Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lizzidoll's Doodles

As soon as Lex had posted, he began giving me the eye to write another post myself (and since I've not posted in aaaaagggeees, I thought I'd better explain what's been keeping me distracted!)

I joined an art site a few years ago called DeviantArt, posted a couple of scrappy pictures on it and thought nothing more about it. Then, I had an idea to do a set of images of all the Disney Princesses wrapped up by Kaa the snake from the Jungle Book. As I've mentioned before, he's one of the earliest hypnotic influences I had growing up, so I've always held a visual soft spot for him. Though the images here were sparse at best with my family moving house and other things going on, I began to pick up the drawing bug this summer, and decided to learn how to colour in Photoshop.

Kaa & Jane from Tarzan

Kaa & Meg from Hercules

And so far, the pictures have received a good reception on DA, which I was really glad about. So about a fortnight ago, I decided to open myself up for commissions, the first of which requested Kaa coming out of a computer screen to hypnotise an unsuspecting blonde girl.
If any of you are on DeviantArt, my ID is 'Duchessof-the-duvet' (a name coined by Lex due to my possessive nature over the bed, and my tendency to sleep for more than 12 hours a day).
Or, if you'd like a link to my page, I'm at


sleepymaid said...

Nice art you have ^^
Keep doodling happily (and mindlessly)

Robolvr said...

Nice drawings. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Lizzidoll said...

I'm really trying not to get completely star-struck and squee-ish that Sleepymaid just commented on my work...

Oh sod it... *happydances*

Dennis C. Lee said...

I can't remember ever seeing a cuter snake. Have you done a Garden of Eden?