Thursday, 20 October 2011

Amber Vickie & Nicola

A week or so back we had ourselves our first three girl hypnosis shoot. Amber (on the left) and Vickie (in the middle) had been hypnotized before, Nicola (on the right) was new to it, but very interested.

When it came to putting the girls under, Amber was great, she dropped like a stone into trance and once there she could be poked, prodded and messed around with and would stay nicely unresponsive. Ideal subject. Vickie on the other hand was a massive fidget and could barely stop herself from giggling and chatting for most of the video. Weirdly though, this didn't get in the way of her going under, even though she was opening her eyes and looking around to some degree whilst in trance. On waking, she responded just as well as the other two when it came to forgetting her name, finding herself stuck, or being helpless whilst the other two girls tickled her.

There's a preview here of some of the fun bits, a gallery below, and if you fancy buying the full thing, you're very welcome to. For the first week on sale there's a $5 discount. ;)


When I click my fingers...

What to do with you both...

How may we serve you Mistress?

Amber Entranced

Under her watchful eye

Is it my turn?

Hypnotized Trio

Amber, Vickie & Nicola
Introductory Chat
Favourite Feelings
Sleep Trigger
All named "Princess"
Picking new names for each other
Bondage Trigger
Stuck Together
Bound n Tickled
Ticklish one minute, not the next
Clapped Hands freeze the others
Posing the frozen girls
Hot Potato Mesmer Freezing
Toying with Frozen Vickie
Outfit Change
Feminists till the music plays...
Strippers when the music plays!
Horrified by one another's behaviour
Nearly Nude Nicola describes her none existent outfit
Mistress Vickie and her slavegirls
Mistress Vickie toys with sleepy Amber
Mindless Amber compelled to masturbate
Turning Amber's arousal on and off
Remote Sensations
Orgasm on Command Amber
Guys in Girls Bodies
Lee & Nathanial vie for Vickie's affections
Arm wrestling for Vickie's love
Closing induction
Back to normal
Closing Chat

Running Time 106 Minutes

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