Thursday, 10 November 2011

Random Announcements of Geek-flavoured Love!

It's not hypno-related, but lately our time's pretty evenly split between hypnotic shenanigans and geekery, and where else can I shout about stuff I'm in love with if not our blog. ;)

Incoming Link Spam as I randomly point at things and make "Oooh" noises.

Broken Bride by Ludo

Ludo are a band we've not heard very much about in Britain. They first came to my attention when threw a couple of their tracks my way. I'll write down the name of any music I really like, so I can go pick them up on iTunes later. Much to my annoyance I found that none of the songs I'd written down were available in the UK. Nor were most of their albums. What *was* available was an EP called "Broken Bride"

I investigated...

Broken Bride is the tale of a man (The Traveller) who builds a Time Machine in order to go back to the year 1989 so he can prevent his wife from dying in a tragic car crash. Unfortunately his time machine malfunctions, and as a result he's catapulted into an adventure that spans history from the time of the dinosaurs, to the far flung future, where the final human city is resisting the tide of undead stemming from a zombie apocalypse.

I won't spoil the end, except to say the whole thing had me blubbing like a schoolgirl. (Tears of Sadness or Joy? Who knows!?)

Part One is above, here's the rest of it:

Part 2: Save Our City
Part 3: Tonight's the Night
Part 4: The Lion & The Lamb
Part 5: Morning in May

(Don't worry about the fact part 2 isn't called part 2. It is in the right order.)

The thing I love about this EP is that it spans the breadth of time, and every track is different: "Broken Bride" is Emo Rock, sure, but it features PTERODACTYLS! "Save our City" is an Anthem, "The Lion & The Lamb" sounds like something from a western and becomes something operatic and beautiful towards the end, "Morning in May" is a sweet ballad with an ending that gets me (almost) every time.

We ended up listening to it about 3 dozen times whilst I ordered their "You're awful, I love you" and their "Prepare the Preparations" albums on import.

You're Awful's growing on me, I'd give it 3.5 to 4 stars,
Prepare the Preparations is awesome and gets 5.

iTunes, release this in the Uk!

Random Link. Lizzidoll is currently wetting herself with her flatmates over this site: ANIMALS TALKING ALL IN CAPS

Next up... MEMES!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Entrancement UK - Michelle & ToniLou

Sorry about the recent silence readers, I've been recovering from a cold, and fighting off a Terraria addiction. It's a 2D Game a bit like MineCraft if you're one of the geeky types that's seen it... if you've not seen it or you're not a geeky type, be thankful that you've not had 50+ hours of your time eaten up by what amounts to playing with Lego.

Not that we've not been busy lately! We've been to a rope jam, a kinky halloween party, (where Liz got to fulfil a lifelong dream and got herself chloroformed!) and I've had hypno shoots a-plenty.

Here's the most recent one:

Say Hello to Michelle & ToniLou!

This was a great shoot with two girls who are very good friends. We've worked with Michelle a couple of times in the past, and she keeps coming back, so we assume she enjoys working with us. She can't tell you *what* she enjoys about working with us, as afterwards her mind's usually rather blank when she tries to remember any of the events of the shoot. Oh well... ;)

Because the atmosphere was so relaxed, trancing the pair of them was pretty easy, and I soon had them dropping deep into hypnosis and spilling their heart's desires whilst under. (Makes it easier to help someone enjoy their trance if you know which buttons to push.) We ended up filming nearly 2.5 hours of footage, so I ended up splitting the video into two parts.

Part One is heavy on hypnotic phenomenon, stageshow shenanigans, stripping, silliness, slavegirls, and hypno-puppets.

For Part Two we did some alternate personality play. We'd seen Michelle as a Vampire Mistress in the past become very seductive towards ourselves, but we thought it'd be fun to have her seduce and then control another girl. The following scenes were pretty steamy, but in terms of demonstrating hypnotic control over someone, the fembot scenes with ToniLou towards the end of the shoot were the absolute highlight.

Here's a trailer involving scenes from part one: