Friday, 2 September 2011

Gotta love somnambulists!

(Or “Sleepwalkers” for thems who don’t know and are too lazy to google. :P)

A couple of days back, I was messaged on Fetlife by a local submissive lady called Shona saying she was fascinated by hypnosis, was interested in talking about it, and perhaps in meeting myself and Lizzidoll, and trying it out for herself.

I’m not sure if anyone’s picked up on it... but I’m quite the fan of hypnotized sub girlies, so my response was fairly enthusiastic. ;)

We sent a few emails back n forth and hit it off well. She’s a 19 year old student at the local uni, a Dungeons & Dragons / Magic the Gathering / Movie Buff type lady-geek, and though myself and Lizzidoll are mainly video-gamer-geeks, we both own a fairly huge collection of Magic the Gathering cards, (every few months the Magic fever will come upon us forcing us to buy a few new decks and rope whichever friends or relatives we can find into playing with us.) and we’ve been looking to get into some kind of roleplay group for ages. We arranged to meet up.

The meeting went well. Really well. :D

Shona’s a cute curvy redhead with light green eyes (more on those later) We headed to a local coffee shop (the first one Liz and I met at actually, though she berated me for not immediately remembering this – Bad Lex!) and picked a table in as secluded corner as we could find. (Annoyingly some hipsters had bagged the big sofa in the back room.) Conversation flowed easily, Shona brought along her flatmate Anna, who’s also kinda kinky, and we spent the first half hour sharing kinks and swapping stories. It was during this period that we heard about Shona’s sleepwalking.

Anna: She can be really bad when she does it. And she does it completely naked.
Lex (Trying to disguise the fact he’s a massive perve): Oh?
Liz (Genuinely curious): Do you sleep naked?
Shona: Sometimes... but even when I don’t. When I sleepwalk I’ll strip naked first.
Lex (Grinning from ear to ear): Innnnnnteresting.

I think Liz noticed my eyes lighting up at this point, (it was hard not to) as she grinned and rolled hers. I dunno if that’s because she knew the avenues down which my mind would now be meandering, because she’d seen it all before on my shoots or because she was just being generally bratty, but I was soon demonstrating my hypnotic power over *her* by having her pose, become mindless and freeze in place. (Much to the amusement and interest of the other two girls.) She vetoed the use of her arousal triggers as a mum, grandma and baby had decided to sit down at the table next to ours and she “didn’t want to corrupt the minds of infants.”

Itching to do more, we headed out of the coffee shop, swung by a clothes shop for anna, and a stationary shop for Liz (who’s doing more hypnotic drawing commissions lately by the way) chatting about hypnosis and submission on the way, Shona seemed keen to try it for herself, though there was nothing specific she was looking to experience (preferring to just go with the flow) We headed into the city park to see if we could find ourselves a quiet space to indulge in a little hypno-play.

The park’s pretty big, it’s next to the river, it has it’s own small toy train track that kids can ride that loops around half the gardens, there are plenty of wide open grassy areas, benches a plenty, a few bits and pieces of ruin, (Those Romans were always leaving bits of wall and amphitheatre lying around) a plethora of statues, and a few out-of-the-way garden type corners.

We found a seemingly deserted bit of garden surrounded on 3 sides with bushes, it had a long stone bench that seemed to be collecting all the sunlight. (And Liz needed to bask) I say “Seemingly” deserted as no sooner had we sat down and started chatting about what to do, than a scruffy man emerged from the undergrowth, lit a match off the back of the stone bench we were sitting on said “Hi” and started to smoke a rolled-up cigarette. Turned out he was a homeless guy and he was *living* in those bushes. We made polite conversation for a couple of minutes, gave him a cigarette lighter (as he’d just struck his last match), he told us about his kids, his Tesco club card and his tent, and eventually he went back into the bushes to get himself stoned. (Yee!)

A somewhat surreal start to a hypnosis session, but I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way!

Because Liz is so familiar with my techniques and because I didn’t want Shona to feel too self-conscious, I gave Liz the suggestion that she was enjoying the sunlight *so* much that she was finding it keep her eyes open. Always keen on taking the opportunity to fall asleep, she curled up catlike on the bench, rested her head on my legs and immediately nodded off.

We’d already established that Shona was happy to go with the flow, and what with her being a natural somnambulist, I thought I’d try my hand at a more rapid induction than my usual method. (Progressive Relaxation, which I know can just send some people to sleep. :P)

I had Shona linking all but her pointer fingers together whilst I did a magnetic fingers test. As expected, her pointers quickly drew themselves together, convincing her right off the bat that I had some kind of special power. (Which of course I do ;)

I immediately moved onto a magnetic palms test, taking her by the wrists, telling her to close her eyes, and placing her hands in the air in front of herself. Anna watched with interest (at least I hope that’s what it was) as Shona sat there, eyes closed as I asked her to imagine a magnet in the center of each palm attracting her hands to one another.

They stared moving together so easily that I could see it’d take little more than a click of the fingers to send Shona into a nice deep trance.

“As your palms touch one another, you’ll find your arms get heavy and drop into your lap. At the same time you’ll feel yourself SLEEP” I told her firmly, and as her hands just began to brush one another, I clasped them together in mine, pulled them downwards and commanded “Sleep” in her ear. She slumped completely in her seat. I gave Anna a little grin whilst deciding what to do next.

For the first couple of minutes, we let Liz sleep whilst we gave Shona a few suggestions. Initially we had her forgetting that she’d been hypnotized, not believing us when we told her she’d been under, but for some mysterious reason, finding herself unable to tell us her name.

I reinforced her sleep trigger, enjoying the attractive way she’d fold up each time I clicked my fingers, and also noticed that if I told her to look into my eyes and do as I told her... firstly she’d obediently stare into my eyes like she had no other option, (good girl) then she’d very quickly very easily begin to slip into trance. Her eyes would begin fixed and attentive, locked on mine, but the moment I told her they were getting heavy, they’d flutter and water and unfocus in a particularly sexy way. (If you’re into that kinda thing. ;)

After this we woke Liz up, and began to see just how receptive Shona’s mind could be...

First we had her feeling a growing attraction toward everyone present. I told her it would reach the point where she was going to get *so* hot and excited in the presence of the three of us, that she would try to tempt us into the undergrowth, so she could strip off and have the three of us play with her.

On waking, she had a massive smile on her face, seemed to be feeling rather chatty and friendly, and over the course of the next few minutes, went from snuggling into me and nuzzling me like a cat with catnip, to kneeling beside Anna and pawing at her clothes like she wanted to strip her. She kept concocting excuses for getting out of the sun and heading into the bushes, and did very little to hide her reasons for wanting this.

A couple of minutes later, her arousal had subsided, and I thought I’d check to see if she’d be able to experience visual hallucinations. I deepened Shona as far as she was comfortable going, told Anna that I’d like to see if we could get Shona hallucinating, then asked Anna if we should have Shona thinking that she was naked... or that everyone else was.

Anna (something of a deviant) said that we should have Shona thinking she was nude. I asked Shona how she’d feel about waking up in the park naked. Her response was “Upset” so I asked if she’d be okay waking up that way if instead she felt amused by the whole thing and was allowed to blame us for it. She said that was okay, so that’s the next suggestion I gave.

Her reaction to waking up “naked” was fairly typical. Squeals, attempts to hide behind things too small to hide behind, accusations of garment thievery all whilst berating us for being such perverts.

A couple of minutes later when I had her instead thinking that one of the statues in the park was a nude man standing in a provocative position she was *much* happier, and had trouble tearing her eyes off him... at least until I took her by the hand once more, looked into her eyes and told her that the couple behind the statue on the grass kissing were in fact totally nude and doing *much* more than kissing. This brought loud and gleeful cackles from Shona as her mind played out whatever scene she believed she was seeing. I don’t think she had to use her imagination *too* much, as they were enjoying themselves to the point where any young mothers would probably have been covering the eyes of their kids.

We enjoyed giving her further suggestions, she was very happy to be made to feel submissive and obedient, and she reacted to her hypnotic bondage trigger brilliantly, struggling to free herself as I stuck her fingers to her nose, her hands to her legs, and stuck her mouth and eyes shut so I could lead her around like a blind girl.

Later on we meandered over to the river, bought ourselves an ice-cream each, and enjoyed the late afternoon sunlight, Shona was amused by a white duck paddling past in the river, as it reminded her of Jemima Puddleduck from Beatrix Potter’s books. She was even *more* amused when it hopped onto the cobbles, began doing a waddly duck dance back and forth in front of her, and finally hopped up onto her knee to give her a peck on the cheek before flying off.

After that she wanted to go and jump up and down in the middle of the suspension bridge, and as that seemed like a bit of a childish way to spend her afternoon, I told her she would think she *was* a five year old, out on a daytrip with Uncle Lex and Aunties Anna and Lizzi. She took to the part well, pointing out bikes, post boxes, birds and signs and asking what each one was.

Worrying that Liz was feeling a little left out, and finding ourselves alone on the center of the suspension bridge I *did* end up giving the girls an arousal suggestion. (This was with 19 year old Shona, not 5 year old Shona) Neither were all that loud thankfully, but it was definitely enjoyable having Liz squirming on one side of me and biting at my neck whilst Shona on the other side of me gripped the handrail with white knuckles, breathing deeply, eyes closed, legs spread and gasping. I’m not sure Anna knew what to think... so to make it up to her I asked if she’d like to keep hold of Shona’s triggers for the rest of the day. She seemed pretty keen on the idea so that’s what we did, though whether or not she ended up playing after meeting us, I’m not sure.

Afterwards Shona and myself exchanged a few texts, we all had a pretty good time, and we might have more play or even a hypno video in future. I’ll keep you posted.

All in all a pretty good day. ;)


SG said...

*fans self* That's...ahem...quite the day you had there. ;)

The Flying Kobold said...

Say... with you being masters of recreational hypnosis AND roleplaying nerds, have you ever tried this idea I've been carrying around for years? You hypnotise all the players into experiencing everything their character does (with some safeguards for death and injury, if you're running that kind of game) and then GM the whole thing like you would normally and see how they like it?

Lex said...

@flying kobold.

I've done similar things with online games like world of warcraft n guild wars. (Hypnotized the person I'm playing with n had them feel like they're really in the game. Temporarily becoming unaware of their keyboard n mouse movements, whilst still being able to do them.)

The weirdest thing was probably when I had one girl thinking she was her character in street fighter ii turbo on the snes. (minus the sensation of being punched) she made a mean blanka n seemed very find of the head bite move!

Not tried it with a roleplay group yet though as a) I don't know any, and b) they all tend to be dudes. :op Maybe Shona can introduce if to more geekalicious ladies though.