Saturday, 3 December 2011

Entrancement UK - Porsha & Heather

A little video preview of my latest shoot that you might all enjoy.

Entrancement UK - Porsha & Heather by entrancement

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Christmas colds, hypnovideo backlog and SKYRIM have been keeping my attention elsewhere. ;)

By the way, I turn 30 on the 9th, I'm marking the occasion over at this MCForum thread. Head over and comment / post if you'd like to get hold of a happy birthday freebie: MCForum

We have shenanigans planned, but if we don't get to blog about them, have a very merry christmas. Xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Random Announcements of Geek-flavoured Love!

It's not hypno-related, but lately our time's pretty evenly split between hypnotic shenanigans and geekery, and where else can I shout about stuff I'm in love with if not our blog. ;)

Incoming Link Spam as I randomly point at things and make "Oooh" noises.

Broken Bride by Ludo

Ludo are a band we've not heard very much about in Britain. They first came to my attention when threw a couple of their tracks my way. I'll write down the name of any music I really like, so I can go pick them up on iTunes later. Much to my annoyance I found that none of the songs I'd written down were available in the UK. Nor were most of their albums. What *was* available was an EP called "Broken Bride"

I investigated...

Broken Bride is the tale of a man (The Traveller) who builds a Time Machine in order to go back to the year 1989 so he can prevent his wife from dying in a tragic car crash. Unfortunately his time machine malfunctions, and as a result he's catapulted into an adventure that spans history from the time of the dinosaurs, to the far flung future, where the final human city is resisting the tide of undead stemming from a zombie apocalypse.

I won't spoil the end, except to say the whole thing had me blubbing like a schoolgirl. (Tears of Sadness or Joy? Who knows!?)

Part One is above, here's the rest of it:

Part 2: Save Our City
Part 3: Tonight's the Night
Part 4: The Lion & The Lamb
Part 5: Morning in May

(Don't worry about the fact part 2 isn't called part 2. It is in the right order.)

The thing I love about this EP is that it spans the breadth of time, and every track is different: "Broken Bride" is Emo Rock, sure, but it features PTERODACTYLS! "Save our City" is an Anthem, "The Lion & The Lamb" sounds like something from a western and becomes something operatic and beautiful towards the end, "Morning in May" is a sweet ballad with an ending that gets me (almost) every time.

We ended up listening to it about 3 dozen times whilst I ordered their "You're awful, I love you" and their "Prepare the Preparations" albums on import.

You're Awful's growing on me, I'd give it 3.5 to 4 stars,
Prepare the Preparations is awesome and gets 5.

iTunes, release this in the Uk!

Random Link. Lizzidoll is currently wetting herself with her flatmates over this site: ANIMALS TALKING ALL IN CAPS

Next up... MEMES!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Entrancement UK - Michelle & ToniLou

Sorry about the recent silence readers, I've been recovering from a cold, and fighting off a Terraria addiction. It's a 2D Game a bit like MineCraft if you're one of the geeky types that's seen it... if you've not seen it or you're not a geeky type, be thankful that you've not had 50+ hours of your time eaten up by what amounts to playing with Lego.

Not that we've not been busy lately! We've been to a rope jam, a kinky halloween party, (where Liz got to fulfil a lifelong dream and got herself chloroformed!) and I've had hypno shoots a-plenty.

Here's the most recent one:

Say Hello to Michelle & ToniLou!

This was a great shoot with two girls who are very good friends. We've worked with Michelle a couple of times in the past, and she keeps coming back, so we assume she enjoys working with us. She can't tell you *what* she enjoys about working with us, as afterwards her mind's usually rather blank when she tries to remember any of the events of the shoot. Oh well... ;)

Because the atmosphere was so relaxed, trancing the pair of them was pretty easy, and I soon had them dropping deep into hypnosis and spilling their heart's desires whilst under. (Makes it easier to help someone enjoy their trance if you know which buttons to push.) We ended up filming nearly 2.5 hours of footage, so I ended up splitting the video into two parts.

Part One is heavy on hypnotic phenomenon, stageshow shenanigans, stripping, silliness, slavegirls, and hypno-puppets.

For Part Two we did some alternate personality play. We'd seen Michelle as a Vampire Mistress in the past become very seductive towards ourselves, but we thought it'd be fun to have her seduce and then control another girl. The following scenes were pretty steamy, but in terms of demonstrating hypnotic control over someone, the fembot scenes with ToniLou towards the end of the shoot were the absolute highlight.

Here's a trailer involving scenes from part one:

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Amber Vickie & Nicola

A week or so back we had ourselves our first three girl hypnosis shoot. Amber (on the left) and Vickie (in the middle) had been hypnotized before, Nicola (on the right) was new to it, but very interested.

When it came to putting the girls under, Amber was great, she dropped like a stone into trance and once there she could be poked, prodded and messed around with and would stay nicely unresponsive. Ideal subject. Vickie on the other hand was a massive fidget and could barely stop herself from giggling and chatting for most of the video. Weirdly though, this didn't get in the way of her going under, even though she was opening her eyes and looking around to some degree whilst in trance. On waking, she responded just as well as the other two when it came to forgetting her name, finding herself stuck, or being helpless whilst the other two girls tickled her.

There's a preview here of some of the fun bits, a gallery below, and if you fancy buying the full thing, you're very welcome to. For the first week on sale there's a $5 discount. ;)


When I click my fingers...

What to do with you both...

How may we serve you Mistress?

Amber Entranced

Under her watchful eye

Is it my turn?

Hypnotized Trio

Amber, Vickie & Nicola
Introductory Chat
Favourite Feelings
Sleep Trigger
All named "Princess"
Picking new names for each other
Bondage Trigger
Stuck Together
Bound n Tickled
Ticklish one minute, not the next
Clapped Hands freeze the others
Posing the frozen girls
Hot Potato Mesmer Freezing
Toying with Frozen Vickie
Outfit Change
Feminists till the music plays...
Strippers when the music plays!
Horrified by one another's behaviour
Nearly Nude Nicola describes her none existent outfit
Mistress Vickie and her slavegirls
Mistress Vickie toys with sleepy Amber
Mindless Amber compelled to masturbate
Turning Amber's arousal on and off
Remote Sensations
Orgasm on Command Amber
Guys in Girls Bodies
Lee & Nathanial vie for Vickie's affections
Arm wrestling for Vickie's love
Closing induction
Back to normal
Closing Chat

Running Time 106 Minutes

Purchase at Clips4Sale $29.99
Purchase at Payloadz $24.99

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hypno Puppeteering & Hypno meets

Here's something you all might enjoy.

We were down in Bristol for a hypno-meet this weekend. Our friend Rich runs a group on Fetlife called Kinknosis, (Find it here. Feel free to swing by if you're in the UK!) and a selection of the local UK hypno community met up for a meal at a pub, a smattering of trance play, and an excursion to a fetish club called Romeos later on. (Where Rich kindly zapped anyone who fancied the idea of trying hypnosis out.)

This time round, we booked ourselves an apartment, as opposed to a hotel room, as I was hoping I could combine it with a hypno shoot.

The lady we worked with (Who shall remain mysteriously nameless till she picks a modelling name for herself :oP) met up with us at the kink club too, and whilst I wasn't able to immediately get her melting into trance myself. (She's very clever, quite analytical, and most of the sneaky psychological tricks we hypnotists play on our subs to get them to think we're wizards, she'd already seen.) Rich had much more success with her when he slowed his speech patterns down and started asking her to imagine the sensations of what it *would* be like to be hypnotized. (Whereas I'd been trying to direct her to feel things that perhaps she'd had no experience with yet.)

Anyway, after a couple of false starts, he got her melting into a very dreamy and peaceful looking state. She didn't have time to stay for very long, but it was enough to ensure that for our shoot the next day, she was at least aware that she *could* be hypnotized.

Notable scenes from the night's events.

  • Rocking up to Romeos after dark and finding it in a sketchy looking industrial district! :o|
  • Discovering (with a surprised sigh of relief) that the club's a collection of converted offices and is actually extremely plush, clean and friendly. :oD
  • Seeing Rich working his magic on a corseted blonde lady with the world's biggest boobs. He had her stuck in her seat, unable to lift her drink, hypnotically bound, and believing that her chair was filling her with the *nicest* vibrations. ;)
  • A Domme asking to try hypnosis it out, at which point Rich dived for the nearest door saying that *I'd* be happy to trance her. :o|
  • Attempting to hypnotize said domme, and being told by her that she a) Doesn't trust strangers. b) Doesn't submit quickly, and c) Doesn't like losing control. So a *great* subject! :o| (THANKS RICH!!)
  • In the end I got her to feel dominant and manipulative towards myself. (A state of mind that she seemed a little more comfortable with.)
  • She spent the next 5-10 minutes toying with me verbally like a cat might play with a mouse. I think I ended up reciting some of my badly written, highly emo, teenage poetry...
  • Chatting with Magda and Grumpy about LARPing, with him telling us it was his dream to make a modern day Burberry Wizzerd.
  • Liz had rather *too* nice a time sampling MrGlove's vampire gloves... :oO
  • Thanks go to Stanisk for the lift home...
  • Thanks *also* go to Stanisk for introducing me and a nekkid Lizzidoll to almost every spanking, flogging and caning implement in his bag of tricks.

    All in all a *good* night. Even if we didn't leave till 4:00am :oP

    Thanks to the Romeos club owners for staying open for us that late.

    The next day we had a pretty good hypno shoot. (As you can see above) I had such a good time with the hypno-puppeteering suggestion that I'd cooked up that we had to record a second (safe for youtube) version just so I could show it off to as many people as possible.

    Hope y'all enjoy!


  • Thursday, 29 September 2011

    Hypnotize Yourself - Sleep Easily

    [Download Link]

    I've been meaning to make a few more therapeutic files for a while. This one's for any insomniacs out there (eyes up Lizzidoll) that take forever falling asleep at night.

    Enjoy! Hope you find it effective.

    Feedback's welcome.



    Thursday, 15 September 2011

    Heresy, Hypnosis, and Photos (Part 2)

    As promised, here's my account of our photo and hypnosis session with Willow Hexx from the day after the night at Heresy n Heelz. There are some pretty pictures too... but you're mainly interested in what I have to say... right? ;)

    We'd arranged to meet Willow at Neros coffee shop in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester for about 11am. Liz wasn't particularly happy about the time of our meeting, as it meant she had to get out of bed after having less than 6 hours sleep (Her preferred number of hours being 10 if she can get away with it.)

    Willow rang to let us know she'd be a few minutes late. (Cue a mock-angry look from Liz as she realised she could probably have spent an extra half hour or so in bed.) but she arrived soon enough, looking very glamorous, her eyes made up with smoky black eyeliner, and her red hair cascading over her shoulders. She was clad in stripy tights and black rocker t-shirt, and with a medium sized backpack (Stuffed full of corsets and underwear!) over her back.

    Initially I'd been worried that the girls wouldn't be too keen on one another. I have a slight tendency to get overly excited every time I meet a bi-girl interested in hypnosis as my brain starts filling up with images of hypnotized slavegirls having hot hypno-sex with one another, taking it in turns to dominate, tease and toy with one another, whilst I look on and direct the action with my mind control powers... Liz needs to feel interested in a person and engaged by them before she'll consider doing anything sexy around them though. Like she says, a person's more than just a nekkid body who's going to dance around for my enjoyment... for some reason I don't mind the idea of seeing the majority of girls I meet in the street nude within the first 5 minutes of glimpsing them... guess I'm just kind of a man-whore... ;)

    Fortunately we all got on really well. Conversation flowed easily from one topic to the next, and we chatted about everything from movies and dating to hypnosis and kink in general. The whole time I was very good, and didn't trigger Liz once. There's nothing I love more than saying to a new friend "Hey! Look what cool things I can do with my girlfriends BRAIN!" but Liz worries that turning her into a mindless slavegirl mid-conversation with someone *might* give them the impression that we're kinda weird. (Crazy I know.)

    We made conversation till one of the baristas began looking at us with that "BUY SOMETHING!" expression, and headed back to the apartment.

    The girls grabbed themselves a cup of tea in the apartment whilst I nipped back to the car to fetch my turntable, as both of them wanted to take a ride on it. Their 5 minute chat turned into a 15 minute one though, as I went the wrong way to the carpark the first time round, and then on getting back, realised I'd forgotten my tripod. (Doh) One final trip to the carpark (the right way round this time) and we were all set.

    "If he's going to hypnotize you, d'you mind if I have a snooze?" asked Liz, snuggling into the sofa. "Watching him hypnotize others always makes me sleepy" she said, shutting her eyes. Willow was fine with that, so she got herself comfortable on a seat whilst Liz lay behind me on the sofa. I took advantage of Liz's sleepy state by placing her in a trance and telling her to just relax and enjoy herself while I hypnotized Willow.

    I ran Willow through a couple of suggestibility tests and soon had her head slumping to one side as she dropped into trance for me.

    In terms of hypnosis, we didn't do too much. If you want to see a genuine hypnosis picture of her, the one of her holding the pendant's up about all there is (this time round at least.)

    There was a quick "Sleep" trigger here, a "Bodylock" trigger there... maybe a small obedience trigger... a "miniature power trip", if you will. I made sure Willow was comfy around us and happy modelling, then woke her up and we began to talk photos.

    It had been about half an hour, so we woke Liz from her powernap and had her help us out with a turntable picture. Once we were done with that I couldn't resist showing off a few of Liz's more... "interesting" triggers.

    In my defence, Willow was pretty interested in seeing Liz mindless... then once she *was* mindless, she was pretty interested in seeing how happily she'd undress... then when I asked if she'd like to see Liz collared and leashed and thinking she was a puppy, she liked that idea too.

    Next we had Liz nude over Willow's knee whilst Willow enjoyed tracing her fingernails over Liz's butt... then we had Willow feeling dominant whilst Liz grew progessively more mindless and obedient. When we ballgagged her, I think she began feeling *particularly* submissive.

    Always keen on introducing Liz to fun new (bisexual) pasttimes, we also spent a few minutes teasing a semi-naked, totally mindless Lizzidoll with fingernails, kisses (Mine, not Willows just yet) and her leash, allowing her to surface from mindlessness briefly... only to find herself gagged and her body under my control. She tried to struggle and ask what was going on for a second... but I quickly put her back under again, returning her to mindlessness and stripping her nude so we could take some nice shots by one of the windows. ;)

    Initially Willow had been comfortable being partially undressed around the pair of us, but wasn't sure if she wanted to take her underwear off. Seeing Liz nude seemed to do the trick though, as she quite fancied sticking on some bondage tape and snapping a few sexy shots of her stretching luxuriously over the bedcovers. Dunno what you think, dear audience, but I think they came out nicely. ;)

    Finally we rounded our day off by heading over to the Manchester alternative market where we met up with a couple of friends for a quick hello. We'd left it kinda late in the day though, only arriving at 5, when the whole thing started at 1. Ah well, I was busy taking pics of ladies, so I feel my time was well spent. ;)

    We didn't buy anything this time round, though I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nice crap or spanking implement for Liz's butt, and if I can find a sexy monoglove, that too will be awesome.

    I've since done a little more hypnosis with Willow by phone. Her new boyfriend's interested in it, and I'm sure he'd not mind being able to turn her into a doll, slavegirl or slut on command. (Would you?)

    Let us know what you think of both ladies. We'll be doing a hypnosis video shoot with Willow in the near future and I'm sure both would love some feedback.



    Tuesday, 13 September 2011

    Heresy, Hypnosis, and Fine Fetish Photos (Part 1)

    As of this weekend, Lizzidoll and myself have been going out together for 4 years. Yes we picked the worst date in the world to begin going out... but by the time I’d realised (Way back in ‘ought seven) Liz refused to allow me to “officially” say our relationship began on the 12th as she felt that would mean I’d have to break up with her first. Ah well... at least I never forget an anniversary.

    (Honest apologies to anyone for whom this date has negative connotations.)

    This year it coincided with the Manchester Fetish Weekender, 3 kinky events spread over 2 days. We booked ourselves an apartment in the center of Manchester to avoid having to mess about with driving. We went with an apartment over a single hotel room because a) It’s cheaper, and b) Most apartments have uncluttered living room areas that might look good in a hypnosis video shoot, and I wanted to scope out what was on offer.

    As it happens the kitchen area of the living room was big enough for us to push the furniture to one side giving us a nice white wall to work against, and we had ourselves an impromptu photoshoot. (More on that later.)

    The events were Heresy n Heelz, The Manchester Fetish Faire, and Club Lash’s Back2Skool Disco. We managed to make it to two of these events, which isn’t bad for a pair of antisocial gamer geeks.

    Heresy n Heelz on the Friday night was a burlesque themed club night at Sound Control in the center of Manchester. Live music was courtesy of rockabilly band The Graveyard Johnnys, there was a Lesbian Vampire Mistress of Ceremonies called Rosie Lugosi who whipped n teased the audience till they showed the correct level of enthusiasm, (Yes Mistress!) and there were a number of striptease acts. Liz wanted to go because she loves dressing up, being shown off, and modelling her collection of corsets, and I wanted to go because of all the ladies taking their clothes off I love the live music.

    The club night was fun, one of the burlesque routines was a lil bit weird (Marnie Scarlett needs to *stop* trying to lip sync in her routines, it looks ridonkulous) but the rest were sexy and funny as hell. There was a nice Alice in Wonderland themed routine where drinking a potion took over the dancers body and “forced” her to striptease... (wonder why I liked that one?)

    I’m also developing a fair sized crush on a gorgeous lil dancer called Frankie Lynn who’s kittygirl themed performances are adorable. Routine one had her as a cat coming out of a hat; flirting with the audience one moment, giving them the finger the next. (All whilst slinkily stripping her way out of her tuxedo)

    Frankie Lynn's other routine had her in a Red Riding Hood outfit discovering a magic potion in the woods. (Potions seem to be a recurring theme.) At one point when Frankie was halfway through undressing calamity almost struck as she got her top caught on her horns (The aforementioned potion had turned her into a fawn.) Liz let out a sympathetic “awww” on Frankie’s behalf and almost leapt up onstage to give her a hug. Fortunately Frankie managed to disentangle herself without too much difficulty and the rest of her performance (which ended with her going crosseyed and fainting / passing out) was great.

    Between acts, the Lesbian Vampire MC had a good flirt with Lizzidoll when she looked into the audience and saw Liz’s fantastic corseted cleavage front and center staring back at her. We’d planted ourselves smack in the middle of the front row the moment the audience had been invited to come and take a seat. I’m pretty sure Liz wanted to ballgag me at one point though... Rosie Lugosi was talking about mystical creatures and was trying to get the audience to do impressions of cats, unicorns and other beasties. When she mentioned “Witches”, I let out my best and loudest cackle, and when she mentioned “Wizards”, I (and I alone) unleashed a booming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” (Cue Liz turning purple with embarrassment.) Mwahahaha!

    That was the latter part of the evening anyway... well no... the *latter* part of the evening was where we ended up back at the apartment sitting on the sofa and watching episodes of House till 3am whilst eating pizza from a local takeaway.

    That was the *middle* part of the evening anyway, but if we rewind by a few hours...

    Liz had spent the day starving herself in preparation for showing off her corseted waist as she wanted to look as slinky as possible both at the apartment and the club. She’d even enlisted her sister to do her makeup. Her sister’s about 10 times more girly than she is, and generally looks immaculately fashionable no matter what time of day it is.

    When we got to the apartment, I was chuffed to see a big white wall in the kitchen, and after moving the breakfast table out of the way (Which was a waste of space, we never get out of bed in *time* for breakfast. Hah!) Liz was pretty eager to strip out of her day clothes, and start dressing up in steamy combinations of elbow gloves, garterbelt, fuck-me-heels, stockings, corset, tutu, and tailfeathers. Hope you enjoy the results.

    The next day, we made some time to hook up with Willow Hexx, who’s a gorgeous curvacious redheaded model / geek / hottie / creature. We got to hypnotize her too, if you want to see those pictures, stay tuned. ;)

    Sunday, 4 September 2011

    New Hypno / Freeze Blog

    Here's something you might enjoy.

    Yesterday morning someone called "Freezeplay" subscribed to me on YouTube.
    Freezing's a definite kink for myself n Liz, so I couldn't resist checking his channel out.

    I was chuffed to see half a dozen videos of a very nice young lady frozen and posed like a doll in various outfits.

    The lady's name is "Bliss", her partner as far as I can tell goes by Freezeplay, but they've got a youtube channel and a blog. (Links below) Drop them a line, say hi and make some requests!


    Friday, 2 September 2011

    Gotta love somnambulists!

    (Or “Sleepwalkers” for thems who don’t know and are too lazy to google. :P)

    A couple of days back, I was messaged on Fetlife by a local submissive lady called Shona saying she was fascinated by hypnosis, was interested in talking about it, and perhaps in meeting myself and Lizzidoll, and trying it out for herself.

    I’m not sure if anyone’s picked up on it... but I’m quite the fan of hypnotized sub girlies, so my response was fairly enthusiastic. ;)

    We sent a few emails back n forth and hit it off well. She’s a 19 year old student at the local uni, a Dungeons & Dragons / Magic the Gathering / Movie Buff type lady-geek, and though myself and Lizzidoll are mainly video-gamer-geeks, we both own a fairly huge collection of Magic the Gathering cards, (every few months the Magic fever will come upon us forcing us to buy a few new decks and rope whichever friends or relatives we can find into playing with us.) and we’ve been looking to get into some kind of roleplay group for ages. We arranged to meet up.

    The meeting went well. Really well. :D

    Shona’s a cute curvy redhead with light green eyes (more on those later) We headed to a local coffee shop (the first one Liz and I met at actually, though she berated me for not immediately remembering this – Bad Lex!) and picked a table in as secluded corner as we could find. (Annoyingly some hipsters had bagged the big sofa in the back room.) Conversation flowed easily, Shona brought along her flatmate Anna, who’s also kinda kinky, and we spent the first half hour sharing kinks and swapping stories. It was during this period that we heard about Shona’s sleepwalking.

    Anna: She can be really bad when she does it. And she does it completely naked.
    Lex (Trying to disguise the fact he’s a massive perve): Oh?
    Liz (Genuinely curious): Do you sleep naked?
    Shona: Sometimes... but even when I don’t. When I sleepwalk I’ll strip naked first.
    Lex (Grinning from ear to ear): Innnnnnteresting.

    I think Liz noticed my eyes lighting up at this point, (it was hard not to) as she grinned and rolled hers. I dunno if that’s because she knew the avenues down which my mind would now be meandering, because she’d seen it all before on my shoots or because she was just being generally bratty, but I was soon demonstrating my hypnotic power over *her* by having her pose, become mindless and freeze in place. (Much to the amusement and interest of the other two girls.) She vetoed the use of her arousal triggers as a mum, grandma and baby had decided to sit down at the table next to ours and she “didn’t want to corrupt the minds of infants.”

    Itching to do more, we headed out of the coffee shop, swung by a clothes shop for anna, and a stationary shop for Liz (who’s doing more hypnotic drawing commissions lately by the way) chatting about hypnosis and submission on the way, Shona seemed keen to try it for herself, though there was nothing specific she was looking to experience (preferring to just go with the flow) We headed into the city park to see if we could find ourselves a quiet space to indulge in a little hypno-play.

    The park’s pretty big, it’s next to the river, it has it’s own small toy train track that kids can ride that loops around half the gardens, there are plenty of wide open grassy areas, benches a plenty, a few bits and pieces of ruin, (Those Romans were always leaving bits of wall and amphitheatre lying around) a plethora of statues, and a few out-of-the-way garden type corners.

    We found a seemingly deserted bit of garden surrounded on 3 sides with bushes, it had a long stone bench that seemed to be collecting all the sunlight. (And Liz needed to bask) I say “Seemingly” deserted as no sooner had we sat down and started chatting about what to do, than a scruffy man emerged from the undergrowth, lit a match off the back of the stone bench we were sitting on said “Hi” and started to smoke a rolled-up cigarette. Turned out he was a homeless guy and he was *living* in those bushes. We made polite conversation for a couple of minutes, gave him a cigarette lighter (as he’d just struck his last match), he told us about his kids, his Tesco club card and his tent, and eventually he went back into the bushes to get himself stoned. (Yee!)

    A somewhat surreal start to a hypnosis session, but I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way!

    Because Liz is so familiar with my techniques and because I didn’t want Shona to feel too self-conscious, I gave Liz the suggestion that she was enjoying the sunlight *so* much that she was finding it keep her eyes open. Always keen on taking the opportunity to fall asleep, she curled up catlike on the bench, rested her head on my legs and immediately nodded off.

    We’d already established that Shona was happy to go with the flow, and what with her being a natural somnambulist, I thought I’d try my hand at a more rapid induction than my usual method. (Progressive Relaxation, which I know can just send some people to sleep. :P)

    I had Shona linking all but her pointer fingers together whilst I did a magnetic fingers test. As expected, her pointers quickly drew themselves together, convincing her right off the bat that I had some kind of special power. (Which of course I do ;)

    I immediately moved onto a magnetic palms test, taking her by the wrists, telling her to close her eyes, and placing her hands in the air in front of herself. Anna watched with interest (at least I hope that’s what it was) as Shona sat there, eyes closed as I asked her to imagine a magnet in the center of each palm attracting her hands to one another.

    They stared moving together so easily that I could see it’d take little more than a click of the fingers to send Shona into a nice deep trance.

    “As your palms touch one another, you’ll find your arms get heavy and drop into your lap. At the same time you’ll feel yourself SLEEP” I told her firmly, and as her hands just began to brush one another, I clasped them together in mine, pulled them downwards and commanded “Sleep” in her ear. She slumped completely in her seat. I gave Anna a little grin whilst deciding what to do next.

    For the first couple of minutes, we let Liz sleep whilst we gave Shona a few suggestions. Initially we had her forgetting that she’d been hypnotized, not believing us when we told her she’d been under, but for some mysterious reason, finding herself unable to tell us her name.

    I reinforced her sleep trigger, enjoying the attractive way she’d fold up each time I clicked my fingers, and also noticed that if I told her to look into my eyes and do as I told her... firstly she’d obediently stare into my eyes like she had no other option, (good girl) then she’d very quickly very easily begin to slip into trance. Her eyes would begin fixed and attentive, locked on mine, but the moment I told her they were getting heavy, they’d flutter and water and unfocus in a particularly sexy way. (If you’re into that kinda thing. ;)

    After this we woke Liz up, and began to see just how receptive Shona’s mind could be...

    First we had her feeling a growing attraction toward everyone present. I told her it would reach the point where she was going to get *so* hot and excited in the presence of the three of us, that she would try to tempt us into the undergrowth, so she could strip off and have the three of us play with her.

    On waking, she had a massive smile on her face, seemed to be feeling rather chatty and friendly, and over the course of the next few minutes, went from snuggling into me and nuzzling me like a cat with catnip, to kneeling beside Anna and pawing at her clothes like she wanted to strip her. She kept concocting excuses for getting out of the sun and heading into the bushes, and did very little to hide her reasons for wanting this.

    A couple of minutes later, her arousal had subsided, and I thought I’d check to see if she’d be able to experience visual hallucinations. I deepened Shona as far as she was comfortable going, told Anna that I’d like to see if we could get Shona hallucinating, then asked Anna if we should have Shona thinking that she was naked... or that everyone else was.

    Anna (something of a deviant) said that we should have Shona thinking she was nude. I asked Shona how she’d feel about waking up in the park naked. Her response was “Upset” so I asked if she’d be okay waking up that way if instead she felt amused by the whole thing and was allowed to blame us for it. She said that was okay, so that’s the next suggestion I gave.

    Her reaction to waking up “naked” was fairly typical. Squeals, attempts to hide behind things too small to hide behind, accusations of garment thievery all whilst berating us for being such perverts.

    A couple of minutes later when I had her instead thinking that one of the statues in the park was a nude man standing in a provocative position she was *much* happier, and had trouble tearing her eyes off him... at least until I took her by the hand once more, looked into her eyes and told her that the couple behind the statue on the grass kissing were in fact totally nude and doing *much* more than kissing. This brought loud and gleeful cackles from Shona as her mind played out whatever scene she believed she was seeing. I don’t think she had to use her imagination *too* much, as they were enjoying themselves to the point where any young mothers would probably have been covering the eyes of their kids.

    We enjoyed giving her further suggestions, she was very happy to be made to feel submissive and obedient, and she reacted to her hypnotic bondage trigger brilliantly, struggling to free herself as I stuck her fingers to her nose, her hands to her legs, and stuck her mouth and eyes shut so I could lead her around like a blind girl.

    Later on we meandered over to the river, bought ourselves an ice-cream each, and enjoyed the late afternoon sunlight, Shona was amused by a white duck paddling past in the river, as it reminded her of Jemima Puddleduck from Beatrix Potter’s books. She was even *more* amused when it hopped onto the cobbles, began doing a waddly duck dance back and forth in front of her, and finally hopped up onto her knee to give her a peck on the cheek before flying off.

    After that she wanted to go and jump up and down in the middle of the suspension bridge, and as that seemed like a bit of a childish way to spend her afternoon, I told her she would think she *was* a five year old, out on a daytrip with Uncle Lex and Aunties Anna and Lizzi. She took to the part well, pointing out bikes, post boxes, birds and signs and asking what each one was.

    Worrying that Liz was feeling a little left out, and finding ourselves alone on the center of the suspension bridge I *did* end up giving the girls an arousal suggestion. (This was with 19 year old Shona, not 5 year old Shona) Neither were all that loud thankfully, but it was definitely enjoyable having Liz squirming on one side of me and biting at my neck whilst Shona on the other side of me gripped the handrail with white knuckles, breathing deeply, eyes closed, legs spread and gasping. I’m not sure Anna knew what to think... so to make it up to her I asked if she’d like to keep hold of Shona’s triggers for the rest of the day. She seemed pretty keen on the idea so that’s what we did, though whether or not she ended up playing after meeting us, I’m not sure.

    Afterwards Shona and myself exchanged a few texts, we all had a pretty good time, and we might have more play or even a hypno video in future. I’ll keep you posted.

    All in all a pretty good day. ;)

    Saturday, 27 August 2011

    Timestop shoot with Alice

    A few pics from my shoot with the lovely Alice.

    We'd previously talked about doing a hypnosis video shoot. At the time she was pretty keen, after we'd swapped a few emails though, she said that her wife (she's lesbian) wasn't too happy with the idea of her being hypnotized by some random guy. I didn't push it at the time, but when Alice posted a casting call on a modelling / photography site that I'm on, I thought I'd apply and see if she was interested in testing my turntable out. She does a lot of ballet / art nude work, so I thought it'd be fun to capture some poses of that type.

    She was interested in the idea of doing some fun n sexy 360s, so we went ahead and booked ourselves a shoot. A 3 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive due to a burnt out bus on the motorway (I don't think anyone was injured though, there was a fire crew but no ambulances)

    During the shoot I got to meet her and her missus (and her cat, which at one point was trying to chew my turntable) and found out what the concern was at the idea of her doing a hypno shoot. They were under the impression that a hypnotized person could be made to do *anything*... including messing around sexually with whoever's hypnotizing them and being none the wiser afterwards. I reassured them that although you'll happily do things within your comfort zones (so a glamour model will get nude, pose around, maybe even dance round outside naked) you can't be made to do anything you're totally against, (such as being unfaithful to your partner) and they were both much happier with the idea.

    Anyway, here's the timestops and hypno pics from our shoot. With any luck I'll be working more with Alice in future.

    Now you see them... (mouseover)

    Focused on the pendant.

    Awaiting Commands.

    Posing thoughtlessly.

    More Posing

    Sleepwalking Alice.

    On Display

    Kajira Slave Pose.

    Bow Alice

    Nude Kajira.

    Entrancement - Glitterbunny

    Here's the trailer for my shoot with Glitterbunny (Not the name she goes by in the video, but she's a burlesque performer and wants her burlesque performances to appear ahead of her hypnosis ones. ;)

    Available here.

    Name Amnesia
    Thinks her name is Glitterbunny
    Blank / Freeze triggers
    In love with her legs
    Cerise’s growing foot fetish
    Stripping the stockings off
    Foot fascination
    Hypnotic sticking
    Feet stuck on show
    Loves being tickled
    Not ticklish at all
    Compulsive Liar
    Stockings go back on
    “Show me your Bicycles!” outburst
    The Countess and the Stripper
    Blank minded pussy stroking
    Casual Nipple Playing
    Feels sexy all over
    Frozen in arousal
    Posed like a sextoy
    Misbehaving Hands, Growing arousal
    Arousal on command
    Orgasm on command
    “Good Girl” pleasure trigger
    Wants to talk about Burlesque
    Burlesque routine with freezes
    Doesn’t know how she got naked
    Catgirl Cerise
    Enchanted by her own reflection
    Mind sucked into the camera
    Poseable Clockwork Doll
    Wake and reaction to being posed
    Closing chat

    Sunday, 14 August 2011

    Hypnodolls - Hidden Hypnotist

    Here's the trailer for my shoot with Kloe Kane.


    Trailer: Hypnodolls - The Hidden Hypnotist by entrancement

    You can buy the full video from my clips4sale store HERE

    It's $24.99 for the first week (till the 22nd of August) after which it's price will go back up to $30

    Thursday, 11 August 2011

    Hypnodolls - Kloe Kane Flyaround

    Kloe Kane - Hypnodoll

    If Kloe's the kinda lady that you'd enjoy seeing spinning mindlessly around and around and around... this should be right up your alley. ;)

    Below is a sequence of shots taken on today's Hypnodolls shoot.

    Unlike my Entrancement videos (which are genuine hypnosis) The idea of HypnoDolls is to film fantasy scenes that have storylines, script and direction instead. Still dealing with hypnosis as a kink... but heading in a different direction.

    I'd be interested in hearing everyones thoughts on this... or if any local ladies would like a ride on it? ;)