UK Based and European Hypnofans!

Rich from the Fetlife group "Kinknosis" has asked me to post info about the next hypnomeet that he has planned.

Liz and I often head along to these and they're great fun. A while back Rich persuaded Liz to believe that she was an elven princess who'd had her ability to orgasm sealed away by an evil sorcerer...

Then there was the time Jay from the blog gave his other half Elle the suggestion that any time she made eye contact with another hypno-girly she'd feel some rather spicy things happening to her downstairs joy department...

Anyway, here are the details.



Date: Saturday, August 25th 2012
Day Event: 3pm-9pm @ Bristol waterfront.
Evening Event: 9pm-3am @ Romeos Fetish Club
Cost: £10 to enter Romeos
Dress Code Daytime: No Dress Code (though we're out in public)
Dress Code Evening: All Black / Fetish wear

Please see event page for details:

Also note that I'm hoping to put together some demonstrations or technique shares. Anyone willing to volunteer a demonstration of how they work then please PM me so I can coordinate.

Additional note, I understand that Romeos now has a dress code, being either all black or fetish wear. Please be aware of this!

This event is open to all, hypnotists and subjects alike (as well as those who just wish to observe) so please feel free to invite your friends and acquaintances and let's make it a great social event!

Warmest regards,


Entrancement UK - Super Katy Captured!

Director's Choice
A fantastically funny shoot with a really creative lady.

Katy was a real pleasure to work with. At first glance she's so gorgeous, elegant and composed in all her pictures that you expect her to be fairly calm and quiet. Not at all. She's friendly and chatty, brilliantly funny, and ridiculously quick witted. During the shoot there were times where we'd asked her to improvise some of her responses to questions and she effortlessly came out with hilariously creative responses.

A superheroine themed shoot this time round. We give Katy a few of the usual suggestions early on (Blankness / Sleeping Potion / Etc) but discovered when we started giving her personalities to roleplay that she can easily fit herself to very specific personas. Without further ado we move onto the Super Hero section, and this makes up the majority of the shoot.

Transformed into The Crimson Harpy!

Highlights include seeing Katy Leotarded up as a super hero, and spotting the flaws in mild mannered "Sarah Small's" secret identity alter ego.

Director's Choice, Highly Recommended.
Entrancement UK - Super Katy Entranced by entrancement

Introductory Chat
Sleeping Potion
Heiress / Ladette
Can't Resist The Pendant
Intrepid Reporter: Sarah Small
Sarah's Secret
Freezing Sarah in her tracks
Impotent Superpowers
Sarah Made Mindless
Undressing Sarah Small
Amethyst Warrior Revealed
"I am NOT The Amethyst Warrior!"
Amethyst Stuck and Helpless
Sticking Amethyst's Mouth Shut
Frozen and silenced
Forced to Pose
Protesting at her treatment
Ethics Flipped Around
Disgusted by the colour pink
Stripping Nude
Nude Posing
Uniform Change
Mesmer's Mind Control
The Crimson Harpy!
Crimson's Devious Schemes
Made into an Ornament
Controlled by the Music
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Purchase Price: $25.99

Also Available at Clips4Sale ($34.99)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Miss Saffron: Hypnotize Yourself - Slave Trigger

I'm thinking about producing an mp3 hypnosis site at some point with a mix of file types. (Recreational, Kinky, some aimed at Personal Development.)

I want to be able to offer both male and female voiced versions of the files. Here's Miss Saffron's version of my temporary slave trigger file. ;)

This is a file that turns the listener into the temporary slave of whichever person used their trigger on them. It's got plenty of safeties in it to prevent serious misuse... though if you're the kind of person who fantasises about being out of control and helpless, you can probably expect it to work on you that way. ;)

There's a link on the file to my male voiced version, but if it's a bit small to make out, you can find the male voiced version by clicking here.

Let us know if you try it out on anyone how you both find it. ;)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Further Hypnotic (and None-Hypnotic) Adventures

Wotcha Hypnofans! Hope you’re all well lately? ;D

So there’s been a bit less bloggery from ourselves lately, not that we aren’t regularly indulging in plenty of kinky shenanigans. More so than in the past actually... it’s just getting to be a task finding the time to write things down! Currently writing in the evenings is out as I’ve just started playing Mass Effect 3, and I’ve about as much resistance to a Bioware RPG as a kitten to catnip coated string. (Addendum: Okay... I’ve been writing this blogpost over a week or so. I’ve just *finished* Mass Effect 3 and... ugh. That ending! Resisting Bioware RPGs will no longer be a problem! Back to the blogging!)

Lizzidoll’s created herself an account on Fetlife (Under the name Lizzidoll, though don’t add her unless you’re actually going to message her first.) and has had us gallivanting around the country to kinky halloween parties, fetish markets, burlesque nights, fetish munches and recently she’s started getting *really* into rope bondage. (Suspensions, Shibari, TKs, Futamamas... not that I could tell you definitively what half those terms mean... when I find out, I’ll take pictures. ;)

In terms of bondage, we’ve been to classes, workshops, daytrips, we’ve had rope weekends with friends, and we’ve been to one safety demo... though ironically, at the safety demo, one attendee drank so much that he ended up passing out and requiring an ambulance. The couple running the talk ended up looking after the guy for the best part of an hour as he lay outside the function room of the pub we were in making bubbly noises and trying not to be ill.

If you’re interested in getting into it yourself, check out their website ropetopia which has lots of useful and sexy tutorials and pics:

We’ve been to Kage at the Partners club in Bury a few times. A couple of times on our own, and once with Willow and her new squeeze Ventris. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the couples room as it’s quite spacious, and there’s scaffold around the ceiling that offers plenty of diversity when it comes to tying up lady friends. On this occasion, Willow and Lizzidoll had both been given the suggestion to find themselves overcome with the urge to kiss one another

For myself, I’ve been trying to learn the ropes (ahaha) and get my head round the various tricks you can do with hemp in order to better truss a lady up. I did realise recently that before hypnosis, bondage was another one of those weird games I’d play with friends as a kid (before realising what kinks were.) After learning hypnosis though, I think I’ve gotten a bit lazy, knowing I can restrain someone by merely clicking my fingers. I still love me a bit of hypno, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a nekkid lady bound tightly, suspended from the ceiling and utterly helpless. ;)

Liz has been taking every oppurtunity that’s arisen to be a demo bunny at the workshops we’ve been to, and she’s even gone to a couple of ladies only events on her own to hang out with new ropetastic lady-friends.

Real life’s also getting a touch busy, I’m house hunting (Living with parents past the age of 30 is apparently something of a faux pas) and Liz is in her final year at uni, so has coursework and exams to focus on. Coursework at least isn’t too big a problem. She’s quite capable of being a massive brainiac if she puts any effort in... and I’m using my own special “methods” to make sure she *is* putting effort in... and getting a mysterious but satisfying sense of achievement from doing so. ;)

Housewise, we’ve trying to decide what kind of place we want. Are we going to be there for 5 years ?10 years? 20? Should I look for a place with suitable space to be used as a home studio? Should we convert the attic / basement into a bondage dungeon!? (Liz’s idea. Pervert! :P) Would we use a TV? A living room? Or as gamers will we just want one massive joint office / gaming room with opposite desks so we can frag or work without disturbing one another? Decisions decisions.

So that’s where we’re up to... what have we been doing with ourselves that you might like hearing about? Well...

At Halloween, Goodbicpl from Fetlife invited us to one of their parties. They’re pretty active in the fetish community, and have converted their attic into a kinky playspace. The second Lizzidoll realised this, you couldn’t stop her from counting the days till the party down. When it comes to getting our own place, she’s in two minds about whether she’d want to convert a room / attic / basement into some kind of mad science brainwashing hypno-chamber (complete with dentists chair, body restraints, surround sound and spiralling monitors)... or a Thunderbirds style secret lair where at a button press, every decoration, ornament and picture frame in the house flips around revealing kinky artworks and naughty implements behind their more innocuous decoys.

Goodbicpl have an extensive number of ways to play in their home dungeon, there’s a massage chair that hapless young subbies can be strapped to, a spanking bench, a vacuum bed... which I persuaded Liz to have a go in. And they’ve got all manner of spanky, thwacky and hitty implements... (I know, I need some better adjectives.) At one point I was chatting to a lady downstairs (attracted away from the kink-chamber by the generous buffet...) when Liz’s flatmate came running in to let me know that Liz was planning on getting herself chloroformed, and did I want to watch to make sure she was okay?

Chloroform wasn’t quite what Liz expected, she inhaled enough to make her giddy, but not enough to knock her out, but I think she still enjoyed herself... and it *did* give me the idea for a hypnotic suggestion. (Imaginatively titled: “Chloroform”) Now whenever I clamp my hand over Liz’s mouth, (Not her nose. Safety first. :P) she automatically believes she’s being chloroformed into unconsciousness, and will fight and struggle to get free, gradually growing weaker and heavier and sleepier by the second. I’ve added it to my repertoire of ways to get Liz to sleep at night, and it’s proved mightily effective... though more in person than over the phone. ;)

Chloroform and rope were two eventual highpoints of the last Bristol hypnomeet that we went to also. The meet itself was plenty of fun, though as the group now includes more kinky hypno-folk and less stage-magician types, the dynamic’s changing quite a bit. With a group composed largely of stage-hypnotists, it wasn’t unusual to see a swarm of young guys sporting “I’m the hypnotist” t-shirts and badges making their way through the revellers at a pub, sticking the guys drinks to the tables, giving the girls orgasm-handshakes, and getting almost everyone willing to forget the number 7. Lately, there are more newcomers who come specifically looking to be hypnotized or to try their hand at hypnotizing, so we’re a bit more self contained.

We *have* started going to a BDSM club night afterwards at a club called Romeos though, which has been pretty cool. First impressions weren’t fantastic... as the club is on a sketchy looking industrial estate, and is *exactly* the kind of place you expect to get accosted by goblins. The club itself is great though, it’s in a converted office building, and it’s quite trippy to emerge up the stairs onto clean carpet in a professional looking corridor with executive decor and glass walled offices. There’s about 10 rooms, and each one has a different theme. This one’s full of couches for canoodling... that one’s a school room complete with blackboard and old fashioned flip-top desks... this one’s got a huge plasma screen... that one a spanking bench...

The last time we went, Liz wore her corset and I gave her the suggestion to pose like a clockwork dolly, striking a new pose any time anyone clicked their fingers near her. We left her stood that way beside the entrance to our room for about 10 minutes, finger clicking occasionally to have her switch poses. That got us a few interested looks from the passers by. :P

Afterwards we hooked up with Jay and Elle from the Hypnorotica blog and both girls ended up nekkid, partially roped, and wrestling one another whilst each tried to restrain or chloroform the other. Once Jay and myself finished enjoying that little show, we decided to show off what programming we’d been giving our respective slavegirls... Then as you can imagine with two hypnotists and two helplessly mind controlled slavegirls in the same room, things got interesting... ;)

HypnoDolls: The Hidden Hypnotist 2

The trailer for my new fantasy video "The Hidden Hypnotist 2"

Hypnodolls - The Hidden Hypnotist 2 by entrancement

Kayla returns home to find a pocket watch mysteriously sitting on her sofa... She can't resist the urge to pick it up, and once she does, she swiftly finds herself falling into a trance.

Becoming aware of someone else in the room, she finds herself responding to his greeting. With recognition she realises he's the hypnotist from last night's hypnosis show but... "I didn't get hypnotized, but it was really good" she finds herself saying, automatically... as though that response has been... *programmed* into her.

Scenes shown here: Kayla being given a "hot and cold" suggestion where every click of the finger switches her between horny and normal mindsets. Programmed to catwalk. Triggered to pose. Made to clean whilst nude. Made to fall in love with her reflection.

The full video is 47 minutes long and contains scenes too steamy for here!