Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pandora Followup

Liz makes a regular habit of opening her “big bratty mouth” as she puts it. Maybe she’s just feeling mischievous, maybe she wants dominating and putting in her place… but doesn’t want to come out and say that. Or maybe she’s just so used to being a brat, that it’s the default mindset that she naturally slips into.

I could work on that… From a d/s perspective, surely the *best* kind of default mindset would be the one where she feels driven to please, and finds herself kneeling, deferring to me, offering herself for my enjoyment and generally behaving as though I’m the ever-glowing center of her existence.

Everyone’s desires are different though, and for me, the thing about being treated like that 24/7 is that I’d find it fantastically dull. I’d miss the banter we share, the discussions we have, the way that we’re both pretty adept at anticipating what the other is thinking at any given time, (As I’ve mentioned, there are times when I can pretty much read Liz’s mind without the aid of hypnosis) and the way we seem to be very much in tune. (On several occasions when we’ve been apart for hours, I’ve been texting Liz on my mobile at the exact instant she’s been messaging me.)

If she were a permanent slavegirl, her only thought might be “I want to serve Master” and I don’t know if I’d find that as stimulating. Obviously I still want to be able to click my fingers and turn darling Lizzy into a mindless thrall… but I want my brainy brat back afterwards too.

I know there may be people out there who’ll read me saying that and think me barmy for turning down the option of having a mindless slavegirl at my beck and call 24/7, but having someone around incapable of thinking for themselves can be a drain. Not only do I have to occupy myself and make the best use of my time, but I have to organise hers as well. When to cook, when to eat, when to clean, when to study, I know I could just stand her mindlessly in a cupboard somewhere till I need her, but I’ve too big a conscience to regularly discard her like that, or to organise her existence around following my whims.

To use an example from a game I was playing recently... In Mass Effect, the big bad of that game is called Sovereign. (A nice dominant name if ever I heard one.)

Sovereign is Reaper (A gargantuan malevolent sentient spaceship that’s been around for millions of years, and awakens with it’s brethren from hibernation every 50,000 years to wipe out all other sentient life in the galaxy.) It emits a mind control field that “indoctrinates” anyone aboard over a period of time. Some people will end up as it’s total thralls over a period of hours, for others it’ll take days or weeks, it gets everyone in the end though.

One of the problems with indoctrination, is that the more indoctrinated any given being is, the less willpower, initiative and imagination they have, till they reach the point where they’re a mindless husk, simply awaiting commands, totally loyal to Sovereign… but totally unable to do anything useful or intelligent with themselves. As such, the people who are most useful to Sovereign are those who are only partially indoctrinated. Mostly obedient to it’s will… but still able to act on their own initiative and carry out complex missions. (Not just “Go to point A and shoot everyone you see there.)

See? Even the giant evil spaceship from before the dawn of time doesn’t really want 100% mind controlled slaves. :oP

I think the best option’s probably to just sneakily cultivate more submissive methods of behaviour when she’s not looking. She’d still get to be a brat.. but at times she’d find herself thinking. “Hmmm, I really shoul prepare a nice meal for Master… uh… I mean Lex sometime” it’s something to consider anyway.

I have actually made good on some of the threats I made in Liz’s pandora post. On nights when she has uni the next day, her bedtime’s moved from “Whenever the hell I feel like it” (Usually 1:30am - 4am) to midnight. She doesn’t make it easy though. At times she’ll (“innocently”) start a game of Left 4 Dead at 11:40, even though a full game could take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, she’ll even ask if I want to play too… which of course I’ll always turn down… (well… always *consider* turning down… which is just as good, right?)

I think my crowning moment was actually the point where I *did* confiscate Liz’s WoW authenticator (Her only way of logging into WarCrack)

She had a coursework hand-in due in on the Wednesday. On the weekend preceding the hand-in she still hadn’t made a start on it. I told her that I wanted her to put in a good few hours the next day whilst at uni.

“I don’t need to do that, I’m going to be pulling an all-nighter on Tuesday.”

“Why not pull an all-dayer on the Monday and get the job done sooner rather than later?”

“I work best under pressure”

“You *are* under pressure, you’ve had 3 weeks to do this coursework, and now you’ve only got 3 *days* left.”

“Big deal. I’ll get it done” she said insincerely, and went back to riding some kind of flying beastie in her game.

As I tutted at this behaviour a plan formed in my mind. I looked over with a little smile and gave the command:

“Hey Liz? SLEEP!”

She slumped. Eyes closed. Head rolled to one side. Mouth partially open. Her flying beastie just idling onscreen awaiting input, whilst it’s controller sat thoughtlessly in her own chair… breathing deeply, awaiting input

“Sit yourself up straight” I said. (Not wanting her to pull any muscles from her awkward position.)

“Yes Sir” came her response. Her voice softer, deferential. Much better.

“Now… as you know. You’ve got a coursework due in on Wednesday, don’t you.” I quizzed.

“Yes Sir” came her impassive response.

“And as *I* know, you’re probably going to spend most of tomorrow gaming, aren’t you.”

“Yes Sir” she admitted emotionlessly.

“Well actually no.. what you’re going to find, is that unless you’ve done some work on your coursework, you’re not going to be able to game. D’you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“You’ll be able to start the games up no problem… but on getting into them, you’re going to find that your hands can’t remember how to play. You’re going to be a complete noob. Unable to get any headshots in CounterStrike, unable to shoot straight in Left 4 Dead, unable to cast spells properly in World of Warcraft. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good Girl. Now would you like to know how you’re going to get your gaming skills back?”

“Yes please Sir” she said, a slight catch in her voice. Even in her relaxed state, the threat to take away her gaming skills still had a a lot of impact.

“Very good. What you’ll find is that for every hour of work you do on your coursework, you’ll get an hour of skill gaming. Once that hour’s up. Back to being a noob. The only way you’re going to be able to play these games is if you do more work on your coursework again. D’you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very good. Now… waking up on three…”

I woke her up feeling pretty pleased with myself. It was a clever suggestion that I hoped would be effective at motivating her to do some bloody work. I dropped a few hints that gaming tomorrow would be tricky… but didn’t tell her the full extent of the programming I’d given her till I dropped her off at the train station the next morning. Her choice of words as I drove off in the car was colourful to say the least.

I’ll admit I may have patted myself on the back a little prematurely at this. I’ll also admit that I shouldn’t really have expected Liz to behave in the way I *wanted* her to behave, owing to the fact that she’ll exploit every loophole, and every questionable bit of logic that she can. What she failed to take into account though, was that I would indeed make good on another one of my punishment threats were she to disobey.

The next time I saw her, she was looking kind of happy and smug. Could it be the warm sense of achievement that comes from a job well done? I thought… Could it be she’s done her coursework already?

Of course not. This is Liz we’re talking about. Her smug demeanour stemmed purely from the fact that she’d managed to work her way around my programming without me noticing until it was too late.

“Good day at uni?” I asked.

“Mmhmmm” She said, with a mischievous little grin and a wiggle in her walk.

“Cool. What did you get up to? Do any work?”

“I spent the day hanging out with mates, trying to arrange another hypno-meet and browsing the hypnopics collective”

This came as something of a surprise to me. (Not so much the hanging out with buddies and browsing hypno-porn… she’s always doing that, but the fact she’d gone out of her way to start arranging another hypno-meet. She loves going to them… but is usually far too busy gaming to take any part in the preparation of them. Something was very wrong with this picture.)

“Oh? Okay… so did you get any work done?”

“Erm… not as such”

“What… do you *mean* ‘not as such?’” came my deliberately icy reply, though inwardly I was more in the mind to kick myself for not checking up on her work’s progress throughout the day.

“I mean… not… at… all?” She said, giving me the puppydog eyes, before breaking out her ‘Huzzah I’m a cute genius and I've beaten you at your own game' grin.

“I see.” I said, leaving a nice pause for effect. “Guess that means I get your authenticator then.”

Her face dropped.

“WHAT!? B… but… I didn’t game!”

“And the reason you didn’t game is because you didn’t want to do any bloody work.”

“But you only said you didn’t want me gaming!”

“Is that what I said? Because what I *wanted* was for you to get a move on with your coursework”

“But you only *said* no gaming!” she said with a hopeful smile. If I hadn’t already taken the wind out of her sails with my decision to take her authenticator this little loophole in my commands would have been highlighted with all the triumphantalism that the girl can muster. (Which can be a hell of a lot.)

“Dagnabbit. You’re obeying the word of the command but not the spirit of the command. I *wanted* you to get your coursework done. Not for you to spent your day arsing around looking at hypno porn. And you *knew* that.”

“Youonlysaidnogaming” she muttered, folding her arms and looking away, still flailing weakly at that dead horse.

The rest of the journey home was spent in silence. I knew from experience that she’d be working out a way to cheapen my victory, so the cogs were turning in my head as I concocted a way of maximising her drive to work now I had her full attention.

On getting home she fired up her laptop and asked me (now the possessor of her authenticator) if she could sign into WoW. She had a raid that evening, and one of the agreements I’d made in advance was that I was only going to put a stop to her WoWing on her own. Not cut back on her activities with her guild. (Which for those for whom it means something is one of the highest ranking guilds in our particular realm. The guys are great to chat to, but they will kick anyone out of the guild who they don’t think is pulling their weight.)

I let her sign in. She couldn’t resist the urge to mumble further complaints at me though.

“There’s no point in you trying to get me to work now. You’ve already got my authenticator. What else can you do?” she grumbled, trying to cheapen any victory that I was attempting to claim. She wasn’t going to make this easy. Good idea I know how to reward as well as punish though…

“Alright then… how about this… I’m going to keep hold of your authenticator for a week. But for every 2 hours of work that you do tomorrow *before* midnight, I’ll take a day off that week.”

She didn’t reply immediately. From the mixed emotions on her face I could tell that she was probably thinking “Dammit… sounds like a good idea.” or “I think he’s got me.”

“Alright…” she said softly, her eyes evasive, realising that I had her. That doing work in the daytime instead of leaving it till 11pm and *then* starting it was the only way she was going to get to lay a finger on her authenticator again in the next 168 hours.

She went back to her game, a little smile on her face.

Addendum I should probably clarify that this particular smile was from being forced into a corner where her only way out was to be a good girl. Not because she'd found yet another way to get around my orders.

That night there weren't many guild members online, so after an hour she logged out of WoW and put an hour or so into her coursework. She went to bed at midnight without being asked. (She's such a good girl.)

The next day I got a couple of eager texts from her telling me to ask her buddies how much work she'd done that day. (I've swapped contact details with one of her mates so we can both keep an eye on how much work she actually does.) She ended up wrapping up the first draft of her coursework before bedtime, grabbing a decent night's sleep (for a student who was intending to pull an all-nighter anyway) and getting her work handed in with hours to spare.

I should take her toys away more often. ;o)


Olcas said...

Hmm, taking away gaming ability.

I know for sure that would make me get my ass in gear and work!

Parkey said...

It's worth pointing out here that "trying to arrange another hypno-meet" consisted of sending me a text message demanding that I organise one.

Shadow said...

LOL! In her defense though, you should know by now that, when in trance, suggestions/commands are interpreted very literally. Thus, if you want her to do something, give her a command to do it, hints and intention won't get you anywhere. Way to go Liz, keep him on his toes! :p

All in all, if you want her to get her work done, install a compulsion in her to get her work done 'as soon as possible, without over-working or over-stressing herself, and to the best of her ability'. Although I could use a similar compulsion myself, I procrastinate on my coursework way too much LOL!

OT: Hey Parkey! Long time no see!

Side-note: Have you ever noticed that procrastinators never put off procrastinating? They(we) always do it early, and often!

Luis Enrique said...

omg well your intentions are really good yet.. always be carefull of a braty mind xD tell me about my wife already:P yet i think liz is happy with it, in other part of the post i agree with the boring part of a 24/7 slave thing, part of what makes us love our gilrs is their own attitude... belive it or not :P even sometimes they dont think so.. we do, anyways good follow up and u guys are great

Anonymous said...

Argh, you're such a cruel Master to poor Liz! It'd be better to be mindless and unaware than under the torture of no gaming! (But I guess that's the point :P)

You know, I can see how 24/7 slavery could get boring, but then again, you could always experiment with it a little. Like, turning Liz into a completely mindless slave during a lazy weekend with neither having work to do.
Besides, us loyal readers would enjoy that, and you don't want to disappoint us, do you? :3

PS: If you ever do that, you could tell slave Liz to write on your behalf. It'd be interesting to read a post written from the point of view of a mindless, personality-less slave girl.

Mistress Winters said...

Yes. I think all of us have contemplated the merits of a 24/7 mindless slave.

When I was a hormonal adolescent (as opposed to a hormonal 20 something :~P) I thought the idea of a mindless zombie like slave that I could keep in a cupboard was quite appealing... but as I grew up and began having proper relationships, the idea seemed less appealing.

I think when I was in my early teens I didn't really see people as people. In my typical teenage way, I was the centre of the universe and those around me seemed like empty shells, not real people... as such keeping slaves seemed a great idea...

Of course inevitably, one day I met a girl who changed all that. I saw her as a real person, I fell in love for the first time, and from then on I was forever changed. Able to see a world full of real people with hearts and minds, and not empty shells... after that it becomes harder to see people as slaves... 'things' to be possessed and collected.

And once I'd started dabbling with hypnosis with partners and got to get a taste of my fantasy, almost all thought of mindless 24/7 slaves disappeared.

One of the things I find most appealing about putting girls under and playing with them is the struggle... the thrill of the chase... the slow erosion of barriers... Basically I like it when the girl has some spirit and puts up a fight.

It's the old cliche... if a girl gives it up too quickly, you get bored and move on.

Liz's brattyness and the battle of wits that go with it are exactly what I look for.