Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Societies secret superheros (and villains!)

(Note: I read my posts aloud as I write them, so I thought I'd record this and see if anyone likes hearing it read aloud..)

This post began life as a comment on Mistress Winters’ hypnosis blog, which as I’ve probably mentioned is fantastically well written, and alternates between being intellectually thought-provoking and being sexy as hell. As my comment rapidly grew to 500+ words in length, it probably makes more sense to make it a blog post in it’s own right. It’s nothing at all to do with Liz’s comment that I’m a doofus for writing something so wordy on someone elses blog.

On our “Night out in Liverpool” post, Dan, (of the Whispering Gallery ( hypo-blog) commented, asking: “I do wonder why more people don't do this sort of hypnosis. It is rather fun” which was one of the factors that got Miss Winters writing her own post on the topic. Her post “What makes someone a hypno fetishist” can be read here: but I’ll summarise a few of the points below.

> Hypnosis features in countless films and works of fiction, particularly in children’s films and programs, so from an early age the ideas are planted in peoples minds.

> Only a small number of people ever decide to try it for themselves. Why is this?

> Her theory is that having a ‘special ability’ allows the people who perhaps would ordinarily be seen as ‘outsiders’ by the core of society gain an advantage in a way that would normally be inaccessable.

> If we were all ‘insiders’, had all the advantages we’d ever wanted naturally and were as comfortable as we wished to be with sex and relationships, we probably wouldn’t have found the idea of Mind Control and hypnosis so appealing.

> If things were the other way round, and hypnotic relationships became commonplace, we Mind Control fetishists probably wouldn’t like it, as we enjoy the fact that our kink is a rare one, and in some ways our ‘powerful knowledge’ sets us above the rest of society.

By “outsiders” we’re talking about freaks, geeks and everyone else who fails to tick all the “normal” boxes that society and the media dictate that we *have* to tick in order to avoid being labelled as weird wronguns. (For our credentials of geekery you need only look two posts back, where I found myself comparing Total-Power-Exchange relationships featuring Mind Control to the end of game boss from the game Mass Effect... at the time of writing, two readers of our blog have commented to me personally as they got this reference. You’re both huge geeks, and I salute you. ;o)

I think Miss Winters makes some really good points, a few of which are fairly near the mark, a couple I’m going to agree with wholeheartedly.

For example, I think she’s right about superheros. When I was younger I wasn't particularly unpopular at school, (my voice broke a bit early and I was the only 11 year old I knew of with hairy legs, so that earned me some ribbing… but fortunately everyone else eventually caught up.) I had a good bunch of friends, and though we were often labelled as being geeky virginal types compared to the self-styled 'in crowd' (Saying that, the “in crowd” all ended up sharing the same STDs, so it looks like we had the last laugh after all. :oP) looking back through the slightly jaded eyes of a crabby old 20-something, we were all fairly contented and happy.

As a teenager there's always a period though where labels will get to you. You'll worry that everyone else is sexier, happier, smarter or even that they smell better than you do. And I can definitely empathise with the idea of being Clark Kent. In High School, once the hormones kick in, there are so many of the damn things flying around that you're practically tripping over unrequited love triangles, (not to mention the vastly more complex love hexagons, and love dodecahedrons.) and I was party to a couple of these.

I was 'like a brother' to a girl called Jenna. Jenna was the girl of my 17 year old dreams, and as all you chaps will know, being ‘like a brother’ to a hot ladyfriend is the death knell to the chances of there ever being any kind of sexy relationship occurring... Well… unless you happen to learn how to hypnotize and then entrance that ladyfriend… (which perhaps I did) and have her think maybe that you’re… let’s say Jude Law (and perhaps I did that too) but anyway, let’s imagine that I *did* go and maybe steal a quick snog with that hot ladyfriend… the guilt of a raging conscience and the realisation that really she’s interested in Jude and not in me, quickly put a stop to that kind of play. (If such play ever happened!)

At 17 or whenever it was, when I got to hypnotize my first subject, (Just a fun buddy here, not the aforementioned earth-bound goddess that I’d painted Jenna to be.) it was quite an epiphany. Here I was, geeky and single, but able to make this girl mate of mine think, feel and do pretty much anything I put my mind to. (Which back then was - perhaps surprisingly, considering hormones again - much more innocent than the majority of things I'll have my hypnotic playthings doing these days. ;o)

Hypnosis became my super power, but because of my church background (Which depending where you look can either be a tad skittish about the idea of hypnosis, or can outright tar it with the "EVIL" brush, because of it's usage by certain cults... *cough*-Rhymes-With-Briantology-*cough*) and the way it's always been portrayed in the media: "Drugs are for losers, and hypnosis is for losers with big, weird eyebrows!", I didn't go round advertising my newfound abilities. I was superman… but had to appear to continue being Clark Kent.

So I kept my super power mostly secret. It got mentioned to close friends, people I could trust not to knee-jerk at hearing about it, but it rarely got wheeled out for everyone to see. The one time I *did* try it out at a party, it was on a male friend who'd probably have been a good subject if he wasn't so drunk. As it was, trying to hypnotize him only made him feel disorientated and ill. :oP (Lesson learned *that* day, let me tell ya)

Fortunately this was round about the time the internet started booming in the UK and I found new places to hone my abilities and an outlet for my new "powers". Here I found there was a growing network of Mind Control story sites, web forums, hypnosis chat rooms, and video sites. I wasn’t alone. Here were hundreds (or even thousands) of people with a similar interest to my own… nothing of which ever seemed to surface in “Mainstream” society. Thousands of people with this interest, this power, this extra dimension to themselves that went unnoticed by the millions of others in the rest of the world at large.

I’m not sure what would have happened if I didn't get online when I did... I'd have probably exploded. ;o) Then once I did get online, although there were plenty of sites out there that catered to this interest of mine… it still wasn’t enough, that’s partly why I make my videos, and it’s partly why I blog. Though I want more people to get into this, I like that you have to do some digging to stumble across it. Googling for “Hypnosis” will probably just get you lots of links to therapists… but for those people who decide to google for “Sexy Hypnosis” or “Erotic Hypnosis” or search for whole phrases… “Hypnotized and Blank”… well it uncovers a whole new host of things.

I think Miss Winters is right about the fact that we'd be less happy if *everyone* was hypnotizing each other, and I guess I'm glad that society's reaction *is* still mainly to knee-jerk at the whole idea of erotic hypnosis play. It's fun to be the superhero (or evil genius), to be the guard of forbidden knowledge and know that the people that want to experience this can do so… but they need to seek us out, rather than just picking it up because *everyone* knows how to do it.

I think the internet’s leading a lot of people to a lot of fun discoveries, it’s Rule 34 if you’re familiar with the rules of the internet. Basically if something exists, someone out there will be getting turned on by (and making rude pics and videos of) it, and I think I’m kinda happy about that fact. ;o)

Yours, (but don’t tell the neighbours!)