Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Axa preview vid


Here's a fairly hefty preview from my shoot with Axa. There should be something for everyone here: Fembots, freezing, floating hands, wide mindless eyes, love spells that turn a girl from flirtatious and friendly, to rude and standoffish when it wears off.

The full vid's 113 minutes long, Axa was a fun girl who seemed to go really deep in the first half. She responded really well to suggestions to forget her name, to empty her mind, and to wake up after a good 20 mindless minutes with no memory of her time spent posing around like a fembot, or stripping and giving me her underwear. (As you'll see by her reactions in the video)

Less depth in the second half, but that's probably because we took a half hour break, had another cup of tea, and talked about the logistics of walking like a fembot for a bit too long. (Which is something that's really hard to pull off if you don't have the right rhythm for it.) When asked in the second half to continue her fembot style poses, I could see hesitation and nervousness in her behaviour, as she tried to incorporate the advice that we'd given her in the break, and rather than produce unsatisfactory fembot footage, I took a different tack, and made her into a Mistress (whom we then proceeded to freeze, spank and compel to obey our commands) Seeing a seemingly dominant girl helplessly obeying the commands she's given is something I'd like to see more of in future I think. ;)

A pretty good shoot, hope you enjoy it!

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Eyes open, mind blank
Doesn't recall the trance or her name
Tries out different names
Doesn't believe that she's been
Blank trigger
Undressing whilst blank, giving me her underwear
Entranced at attention
Posing on command
Reclining, tired eyes
Brief Eye check
Posing Fembot
Robot Sexdoll
Gets dressed
Wakes and is shown her underwear
Induction 2
Lovestruck / Repelled
Can't cover her nipples
Unaware that she's playing with herself
Voyeur scene: Forgets she has an audience
More posing fembot scenes
Axa the Dominatrix
Axa the Slavegirl
Slavegirl / Dominatrix Switching
Light taps with the crop feel like hard spanks
Dominating the Dominatrix
Spanking the Mindless Mistress
Back to normal
Closing Chat

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Anonymous said...

Teaser looks great; absolutely LOVE the outfit in the second half (boots included - WOW!). WT