Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Heresy, Hypnosis, and Fine Fetish Photos (Part 1)

As of this weekend, Lizzidoll and myself have been going out together for 4 years. Yes we picked the worst date in the world to begin going out... but by the time I’d realised (Way back in ‘ought seven) Liz refused to allow me to “officially” say our relationship began on the 12th as she felt that would mean I’d have to break up with her first. Ah well... at least I never forget an anniversary.

(Honest apologies to anyone for whom this date has negative connotations.)

This year it coincided with the Manchester Fetish Weekender, 3 kinky events spread over 2 days. We booked ourselves an apartment in the center of Manchester to avoid having to mess about with driving. We went with an apartment over a single hotel room because a) It’s cheaper, and b) Most apartments have uncluttered living room areas that might look good in a hypnosis video shoot, and I wanted to scope out what was on offer.

As it happens the kitchen area of the living room was big enough for us to push the furniture to one side giving us a nice white wall to work against, and we had ourselves an impromptu photoshoot. (More on that later.)

The events were Heresy n Heelz, The Manchester Fetish Faire, and Club Lash’s Back2Skool Disco. We managed to make it to two of these events, which isn’t bad for a pair of antisocial gamer geeks.

Heresy n Heelz on the Friday night was a burlesque themed club night at Sound Control in the center of Manchester. Live music was courtesy of rockabilly band The Graveyard Johnnys, there was a Lesbian Vampire Mistress of Ceremonies called Rosie Lugosi who whipped n teased the audience till they showed the correct level of enthusiasm, (Yes Mistress!) and there were a number of striptease acts. Liz wanted to go because she loves dressing up, being shown off, and modelling her collection of corsets, and I wanted to go because of all the ladies taking their clothes off I love the live music.

The club night was fun, one of the burlesque routines was a lil bit weird (Marnie Scarlett needs to *stop* trying to lip sync in her routines, it looks ridonkulous) but the rest were sexy and funny as hell. There was a nice Alice in Wonderland themed routine where drinking a potion took over the dancers body and “forced” her to striptease... (wonder why I liked that one?)

I’m also developing a fair sized crush on a gorgeous lil dancer called Frankie Lynn who’s kittygirl themed performances are adorable. Routine one had her as a cat coming out of a hat; flirting with the audience one moment, giving them the finger the next. (All whilst slinkily stripping her way out of her tuxedo)

Frankie Lynn's other routine had her in a Red Riding Hood outfit discovering a magic potion in the woods. (Potions seem to be a recurring theme.) At one point when Frankie was halfway through undressing calamity almost struck as she got her top caught on her horns (The aforementioned potion had turned her into a fawn.) Liz let out a sympathetic “awww” on Frankie’s behalf and almost leapt up onstage to give her a hug. Fortunately Frankie managed to disentangle herself without too much difficulty and the rest of her performance (which ended with her going crosseyed and fainting / passing out) was great.

Between acts, the Lesbian Vampire MC had a good flirt with Lizzidoll when she looked into the audience and saw Liz’s fantastic corseted cleavage front and center staring back at her. We’d planted ourselves smack in the middle of the front row the moment the audience had been invited to come and take a seat. I’m pretty sure Liz wanted to ballgag me at one point though... Rosie Lugosi was talking about mystical creatures and was trying to get the audience to do impressions of cats, unicorns and other beasties. When she mentioned “Witches”, I let out my best and loudest cackle, and when she mentioned “Wizards”, I (and I alone) unleashed a booming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” (Cue Liz turning purple with embarrassment.) Mwahahaha!

That was the latter part of the evening anyway... well no... the *latter* part of the evening was where we ended up back at the apartment sitting on the sofa and watching episodes of House till 3am whilst eating pizza from a local takeaway.

That was the *middle* part of the evening anyway, but if we rewind by a few hours...

Liz had spent the day starving herself in preparation for showing off her corseted waist as she wanted to look as slinky as possible both at the apartment and the club. She’d even enlisted her sister to do her makeup. Her sister’s about 10 times more girly than she is, and generally looks immaculately fashionable no matter what time of day it is.

When we got to the apartment, I was chuffed to see a big white wall in the kitchen, and after moving the breakfast table out of the way (Which was a waste of space, we never get out of bed in *time* for breakfast. Hah!) Liz was pretty eager to strip out of her day clothes, and start dressing up in steamy combinations of elbow gloves, garterbelt, fuck-me-heels, stockings, corset, tutu, and tailfeathers. Hope you enjoy the results.

The next day, we made some time to hook up with Willow Hexx, who’s a gorgeous curvacious redheaded model / geek / hottie / creature. We got to hypnotize her too, if you want to see those pictures, stay tuned. ;)


sleepymaid said...

Great photos! Mixing them up with the text made for a nice read, too.

Kate said...

I agree with Sleepymaid, mixing the text with the photos made for a nice, if distracting (in a very good way) read.

RL said...

Great text. Great pictures. Great post.

lthr_nck said...

Lovely corset and stockings, but they pale in comparison to the beautiful girl wearing them. What a gorgeous body!

Anonymous said...

"There are some pretty pictures too... but you're mainly interested in what I have to say... right? ;)"

The irony is that it's true. :P

HypnoErotica said...

Awesome pics, very sexy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't we ever see Liz's face?

Lex said...

@Anonymous Some people like to retain some anonymity. ;)