Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Holiday at Center Parcs

Hi all, currently we're at Center Parcs on holiday, and somehow the weather's managing to stay sunny and warm. Huzzah!

I'm sat on the sofa in our appartment right now where I've been writing and doodling hypno pics. Liz is sat topless by the window currently (Nothing to do with me, she's one of nature's natural nudists and gets really warm in the mornings.) daring all the neighbours to stroll past and get an eyeful. Our appartment is at the back of the building, so it's less likely... but it could still happen. Now and then I'll see our neighbour's going out on their veranda for a cigarette, so far they've not noticed Liz though. Nor have the ducks that are waddling up n down, but I think they're more concerned with badgering people for bread.

We've had a great time so far, we've done a bit of cycling, some archery, we're playing badminton and fencing later on today, and what holiday would be complete without a lil bit of hypnotic play here and there? ;)

A couple of weeks before we came away, Liz asked if I could make her a nice hypnosis file to brainwash her into being my completely subservient hypnotic thrall whilst we're playing house in the forest. Never one to disappoint, I cooked up a rather nice 25 minute file that does just that.

The first half of the drive here consisted of Liz telling me what things we'd need to buy from the supermarket before coming. She's bought what seems like a months worth of food, I doubt we're gonna eat it all in just one week. The *second* half of the drive was spent in silence though, as Liz listened to and absorbed her latest brainwashing file. (If any ladies would like to listen and themselves become my thrall, let me know and I'll link you up. ;)

We've got a nice airy appartment which you can see below, and Liz has already cooked a first meal for the pair of us.

After the meal I didn't have anything for her to do, so had her put on her bodystocking, collar, and pose attractively on a table till I was ready to make use of her. I may have added the Top-Hat, Sunglasses and Blindfold digitally... but you get the gist.

I know, it's missing a second slavegirl on the other side of the sofa to add some symmetry to the image. Do let us know if you fancy filling the position for a while, girls. ;o)

Oh and if anyone's interested, here's the hypno pic I did for Trishbot last night:

Later on we might join another couple who've messaged us and invited us to their hottub. Wonder what shenanigans that might lead to. We'll be sure to keep you posted. ;o)

Catch you later.

Lex and Lizzidoll. Xx


sleepymaid said...

Since I've finally read through the whole wonderful blog, I can let myself comment now!

*waves hello to both of you* :D

Noticing that the bodystocking looks about the same color as the round lamp that used to sit there (and that Liz seems to make anything look good), so rather than a blindfold, you should've put the lampshade over her head ^^

Lex said...


Good idea! Unfortunately the lampshade doesn't come off the lamp. And if it did, I think we'd have to bend the support prongs to make it work as a hat.

Still a sexy thought though. ;)

Vera said...

May I listen to the file?

Lex said...


Sure Vera, send me an email, and I'll send you a link. My address is on my profile page (click my name.)

Anonymous said...

lex because it makes a video to dailymotion, about what they did you and lizzidoll

Granamyr said...

Hello! I'd like to listen to the file. If it's ok, I'll drop you an email too. Always love reading of your hypno adventures. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,
I'd like to try the MP3 if possible. Will drop you a line via E-Mail.

Hypnodogtrainer said...

I've been looking at for a while now and it was only recently that I realized that you had a blog. And that it had more than just updates to your sites.

Love the stories, keep em coming.

PS - Are you sure everyone asking for the file is a girl and not a guy looking to be the next hypnomaster;)