Friday, 12 November 2010

Isabel Dean's hypnosis shoot

For those that're into this kinda thing... ;o)

I've got a new hypnosis video up at and clips4sale

Isabel Dean

Izzy was a very fun lady to work with. She’s more accustomed to dominating others than she is to being controlled, (She brought along a slave who drove her / moved furniture / and made cups of tea!) but she responded to hypnosis much better than she thought she was going to. The majority of the time during the shoot, any time we woke her, we had her believing it was the very first time she’d been woken up since we’d gotten started. That led to some nice confused moments where she woke to find herself posed / moved / nude / spreadeagled and with toys buried in certain person places. :oO

This shoot’s a lot more raunchy than the majority of my previous ones, I try to work to a model’s comfort levels when I hire them. Sometimes that means the ladies spend the majority of the shoot covered up, sticking to the more fun and roleplay based suggestions, teasingly revealing their rude areas only fleetingly… and other times it means the girls spend 90% of their time nekkid whilst playing with themselves like they’re pornstars.

This shoot’s definitely the latter. ;o)

As Izzy’s happier dominating than being dominated, I favoured language, feelings and sensations that she was happy to experience. Arousal instead of Submission, and Sleepiness over helplessness. She still responded brilliantly though. She was a natural eye roller, though I couldn’t resist the temptation to give her a distinct eye rolling trigger also. There’s a scene near the end of Part Two where her eyes are locked on the pendant. She feels she has to resist it’s pull as watching it is making her feel drowsy… every time she resists though, that causes her to feel a wave of relaxation that causes her eyes to roll.

There was a slight abreaction towards the end of the shoot where I had intended to have Izzy dominate her slave-boy hypnotically on camera. (The intention being to sit the camera over his shoulder whilst she hypnotize him, and by extension, the audience.) We discussed it up front and she was happy to try it out, but she realised as she was doing it that although she's very comfortable bossing a person around physically: (Drive me here, Give me a back rub, Strip and kneel, etc) in her case, the idea of controlling a person mentally and emotionally felt like having too much control. We stopped at that point, took a break, talked about her feelings on the topic, and made sure she felt okay before continuing, fortunately at the end of the shoot she was chirpy and happy again having enjoyed (apart from that one hiccup) the whole thing.

Directors Choice award, (which means I'm chuffed with how deep she went and how it all turned out.)

Sexy stuff! ;) Pics on my site, and it's available to purchase from my Clips4Sale store


Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity, if someone buys the clip and listens to it, will they be able to become hypnotized and follow your commands just like the model? providing that the full induction is recorded, and the listener actively wants to go into trance.
keep up the good work! :D

Lex said...

The inductions are included as part of the videos, yeah. I've also been told by several ladies and couples that they've found themselves going under whilst watching the video, so yes, if you're a good subject and you *want* to go under, you can find yourself doing so.

I've not heard from anyone who's found themselves actively acting out the contents of the video, but I'm pretty sure if you wanted to be affected by the triggers and programming within the vid, there's nothing stopping you. ;)

Cheers for the comment.

majin said...

Say Lex , Is her moment of " moral doubt " also in the video ?

Lex said...

@ Majin

Nope, sorry Majin, we took that part out. It didn't really go anywhere and usually if the girls feel uncomfortable for any reason we'll stop rolling and check that everything's alright before we carry on. Filming the whole thing could have been interesting... but she was upset, and I'd much rather straighten everything out than go on recording footage.

majin said...

Thats a shame , would have liked to see that. Its so interesting !

Her reaction was acctually labelble as "upset" ?

Lex said...


Yep it would be interesting... but from a psychological / analytical or therapeutic perspective, and my videos are focused on enjoyment and entertainment, as opposed to exploring deep and meaningful questions about the human psyche.

If every video explored these issues, I'd have to have a box of tissues permanently on standby and be prepared for every girl to potentially walk out or ask me to stop the video at being asked to bare her soul on a video that's largely focused on getting her to act silly and wacky for the entertainment of others whilst getting her kit off.

I just don't think it'd be very sensitive. ;)

We do discuss some of these things during the break and off camera afterwards, but it doesn't really have a place on an entertainment vid.