Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Inviting others to play.

Although it's nice in one sense to have a secret kink that the majority of our usual vanilla friends would never guess at, (most of them are aware that the pair of us can be a tad perverted... but few ever press us for any kind of detail.) it *is* fun to share our interest with other kinksters and couples from time to time, so when possible, we'll try to meet people who either practice hypnosis themselves, want to try it out, or are interested in learning or seeing it performed. Generally we'll swap techniques, socialise, or just use the opportunity to show off. Liz hasn't spent the evening as a mindless maid at any sexy parties yet... but the interest is there if anyone wants to invite us to any. ;o)

Sharing this side of ourselves with others has lead us to some interesting places. There are the uncommon forum hypno-meets we've had at The Turf Tavern in Oxford: A dozen hypnotists working their way through a beer garden, united in their efforts to entrance as many unwitting university students as possible. Sticking the guys' drinks to tables so they can't be lifted... making them think their friends are invisible... or giving the ladies triggers that let them orgasm on command. (To be fair to
Rich, the girls *did* say they sometimes had trouble "getting there", and he *was* only trying to help. ;o)

We're also fast becoming regulars at the
Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, (a fetish market held monthly in the UK) largely because it gives Liz the excuse to dress up in her corset, stockings, cuffs and collar, and then be paraded around on a leash in front of an appreciative audience. We have tried leading her round in public like that... but she has a tendency to disrupt the flow of traffic - including emergency vehicles - so it's probably more responsible if we keep it indoors. ;o)

The BBB usually has some kind of demo as well, it could be bondage, knife play, domination, to name just a few fetishes, and usually they challenge any preconceptions you might have. Knife play for example... The idea of playing with knives always sounded horrifically dangerous to me, and the idea of deliberately cutting someone completely irresponsible. At the demo we saw though, the knives, (though they were big, shiny, and *sharp* were only used to cut and remove the clothes of the girls that were bound up, and later their ropes. The whole show was pretty sensuous and erotic, and though it didn't make me want to go out and buy a bigass set of knives myself, I could finally see what the attraction was.

The May demonstration was spanking, and it got Liz awfully hot and bothered. An attractive blonde lady was stood in front of an audience of about 200 people wearing a pair of knickers and not much else, her hands stretched up above her and bound by cuffs to a gantry over her head, as an older gentleman demonstrated the correct way to use canes and floggers to achieve maximum sensation and arousal, with minimum harm to the submissive.

The chap giving the demonstration: Mammon, was obviously a nice fellow, concerned with the welfare of his volunteer, as he'd check on her periodically to make sure she was enjoying herself, wasn't uncomfortable, etc... he'd give her the occasional hug, kiss, or playful slap on the arse, and now and then, he'd happily grope and fondle his captive assistant, as though she were a sexual object there for his amusement and for the pleasure of the crowd. (Which was exactly right. ;o) This kind of treatment *really* appealed to the submissive in Liz, who commented afterwards how hot it was that he'd just played with and publicly felt her up, like her modesty wasn't at all important.

It appealed so much in fact, that we sought out Mammon afterwards and asked him if Liz could be the one tied up and titillated in front of the crowd next time. He was happy to agree, and if and when it goes ahead, you'll be sure to read about it here.

The demos are pretty varied. June's demo was a D/S version of the TV show "Ready Steady Cook" (Titled "Ready Steady Top") and it's probably just a matter of time before someone organises some kind of erotic hypnosis demonstration. Rich is already pretty keen on the idea, and thinks we should cook up a show together, but I'm much more used to working in smaller environments. (As opposed to having 200 people watching me at work. :P)

Birmingham and Oxford are a fair trek from where we live though, (2 and 3 hour drives away) and it would be nice to meet people local to our neck of the woods, so I signed us up onto the D/S dating site CollarMe to see if there were any interesting folks out there. There were a few fun and genuine people, though most of the "girls" would chat for a bit... then vanish, freak out, make excuses or implode if you so much as asked them to send a picture of themselves holding their username, let alone dance round naked on webcam for you. There's no verification system, so anyone can sign up for a profile whether or not they're actually the person in their pictures. After a while, this began to grate.

As I said though, there are a few genuine gems on there. One such couple is Jay and Elle, (Or J and L as they're known on
their Hypnorotica blog, but I prefer pseudonyms to random letters :oP) they're a sexy pair, also in their twenties, that live down in London. Jay's been exchanging mails with me for some time, looking to talk about the best ways to explore hypnosis with his missus, swapping stories and techniques. I think he sometimes reads the blog too. (Hello if you're there!) When I bemoaned the amount of fakes, fraudsters and time-wasters that CollarMe seemed to harbour, he suggested we try a swinging site... So we did. ;o)

Fortunately, although plenty of the people on swinging sites are pretty much what you'd expect (shallow muppets with limited vocabularies looking for no strings sex with random strangers.) there are actually a decent number of people who are intelligent, sexy, and put friendships and a good connection ahead of there being any sexual shenanigans. People who *might* be comfortable seeing you parade around your hypnotized girlfriend... but only if everyone gets on with one another and there's chemistry and a good atmosphere.

So far we've met a two couples, Fawn and Dan, who we get on well with socially, but haven't gotten *too* steamy with in private just yet.. possibly because Liz is pre-disposed to dislike any appartments that house cats, and Fawn's not *quite* as geeky as Dan, Liz and myself. (The majority of our time together's been spent discussing hypno-kink and roleplay games, which might leave Fawn feeling like a little bit of an outsider.) They're both in their 20s, both have "normal" dayjobs, but Fawn's done some modelling, and Dan's a pretty good fetish photographer, so we've got those things in common. Dan's actually interested in collaborating on some future doll themed hypno videos, so watch this space to see where we go with that.

Dan's also quite the dominant, and has enjoyed showing off his rope-tying and bondage skills. Lizzidoll originally wasn't too interested in the idea of Shibari rope bondage, but spending a good couple of hours being tied, bound, and otherwise trussed in place in various sexy positions wearing nothing but her underwear has made some headway in changing this opinion. ;)

The other couple we've enjoyed spending time with is Jack and Bella. They're a cute professional couple based in Manchester, which is less than an hours drive from us. They mailed us saying that they liked our profile (which unsurprisingly mentions bondage, mind control and hypno-play) that they're curious about what "erotic hypnosis" entails and would be interested in hearing about it, and seeing it up close. Never ones to turn down the oppurtunity to show off and misbehave, we were more than happy to meet up for a drink, and then we'd see where things went from there.

Both of them are slim, and good-looking, Jack's pretty tall, laid back and a little bit suave. Bella's a pint sized cutie, with short red hair, and it wouldn't be amiss to use the word "Elfin" to describe her eyes and her haircut, or "impish" to describe her mischievous lil smile. (They're fitting words in fact, as when we've talked about using hypnosis to explore alternate personalities, Bella's expressed an interest in being hypnotized into thinking that she's some kind of pixie or elf, and has come to our world to save her own in some way... usually by doing something sexual in order to save it. ;)

They invited us round for dinner (Fajita's, one of our favourite recipes and a sure way of getting into our good books) and we hit it off with the pair of them almost straight away. Jack's a gamer and guitarist, so it wasn't too long before we were discussing video-games, music, and he was showing us a couple of songs he'd written. (One memorable one called "Lesmosis" which describes the act of girls becoming more and more attracted to one another, the more time they spend in the company of lesbians... Not that I've ever encouraged Liz to grow more attracted to other girls... *whistles innocently*)

We all (bar Bella) play Left 4 Dead 2 online, (An awesome game, where four survivors of a zombie apocalypse have to fight their way through hordes of undead to find rescue.) and have regularly started gaming together. Liz being a girl gamer is a huge flirt at the best of times (her portrait ingame is a rather sexy picture of herself) and when it comes to showing off her gaming skills online, her flirtations have taken on a new dimension of in-jokery where Jack's concerned though.

The night drew on, we talked openly about our interests and kinks, and the others shared stories about themselves, their sexual escapades, how they'd been introduced to swinging, Bella's first experience with another girl, and how when she missed a date with Jack because she was sexing up another lady, he was more happy than annoyed at hearing about it.

Throughout the evening I'd trigger Liz from time to time. One minute she'd be talking about her current favourite song... the next, I'd blank her mind, stand her in the center of the room and command her to strike poses for the enjoyment of all, next she'd be sat down again, none the wiser, discussing left 4 dead tactics, or uni... then she'd be frozen, mid-sentence, while Jack and Bella looked on in interest at the way I'd casually move her, caress her, or give her a little smooch. For the most part, Liz was unaware of these occurences. During one of them, Jack asked:

"So... she doesn't know that she's frozen? That we're talking about her?"

"On a subconscious level she knows..." I explained, "like if there was a fire, she'd realise and wake up... but consciously, she's still busy midway through a chat about uni, right now"

"Cool... So what else can you make her do?" asked Bella with a grin.

"Anything you like really... I can make her into an submissive slavegirl, have her orgasm on command... get her to do a striptease for us, or make her physically obedient whilst still able to say or think whatever she likes... which will probably be to tell us what a bunch of bastards we are."

"Orgasm on command eh...? Fun!... So will she realise she's been frozen?" said Jack.

"Not unless we move around... or she catches us all staring at her." I replied with a grin.

Jack decided it *would* be fun for Liz to realise what was going on, so the three of us swapped places before unfreezing her. On snapping back to reality she carried on chatting for half a second, then frowned, looked to her left (Where I'd previously been sitting) and saw that it was Jack who had his arm around her, instead of myself,

"AJ never sleeps soo..." (And loudly exclaiming as realisation kicked in) "GAHHHH! You bastard!" Looking around and seeing that everyone was in on the joke, she corrected herself: "Bastards! Stop messing with my mind!"

"Do you really not want us messing with you?" Asked Jack, genuinely concerned that Liz didn't enjoy this kind of treatment.

"Nooo..." began Liz, looking evasive. "LeaveMyBrainAlone..." she mumbled uncertainly.

"Oh?" Jack said, somewhat skeptically. "Hey Lex, can you make Liz unable to lie?"

"Easily done..." I grinned "Liz Obey: Veritas" (A trigger I've shamelessly nicked from Dan and Emily. It's not one that I've officially installed... but she knows exactly what it is, so telling her to obey it has the desired effect)

"Yes Sir." she found herself saying calmly, before trying to give her own mouth a frustrated glare.

"Do you mind us playing with you like this?" asked Jack

"Not at all." she said, through clenched teeth.

"Is there anything you don't want to do for us?" Jack enquired politely.

"I'm happy to do pretty much anything you wish with Bella." said Liz, her eyes nervously glancing in Bella's direction as she began to blush furiously.

"Innnnnteresting" I said, my eyebrows raising playfully. Liz continued blushing as she took a powerful interest in her own feet.

"Is this turning you on, darling?" I asked, innocently enough.

"This is making me feel really really horny. Argh!! F'kyu!!" she blurted out, her words going from absolute honesty, to deeply bratty.

"So... what else would you like to see?" I offered.

"Orgasm on command sounds pretty good." said Jack curiously. Bella sitting beside him, snuggled into his arm, and wrapped her own arms around him, her eyes fixed on Liz, waiting to see what she'd do.

Liz was about to open her mouth to complain once more, but I was already counting.


"Ohhhhh don't do it... Lex don't do it..." she blurted.


Her eyes screwed shut for a second as she began to squirm a little in her seat, gritting her teeth again.



(this is usually the point where her self control gives out, it's the moment where the balance between her desire not to be a spectacle gives way to her need for orgasm.)

Her back involuntarily arched as her breathing deepened, one hand began to caress over her neck and breasts through her shirt, the other snapped her belt open and started fumbling for the zipper on her jeans.

Murmurs of arousal were the only sound she was making now, her attention on the other people in the room melting away as though she was all alone. Bella appeared to be rubbing herself against Jack almost unconsciously as her eyes fixed completely on Liz's motions.


Her hands delving into her underwear, Liz began to gasp the words "Please Lex... Please" as she touched and fingered and fumbled... closing on orgasm in just a few short seconds...

But we were just getting started. So being the bastard I am, I counted back down. ;o)

"Three... Two... One... Zero..."

Lizzidoll paused... her left hand firmly buried in her knickers, her right one currently inside her shirt, cupping her left breast.

"Uhm..." she said, with a nervous laugh. "Sorry about him." she said. Giving me a flush-cheeked look of arousal, and a great big punch on the arm.

"Ohhh it's not a problem" said Bella, as Liz rushed to fasten her clothes back up. "So... Lex can make you striptease as well?"

I ignored the look that Liz was shooting my way and said "Sure, got any music that you'd like her to dance to?"

"Do *I* get a say in any of this?" Liz asked.

"Do you *want* a say in any of this?" Jack asked.

"No Sir." she said, truthfully, followed by "ARGH Let me lie dammit!!"

"No... I think you can be seen but not heard for the time being" I said. "Lips Bound"

And with that, Liz's mouth snapped shut. She continued to glare... till I asked if anyone would prefer to see a less stormy expression on her face. They did, so we soon had Liz standing attractively in the center of the room once more, gazing impassively ahead of herself, eyes half lidded, one hand hanging down coolly, the other resting on her hips, which were cocked to one side, a sexy pout on her lips, whilst Jack picked some music for her to dance to.

Inwardly I know she wasn't half as annoyed as she'd been making out, and when the music started and her hips began to gyrate and circle, I knew that she'd be enjoying herself just as much as we were enjoying watching her. As the music played on, I marvelled at the confident way in which she held everyone's attention, strutting around their living room like it was her own personal dancefloor, turning her back, unbuttoning her shirt, giving us all a casual come-hither look over her shoulder whilst she worked her butt. Now planting her legs wide, bending all the way down, stroking a hand up each leg as she fixed her eyes on Bella.

I snuck a look at Jack and Bella as this was going on, both were pretty enrapt by the whole show. Amazed at the change in Liz. On arriving, she'd been quiet and unassuming, over the evening she'd grown more comfortable and relaxed around our new friends, joking and laughing and talking about her love of gaming and music... now though she was a dancer, a striptease artiste, focused entirely on her craft. On arousing her audience. On stripping out of her top (and now her jeans) in the most sensuous and captivating way possible.

Bella looked half hypnotized herself as Liz - now wearing just her underwear - strutted towards her teasingly. I think Jack noticed the amount of attention that his girlfriend was now bestowing on mine, as I could see the cogs turning behind his expression. He gave me a glance and a grin and mouthed "Lap Dance?" at me. I gave a grin and a nod.

"Liz, why don't you give Bella a nice lapdance?"

"Yes Sir" came the calm response, as Liz without hesitation mounted the sofa, planting a knee either side of Bella, gazing down at the girl with a look filled with lust. Bella stared up at Liz looking a little taken aback, but mainly like this whole scenario was *really* turning her on, and when I told Liz to unhook her bra, Bella's hands automatically began to stroke their way over her body. Liz smiled to herself, S-curving her body close, hovering her breasts millimeters from Bella's mouth, and coming within a hair's breadth of kissing over and over until Bella, unable to control herself any more pulled her in close and began to kiss her.

As the ladies touched, and stroked and kissed one another, Jack and I sat back and enjoyed the show, grins on our faces, both of us looking pretty pleased with ourselves.

"Kinda fun, isn't it?" I said.

"Ohhhh yes." He agreed.

"They've been snogging for quite some time... think I should stop them?" I asked.

"You can do... I want to see what Liz's reaction is." he said, getting comfortable and turning to face them fully.

"Liz... Release"

Liz's reaction was a little delayed, she finished her kiss, opened her eyes, smiling with pleasure at Bella before fully coming to her senses. Her smile turned to a grimace of aroused embarrassment at the realisation of what she'd just been doing, and only then did she react to the fact she was kneeling topless on top of this girl that she'd only met a few hours previously. Her hands flew to her breasts, cupping and covering them.

"Too late Liz" Jack began consolingly "We've already seen everything!" (talking about her breasts)

"Everything!?" She gasped "Lex!!" she said, accusingly, (her hand diving to her crotch, making sure her underwear was still there... obviously thinking we were talking about more than just her breasts)

"He means your boobs, babe." I explained.

"Ah, these puppies" said Liz, giving the ladies a jiggle. "I thought you meant EVERYthing everything."

"Not yet... though that could be arranged"

"Oh brother..." she grumbled, then noticing where she was "Sorry Bella, am I squashing you?"

"Not at all!" said Bella happily, leaning back in her seat, placing her hands either side of Liz's hips and enjoying the view. She looked extremely comfortable with having my topless girlfriend kneeling in her lap.

"Oh... well... I should probably get off you anyway." apologised Liz, who even as a size 10 isn't happy with her weight.

"Awwww" moaned Bella playfully, her eyes lingering on Liz as the girl slid off her and back onto the sofa, still cupping her breasts, and looking as though she was deciding between remaining semi-naked, trying to dress herself whilst remaining modest, or just being blasé about the whole thing as we were bound to have her doing more before the night was over.

That wasn't where the night ended. (Liz was completely nude, kneeling down and gushing all over their laminate wood floor before the night was properly over, but I don't know if I should give you *all* the details. ;o) I think that's where I'll draw this particular post to a close though. I've already hit the 3,500 word mark and don't want to tire you readers out *too* much.

That was our first meeting with Jack and Bella, and it went rather well. Our second meeting was spent at a the Malmaison Hotel in the center of Manchester, where I'd booked one of their poshest suites, in order to give Liz a very special birthday treat. And on that occasion, both ladies ended up hypnotized...

But that's another story. ;o)