Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tamar Entranced Trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure may I present the lovely Tamar!

Tamar was a lovely girl to work with. Chilled out, sexy, and imaginative as hell when it came to being given hypnotic suggestions. There's a very vivid change seeing her go from being the goddess of sensuality (aloof, seductive, sensuous) to thinking that she's a teenaged guy called Tom (excitable, joking, obsessed with sex.)

Running Time 107 Minutes
Mind Blank, Eyes Open
Hands Mentally Bound
Forgotten her name
Tourettes Syndrome
Hates clothes, wants to undress
Poses on command
Flashing / Mooning on command
Posing Frozen Tamar
The Goddess of Womanhood
Seduced by Goddess Tinkerbell
Goddesses blessing of breasts
Tamar talks about Tinkerbell
Guy in a girl’s body
“Tom” checks out Tamar’s breasts
“Tom” tries to pass as female
Male vs Female Walking
Male vs Female Modelling
Dancing, Catwalking and Freezes
Sexy TV Camgirl “Tom”
Tamar returns
Magic Potion of Drunkenness
Drunken Tamar discusses the male orgasm
Falls in love with her own reflection
Reflection makes her mindless
Final Trance
Closing Chat

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