Saturday, 27 August 2011

Entrancement - Glitterbunny

Here's the trailer for my shoot with Glitterbunny (Not the name she goes by in the video, but she's a burlesque performer and wants her burlesque performances to appear ahead of her hypnosis ones. ;)

Available here.

Name Amnesia
Thinks her name is Glitterbunny
Blank / Freeze triggers
In love with her legs
Cerise’s growing foot fetish
Stripping the stockings off
Foot fascination
Hypnotic sticking
Feet stuck on show
Loves being tickled
Not ticklish at all
Compulsive Liar
Stockings go back on
“Show me your Bicycles!” outburst
The Countess and the Stripper
Blank minded pussy stroking
Casual Nipple Playing
Feels sexy all over
Frozen in arousal
Posed like a sextoy
Misbehaving Hands, Growing arousal
Arousal on command
Orgasm on command
“Good Girl” pleasure trigger
Wants to talk about Burlesque
Burlesque routine with freezes
Doesn’t know how she got naked
Catgirl Cerise
Enchanted by her own reflection
Mind sucked into the camera
Poseable Clockwork Doll
Wake and reaction to being posed
Closing chat

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