Monday, 11 October 2010

So what do people enjoy from their inductions?

So a while ago I cooked up a second erotic hypnosis questionnaire to see what particular flavour of hypnotic fun most interested people. It's been about 3 months, and in that time I've had over 400 responses (at the time of writing it's 458 to be exact!)

Thanks to everyone that filled the questionnaire out. I hope you find the results interesting. And though I know some people were annoyed at the fact they couldn't skip questions, I had to force responses out of people otherwise it messes up the results of the figures and graphs when you try importing everything into Excel. (My it's a heady hedonistic and horny life I lead ;o)

The graphs are pretty big, so not all of them fit onscreen properly. Each one's got a fullscreen link below it though, so just click that and open it in a new window or tab to get a better view.

I've also added comments people left in the "Other" sections of the questionnaire. All names have been removed so it's pretty anonymous, if your fantasy is very private and / or specific to you and you'd like it removed, drop me a message at and I'll remove your comments from the post.

Oh, I should probably mention that the sites polled were Fetlife, MCForum, MCGarden, This Blog,, Hypno-Fetish, Bimbofication, Dollification, and Stuckposing. (So the interweb's kinky underbelly. As opposed to spacebook and myface ;o)

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


How old is everyone?
18-30: 63%
31-40: 22%
41-50: 10%
50+: 5%

What Gender's everyone?
Male: 64%
Female: 26%
Other: 10%

What sensations d'you enjoy experiencing within trance?
(Pick as many as you like)

Top 5
1. Controlled (72% Approval)
2. Arousal (72% Approval)
3. Submissive (65% Approval)
4. Enslaved (55% Approval)
5. Programmed (54% Approval)

Other requests: Stuck, Bound, Posed, Paralysed, Frozen like a mannequin, Objectified, (Okay! It seems I missed out you bondage, stuck and and statuephiles!) Uninhibited, Transformed, Regressed, Dominant, Owned, Orgasmic, Feminized, Robotic, Sextoy, Younger, Amnesia, Loved, Aphasia, Sexually Charged, Possessed, Nudity, Sexy (I can't believe I forgot to include sexy in the main choices), Bimbo, Seductive,

If you can only pick one sensation, what's your favourite?
Top 5
1. Controlled (14%)
2. Programmed (12%)
3. Arousal (8%)
4. Enslaved (7%)
5. Submissive (7%)

What kind of behaviour d'you like to see in your hypnotist?
(Pick as many as you like)
Top 5
1. Seductive & Confident (58% Approval)
2. Dominant & Commanding (53% Approval)
3. Explicitly Sexual (45% Approval)
4. Mischievous & Naughty (41% Approval)
5. Charming & Disarming (37% Approval)

Other requests: Sinister yet Mysterious, Loving and nurturing, Trustworthy and Interesting, Sexually Charged.

And if your hypnotist epitomized one feature, what would that be?
Top 5
Dominant & Commanding (19%)
2. Seductive & Confident (14%)
3. Evil & Controlling(!) (11%)
4. Mischievous & Naughty (10%)
5. Explicitly Sexual (8%)

What's your favourite kind of scene within trance?
Top 5
Transformed Mentally (61% Approval)
2. Forced to perform and Submissive (54%
3. Resisting but slowly succumbing (52%
4. Brainwashed through technology (50%
5. Being Transformed physically (49%

Other scenes: Snowing lightly in winter, Evil lair of a mad scientist, Held and Cuddled, Amnesiac, Forced to perform, but uninhibited, not embarrassed. Captured Superhero, Physically controlled, but mentally free. Recognizing my dom as my daddy. Female Stage Hypnotist takes advantage of me after a show. Sleepwalking Zombie. Frozen at attention on command. Forced to Masturbate.

What's your favourite gender in a hypnotist?

Any other comments?
  • I'd love to repeat some submissive mantras whilst in trance.
  • Fembots transferring data and programming from one to the other whilst "lip locked".
  • A pyramid scheme of hypnotism and hypnotists would be highly erotic and fascinating.
  • I want a trigger I can use as well.
  • Push my boundaries, break them down and make me theirs.
  • More Freeze mp3s!
  • Get Becky Speed to hypnotize your viewers!
  • Confusion, and sensory overload inductions work better on me than relaxation ones.
  • Dollification.
  • Feeling of decapitation!
  • Getting them to act like chickens! I know its an obvious one, but I've never seen it.
  • Naive girl hypnotist that doesn't realise that she's turning you on.
  • Something Beneficial and / or fun. (Thinking I'd been transformed into a leprechaun.)
  • Hypnotized to be a slutty bimbo.
  • A male or female store mannequin dressed by a man or woman in a suit.
  • Hypnotized whilst I'm already sleeping.
  • Strip naked whilst hypnotized, get on your knees, pleasure yourself and chant "I obey"
  • Made into a robot.
  • ASFR Programming that takes me by surprise, being turned "off", mindlessly performing tasks whilst both aware and unaware. Finding myself doing things in public that I can't control, walking home and finding my legs keep on walking, taking me around the block a few times.
  • Cuckold fantasies where women make me impregnate them.
  • I want to be a rubber love doll.
  • Reduce anxiety and expand psychic premonitions and abilities.
  • I want to create sexy gynoid mistresses.
  • I would like to be hypnotisted in to a female doll.
  • I would love to be reprogrammed into being a compliant sexy robot bimbo.
  • Self trigger to strip naked.
  • I'd love to be unable to speak.
  • I'd like to be a barbie doll or robot wearing pantyhose.
  • Experience orgasm as the opposite sex
  • Latex!
  • Length of induction is important, I'm not sure if it's just me or not but... the longer the better! A slow, winding path into hypnosis is frankly, delicious.
  • Mannequinization! Wax! Doll!
  • Obviously from the vast number of ticks, I'm a hypnoslut
  • Pocket Watch Hypnosis.
  • POV videos.
  • Preferred gender of hypnotist is trans or androgynous.
  • Rejuvenation would be nice for us oldies.
  • Would like to be become Lt Commander Data from star Trek Next Generation.
  • Slightly annoying you can't finish the form without leaving feedback.