Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tamar Entranced Trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure may I present the lovely Tamar!

Tamar was a lovely girl to work with. Chilled out, sexy, and imaginative as hell when it came to being given hypnotic suggestions. There's a very vivid change seeing her go from being the goddess of sensuality (aloof, seductive, sensuous) to thinking that she's a teenaged guy called Tom (excitable, joking, obsessed with sex.)

Running Time 107 Minutes
Mind Blank, Eyes Open
Hands Mentally Bound
Forgotten her name
Tourettes Syndrome
Hates clothes, wants to undress
Poses on command
Flashing / Mooning on command
Posing Frozen Tamar
The Goddess of Womanhood
Seduced by Goddess Tinkerbell
Goddesses blessing of breasts
Tamar talks about Tinkerbell
Guy in a girl’s body
“Tom” checks out Tamar’s breasts
“Tom” tries to pass as female
Male vs Female Walking
Male vs Female Modelling
Dancing, Catwalking and Freezes
Sexy TV Camgirl “Tom”
Tamar returns
Magic Potion of Drunkenness
Drunken Tamar discusses the male orgasm
Falls in love with her own reflection
Reflection makes her mindless
Final Trance
Closing Chat

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Angel's Perspective - Part One

Angel runs her own fetish blog, she recently posted about her memories of the shoot, she's given me permission to post a few excerpts, but if you'd like to read the whole thing, point yourselves towards:

Taken from her blogpost:

Okay so how did my video session go?

Now lets see. What do I remember? I remember being taken under, being counted down into a deep trance and all I could feel was my tummy rumbling and me thinking “damn this isn’t good for camera, I so hope it doesn’t pick this noise up!”. The next thing I am aware of is that the two people who were in the room had left, leaving just myself and the hypnotist, Lex. I remember that my bra was no longer on the inside of my clothing but was on the outside which was really rather silly.

The next thing I remember is suddenly being semi naked, Only wearing my footwear and my French knickers. No top or any other attire and this felt totally natural to me. So natural in-fact that I was ashamed at Lex for wearing clothes. Clothing was an embarrassment and I ordered him to remove his clothing. Which he did, well at-least I thought he did. I saw him in his boxer shorts looking rather fit and horny yet at the same time I knew he was fully clothed. No matter how much I tried to convince myself that he was clothed, my subconscious mind was telling me that he was in his boxer shorts and looking mighty fine. So fine in fact that I wanted him, needed him there and then. I felt very fruity! LOL!

The next part of the session that I am fully aware of is my waking up to being drunk, giggly and happy. Lex spoke to me and questioned me about my interest in bondage and asked if I’d ever been tied up outside. At first I said know but then I recalled the time I was tied to the wooden owl carving at my local woods. I promptly informed him that I had been tied to an owl! Lex asked me if this was a real owl at which point I laughed at him and informed him that it most certainly wasn’t as owls do not exist in the country. We then entered a debate about owls, a debate which left me in fits of laughter as not only was I ‘drunk’ but I was also convinced that owls didn’t exist in this country. Lex even tried to convince me by saying that barns were named after barn owls! LOL!. When I was asked what did exist in this country I informed him that wolves existed. Not only did they dwell in this country but they lived on a mountain in Wales, along with mammoths. However I laughed loudly at the ludicrous suggestion that Dinosaurs still lived here! What a funny experience. This will go down in history as my ‘party piece’ story!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Entrancement Uk - Angel

Here we have a few excerpts from my shoot with Angel. She was a really nice girl to work with. Gorgeous, more than a little kinky, and *very* submissive. She took really well to the suggestions in this shoot, and I can't remember the last time I wanted to laugh so hard during a session.

At one point Angel was under the impression that she was extremely drunk, but still feeling very chatty and intelligent, and she told me in no uncertain terms that although we didn't have owls in this country, we *do* have our share of woolly mammoths... only in the mountains though, as they live off snow. (Obviously)

Later on I had her thinking she was a teenage guy trapped in the body of a 30-something girrl (but that he'd make sure he enjoyed the experience) and one of the first things she wanted to know was... where was her penis? Because she wanted to spunk all over her own tits with it.

A really fun shoot.

You can see a few screenshots at my site here: Entrancement UK

Or you can purchase the full thing at my clips4sale store here: Entrancement UK Clips4Sale Store

Blank Mind
Hypnotic Bondage
Blank undressing
Doesn’t believe she’s been under
Forgotten how to wear her bra
Realises her bra’s not on right
Sulks / Thinks I’m sulking
Thinks wearing clothes is unnatural
Thinks the hypnotist is semi-nude & sexy
Potion: Sleeping Draught
Quick Break
Potion: Love / Lust Potion
On all fours, eager to fuck
Potion: Drunk Drink
Drunken Angel’s describes her adventures
Magic Fingertips feel like vibes
Clit relocation
Bodylock, Bondage and Freeze triggers
Forcefield stops her from getting off
15 year old guy in the body of a girl
Andy explores Angel’s body
Andy misses his penis (then finds it)
Andy *really* likes Angel’s breasts
Change into latex top n boots
Quick chat and a break
Enchanted by the pocket watch
Mindless Mantra
Made to display herself and pose
Mind Returns
Closing Chat

Trish - Mannequin

No idea why *this* appeals to me so strongly... ;)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lizzidoll's Doodles

As soon as Lex had posted, he began giving me the eye to write another post myself (and since I've not posted in aaaaagggeees, I thought I'd better explain what's been keeping me distracted!)

I joined an art site a few years ago called DeviantArt, posted a couple of scrappy pictures on it and thought nothing more about it. Then, I had an idea to do a set of images of all the Disney Princesses wrapped up by Kaa the snake from the Jungle Book. As I've mentioned before, he's one of the earliest hypnotic influences I had growing up, so I've always held a visual soft spot for him. Though the images here were sparse at best with my family moving house and other things going on, I began to pick up the drawing bug this summer, and decided to learn how to colour in Photoshop.

Kaa & Jane from Tarzan

Kaa & Meg from Hercules

And so far, the pictures have received a good reception on DA, which I was really glad about. So about a fortnight ago, I decided to open myself up for commissions, the first of which requested Kaa coming out of a computer screen to hypnotise an unsuspecting blonde girl.
If any of you are on DeviantArt, my ID is 'Duchessof-the-duvet' (a name coined by Lex due to my possessive nature over the bed, and my tendency to sleep for more than 12 hours a day).
Or, if you'd like a link to my page, I'm at

Abney Park - Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll

A steampunk band, a spooky otherworldly tune, and a foxy lady dancing like a clockwork doll... what's not to love? ;)

I definitely think Lizzidoll could do with having some dance routines of her own installed. ;)

Bristol Hypno Meet 2011

Well I suppose we've kept you waiting long enough. Have you all been good? ;)

So! Hypno-Meets! Every so often, we'll try to arrange a get together somewhere central in the Uk. It's good to hang out with other hypno-folk, make some new contacts, swap a few ideas, share techniques, and just to talk openly about it with people who understand hypnosis as a fetish and are genuinely interested in the topic. (As opposed to the usual people I'll chat to about it in real life who are curious... but find the whole idea sort of spooky, wanting to hear about it in a kind of mawkishly fascinated kind of way... but not to the point where they get directly involved themselves.)

This time round, Rich openly invited a bunch of people from FetLife as well (It's kinda like Facebook, but for kinky types) and about 20 showed up on the day. Plenty of ladies too, which was a first. In past meets we'd ended up with a dozen guys (and Lizzidoll) sat round a table whilst taking it in turns to give Liz the odd suggestion, whilst looking wistfully over to the table of women out on their hen-night all dressed identically as schoolgirls. ("Don't bother trying it with them" Rich told us at the time, reading our minds. "Group mentality, same uniform see? They're here to focus on themselves and exclude everyone else." Hanging out with him's always an education. :oP)

On this occasion, myself and Lizzidoll went down to the meet with Rich and Angel Deelight (a lovely fetish model who I'd just worked with that morning on a video.) Myself and Lizzidoll arrived a tad late because we had to check-in to the hotel first and transfer the footage from Rich's camera (Hi-Definition, the swanky badger) to Liz's laptop... which took a while, and whilst we were waiting, for some reason Lizzidoll suddenly developed the compulsion to get herself naked, play with herself like a porn star, pose on the bed like a sex doll whilst smiling vacantly and repeating "Fuck the Dolly. Dolly is Horny. Fuck the Dolly" before turning into some kind of hypnotic fucking machine. (I just don't know what got into her. ;o)

Once we were done with *that* (And no it *wasn't* 2 minutes later. We got phonecalls from the group wondering what was taking us so long, *that's* how long we took. :oP) we headed down to the pub to meet everybody.

Shoutouts to Stanisk, Mind_Wizard, Heatherisone, ScratchMeHarder, Puppetcircus and Jay and Elle from the Hypnorotica blog... Apologies to those who's names I didn't get, blame Puppetcircus for dazzling me with her comprehensive knowledge of all things geek-related. :oP

Some highlights from the day...

Well wouldn't you enjoy a shoot with Angel?
  • The hypno shoot with Angel, which had some *very* sexy and fun moments. (Having her think she was a horny 15 year old lad in a female body was probably my favourite moment. "I wish I had my cock... then I could jizz all over my tits")
  • Showing off Lizzidoll's collection of seductive and sensuous model poses to the hypno-posse. (Which she's compelled to strike each and every time she hears me give her the command to "pose")
  • Then (when Liz decided to give me a dead arm for toying with her so publicly) erecting a hypnotic forcefield preventing her from bestowing any further harm upon me. (Though the fact that Liz is a) A creative problem solver, b) A massive brat and c) Comes from a family where food fights are fairly commonplace, she quickly found a way around this and threw salad in my face.)
Angel (with nothing going on upstairs)
  • Rich telling Angel "I can move amazingly fast, watch!" as he put her into slow motion for about 10 minutes whilst he fought his way to the bar to order drinks and back again. No-one else realised that he'd done this till we noticed that Angel had been vacantly gazing into the middle distance for quite some time... every minute or so slowly taking a sip of her beer. It was pretty funny watching each conversation trail off as people noticed one by one that everyone else was looking at Angel.
  • Hypnotizing Heatherisone and having her forget that she actually works in a laboratory and instead believe that she's a part-time strippergram / part-time podium dancer in a club.
  • Simultaneously making Rich jealous of my shiny new phone, whilst both dazzling and boring poor old Jason (Mind_Wizard) with the ridiculous amount of market research I'd done for my hypno videos. "Curvy girls are more popular than skinny girls. Who knew!"
  • Heading up to Jay and Elle's hotel room to see if we could give Elle some amnesia suggestions. (which is always something she's had difficulty with in the past.) She seemed to take to it pretty well, forgetting before long everything about herself and her history *except* for sexual events. She remembered obeying Jay, fucking him, pleasing him... but couldn't remember meeting him, dating him, learning his name. Then of course when we told her that she should undress, spread herself and pose like a plaything, she was more than happy to obey. Unfortunately for me (well for my libido at least) Liz had been up till about 4am the previous morning drawing commissions for folk on DeviantArt and gaming, so she wasn't really in the mood to strip herself and pose like a sextoy on the bed along with Elle. Ah well, mustn't be greedy. :P