Thursday, 15 September 2011

Heresy, Hypnosis, and Photos (Part 2)

As promised, here's my account of our photo and hypnosis session with Willow Hexx from the day after the night at Heresy n Heelz. There are some pretty pictures too... but you're mainly interested in what I have to say... right? ;)

We'd arranged to meet Willow at Neros coffee shop in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester for about 11am. Liz wasn't particularly happy about the time of our meeting, as it meant she had to get out of bed after having less than 6 hours sleep (Her preferred number of hours being 10 if she can get away with it.)

Willow rang to let us know she'd be a few minutes late. (Cue a mock-angry look from Liz as she realised she could probably have spent an extra half hour or so in bed.) but she arrived soon enough, looking very glamorous, her eyes made up with smoky black eyeliner, and her red hair cascading over her shoulders. She was clad in stripy tights and black rocker t-shirt, and with a medium sized backpack (Stuffed full of corsets and underwear!) over her back.

Initially I'd been worried that the girls wouldn't be too keen on one another. I have a slight tendency to get overly excited every time I meet a bi-girl interested in hypnosis as my brain starts filling up with images of hypnotized slavegirls having hot hypno-sex with one another, taking it in turns to dominate, tease and toy with one another, whilst I look on and direct the action with my mind control powers... Liz needs to feel interested in a person and engaged by them before she'll consider doing anything sexy around them though. Like she says, a person's more than just a nekkid body who's going to dance around for my enjoyment... for some reason I don't mind the idea of seeing the majority of girls I meet in the street nude within the first 5 minutes of glimpsing them... guess I'm just kind of a man-whore... ;)

Fortunately we all got on really well. Conversation flowed easily from one topic to the next, and we chatted about everything from movies and dating to hypnosis and kink in general. The whole time I was very good, and didn't trigger Liz once. There's nothing I love more than saying to a new friend "Hey! Look what cool things I can do with my girlfriends BRAIN!" but Liz worries that turning her into a mindless slavegirl mid-conversation with someone *might* give them the impression that we're kinda weird. (Crazy I know.)

We made conversation till one of the baristas began looking at us with that "BUY SOMETHING!" expression, and headed back to the apartment.

The girls grabbed themselves a cup of tea in the apartment whilst I nipped back to the car to fetch my turntable, as both of them wanted to take a ride on it. Their 5 minute chat turned into a 15 minute one though, as I went the wrong way to the carpark the first time round, and then on getting back, realised I'd forgotten my tripod. (Doh) One final trip to the carpark (the right way round this time) and we were all set.

"If he's going to hypnotize you, d'you mind if I have a snooze?" asked Liz, snuggling into the sofa. "Watching him hypnotize others always makes me sleepy" she said, shutting her eyes. Willow was fine with that, so she got herself comfortable on a seat whilst Liz lay behind me on the sofa. I took advantage of Liz's sleepy state by placing her in a trance and telling her to just relax and enjoy herself while I hypnotized Willow.

I ran Willow through a couple of suggestibility tests and soon had her head slumping to one side as she dropped into trance for me.

In terms of hypnosis, we didn't do too much. If you want to see a genuine hypnosis picture of her, the one of her holding the pendant's up about all there is (this time round at least.)

There was a quick "Sleep" trigger here, a "Bodylock" trigger there... maybe a small obedience trigger... a "miniature power trip", if you will. I made sure Willow was comfy around us and happy modelling, then woke her up and we began to talk photos.

It had been about half an hour, so we woke Liz from her powernap and had her help us out with a turntable picture. Once we were done with that I couldn't resist showing off a few of Liz's more... "interesting" triggers.

In my defence, Willow was pretty interested in seeing Liz mindless... then once she *was* mindless, she was pretty interested in seeing how happily she'd undress... then when I asked if she'd like to see Liz collared and leashed and thinking she was a puppy, she liked that idea too.

Next we had Liz nude over Willow's knee whilst Willow enjoyed tracing her fingernails over Liz's butt... then we had Willow feeling dominant whilst Liz grew progessively more mindless and obedient. When we ballgagged her, I think she began feeling *particularly* submissive.

Always keen on introducing Liz to fun new (bisexual) pasttimes, we also spent a few minutes teasing a semi-naked, totally mindless Lizzidoll with fingernails, kisses (Mine, not Willows just yet) and her leash, allowing her to surface from mindlessness briefly... only to find herself gagged and her body under my control. She tried to struggle and ask what was going on for a second... but I quickly put her back under again, returning her to mindlessness and stripping her nude so we could take some nice shots by one of the windows. ;)

Initially Willow had been comfortable being partially undressed around the pair of us, but wasn't sure if she wanted to take her underwear off. Seeing Liz nude seemed to do the trick though, as she quite fancied sticking on some bondage tape and snapping a few sexy shots of her stretching luxuriously over the bedcovers. Dunno what you think, dear audience, but I think they came out nicely. ;)

Finally we rounded our day off by heading over to the Manchester alternative market where we met up with a couple of friends for a quick hello. We'd left it kinda late in the day though, only arriving at 5, when the whole thing started at 1. Ah well, I was busy taking pics of ladies, so I feel my time was well spent. ;)

We didn't buy anything this time round, though I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nice crap or spanking implement for Liz's butt, and if I can find a sexy monoglove, that too will be awesome.

I've since done a little more hypnosis with Willow by phone. Her new boyfriend's interested in it, and I'm sure he'd not mind being able to turn her into a doll, slavegirl or slut on command. (Would you?)

Let us know what you think of both ladies. We'll be doing a hypnosis video shoot with Willow in the near future and I'm sure both would love some feedback.




lthr_nck said...

What lovely ladies! 'Puppy Lizzie' is one of my favourites, but I must admit the pose of Lizzie and Willow by the window (with Willow gently squeezing Lizzie's bottom) is one of the all time best (in my opinion anyways!)
Was Willow testing the depth of Lizzie's trance or the firmness of her buttocks? (Can't say I'd mind testing either for myself!)


Anonymous said...

Great post Lex. Love both ladies - I like the fact we've been seeing a little more of Lizzie lately - one hell of a sexy girlfriend you've got there!

Lord-Hypno said...

Awesome Stuff, if you keep Posting these photos' and stories' of your recent adventures, I may have to jump the pond and ring you guy's for coffee

Trishbot said...

Oh, this looks like a ton of fun! Willow's quite the looker! And it's great to see the vaunted and epic return of "Puppy Liz" (coming to a theater near you).

I'd like to think I had a hand in corrupting her with bi-interests. I regret nothing!

'nette said...


It's fun to see Liz because we read a lot about her. And because she's freakin hot.

And I really look forward to seeing a video of Willow. She is super sexy omg.

carina sophia said...
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sleepymaid said...

Willow has really nice eyes. Perfect for hypno stuff :D

Lex said...

@LordHypno Well if you're ever in the area, you're welcome to get in touch.

@Sleepymaid Let me know if you have any specific requests for future pics with Willow and I'll see if I can get them taken. ;)

@Everyone else Thanks for the comments! :oD

Hypno Tease said...

Both ladies look lovely in these pictures. In particular the picture of Liz wearing the ball gag. You should take more pictures in black & white. I've always found them to be more enticing compared to color pictures

Lex said...

@Hypno Tease

Thanks Claudia,

I try not to rely *too* much on black and white, as it's a really easy way to arty pictures... and in Willows case, you lose the fact that she's got nice red hair. :P

Saying that, my latest post (with Amber, Vickie and Nicola) is stuffed with black and white pics, so maybe I'm a liar. :P

Loving your own blog btw. (Ya raunchy minx) ;)

lexx said...

I also really like the window picture.. Willow's hair on the pictures right below it is really nice too though :)