Monday, 24 May 2010

Back from Peru / Hypnotic vibrator training

Well I’ve been back from South America for over a week now, I guess I should update you on what we’ve been up to since I returned!

Part of me feels that, as I’ve now been to Peru, climbed it’s mountains, haggled in it’s marketplaces, stayed with it’s locals, sailed Titicaca, and seen the sunrise over Macchu Pichu, that I should talk about all the ways I’ve had my preconceptions challenged, my world-view enriched, and how I’ve grown as a person… but this isn’t a travel blog, it’s a kinky hypnosis one, so I won’t go boring you with excessive details or my 900+ photos. ;o)

Suffice it to say that apart from being away from Lizzidoll (which was an absolute wrench) it was a great experience, I got to spend some time with my brother and 3 Canadian buddies, all of whom were fun individuals. Hypnosis got raised in conversation fairly early on and both the ladies in the group seemed interested in trying it out… not wanting to pressure anyone into anything though or come across as being over-eager, we didn’t get to do anything more than a couple of suggestibility testers. Their interest in trying it out for themselves became interest in seeing me trance other people, which became interest in learning it themselves so as to hypnotize friends and boyfriends back home… Ah well, at least the seed of curiosity has been sown. If I hear about Chantal setting up her own Harem of boytoys, I’ll let you all know about it. ;o)

My brother’s kind of a tri-lingual action hero type, (He’s even got the Indiana Jones style hat to prove it) so virtually every waking minute was spent traversing Incan ruins, exploring the back streets of Cuzco, Puna and Arequipa or taking trains and coaches halfway across the country. Many nights saw us going to bed early, feeling rather knackered and getting up before 6am to catch the sunrise, which didn’t leave much space for hypnotic shenanigans.

Having Lizzidoll around to demonstrate on would definitely have made things easier… though I dunno how she’d have felt about the altitude, the lack of pizza or the absence of internet. (Though to Liz’s credit, she gave her uni exams her full focus while I was away and steered clear of World of Warcrack) :oP

Luckily Eyjafjallaj√∂kul (That big bloody volcano in Iceland that won’t stop erupting) was good enough to cool it’s vents the week of my return, so I got back to the UK without a hitch… apart from my bank blocking my debit card because I used it in Atlanta airport… (buying “Cell” by Stephen King, which features both zombies and mind control and looked like it’d make interesting airplane reading.)

On getting back to the UK and being reunited with my beloved Lizzidoll, I found that she hadn’t spent her whole time pining after me… she’d also spent an absolute wadload of cash on sextoys, gadgets and kinky gizmos. I like to pretend that the reason she had to buy so *many* toys was to compensate for the masses of hot steamy sex that is daily heaped upon her by myself… whether or not you believe that’s true, I’ll leave open. ;)

Liz is now the proud possessor of no less than *four* vibrating devices. (Update: Five now, I forgot about the Hitachi magic wand that we picked up at the BBB at the weekend.) There was her original rampant rabbit, but since I’ve been away she’s bought a longer curvier one, along with a vibrating remote controlled egg and a handy lipstick sized bullet that seems to possess the power of a pneumatic drill, but still fits rather neatly into her handbag.

Not one to be outdone by electrical appliances, I immediately started using hypnosis to tweak, enhance and alter the sensations each of these items gave her.

Apologies if this gets a little bit more graphic than usual… you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and it’s *really* hard to discuss sextoys without discussing sex. :oP

First on my list was the remote controlled egg.

If it’s not already obvious, the idea of remotely being able to stimulate a loved ones sexy bits without anyone realising what’s going on, dovetails in a wonderful 3-way fashion with my fembot fetish, my hypno-fetish and our joint interest in public play.

Liz’s clit is already remotely connected to her earlobes, so all I have to do to stimulate her down there is give them a little stroke or a squeeze… great for when we’re out in public, or in polite company, and I want to get her attention focused on me fast. But a remote control? How cool would that be? I wouldn’t even have to touch her to drive her wild. *grin*

(Cool in the sense that it’s like being a wizard, not “cool” in that I don’t want to touch her. I *like* touching her. It’s just not always feasible when you want to do it subtly. ;o)

Ever since I saw [this scene] in The Ugly Truth at the cinema, I’ve been keen to get us one, and I think Liz must have known this.

No sooner had she shown me her egg, then I was blanking her mind, commanding her to strip out of her jeans and underwear, drop them to the floor, and to pull up her top to flash me.

Watching the expression drain from her face as she slips into that wonderful state never grows stale. She complied at once, her movements smooth and thoughtless, baring herself calmly, before coming to a stop once she was in position.

I took in the sight of my (freshly shaven – good girl) hypno-lady for a minute or so. Standing there: her legs apart, presenting her pussy to me coolly, clothes discarded carelessly beside her feet as she gazed impassively ahead of herself, eyes unfocused, mouth hanging open slightly.

It had been several weeks since I’d had the pleasure… so I took a minute or two to run my hands over her warm body, caressing her buttocks, the insides of her thighs and the mound of her pussy as I familiarised myself with what I’d been missing. Liz stood, completely docile, allowing my hands and fingers to rove wherever they pleased, while she awaited her next command. I noticed with approval that her pussy had already begun to grow warm and to moisten.

“Sit on the bed, part your legs, and stimulate yourself for me” I commanded.
“Yes Sir” came her response.

She sat down, calmly and smoothly opening her legs as far as they’d go, and her fingers went to work. I enjoyed the scene for a few moments, her body exposed, legs wide, her face still blissfully blank, her diligent fingertips and the slowly growing circular motion of her pelvis the only signs that she was anything but an erotic statue.

Honestly there’s nothing more beautiful. I watched the scene and removed her egg from it’s packaging. I noticed she’d already opened it, (obviously to “test that it worked”) I moved in close.

“Kiss me, slave.” I said,
“Yes Sir” she said, her eyes switching from the middle distance to my face, raising her chin, presenting her mouth. We kissed warm, long and slow.

I let the kiss linger, my hands in her hair, stroking her face, familiarising myself with her skin and her warmth… and then okay, her breasts ;o). Once the motion of her pelvis had grown to the point that her arousal was becoming clear, I handed Liz her egg.

“Place your egg in your pussy, slavegirl.”
“Yes Sir”

Gazing ahead of herself once more, she placed the tip of her egg at the entrance to her vagina, lent back slightly, and slid it inside herself neatly. I noticed with approval that the manufacturers had had the wisdom enough to leave a pullstring on the end of the egg allowing for easy removal. I couldn’t resist pulling it most of the way out a couple of times, before the curve of the egg and the muscles of Liz’s pussy caused it to be sucked back inside her. Liz remained blank through all of this, aroused, but unable to do anything besides wait for her next command.

I took out the remote, held down the “on” button, and a faint buzzing came to my ears. Placing my fingertips at the entrance to Liz’s pussy, I could feel the vibrations of the egg through her skin. I thumbed through the settings. Three power levels and a fourth intermittent buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz setting. I enjoyed watching for Liz’s unconscious reactions as I cycled through each.

I addressed my slavegirl.

“Now… On waking up, you will not realise that you’ve put it your egg inside yourself. Do you understand?”
“I understand Sir”
“And should I turn it on, even if you begin to grow very aroused, you will not realise why this is. Clear?”
“Yes Sir”
“Very Good Girl. Now, get yourself dressed again.”
“Yes Sir”

Liz got up, dressed herself, and I directed her back to the spot she’d been standing on before I zapped her. I unblanked her. Her eyes refocused and she looked at me smiling.

“Ready to head over to mine?” I asked.
“Mmmhmm!” she nodded, perhaps a little more eagerly than she intended, unaware that we’d already begun to play.

She began to gather up her new toys (her attention skimming over the empty packaging of her radio controlled egg) and I pressed the button to turn it on. I wasn’t sure if it had become activated until Liz paused for a moment, went “Mmmm” to herself, and continued packing, albeit a little more tentatively… like some part of her body had suddenly become very sensitive and she had to move a little more cautiously.

“Everything okay?” I inquired.
“Mmm yes! I’m just feeling… uhm…” she blushed.
“Feeling what?”
“Never mind.” She said, with a secretive little smile, a toss of her hair and another unintentional murmur of arousal. “Mmmmmmmmmm.”

As you can imagine, the drive home was enjoyable for the pair of us (though Liz for the life of her couldn’t work out why) and I couldn’t enjoy it *quite* as much as I’d have liked to whilst still remaining a responsible driver. ;o) Let’s simply describe Liz’s behaviour in her seat as “Pleasingly squirmy” I was also frustrated at several points by the fact that the remote needs to be pressed for a good 4-5 seconds to switch between turning it on and turning it off. There were a few moments where it was on when I thought it was off, and poor Liz was getting visibly agitated. It was clear that for *some* reason, she wanted to delve her hands into her pants and play with herself like crazy… but *why* would she feel that way? (her expression seemed to say ;)

On getting home, Liz wasted no time in clamboring into bed, then fumbled below the sheets. A few moments later her jeans and knickers were unceremoniously ejected.

“Oh yes?” I asked, raising my eyebrows quizzically.
“Oh god… I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I’m just *so* so horny...” She said; unconsciously beginning to run her hands over her body, stroking her legs and crotch.
“Maybe it’s be the relief from having me back?” I pondered.
“Mmmmmm ohhhh I don’t know” she said, before pausing for a moment and following it up with her usual invitation to trance her: “Boyyyy…?” she began, in her cutest inquisitive brat voice. “Why does girl still has a brain??”

(No I didn’t misspell that, this is a fairly sickeningly couple thing that we do sometimes, and I apologise for anyone who doesn’t like to see the English language reduced to a bastardised version of lolcat.)

Liz peeked over the covers at me, her eyes big and brown and mock-mournful.

“Girl does not want a chat and a catch-up? She’d need her brain for that…” I said.
“No-no silly boy! Girl does not *wish* to has a brain!”
“Well in that case… 3,2,1 SLEEP!”

Liz’s eyes rolled closed blissfully. She lay calmly, breathing deeply whilst I undressed and got into bed. I should probably mention that at this point the egg was off. Liz tends to have trouble focusing on anything beyond sex when she’s at her most aroused.

I had her remove the rest of her clothes, then spent some time deepening and relaxing her, one arm around her shoulders, my voice soft in her ear, smoothing my free hand up and down her body as I did so.

“Now Liz… on waking up, you’re going to realise that your egg has been placed in your pussy, do you understand?”
“Yes Sir.” Her voice coming out soft at this point, barely louder than a whisper.
“And how will you feel about that?”
“Embarrassed… Aroused... Toyed with.”
“And how do you feel about those feelings?”
“I love them, Sir.”
“Good Girl.”
“Now, you’re very deeply relaxed and obedient right now, aren’t you.”
“Yes Sir.”
“And you know that anything I tell you to think, or feel or do, you’ll do automatically, don’t you.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Very good. Now… On waking up, you’ll find that I have complete control of your pussy. I can make it feel completely numb… or I can heighten every sensation that it feels, just be commanding it. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Good Girl. You’re going to pay special attention to each and every sensation that it feels. Recording them, taking note. Is that clear?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Are you ready to wake and be toyed with some more?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Waking on 5, feeling wonderful” I said, trying to recall the wakeup routine I’d learnt on a hypnosis course that my friend had run. I didn’t get the wording completely right, but what I said was close enough.#

“1… Every muscle, nerve and fibre in your body coming alive.

2… Feeling a surge of energy filling you, restoring you.

3… Feeling washed through with crystal clear spring water. Refreshing you. Cleansing you.

4… Taking a nice deep breath of energy giving oxygen. Almost fully awake now, aware of the room around you…

5… Wide awake, feeling wonderful, eyes open.”

Liz opened her eyes, and they widened characteristically as she began to realise not only how naked and aroused she was, but *why* she was so naked and aroused.

“Boy!” she started, gasping the word with bogus incredulity.
“Girl!” I grinned impishly, and hit the “on” button on her egg’s remote again.

This time Liz was fully aware of what was going on downstairs. She writhed and stretched her body out on the bed, murmuring and moaning happily… I spent some time cycling her through the different settings, making sure she got a good feel for each one, before I did the following.

With her egg back on level one, I said to her:

“Your pussy is now numb. It feels nothing.”

Her writhing ceased, a look of confusion came to her face, and she glanced down towards her pussy in bewilderment. She moved her hands to it, still feeling the vibrations through her fingertips.

“But… What the… Why can’t I feel anything?”
“Because right now, I don’t want you to feel anything.”
“But it felt so nice!”
“And you’re about to feel nicer.” I winked. “Sensation returns.”
“Mmmmmmm!!!” she squealed happily, a massive smile on her face as she lay back once more and drank in the sensations.
“Sensation doubles!” I announced, watching for the reaction.
“Ohhhh” she gasped, “That’s really hottttt”, her movements grew more emphatic as she began moaning softly.
“And now…” I said, putting my scheme into action. “Your pussy is numb again”
“Argh! Why tease me like that??” she demanded, as I switched the egg off.
“You’ll see.” I said knowingly, “Sensation returns, your egg is vibrating, and it feels better than ever.”
“Mmmmhmmmhmmhmmm” she half-laughed happily, lying back, stretching her arms above her head, grinding her pelvis sexily and sighing happily, experiencing what were now completely hallucinated sensations, her egg was turned off… but just as she’d been commanded to, she’d been unconsciously recording every feeling produced by it.

I spent some time ensuring that she could both block and experience the pleasure on command whenever I wanted her to.

“Obey: Unaware: Whenever I turn your egg on, it feels like it’s off. And whenever I turn it off, it feels like it’s on.”

Her eyes clouded for a moment as she assimilated the command, as usual, she said “Yes Sir”, before tuning back in to the here and now.

I spent some time enjoying the fact that Liz no longer knew if her egg was off or on. When I wanted her to be aroused, she would squirm and gasp, caressing herself and ask me to fuck her. When I wanted her to feel nothing, even if her vibrator was on it’s highest setting and my fingers were massaging her clit, she’d show nothing but frustration and annoyance at being denied her pleasure.

Finally I put the final stage of my training into action.

“The sensation in your pussy returns to normal” I said. “But for now, 3,2,1 SLEEP!”

Liz dropped back into trance one more time, her body limp, like that of a ragdoll. I found the egg’s pullstring and drew it out of Liz with a small “pop”, placing it on the bedside cabinet.

“Now Liz, did you enjoy how that felt?”
“Yes Sir”
“And do you want me to make you feel that way more often?”
“Yes please Sir.”
“Very good girl. In that case, from now on whenever I click my fingers. You’re going to feel all those sensations once more, as though your egg’s nestled inside your pussy, vibrating like mad, driving you crazy. And when I click them again, it’ll stop. Understand?”
“Yes Sir”
“Very good. Waking up on 3, feeling great, with no idea that your egg’s been removed yet. Ready to wake?”
“Yes Sir.”

I counted her out of trance, she woke with a slightly aggravated smile at the fact that she’d been zapped mid-flow once again.

“Seriously dude” she started, “are you *going* to fuck me or what?” she asked, probably noticing that I was very hard, but didn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

That’s my Lizzidoll, ever the romantic.

“Hmmmm… I think it’s about that time, yeah.” I said, with a click of my fingers.

As I positioned myself to enter her, her moans and writhing were just as vivid and powerful as before. Her egg sat on the cabinet unnoticed. We’ll still use it in future, Liz likes to refresh her memory with real sensations rather than getting by entirely on hypnotic ones, but for now I could enjoy the fact that all it took to fill her with the most vivid vibrations was click my fingers.

Her baffled reaction as I made my entrance while she was still in throes of pleasure was priceless. ;)

# The original wakeup routine’s by John Cerbone, and was taught to me by Richard Skeates, who runs fantastic rapid induction hypnosis courses in the UK if anyone’s interested in learning. ;)