Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hypnodolls - Kloe Kane Flyaround

Kloe Kane - Hypnodoll

If Kloe's the kinda lady that you'd enjoy seeing spinning mindlessly around and around and around... this should be right up your alley. ;)

Below is a sequence of shots taken on today's Hypnodolls shoot.

Unlike my Entrancement videos (which are genuine hypnosis) The idea of HypnoDolls is to film fantasy scenes that have storylines, script and direction instead. Still dealing with hypnosis as a kink... but heading in a different direction.

I'd be interested in hearing everyones thoughts on this... or if any local ladies would like a ride on it? ;)




Anonymous said...

She looks great! Love the HypnoDoll idea. Would love to see a girl controlled like a human marionette at some point.

sleepymaid said...

Very sexy! Also interesting to watch with the turning animation. I wonder if a spiral painted on the turntable would look good.

Lex said...

@Sleepymaid I thought about adding a spiral myself, but wouldn't want it to be permanent if it didn't look any good.

Would probably need printing too... I don't trust my fingerpainting anyone know where you can get 4 foot wide spirals printed? :P

Anonymous said...

Do want!