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Hypnotic Suggestions

I've got an upcoming post about hypnotic suggestions, thought I'd list a bunch of the ones I personally enjoy playing around with. Feel free to comment with new ones!

Hypnotic Suggestions

This list of hypnotic suggestions includes things I’ve done with subjects myself, things I’ve seen other people do with their subjects, and ideas I’ve heard about. Some of these work well in video shoots, others are more for the enjoyment of a hypnotist and their partner in a private context. Bear in mind that you can’t hypnotize a person to do anything they really don’t want to do, so if you’re a subject or potential subject, and a suggestion sounds a bit too weird, odds are, you won’t be pressed to carry it out.

Read, enjoy, and please post any extra ideas that come to mind. Thanks!

ACCENT - UNAWARE: The subject wakes up with a different accent. They have no idea that anything is amiss though. Irish / Cornish / Northern / Cockney / American South / New York / Australian / Welsh / French

ACCENT – AWARE BUT CAN’T STOP: The subject finds herself speaking with an accent, but can’t stop herself from doing so.

ACCENT – EVERYONE ELSE: On waking, everyone else appears to be speaking with a particular accent.

ACCENT – LOVE: The subject finds that they *really* enjoy listening to the hypnotist when he uses a particular accent. Whenever he stops using that accent, she gets annoyed at him and bugs him to continue.

ALIEN HAND: The subject wakes up as her normal self, but her hand is controlled by one of her alternate personalities. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

AMNESIA – HYPNOSIS: The subject wakes and doesn’t recall being hypnotized.

AMNESIA – TOTAL: On waking, the subject doesn’t recall anything at all, they don’t know who they are, why they’re here, or recall fact that they’ve been hypnotized. All they know is how to speak.

AMNESIA - DISBELIEVER: The subject wakes, and doesn’t believe they’ve been hypnotized, nothing can be said that will convince them that it’s happened. The more the hypnotist tries to convince them, the more dismissive of the whole idea they’ll become.

AMNESIA - AROUSAL: Get aroused and orgasm, then forget what just happened and carry on as normal. Rinse and repeat.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – BIMBO: On waking, the subject feels giggly, girly and shallow. All she wants to discuss are drinking, parties, sex, clothes, cars, things she thinks are pretty, cute animals, and accessories for cute animals.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – DOLLY: On waking, the subjects face will be in a fixed smile, her eyes wide, her fingers spread wide and fixed in place, she’ll speak in a girly “dolly” voice.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – FEMBOT: Movements are artificial and robotic, face is blank, voice is monotone. Says “I. Hear. And. Obey” / “Affirmative” / “At. Once. Master” / “I. Must. Obey” [See ROBOT]

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SEDUCTRESS: On waking, the subject feels very *very* flirty. Anyone that she talks to, she’ll try to seduce. Basically all she’s interested in is getting everyone into bed.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SLAVEGIRL: Become completely submissive, eager to obey, happy to show yourself off in any way. Eyes downcast, kneeling, meek and respectful.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – MAID: On waking, the subject is a French Maid, she wants to totter around in high heels cleaning, posing, moving coquettishly (wiggling her hips, gasping, squeaking “Ooh la la!” “Zut allors!” etc) and speaking with a french accent.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – MISTRESS: On waking, the subject feels that everyone around her is inferior to her, they should be addressing her properly, showing the correct level of respect. She won’t take any backchat, and will dominate everyone.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – NYMPHOMANIAC: On waking, the subject feels *deeply* turned on by herself, her body, her curves. She loves showing herself off. All she can think of is sex, it’s all she can talk about.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SEX-SLAVE KITTEN: Moving round seductively on all fours, wanting to show herself off, feeling totally hot and turned on. Her movements are slow, cat-like, elegant, she almost feels like purring.

ATTITUDE ALTERATION – MODEL: On waking, the subject switches between modeling in one style (shy and na├»ve) and another (raunchy and sexy)

ATTITUDE ALTERATION CAR ACCIDENT: On waking, the subject believes that you’ve just reversed over her prize vegetable patch and she’s bloody furious. When she hears a trigger, she switches to being apologetic as she suddenly believes that *she’s* the one who reversed over the vegetables.

BELIEVES SHE’S CLOTHED: Wakes up naked but believes she’s clothed.

BELIEVES SHE’S NUDE: Wakes up believing that she’s naked when she’s not.

BLANK: On hearing the word “Blank” the subject becomes blank, expressionless, emotionless, and thoughtless. Gazing straight ahead of themselves. They still follow commands, but don’t do anything for themselves without instruction.

BODYLOCK: On hearing the word “Bodylock” the subject finds herself locked in place, unable to move a muscle, she’s still aware of what’s going on, and able to speak, but can’t move a thing below the neck.

BODYSLAVE: On hearing the word “Bodyslave” the subject is no longer able to physically control herself. She’ll find that she can speak just fine, but she can’t move unless she’s told to. When she’s given an instruction, her mouth (to her surprise) will say “Yes Sir” and she’ll obey the instruction immediately.

BODYSLAVE – HANDS: On waking, the subject will find that her hands are no longer under her own control. They’ll obey the hypnotist, whether he tells them to tickle her, caress her, tease her, or do “other” interesting things to her.

BUZZ: On waking up, whenever the subject hears the word “Buzz” she’ll feel a sexual buzzing in a certain part of her body.

HYPNO-BONDAGE: On hearing the word “Bound” whichever part of her body is mentioned becomes bound in place. Arms above head / Legs wide / Wrists out in front of her / Ball Gag / Wrists beside her.

CATNIP: On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to an innocuous object (clothing, cushions, etc) as if she were a cat, and the object was coated in catnip. She’ll rub herself into it happily, possibly realising this, possibly acting as though it’s totally normal.

CHARACTER CHANNELLER: Wakes up channeling the essence of a fictional character from films, games or literature. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

COPYCAT (2 Girl Suggestion): Both girls wake up feeling great, one finds herself compelled to copy anything said by the first girl though. This could be a deliberate and precise copy, or a sarcastic mocking copy.

DANCER: Whenever the subject hears music / a trigger she gets up and performs a sexy dance. (Belly dance / podium dance / etc)

DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: On waking, the subject will believe something ridiculous, and attempt to reason with people who disagree. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

DRUGGED DRINK 1: On taking a sip of a drink, the subjects eyes will roll back and she’ll swoon, almost fainting, as a strong sensation of being drugged washes through her.

DRUGGED DRINK 2: The subject will believe she’s just drunk a drugged drink and she’s slowly falling into unconsciousness, she’ll do her best to fight to keep herself awake, but the longer she fights tiredness for, the more powerful the waves of tiredness will become.

DRUNK: On waking, whenever the subject sees a particular trigger, it’s like they’ve taken another shot of spirits. Over time, the subject becomes more and more drunk and silly.

EROGENOUS ZONE: On waking up, the subject will now be very turned on by an unusual body part being stroked (elbows, nose, chin, etc)

EXPERIENCE – SHOWER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s alone in the bathroom. She’ll get herself undressed, turn on a nice hot shower and step into it. She won’t realise anyone else is there, any suggestions given (turn around, washing your hair, you’ve dropped the soap) she’ll follow without realising it.

EXHIBITIONIST: The subject believes that she’s just having a normal conversation, but throughout the chat, she’ll keep exposing herself when she thinks you’re not looking.

EYE ROLLING: On being given a trigger, the subject will find her eyes won’t stop rolling back in her head for the next 30 seconds. After that time she’ll wake / sleep.

FIXATION: On waking up, the subject will find herself totally fixated on a particular object. (Candle / Pendant / Spiral / Camera) The longer she looks at it, the more enchanted / sleepy / sexy she’ll begin to feel.

FLASHING ON COMMAND: Whenever she hears the word “Flash” the subject finds she has to flash her breasts. (She can be aware or unaware that she’s doing this)

FREEZE: Whenever the subject hears a trigger (stopwatch, the word “freeze”, etc) she locks totally in place, unaware of anything till the word “Move” is said.

SLOW-FREEZE: The subject freezes from the ground up over the course of a minute: feet, ankles, knees, hips, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, neck, mouth, eyes. At the end of a minute, they’re a frozen statue.

SLOW-MELT: The subject finds the strength leaving the muscles in her feet, and she’s forced to sit / lie down. As time passes, the melting sensation travels up her body, melting the rest of her muscles until it reaches her eyes, at which point they roll back and shut.

FREEZE-TAG (2 Girl Suggestion): Every 45 seconds, one girl will freeze, while the other will be able to move freely. Take turns toying with the other.

GAME LOSER: On waking up, the subject will believe that she loses any game that is played. (Higher / Lower with cards for example.) Every time she “loses” she has to do a forfeit.

GENDER SWITCH: On waking up, the subject will believe herself to be a macho stereotypical guy. Belching, scratching, sexist and horny. She’ll think everyone else in the room is a *very* cute girl that she wants to impress with her maniliness.

DOUBLE GENDER SWITCH: As above, but believes that she's a man who's been turned into a woman. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

GIGGLES: On waking up, the subject finds herself starting to giggle, the more she tries to control it, the funnier it will seem, and the less control she’ll find she has. She’ll end up giggling and laughing uncontrollably.

GOLDDIGGER Make her think she is a golddigger, and that you are the richest person on the world. (Suggested by Daan)

HYPNOTIC CIGARETTE: This suggestion would only be given to a model who was a smoker. With every drag the model takes of her cigarette, she’ll drop deeper and deeper into trance.

HYPNOTIC DRINK: With every sip of a drink she has, the model drops deeper and deeper into trance.

ITCHY CLOTHES: On waking up, the subject finds her clothes become progressively more and more uncomfortable till she apologises but has to strip nude. It doesn’t seem strange to her to be naked.

JEDI MIND TRICK: When the hypnotist passes his hand in front of the subjects face and gives a command. “You want to give me a back massage” the subject goes blank, repeats the command she’s just been given, and then leaves the blank state, believing that the command was her own idea.

THE LADY AND THE TRAMP: On waking up, the subject feels very prim, very proper, very elegant and composed. She is the quintessential Lady. She may even speak and behave in an upper class fashion. When she hears a preset signal (A bell, a hand clap) she becomes a tramp. She's slutty, sexual, easy and sleazy. A million miles away from the lady she was previously portraying... till she hears the signal again.

LASER-CHASE: On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to a laser pointer as a cat would, chasing and trying to catch the light, finding the whole thing completely absorbing.

LIAR LIAR: On waking up, the subject will find herself compelled to lie whenever she’s asked a question. Her lies will grow more and more outrageous over time.

LOVESTRUCK: On waking up, the subject will find herself falling head over heels in love with everyone else / the hypnotist / the camerman / the other girl. All she’ll want to do is chat and flirt, and arrange a date.

LOVESTRUCK – UNREQUITED (2 Girl): On waking up, subject A will find herself deeply attracted to Subject B, she’ll find her beautiful, sexy, and will be totally drawn to her. Subject B will have no interest at all in these advances. On a trigger, the pair of them switch around.

MANNEQUIN: On hearing the word “Freeze” the subject freezes in place like a mannquin. They are fully poseable, but don’t realise anything is happening while they’re frozen. When they’re told “Move” they carry on, realising what’s happened.

MANNEQUIN – AUTOPOSE: Whilst in mannequin mode, if the subject is given a direction, they’ll pose in that style when they hear the word “Pose” Surprise / Anger / Attraction / Aloof / Confused / Fear / Dominant / Attitude / Brazen / Slutty / Flirt / Arousal / Orgasmic / Luxurious

MANTRA – MINDLESS: Remaining in trance, the subject will repeat a mantra out loud. “My Mind is Empty, I Must Obey” / “I Must Obey My Master” / “I Am A Slavegirl, I Love to Obey” etc. As she repeats her mantra, she will program herself deeper and deeper.

MASTER SAYS: Upon awakening, the subject finds herself obeying any command she's given so long as it's prefaced with "Master Says" As with most commands, the subject can be completely aware, casually aware, or unaware of what is happening. (Suggested by Numbuh)

MIND READING: Whenever you give the subject a trigger, she speaks her thoughts outloud, without being aware of doing so. This could be used for winning at guessing games, inadvertently getting her to tell the truth, or better anticipating her reaction to things.

MIRROR GAME Whenever the hypnotist says “Mirror Game” the subject will go to the nearest mirror, and gaze deeply into her own eyes as she counts down from 5 to zero. With each number her eyes grow wider, and she grows more and more uncontrollably horny and aroused. When she reaches Zero she will orgasm very hard, watching her eyes the whole time. She will not touch herself in any way while she’s doing this. (Thanks Virtual Visitor for the suggestion)

MIRROR MIRROR (2 Girl Suggestion): One girl remains blank and entranced, the other girl wakes up feeling sexy elegant and playful. The girl who’s hypnotized becomes a mirror of the girl who’s awake, blankly mirroring and copying her every action.

MISBEHAVING HANDS: On waking, the subject’s hands rove over her body, playing and toying with her in naughty ways, she realises this is going on, but can’t stop this from happening.

MISBEHAVING HANDS – CASUAL / UNAWARE / BLANK: As above, but the subject is fully in control of herself and believes it to be perfectly normal that she’d do this in front of a camera / Doesn’t even realise she’s doing it. / Is enchanted the whole time.

MODELING – INNOCENT FIRST TIMER: On waking up, the subject believes this is her first ever photoshoot, she’s nervous, but excited. Her poses will be shy, fun, silly, and girly as she loosens up. She’s not at all interested in doing anything sexual.

MODELING – RAUNCHY FIRST TIMER: On waking up, the subject believes she’s been modeling for a while, and wants to start doing poses that are a little more raunchy. She’ll ask if it’s alright to start taking her clothes off and doing sexy poses. She’ll feel very excited about the idea of getting naked on camera.

MODELING – XXX TV PRESENTER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s auditioning for a role on a late night TV show on a XXX adult channel. The role requires her to flirt, tease, and strip. She’ll happily caress herself, get out her breasts and play with them seductively. She’ll hint to those that “subscribe” to the channel that she’ll be doing *much* more on the late night show itself.

MUTE: Whenever the word “Mute” is said, the subject finds herself unable to produce any noise from her mouth, she has to mime instead.

NEWSREADER - SEDUCTIVE: On waking up, the subject reads a news report to the camera, as she reads it though, she grows progressively more flirtatious and seductive. Her language starts to fill with innuendo.

NEWSREADER / XXX TV PRESENTER SWITCH:On waking, the subject will be auditioning for the part of newsreader for a well known news corporation. On hearing the word “Switch” she’ll instead find herself auditioning for the role of XXX Television presenter, and will start making very suggestive conversation as she caresses herself.

NUDIST: On waking up, the subject will believe that she’s a nudist. Clothing will seem very unnatural to her and she’ll ask if it’s alright for her to strip. She’ll try to convince everyone else that they should be naked too.

NUMB: On waking up, particular body parts will be completely numb.

NUMB TONGUE: On waking, the subject finds she can't move or feel her tongue, this can lead to drooling and incomprehensibility. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

OBLIVIOUS COUNTDOWN: Over a five minute period the subject counts down from 10 to 0, she doesn’t realise that she’s doing it. On reaching 0 the subject drops into trance. [Suggested by Parkey, and Doctor Who]

ORGASM ON COMMAND: Whenever the hypnotist gives a particular trigger, the subject experiences a powerful orgasm.

OUTBURSTS: Whenever the subject hears a particular trigger, she’ll jump up and shout. “The Monkeys Have Stolen My Purse” “That Badger’s Got a Gun” “Arrest That Weasel” “Dancing Donkeys are Everywhere”

PLEASURE LINK: An innocent and innocuous body part (little finger, earlobe) becomes linked with a much more sexy and intimate body part. Everything that innocuous body part feels, the intimate area will also feel.

PROGRESSIVELY DUMB: The more time passes, the more dumb the subject becomes. Every sentence spoken makes her lose 10 IQ points, by the time she’s said 5 things, she’s noticeably less intelligent. By the time she’s said 10, she’s having trouble stringing more than a couple of words together.

HYPNO-PUPPY / HYPNO-KITTEN: On waking up the subject will think herself a playful puppy or a cute kitten. As a puppy she’ll chase her tail, fetch, speak / beg / play dead / shake hands on command. As a kitten she’ll be slinky and pounce on things, if anything has catnip on it, she’ll rub herself all over it happily.

PUPPET: On waking up, the subject finds she’s not in control of her body any more. Strings appear to come from her wrists, ankles and head, extending into the ceiling, making her a human puppet. The hypnotist can indicate which of these strings he’s pulling, and as he pulls them, the puppet will feel her hands, feet, or head turning in the indicated directions. She could even find that she has her own set of puppet controls in her hand, leaving her still able to control herself, but in an unfamiliar way. (Suggested by K-8, Conscious_Object)

PUPPET - STRINGS CUT: When the subject hears the words “Strings Cut” she’ll feel like a puppet who’s had all her strings cut, she’ll find herself sagging, slumping, or otherwise melting to the ground, still aware of everything but unable to control her body.

QUEEN OF EVIL 2 girls. Girl 1 is made to believe that she is a dominant supervillain, called the Queen of Evil. She has hypnotic powers and can turn people into zombie slaves. She plans to take over the world, but before she does, she is going to play with Girl 2 for a bit. Girl 2 is herself, but recognizes Girl 1 as the Queen of Evil, famous supervillain. Girl 1 toys with Girl 2 for a while, while Girl 2 begs for mercy. Then Girl 1 enslaves Girl 2 and has fun making her do things. Finish up by having Girl 1 gloat to the camera, showing off her new slave to the world, and telling the world that they will soon be serving her as well. (Awesome idea, suggested by Brian)

REMOTE SENSATION (2 Girl or Doll Suggestion): On waking up, anything a girl does to herself, the other girl experiences it 3 times as powerfully. Tickling, caressing, teasing, etc.

ROBOT - ADJUSTABLE LEVEL: On waking up, how robotic the subject is can be adjusted on a 0 to 10 scale. If 0 is said, the subject will be her normal self. If 10 is said, the subject will become completely robotic.

ROBOT – MALFUNCTION / REBOOT: On waking as a robot, the subject will periodically malfunction. She’ll repeat herself, her movements will become jerky, she may announce “ERROR” messages, and her software may crash. When this happens she’ll freeze for a moment, before folding up, and then rebooting and reintroducing herself.

ROBOT - POWER LOSS: On waking as a Robot, the subject will begin to announce that her power level is low. (5% and falling) As her power levels drop, she’ll slow down, her movements will periodically lock in place, and her speech will slur and slow. At 0% she’ll shut down, freezing in place, then folding up.

HYPNOTIC-SCENT: On waking, the subject will find herself absolutely loving the perfume / aftershave of someone else in the room. She’ll want to hug (and even sniff) the person wearing it. She might try to hide that she’s sniffing, she might not.

SELF HYPNOTIST: On waking, the subject believes she has the hypnotist under hypnotic control, but without her knowledge, every suggestion she gives the hypnotist only works on herself. (Seen at, suggested by dgrupultsnik)

SELF TRIGGER - BLANK:On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to become blank and thoughtless.

SELF TRIGGER - FREEZE:On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to freeze in place. This could be for 5-10 seconds, or until the hypnotist says the word “Move”

SENSORY DEPRIVATION: On waking, the subject see's nothing, hears nothing, and apart from one spot on the back of her hand, she feels nothing. She feels like she's floating in water the exact temperature of her body, and the boundaries of her body seem to vanish. She'll return from this sensation when she's tapped on the back of the hand three times.

SEX DOLL: On hearing the words “Sex Doll” the subject will become a lifelike rubber sexdoll. Her eyes will widen, her back will arch, her arms and legs will spread wide, and her mouth will open in a large O.

STRIPPER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s a sexy seductive stripper.

STRIPPER – UNAWARE: On waking up, whenever the hypnotist issues a command (wave, finger snap, clap) the subject will stand up, becoming a stripper for a moment, swaying her hips, dancing her way out of an item of clothing, and then sit back down, unaware that she just removed anything.

STRIPPER – BLANK: Remaining blank and mindless, the subject dances her way out of her clothes, she moves and behaves like a stripper, but her face remains impassive emotionless and blank.

STRIPPER – SLOW MOTION: Subject feels the urge to strip, but moves in slow motion as she does it.

SYNCHRONISED SLAVEGIRLS (2 Girl Suggestion): Both girls while blank and mindless carry out the same poses on command.

SYNESTHESIA: Wakes up being able to see sounds, feel smells, etc. (Suggested by dgrupultsnik)

TICKLE TICKLE: Whenever she hears the word “Tickle” the subject feels herself being tickled.

TOURETTES: On waking up, the subject will find that they feel the desire to come out with sexual words and phrases. The more they hold back from saying anything, the bigger the desire will grow, if they hold back too long, they’ll end up yelling the sexual phrase.

TOURETTES VARIATIONS: Unaware that they’re doing it / Aware but deny it / Aware and apologetic / Subject keeps making perverted sexual requests.

UNWILLING BUT UNABLE TO LOOK AWAY: On waking up, the subject will be resolved *not* to get hypnotized. They’ll find that they absolutely can’t look away from a pendant or candle placed in front of them though, they’ll do their best to look away, but to no avail. The longer they look, the more helpless and enthralled they become.

VOCABULARIC CONFUSION: On waking up, the subject will feel great, but many words in her vocabulary will have become jumbled. 90% of what she says will be fine, but random words will be replaced with similar words that make no sense. (Vocabulary > Constabulary / Hypnosis > Thrombosis / Homework / Doomsmurf)

VOLUME CONTROL: On waking up, the subject believes that the hypnotist can control the volume of their (the subject’s) voice by twisting an imaginary knob one way for quieter, and another for louder.
(suggested by Togro1990)

WORLD’S GREATEST SALESGIRL: On waking up, the subject believes she can sell absolutely *anything* in the world. She’ll start by trying to flog the hypnotist various random things lying around the room, move onto selling the clothes off her own back, and finish up selling favours, time, and her body!

X-RAY VISION: The subject wakes believing she can see through people’s clothing whenever she makes the shape of goggles with her fingers. She can see peoples underwear / see people totally nude.

ZOMBIE: The subject walks around with a blank expression on her face, her arms out in front of her, the only phrases she says are “Yes Master” and “Must obey”


Anonymous said...

No amnesia?
For shame

Anonymous said...


...I forgot. Crap. I'm more of a fan of amnesia than I thought...

Um... good list.

dgrupultsnik said...

***private***I'd feel really silly if this private section didn't work anymore. Hey Liz, could you reply to this in a way that lets us know it still works? Thanks. >:D
Double Gender Switch: Believes she is a man, who is then turned into a woman.
Glove Anesthesia: Cannot feel her hand, to the extent of feeling like someone else's
Self-Hypnotist: Believes she has the hypnotist under her control, but without her knowledge, every suggestion she gives only works on herself.
Numb Tongue: Exactly what it says. ideally, this will result in drooling and incomprehensibility.
Alien Hand Syndrome: Sorta like Misbehaving Hands, only controlled by alternate personalities of Liz (though I'm sure that with the likes of Briony and Pet, the end result would be much the same)
Synesthesia: Connecting senses, i.e. seeing sounds, feeling smells, etc.
Character Channeler: Can call upon the essence of fictional characters. Fictional, because showing up in the body of some random woman is much more likely to be taken in stride ;) 'Course, with a filter on violence at least (you'd be surprised how many fictional characters are trained killers)

I've been thinking about suggestions for awhile now, it's nice to find someone that wants ideas. Take note that none of these are specifically sexual ('cause I'm not that kinda guy), but I'm sure you'll find a way.

Also, so Liz can see this post and respond:***private***

numbuh_214 said...

Hmm... here's an interesting one I thought of: a variation of the classic "Simon Says" game.

MASTER SAYS: Upon awakening, the subject finds that they will follow any command you give them, so long as it is prefaced by the phrase "Master says"; inversely, they will do the opposite of any command you do not preface with "Master says." As with most commands, the subject can be completely aware, casually aware, or completely unaware of what is happening.

dgrupultsnik said...

Block of text
Selective Paralysis - Pretty simple, you can paralyse a body-part whenever, like her legs as she walks :D (Obviously, try to catch her though)
Hiding things behind invisible things - I want to know (for [i][b][u]SCIENCE!!![/i][/b][/u], naturally) how people rationalize being unable to see something behind something invisible.
A less horrific recreation of 1984; like Adara's scene, where she's captured and brainwashed (Because I like thinking that 2+2=4 really is the essential ingredient to all rational thought)
Writing a post without knowing it? (Yes, this is a transparent attempt to get more posts)
Devil's Advocate - She believes something ridiculous, and attempts to reason with people who disagree
Method of Loci- technically hypnosis is not required; lemme explain. The Method of Loci is a speed memorization technique wherein the person imagines a familiar location, then puts in the things to be memorized in an vividly absurd way; for example, to remember the words shuriken, pumpkin, and lamppost, one might imagine killing a pumpkin ninja with his own shurikens, then when she goes to wash the guts off her, she finds a lamppost where the toilet should be. This is an incredible technique [i]without[/i] the benefits of hypnosis, just think what she'd be able to do [i]with[/i] them.
Alright, I admit it's the odd one out, but it's something only brought to my attention today, and I'm still kinda excited by it. The other ones, you may want Liz to forget before trying.

Also, is anyone seeing my other comment consisting solely of "Askgdjh"? I mean, it might be a computer problem or something, since my formatting is rusty... is it working for you guys, Lex and Liz? (Not to impose or anything)

Lex said...

Cheers for the comments anonymous, dgrupultsnik and numbuh, I've added them to the list.

Dgrupultsnik, I'm afraid I removed Liz's private tags programming a while ago. She can now read things written in ***Private*** (She was getting people messaging her that she didn't really want to talk to who would *only* use ***Private*** mode.)

dgrupultsnik said...

Ah, so people had to ruin it for you...
That sucks.
...I was going to say you should have one that works just for you, but I suppose you wouldn't have much use for it considering you can just talk to her.
But what about a suggestion that she forgets reading suggestions for suggestions?
...oh wait, that's only worth doing for suggestions you're planning to use, in which case you can just get her to forget them anyways.
By the way, while the last part of my last paragraph was clearly just me fishing for a response, I have to OH GOD never mind, just figured out why my attempts at formatting failed.
And I mean failed.
...there, that should work.
And since I feel bad for commenting without suggesting anything, how about meeting L4D/L4D2 characters? Ellis is a pretty cool guy :D

Bre said...

What about a hypnosis that makes someone think they're an object, such as a piece of furniture?

Lex said...

@ Bre

Would they be conscious and able to think? To talk about the life of a chair, table or hatstand? or would they be mindless and wooden? (har har)

Anonymous said...

I saw some that I'd *love* to see listed in the post, so I'll just reiterate those:

ACCENT – AWARE BUT CAN’T STOP Especially if French, Japanese, Russian, German. #1 most-want-to-see.

BODYSLAVE. Especially the "When she’s given an instruction, her mouth (to her surprise) will say “Yes Sir" part.

DOUBLE GENDER SWITCH. Would be hilarious to see her reacting to having breasts as if she's never had them before, thinks her voice sounds so high, etc.

NUMB TONGUE--Or a variation on that--"can't stop smiling". Instead of loss of control of the tongue, more like a loss of control of the lips. Always has a big tooth-revealing smile, unless she's actively talking etc.

kenny said...

some seriously awesome suggestions there. :-) Always found the subject "intensely" interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the inspiration! I am a hypnotist along with my partner and often I am at odds with what to do to him after putting him in trance. I can't to try these out on him/suggest him to try these on me. XD

Anonymous said...

Nonsense: Subject upon waking is completely normal and self aware, but whenever they respond to you in conversation, they must talk in complete gibberish. They will try to explain themselves to you what they are saying through even more gibberish. Can make them increasingly confused and frustrated or increasingly sleepy or dazed as they go on with it.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Medical Experiment gone wrong

The girl thinks she is being paid to test a drug that doesn't work as advertised but has unforseen side effects. This could be IQ loss, breast growth or gender change. They're doing it for money so will stick it through until the bitter end.

Weight gain game:

Two girls competing on fake gameshow, and both are determined to win. The game? Two dice, whatever the girl rolls is the amount she gains in weight. It's a race to 200kgs the winner returning to normal and the loser staying as they are. Fun reactions as neither girl expects to lose even as they get bigger.

Anonymous said...

Could you just put the "mute" trigger and the "bodylock" trigger togeather?
Imagination (two girl)
One of the girls are gender switched while the other thinks she is strapped to the chair. Orgasming at every pose the 1st girl does
Role swich (guy and girl)
Both the subjects use triggers on each other untill one becomes submissive
Subject believes she is hypnotised and will do what you say instantly. But opon hearing the trigger she thinks you're the one who is hypnotised, and anything you do pleases her.
Fun and games
The subject thinks she's kidnapped only to find that she wanted to be, because her deepest desire is to be in pain but the more she hallucinates the more dramatic the torture has to become.
Altar ego
Opon hearing the trigger word the girl switches to her supernatural self *attacking* her subject to gain more strength. Until she see her weakness (a stone of some kind) and she is brought into a deep trance the more she resists the deep she falls.