Monday, 10 October 2011

Hypno Puppeteering & Hypno meets

Here's something you all might enjoy.

We were down in Bristol for a hypno-meet this weekend. Our friend Rich runs a group on Fetlife called Kinknosis, (Find it here. Feel free to swing by if you're in the UK!) and a selection of the local UK hypno community met up for a meal at a pub, a smattering of trance play, and an excursion to a fetish club called Romeos later on. (Where Rich kindly zapped anyone who fancied the idea of trying hypnosis out.)

This time round, we booked ourselves an apartment, as opposed to a hotel room, as I was hoping I could combine it with a hypno shoot.

The lady we worked with (Who shall remain mysteriously nameless till she picks a modelling name for herself :oP) met up with us at the kink club too, and whilst I wasn't able to immediately get her melting into trance myself. (She's very clever, quite analytical, and most of the sneaky psychological tricks we hypnotists play on our subs to get them to think we're wizards, she'd already seen.) Rich had much more success with her when he slowed his speech patterns down and started asking her to imagine the sensations of what it *would* be like to be hypnotized. (Whereas I'd been trying to direct her to feel things that perhaps she'd had no experience with yet.)

Anyway, after a couple of false starts, he got her melting into a very dreamy and peaceful looking state. She didn't have time to stay for very long, but it was enough to ensure that for our shoot the next day, she was at least aware that she *could* be hypnotized.

Notable scenes from the night's events.

  • Rocking up to Romeos after dark and finding it in a sketchy looking industrial district! :o|
  • Discovering (with a surprised sigh of relief) that the club's a collection of converted offices and is actually extremely plush, clean and friendly. :oD
  • Seeing Rich working his magic on a corseted blonde lady with the world's biggest boobs. He had her stuck in her seat, unable to lift her drink, hypnotically bound, and believing that her chair was filling her with the *nicest* vibrations. ;)
  • A Domme asking to try hypnosis it out, at which point Rich dived for the nearest door saying that *I'd* be happy to trance her. :o|
  • Attempting to hypnotize said domme, and being told by her that she a) Doesn't trust strangers. b) Doesn't submit quickly, and c) Doesn't like losing control. So a *great* subject! :o| (THANKS RICH!!)
  • In the end I got her to feel dominant and manipulative towards myself. (A state of mind that she seemed a little more comfortable with.)
  • She spent the next 5-10 minutes toying with me verbally like a cat might play with a mouse. I think I ended up reciting some of my badly written, highly emo, teenage poetry...
  • Chatting with Magda and Grumpy about LARPing, with him telling us it was his dream to make a modern day Burberry Wizzerd.
  • Liz had rather *too* nice a time sampling MrGlove's vampire gloves... :oO
  • Thanks go to Stanisk for the lift home...
  • Thanks *also* go to Stanisk for introducing me and a nekkid Lizzidoll to almost every spanking, flogging and caning implement in his bag of tricks.

    All in all a *good* night. Even if we didn't leave till 4:00am :oP

    Thanks to the Romeos club owners for staying open for us that late.

    The next day we had a pretty good hypno shoot. (As you can see above) I had such a good time with the hypno-puppeteering suggestion that I'd cooked up that we had to record a second (safe for youtube) version just so I could show it off to as many people as possible.

    Hope y'all enjoy!



    sleepymaid said...

    Nice video :)
    Educational for studying light on the body too.

    Anonymous said...

    I'd be interested to see any pics or clips of this blonde you mentioned...

    Lex said...

    @Anonymous, Sorry buddy, at these events it's considered rude to take pictures unless you've asked for permission beforehand. And maybe I exaggerated a teeny bit... the corset she was wearing definitely made her boobs *look* pretty gargantuan. ;)