Monday, 28 February 2011

I'm such a geek...

For none-geeks, I apologize for the none-kinky, none-sexual nature of this post. I’ll post a few pics from my session with Michelle Hush soon, and there are a few staged and real pics from my shoot with Lexi and Jess here and interspersed throughout the post to tide you through till the sexiness returns. ;o)


This post is less about hypnosis and more about the compulsion *I* get to let out a enthusiastic whoops of “Huzzah!” whenever I discover that I can do something ingenius, devious (by which I probably mean “perverted”) or geeky on any of my gadgets in general, or on the internet at large. Sometimes it’s inbuilt features that I just didn’t consider when buying the gadgets, other times it’s finding fun and interesting ways in which to use them.

Here are a some activities that bring me unreasonable amounts of warm fuzzy feelings.:
  • Browsing the net from my Amazon Kindle. (It’s not listed as an official feature when you buy it, so it’s a nice bonus to have.)
  • Having my Kindle read ebooks aloud when I’m driving. (This has the added benefit of driving Liz nuts as she hates hearing the robotic voice reading books aloud. Mwahahaha!)
  • Finding that I could Sync Google Chrome with my GMail account so that my bookmarks and preferences stay the same for any PC I log onto. (I use 4-5 different PCs, all of which at one point had different sets of bookmarks.)
  • Listening to podcasts on my mobile phone. (Livens up the solo trips to and from Liz’s various houses when I’m chauffeuring her back and forth from uni.)
  • Using google search terms to find free ebooks and mp3s. (Usually copies of paperbacks and music I already own. I don’t advocate piracy, but I do advocate buying things *once* and once only. If I already own a paperback book, why should I buy the ebook? :oP)
  • Keeping a bank of photos on my phone which I can use to direct models during shoots. (For some reason, when I’m faced with an attractive semi-naked woman saying “Pose me!” my mind has a disturbing habit of going blank.)
  • Creating my own mp3 ringtones, hypnotic sound effects, and Sat-Nav fembot voices in Audacity and FL Studio. (Because I hate 90% of inbuilt default sound effects, but love making my own.)
  • Browser plugins that let me download vids from YouTube / entire webpages of images. (For *all* your pr0n downloading needs ;o)
  • Keeping my entire collection of hypno vids on my Archos media player.
  • Creating a different radio station on for each of my buddies. (Music’s important to a lot of my friends. I love all sorts, and I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy a bit of cheese (Roxette, Aqua, Belinda Carlisle, Meat Loaf, Abba) from time to time. Some of my friends though are *very* opinionated about what is and what isn’t good music, so it’s nice to have something I can use to get them to quit moaning about my musical tastes :oP)
  • Extending love-making past track 5 on Daft Punk’s “Alive 2007” album. (Which by the way is awesome... but *you* try making it past “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” when you’re pathologically compelled to rut in time with the music. ;o)
  • Learning 90% of the keyboard shortcuts for the Photoshop functions I use, allowing me to look like some kind of wizard whenever i demonstrate anything to others.
  • Discovering in a game of Left 4 Dead 2 that it’s quicker to sit on a weapon spawn and pick up a fresh gun than it is to reload the gun I’ve just emptied when there’s a horde coming.
  • Tucking my mobile phone snugly into a side-flap on my deerstalker, thereby enabling me to listen to it and any podcasts without having to mess around with headphones or hold it to my ear. (Though it does earn me some funny looks from people who’re probably just secretly jealous of my ingenuity.)
The latest thing that I’ve discovered how to do is how to make ebooks from word documents and pdf files for my Kindle. This has really come in handy when it comes to preparing for and attending hypno shoots.

Usually when I go to a hypnosis shoot, I’ll print out a bunch of material the night before. There’ll be a specific list of suggestions for the model I’ll be working with, based on her own preferences and comfort levels. Sometimes i’ll just take along my whole list of hypnotic suggestions, (though this changes as new ideas are added) then there are things like model releases to take along as well...

This often means that I have close to a dozen bits of paper cluttering up my photography bag. I’m not one for throwing things out that I might need later... so these can mount up, and it’s not unusual when I get to a shoot to find me riffling through 30 bits of paper trying to find the right page for this particular shoot.

Last week I found out that I could use mobi pocket creator (Free software downloadable here) to create kindle compatible ebooks converted from my own word doc files. The first thing I did was put all the hypnotic suggestions I’d compiled from my own work, and other websites online into one single ebook, and give it a nice cover (Kayla with a pendant). You can download it here. (Hypnotic Suggestions.prc)

The second thing I did was create a second ebook, featuring Lexi, the model I shot with last week. I even showed this to her when I met her and her friend Jess and started to discuss what we’d be doing in our hypnotic session. She was (unsurprisingly perhaps) a little bemused at first... as I enthusiastically waved this gadget at her saying “Look! It’s you!!” but thought it was pretty cool that her picture was adorning the front page of her very own session plan. :oP

Here's Lexi hypnotized and blank by the way...

It’s a bit sad in a way, but I got a geeky lil thrill from turning on my kindle, seeing the “New Content” message, and discovering that the new content was an ebook that *I’d* authored. I know it’s not like a big publishing house has decided to distribute my work... but seeing my “Entrancement UK - Hypnotic Suggestions” cover on there in crisp black and white had me feeling ridiculously pleased with myself. No more faffing around with paper plans!

Now my mind’s racing with thoughts of what other books I can create for myself.

I’m such a geek.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we all?

Anonymous said...

When's the Lexi & Jess shoot being released?

Anonymous said...

Great post on geekery. When are lexi and jess being released upon the world?

Lex said...

I'll have the Lexi and Jess vid live in the next couple of weeks hopefully. Lotta work on with vanilla jobs lately. ;oP

Anonymous said...

this is not working or i can not get it up to look at. Hypnotic Suggestions.prc

Lex said...


It only works on ebook readers that support .prc format (to my knowledge)

Justfor Passingby said...

Oh my goodness. I just found this site after being a long time fan of entrancement.Co.UK.

Imagine my glee when I saw you post an book with your inductions!

But... my Xoom can't read it. I am now extremely sad. Is there some other way to improve my hypnosis technique to be like yours?