Friday, 8 April 2011

Erotic Role Play - An Elven Adventure

This is a guest post's that's been a fair time coming, Liz has yet to write her half of it. I'll set the scene then pass you over to Rich.

Last year we met up Rich (of and a bunch of other hypno-focused guys and gals down in Bristol. We'd met some of them before, some were new, but the real focus of the meet (for Lizzidoll anyway) was in having a hypnotist (besides myself) place her into a really *deep* level of hypnosis and have her live out a hypnotic roleplay.

I don't have too much to add myself, because well... because the buggers sent me out of the room!

Ah well, without further ado, here's Rich's side of the experience.

For those of you with an interest in erotic role play, I think you may find the following account of some interest and a good example of one way in which hypnosis can be brought into the game.

I've been conducting these scenarios for many years now but my session with Lizzie, I have to say, was probably one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever done. Due to the way I had planned this session meant that I had to get a little more interactive than usual and draw upon my own acting skills in order to complete the scenario. But before I get ahead of myself, let me start at the very beginning…

One evening earlier in the week I had spoken to Lizzie over the telephone. During our conversation I established amongst other things that Lizzie was very keen on other world fantasy (which is apparent from the fact that she spends so much time playing WoW) and that one of her biggest fantasies was to be a powerful minded woman being psychologically forced to submit to an even more powerful minded man. I also knew that she is a rather sexual girl and enjoys a healthy amount of physical pleasure, so I got to thinking about how I could conduct a session with her that would incorporate all of these things in one and cater to her fantasies and desires. Whether or not I managed to achieve this task I will leave for you to judge for yourself from the following account.

I arrived at the hotel and met with Lex and Lizzie in the bar. We started with greetings and drinks before Lex made himself scarce and Lizzie and I went up to their hotel room. Now being that I’ve never worked with Lizzie in this context before she informed me that she was actually a little nervous, this nervousness no doubt was likely amplified by the fact that she hadn’t the slightest clue what I had in store for her. Not wanting to give anything away, all I could do was reassure her that she would be fine and that she really had nothing to worry about. Once in the hotel room, the door and curtains closed, we made ourselves comfortable in our respective chairs whilst I glanced over the notes I had made in preparation for her session before turning to Lizzie to begin.

I started with a rapid induction and as usual Lizzie dropped into trance instantly. I then followed it up with a secondary induction to ensure that any remaining consciousness was well and truly disengaged, which as it turns out was a good plan as Lizzie later informed me that following the initial induction she still maintained a small degree of conscious awareness. Now as I said earlier, I had not worked with Lizzie in this context before so I’m sure that she was very curious to know how I worked and due to this curiosity she was about to begin analysing my process, however using a secondary induction took very good care of that. Now I just want to clarify at this point that a secondary induction is exactly that and is not to be confused with a deepener.

I then established a direct line of communication with her unconscious mind by setting up ideomotor signals for ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Next I followed this up with an intense deepener whilst utilising the yes signal for her unconscious mind to inform me when she had reached each stage of the deepening process. I would also continue to utilise this line of unconscious communication throughout every step of her programming and preparation for the ensuing scenario so that I could be absolutely certain that every detail was received, understood, accepted and integrated into Lizzie's mind.

The next step was to install a couple of safety measures by ensuring that my new deep trance trigger would take priority over all other triggers at all times and that the release trigger was equally well prioritised. Being that this scenario was very detailed I had to ensure that a large amount of background information was ‘setup’ and ready to be called upon the moment I gave the trigger (‘run quest’) for the scenario to begin. The information I installed was structured as follows:

. Change Lizzie’s name to Merisan

· Merisan accepts that she is the most beautiful and most powerful elven warrior queen that ever existed.

· Merisan accepts that she stands for truth, purity and good.

· Install false memory of being an elven child having a lesson with a tutor who teaches her about the legend of Cenan (see-nan)... “Cenan is a mythical kingdom and the source of all magic of past, present and future. It is said that the first elf, Marritoth, was born of Cenan and went out into the realm of man to restore peace and harmony to the world. Over 100,000’s of years the blood of Marritoth was intermixed with that of humans through procreation to form what is now the elven race. It is this race which now cares for the welfare of the planet whilst remaining hidden to mankind”…

· Jump forward in time and install false memory of being crowned queen.

· Install false memory of entering into battle with the dark elves.

· Install false memory of being struck in the shoulder with a dagger then killing the dark elf who landed the blow.

· Install false memory of wound being tended to in bed.

· Install false memory of overhearing conversation that the dagger with which she was struck is cursed and that she will no longer be able to experience any physical connection to another individual or any amount of physical pleasure unless a way to lift the curse is found.

· Install false memory of also realising that she cannot feel the same degree of interconnectedness to nature in the way that elves normally would.

· Create feeling of psychological and emotional torment, whilst maintaining outward calmness and stability, remembering that she is queen and must remain a leader for her people.

· Install false memory of hearing intelligence that the only cure for her condition is the Rod of Gass-Mia.

· Install fleeting false memories of quests in search of the rod.

· Ensure that the torment of the curse is amplified over time span, 1 year, 10 years, 100 years, 300 years.

· Install false memory of receiving intelligence that there is one who knows the true location of the Rod of Gass-Mia and that he can be found in the realm of mankind, of leaving Northgate (the land of the elves) and of travelling to England and to Bristol.

· Install false memory of entering bar area to meet contact and insuring Merisan would recognise contact as a dark elf stranger when approached by him (me).

Ok, so with all of the preparation work and programming done I then gave the suggestion that when I awoke Lizzie she would unconsciously retain all of the detail I had just given but would not consciously remember any of it, that she would awake as Lizzie but that when I used the trigger she would instantly become Merisan and continue in her quest to find the rod. After a few seconds pause I received the ‘yes’ signal from her unconscious mind then proceeded to count her back to normal wakeful awareness.

Lizzie awoke from her deep trance state and took a moment to stretch before I asked her if she minded if we take a break for a moment. I told her that I needed to pop outside for a cigarette and asked her if she would escort me downstairs. Of course being the kind girl she is she was happy to oblige. I had my cigarette whilst talking to her about all things unrelated and upon re-entering the hotel I told her that I needed to quickly grab a drink from the bar, and that we would return to the room straight after. Of course she was fine with this too so we went to the bar where I asked for a glass of tap water. We then found a seat in an unoccupied corner of the bar and I continued to converse with her about unrelated things.

I then guided the conversation into a short discussion about her online hypnosis experiences which naturally she was more than happy to tell me about. This gave me the opportunity to ask her whether I could show her something and ask her to move into a squarely seated position with her head resting comfortably on the back of the sofa in which we were seated. Again she was very happy to oblige so I then asked her to take a nice deep breath in and out for me, and as she began to breath out I hit her with the trance trigger I installed earlier. It is at this point I gave her further instruction that when she awoke on the count of 3 she would recognise me as the contact she had come to make, “Run quest… 1, 2, 3, eyes open, wide awake now!”

Immediately she switched into character as Merisan and began to question me quietly about information relating to the whereabouts of the Rod of Gass-Mia, remembering that we were both doing our best to keep our elven identities hidden from the humans who also occupied the area. I acted a little evasively but told her that the dark lord was indeed in the hotel with us and that it was he who would give her the information she wanted. I taunted her a little about her inability to feel a strong connection to the plants which surrounded us which genuinely seemed to unease her, but she was very diplomatic and remained calm. I continued to tell her that the dark elves planned to destroy the extremely unworthy mankind and to take over the world in their place, that mankind did not deserve the earth, etc, etc…

When Merisan was obviously becoming a little more adamant that I should take her to see the dark lord I received a telepathic message from him saying that he would see her now, and taunted her a little more about not being able to feel his presence. Clearly this uneased her again but still she remained calm. At this point I reached for my glass of water and made as if I was adding something to the drink. I then offered it to her and told her that she must drink of the potion if she were to see the doorway to his lair. Right on queue Merisan asked, “How can I trust you? How am I to know you have not poisoned the water?” I immediately took a sip of the water myself then offered it to her again. She took the glass and drank a few sips before I stood and asked her to follow me.

I led her to the lift and finaly to her hotel room. I closed my eyes and said “The dark lord says you may enter”. Merisan tried the handle to the door but of course at first it wouldn’t open. She turned to look at me and I told her that he says she has the key to the door on her person, that she should look in her pocket. She reached into her pocket and to her amazement pulled out the electronic door card stating “Enough of this dark magic!”

She entered the room which of course was empty and I followed closely behind. I closed the door and told her that the dark lord would be with her shortly before dropping her back into her deep trance with the additional instruction that she would be able to stand perfectly without any assistance. My next instruction was that when I counted to 3 she would now recognise me as the dark lord who would appear before her seated in the chair. I took my place in the chair and checked my notes once more in order to ensure that my information relating to my new role was fresh in my mind. “1, 2, 3, eyes open, wide awake”…

Of course Merisan was a little startled at my sudden appearance but settled quickly into a composed state. I greeted her and beckoned for her to take a seat near me at which point a conversation between us ensued. She questioned me over the whereabouts of the rod and I slyly preyed upon her 300 year torment. Merisan was clearly doing her royal best not to be phased by my attempts until I smiled at her and brought her attention to the effects of the potion that she must now be feeling, weakening her mind, making her feel clouded and a little blurry. Of course I reassured her that no harm would come to her and that she would remain conscious.

The conversation went back and forth for some time and with my continued preying upon her torment I gradually re-introduced her to her elven connection to the trees outside of the window. She could feel them once more and after 300 years this was a blissfully overwhelming experience.

“I am the Rod of Gass-mia!” I told her, to which she replied, “That cannot be!”.

I laughed, “Don’t you know who I am? Such a powerful mind yet you know nothing! I am Kariel, son of Enai and 3rd heir to the throne of Cenan. It was I who cursed the dagger 300 years ago. It was my loyal servant who entered into that battle to deliver the wound you suffered so long ago.”

Merisans face was one of sheer shock and disbelief. I laughed again, “For 300 years you have suffered, your torment eating you from within. It is no coincidence that you are here before me now. I know that you need an heir to your throne, as do I require an heir. I know that without being able to feel you cannot make the connection required to conceive, that without the ability to feel the passion and the physical pleasures that bind you with a suitor you cannot reproduce.”

From this point on I proceeded to break her down on a psychological level, preying on her latent passion, her desire to feel again after suffering for so very, very long. Reminding her of the effects of the potion that clouded her judgment, walking behind her chair and touching her hair, her shoulder, her neck I told her that before this day was out she would ask me to make her feel the physical pleasure she ached so badly for. As each minute passed, with my continued drawing out of her inner desires, as her passion that had been dormant for so long now so very clear upon her face and in her movements in the chair, I told her that only I could make her feel again. I asked her if she would accept my proposal, that if she gave me an heir and allowed me to take over the human world without interference from her I would make her feel more than she could ever imagine.

The conflict on her face was incredibly apparent, but my total onslaught of drawing out her passions, of teasing her mind with the promise of physical sensations and my curing her of her torment and suffering were too much for her to handle and eventually she agreed to give herself to me. I told her to remove her clothes and that as she did so she would begin to feel her connection to nature strengthen once more. As she started to remove her clothes it was obvious that she was feeling the connection growing in strength by the expressions of bliss upon her face.

As she reached her underwear, and not wanting her to go any further, I indicated at this point that I wanted her to get onto the bed. Merisan climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. I stood by the side of the bed and as I waved my hand above her, her body responded to my motions. “Do you want to feel?” I asked.

“Yes!” she replied with a deeply passionate out breath.

“I told you that you would ask me.” I said as she reached what appeared to be that moment just before erupting into orgasm.

“Please, give it to me!”

I smiled with a hint of evil satisfaction at my victory. “Then you may have it, now!” I said as I dropped my hand, which was still hovering above her, in a downward motion as if to magically return her senses to her once more……

Shortly after Merisans breath calmed once more I indicated that she should now realize that the scar from her wound had vanished. Merisan reached behind her left shoulder and felt for the scar, realising that there wasn’t one there she smiled. I returned to my chair and beckoned for her to come to me. She climbed from the bed and stood before me “Now, kneel before me” I said. Hesitantly she knelt at my feet and bowed her head.

I dropped Lizzie back into a deep trance and gave her the suggestion that all of my previous triggers would now be erased with exception to my trance trigger, that she would return to being Lizzie and back to normal in every way. She would retain the memory and the feeling of the experience but would not remember the suggestions themselves. 1, 2, ………

Well I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Lizzie is currently working on an article telling this story from her perspective. As soon as it's available to read I will post the link. I'm looking forward to seeing her take on things as I'm sure those of you who have read this far are too.

Richard Skeates
C.Ht. Dip.Hyp.
Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis Trainer