Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Angel's Perspective - Part One

Angel runs her own fetish blog, she recently posted about her memories of the shoot, she's given me permission to post a few excerpts, but if you'd like to read the whole thing, point yourselves towards: www.angel-deelight.com

Taken from her blogpost:

Okay so how did my video session go?

Now lets see. What do I remember? I remember being taken under, being counted down into a deep trance and all I could feel was my tummy rumbling and me thinking “damn this isn’t good for camera, I so hope it doesn’t pick this noise up!”. The next thing I am aware of is that the two people who were in the room had left, leaving just myself and the hypnotist, Lex. I remember that my bra was no longer on the inside of my clothing but was on the outside which was really rather silly.

The next thing I remember is suddenly being semi naked, Only wearing my footwear and my French knickers. No top or any other attire and this felt totally natural to me. So natural in-fact that I was ashamed at Lex for wearing clothes. Clothing was an embarrassment and I ordered him to remove his clothing. Which he did, well at-least I thought he did. I saw him in his boxer shorts looking rather fit and horny yet at the same time I knew he was fully clothed. No matter how much I tried to convince myself that he was clothed, my subconscious mind was telling me that he was in his boxer shorts and looking mighty fine. So fine in fact that I wanted him, needed him there and then. I felt very fruity! LOL!

The next part of the session that I am fully aware of is my waking up to being drunk, giggly and happy. Lex spoke to me and questioned me about my interest in bondage and asked if I’d ever been tied up outside. At first I said know but then I recalled the time I was tied to the wooden owl carving at my local woods. I promptly informed him that I had been tied to an owl! Lex asked me if this was a real owl at which point I laughed at him and informed him that it most certainly wasn’t as owls do not exist in the country. We then entered a debate about owls, a debate which left me in fits of laughter as not only was I ‘drunk’ but I was also convinced that owls didn’t exist in this country. Lex even tried to convince me by saying that barns were named after barn owls! LOL!. When I was asked what did exist in this country I informed him that wolves existed. Not only did they dwell in this country but they lived on a mountain in Wales, along with mammoths. However I laughed loudly at the ludicrous suggestion that Dinosaurs still lived here! What a funny experience. This will go down in history as my ‘party piece’ story!

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