Saturday, 27 August 2011

Timestop shoot with Alice

A few pics from my shoot with the lovely Alice.

We'd previously talked about doing a hypnosis video shoot. At the time she was pretty keen, after we'd swapped a few emails though, she said that her wife (she's lesbian) wasn't too happy with the idea of her being hypnotized by some random guy. I didn't push it at the time, but when Alice posted a casting call on a modelling / photography site that I'm on, I thought I'd apply and see if she was interested in testing my turntable out. She does a lot of ballet / art nude work, so I thought it'd be fun to capture some poses of that type.

She was interested in the idea of doing some fun n sexy 360s, so we went ahead and booked ourselves a shoot. A 3 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive due to a burnt out bus on the motorway (I don't think anyone was injured though, there was a fire crew but no ambulances)

During the shoot I got to meet her and her missus (and her cat, which at one point was trying to chew my turntable) and found out what the concern was at the idea of her doing a hypno shoot. They were under the impression that a hypnotized person could be made to do *anything*... including messing around sexually with whoever's hypnotizing them and being none the wiser afterwards. I reassured them that although you'll happily do things within your comfort zones (so a glamour model will get nude, pose around, maybe even dance round outside naked) you can't be made to do anything you're totally against, (such as being unfaithful to your partner) and they were both much happier with the idea.

Anyway, here's the timestops and hypno pics from our shoot. With any luck I'll be working more with Alice in future.

Now you see them... (mouseover)

Focused on the pendant.

Awaiting Commands.

Posing thoughtlessly.

More Posing

Sleepwalking Alice.

On Display

Kajira Slave Pose.

Bow Alice

Nude Kajira.

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Jullan Kerns said...

Funny but nowedays a bit booring. It feels as one have seen too many of those frosen poses. I myself have not still got it to function as desired. Problem eyes. I see all the time. Othervise nice girl but doing tha same things as all other. Mostely the same sofa, same background, same try outs befor the induction, dance, and sometimes a one day stand with the same program. I know it is not easy to find new ways to show the same excersises but giv it a try please. :-)