Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Hypno / Freeze Blog

Here's something you might enjoy.

Yesterday morning someone called "Freezeplay" subscribed to me on YouTube.
Freezing's a definite kink for myself n Liz, so I couldn't resist checking his channel out.

I was chuffed to see half a dozen videos of a very nice young lady frozen and posed like a doll in various outfits.

The lady's name is "Bliss", her partner as far as I can tell goes by Freezeplay, but they've got a youtube channel and a blog. (Links below) Drop them a line, say hi and make some requests!



Anonymous said...

They're good; remind me adia doll :)

Lex said...

They currently have a competition where you send in a story using the "Butterscotch" trigger that Bliss has. She reads it out and freezes at the appropriate moment. Fun!