Thursday, 25 February 2010

Night out in Liverpool.

Updated: Added some chatlog excerpts to the end of this post.

So after Liz had herself hypnotized onstage in front of 100 or so students at David Knight’s hypnosis show last week, we’ve been in the unusual situation of being able to naturally chat about hypnosis as part of everyday conversation. Usually it’s a tricky topic to raise without also raising people’s eyebrows, getting them wondering why on earth you’re suddenly crowbarring something into the conversation that the majority of “normal” folk would probably consider more than a little weird.

Last week was one of Liz’s student buddy’s birthdays. For the sake of this story I’ll call him AJ. Now, AJ’s quite the ladies man, I’d list a few of his many talents, but he’s been known to read the blog and I don’t want to big him up *too* much in case he starts thinking that I’m carrying a flame for him. Suffice it to say he’s tall, funny, musical, a juggler (Not in the creepy way) and has one of those “six-pack” things that seem to be so popular with the ladies.

Anyway, AJ’s aware of mine and Liz’s hypnokink, partly because Liz has grown more comfortable mentioning it to friends now she’s at uni around a new group of people, partly because he’s seen this blog, and partly because one time whilst Liz and he were pulling an all-night study-session in the library, Liz’s mate Trish popped up on Yahoo Messenger, hypnotized Liz to think she was a robot, and then had Robo-Liz undressing and performing lewd acts on herself on webcam. (I suppose things like that can make quite an impression)

He was one of a few friends that went along to the show and saw Liz in all her hypnotized glory as she rode her hypno-horsie into town, won the grand national, hallucinated a naked audience, flirted her arse off with the hypnotist, and performed an erotic dance for the student body. Afterwards I think it was the topic of conversation with Liz and her uni mates off and on for a few days.

The following Friday, everyone was out drinking in Liverpool for AJ’s birthday celebration. When I arrived at the pub, Liz and he were there with about 15 other rowdy student types. I did get introduced to everyone, but the majority of the names kinda went by in a blur. I’ll usually make some hilarious joke about just calling everyone “Brian”

One person that *did* stick out was Dave. This is because Dave appears to be the distilled essence of all that is “studentdom”: Bright pink hair, Penis piercing, (Not that he was waving it around – on this occasion at least.) fairly awful jokes (“What’s invisible and smells of carrots? … Rabbit Farts!”) and the ability to talk none-stop rubbish for 3 hours straight and still come across as being a fascinating individual. He’d also heard about Liz’s hypnotic escapade earlier in the week, and when AJ had half-joked “Yeah, Liz gets hypnotized by her boyfriend all the time.” rather than laugh it off, Dave considered that for a moment, decided he believed it totally, and said “Really? Cool. I need to hear more about *that*”.

So there I am at the pub (arriving slightly late as even though I’d asked half a dozen taxi drivers, none of them had heard of the pub at which everyone was gathered.) I got Liz and myself a couple of drinks, sat down next to her, and while everyone else was busy seeing how many shots they could get AJ to keep down, (which for those who’re interested is about 10 over a 45 minute period – at which point his digestive system goes into reverse.) this pink haired fellow leaned in and cheekily said “So I hear you’re a hypnotist?”

Inwardly I was a little surprised at this coming up in conversation, but part of being a hypnotist is appearing to confidently take everything in your stride, so I just grinned and smoothly said “yep, from time to time” giving Lizzidoll a sideways glance to see if tonight would be a good time to toy with her mind publicly. (Something she enjoys… but needs to be done around the right kind of audience.) Her cheeks flushed, she grinned a bit, and playfully avoided my gaze. Obviously she’d find being toyed with a *little* embarrassing… but judging by the way she was now nonchalantly looking around the pub and whistling to herself, I gathered that more than anything, she’d enjoy the experience.

Liz had warned me that Dave would probably label me a dirty old git for going out with an innocent wee student such as her; (I’m pushing 30, she’s not *quite* ten years my junior. ;o) so in the interests of distracting her from the fact I’d decided to make her my demonstration hypno dolly for the night, I popped one arm casually around her shoulder and assisted Dave in running through all the Bald / Old Man jokes that he could think up over a 5 minute period. (Throwing in a few good-natured pink haired student jibes of my own, from time to time.)

In reality, trying to distract Liz from something said over 30 seconds ago is *not* that mighty an achievement. She’s got the attention span of a goldfish, and merely pointing out something shiny is usually enough to derail her train of... Ooh! A bee!

Anyway. As Dave and I were wrapping up his “old git” line of banter, I told him that *another* brilliant part of being a pervy old man was the fact I could take an impressionable young lady like Liz… run the fingers of one hand through her hair above the nape of her neck like so… and with my other hand, brush the hair out of her face like this… then place my palm against her forehead… give a little push from the back as I firmly tell her to “SLEEP”

Liz slumped in her seat, her arms dropping to her sides, expression going from amused engagement to detached thoughtlessness. I spent a few moments rocking her head gently, encouraging her to drop deeper into trance, and just to let the sounds of the pub around her lull her deeper into comfort… then turned back to my conversation with Dave. He was just sat there with a massive grin on his face. I think it was a high-five moment right there and then. Liz remained seated comfortably, breathing deeply, while the discussions went on around her. I think a couple of people in the group might have noticed, but I guess a girl that appears to be sleeping or passed out isn’t *that* strange a sight to see in your typical student pub.

We carried on chatting for a few moments about hypnosis, about the kinds of things Liz and I like to get up to, and I reassured him that my toying with Liz like this would be *very* much welcomed by her, even if she wasn’t going to admit that. After a little while I sat her up in her seat, still with that peaceful passive expression on her face and counted her awake.

Normally on waking from trance, if you move the conversation swiftly along onto new topics, Liz hardly seems to register the fact that she’s been under. In cases such as this though… with 2 or 3 people staring directly at her, and 2 or 3 more giving her curious looks out of the corner of their eyes from the background, she definitely realised that she’d been toyed with.

“Oh boy… have you started already?” she began… trying to bury her face in her hands… but by this point I was already bodylocking her in place, moving her arm, twisting her torso, tilting her head, posing her like my very own life size doll. Liz huffed and puffed a little at this, (until I told her to freeze, anyway. Then to smile like a good dolly.) and Dave and I carried on talking for another couple of minutes.

Rapid hypnotic inductions aren’t something I do very often, but they’re something Liz relishes and wishes I’d do more of, so I took the opportunity to a) Practice, and b) Show off to Dave and AJ, who were the only ones actively paying any attention… there were probably a few more people quite interested in the little hypno show I had going on, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s sometimes an awkward topic to raise.

Periodically over the next twenty minutes or so, as soon as I felt that Liz’s guard was down I’d put my hand to her forehead, fingertips to her temples and pull her down into trance. I’d leave her there for a few moments, waking her up feeling flirty, then slutty, then giggly. At one point she cottoned on to what I was doing and took firm hold of my arm telling me to stop messing with her. (At which point my free hand, which was round behind her shoulders still tapped her on the top of her head daintily as I intoned “Sleeeeep” – the expression as she melted back into trance was a mixed one of annoyance, amusement and arousal.)

As is the way when you’re drinking, I felt nature’s call before too long, so woke Liz once more, gave her a kiss (or did I kiss her *then* wake her…) and nipped off to the gents. As luck would have it, this was the perfect time to syphon the python, as about 8 seconds later, AJ discovered his 10 shot limit and decided to be sick all over the carpet. (Where my shiny new trainers had been situated just seconds earlier.) On my return from the bathroom, AJ was acquiring his second wind, (feeling a *lot* more lively now he’d cleared his system) and the group all suddenly realised that they had reasons to be heading onto the next club… preferably before the bar staff took notice of that strange discoloured patch on the carpet that had appeared in one of their booths.

We ambled through the streets of Liverpool towards our next stop, a shot bar called Baa Bar, stopping periodically to dip into AJ’s bag of birthday sweeties (not a drug euphemism, someone had genuinely bought the lad a bag of Haribo) or watch whilst AJ (demonstrating his recovery from the effects of all those shots) vaulted over bins, bollards and billboards. The bar was a short 5 minute walk away, (so we got there in about 15) and when we got there, a few of us nipped upstairs to the balcony around the dance floor and found ourselves a couple of empty tables.

Here the hypno play continued as I stuck Liz to her seat, magnetised her to the point where whenever she tried to sit at a distance from me, she’d find her butt sliding along the couch back towards mine, (and her arms snaking around me and cuddling like crazy.) and had her believing that the tee-lights on the table were just far too heavy to lift.

While she was sat beside me, concentrating intently, using both hands, and grunting with effort as she tried to work out why she couldn’t budge a tiny little candle, I chatted to Dave some more about kink, (seems he’s another dominant type, and for some reason seeing Liz helplessly obeying my every whim like I had direct control of her brain – which of course I do – struck a chord in him.)

It wasn’t *all* hypno-related by the way, Liz’s housemate Johnny didn’t seem particularly engaged by the pseudo stage-show, so I spent about 15 minutes geekily discussing manga and anime with him. Unfortunately it seems that although we’ve both seen plenty of Anime, not much of what we’ve seen overlapped... and it’s not like I even go looking for the weird hentai stuff. :oP (Often)

At one point AJ vanished for a bit, something about picking up a lady, and when he got back, we were all introduced to Cassie, his “friend” from home who’d popped up for the weekend to hang out.

(Liz: He tried saying she was “just a friend” but we all knew it was a booty call. ;o)

Cassie’s a really nice girl, she’s a slim, petite classy looking brunette lady. She didn’t *seem* the booty call type... but then, looks can be deceptive. Most people looking at Liz and myself wouldn’t usually think that we’d be a couple, and probably wouldn’t think that we’re as kinky as we are… though saying *that*, after 5 minutes talking to us, most people come to the conclusion that we’re very well suited, very geeky and very kinky. ;o)

We chatted for a bit, made her feel as welcome as you can when you’re shouting over the music, and Liz and I carried on our hypnotic shenanigans, this time with Cassie looking on whilst AJ was whispering *something* surreptitious in her ear. At the time I didn’t know what was being said, but he’s been pretty keen to try his own hand at hypnosis pretty much ever since hearing about the kind of things that Liz and I use it for. Seeing me hypnotically bringing Liz to the brink of orgasm simply by counting to 4 definitely got both his and Cassie’s mind’s working overtime, and by the time it was time for me and Liz to get our skates on, (Liz had work in the morning) I think they’d both decided that this was something they’d definitely like to look into trying out for themselves.

We headed off around 1am, AJ had recovered remarkably and though he was still drinking, he didn’t seem to be getting particularly drunk. He protested the fact that people were buying him shots at one point, claiming that shots just don’t agree with him, and that if he’d been drinking pints, he could have drunk ten to a dozen just fine without any of the side-effects that had cropped up earlier.

Liz received a text from AJ a few hours later (the dude’s an insomniac) telling us that Cassie was just recovering from her first hypnotic orgasms, and he told me on MSN the next day that having hypnotic control of a girl has brought out a whole new side of him, and he fancies building a harem of hypnotized workers for himself.

If AJ doesn’t mind, I’ll list off a few of the suggestions he’s given Cassie… maybe he’d like to blog about it himself though. ;)

Update: He doesn't mind, and Cassie's fine with me telling you about it too, so here's a few excerpts from our followup chat:

AJ: Well the first two I did pretty much one after the other. I thought 'fuck it, it's my birthday' so gave her one called 'Umbrella' that basically makes her really really really want to give me the best blowjob she's ever given.

Lex: Well it *was* your birthday and she *did* want to be toyed with... ;o)

AJ: Then I felt a little guilty. I've got a far too overactive conscience, so gave her a 1-10 arousal then orgasm trigger.

Lex: Understandable, I feel bad if I turn Liz into a blowjob dispensing machine... even if she *does* kinda like that...

AJ: I gave her a basic freeze trigger where she can feel everything, speak (if I allow her) and think, but not move.

Lex: Cool, how well does she freeze? Does she still blink?

AJ: Her face can still move...but she can't change her expression. (so I've caught her pulling a couple of silly faces already)

AJ: Then there's one called "Stop" where she's frozen, but doesn't get to feel anything till I say "Unstop" (Bad grammar, but it's the simplest thing) at which point all feelings hit her at once, but at twice the speed.

Lex: Niiice. A bit like Liz's "delayed reaction" trigger.

Liz: Unstop must have killed you. Grammar Nazi that you are. ;o)

AJ: Also, Cassie likes to babble a lot about complete rubbish, so I made a mute so she doesn't know she's not making sound. (That was handy as I was reading the paper yesterday.)

Lex: Liz has one of those... but realises when I use it. So shuts up, huffs and alternates between glaring at me / poking me till i give her her voice back.

AJ: Then there's some reward words... "Good Girl" gives her shivers of pleasure. "Very Good Girl" gives her pleasure that's a 6/7 on the scale of arousal, and "Very Very Good Girl" is 8/9.

AJ: And I had a free flat till Wednesday, so I put in one of my favourites. 'Scream' is where she literally does what it says on the tin, but also goes 3 points up on the arousal scale. That's fun... particularly if she's already at 10.

AJ: One more is 'Hands above head, stuck fast at the wrist', which is always good, as we never did get to use those handcuffs that we borrowed off you in the end...

Lex: Ah right, I'll be needing those back by the way. :oP

AJ: Then there's 'Magic Fingers' which I described to her by saying 'Each of my fingertips on your skin will cause a reaction 50 times that of on your clit, anywhere on your body.' I'm not sure it actually *is* 50 times stronger... but I made sure to say it would only be pure pleasure, no sensitivity or pain.

AJ: My favourite: 'Magic Tip' The end of my cock has the same effect as 5 fingers. That one's fun during a blowjob... though I did have to put in the caveat of no biting the member...

AJ: And there's one I called 'Trombone' (This and 'Umbrella' were my first two proper triggers so I was thinking "Innocuous Words"...) It takes her to 11 immediately.

AJ: Which is fun when teamed with the delayed reaction and going 'Trombone, No Trombone, Trombone, No Trombone etc.'

Lex: Teasing can be fun, I know a sub on collarme that likes to be teased for a whole evening before she gets to orgasm. Keeps them interested I think. ;)

AJ: It so did, but I didn't want to over complicate things. And I know all about orgasm denial. ;)

Lex: Liz likes the thought to some degree, me being fulfilled and her being left wanting... but I always feel stingy if I do that and leave her with no orgasm, so she usually gets one, even if she doesn't get to remember it.

AJ: Awwwww. Well I'm a giver, Cassie's had over 150 in her 4 day visit... including one without me being in the room, and one on a bus.

Lex: Hmmm, how many of those were au natural, and how many her hypnotically induced? (I'm asking purely out of scientific interest. ;o)

AJ: About 100 were down to hypno.

Lex: Dude, you've got crazy stamina. :o|

AJ: It's a gift and a curse.

Lex: Liz's hypnotic orgasms aren't *quite* as good as her real ones... still, I doubt there are many ladies out there who'd complain at 50 genuine big O's.

AJ: Oh she has fun. I've got easily the best bruises on my shoulders I've ever got from a girl.

AJ: My back is an absolute glorious shambles of bloodied scratches and marks.

Lex: Sounds... erm... lovely.

AJ: You have mindlessness as your hypno kink. I'm a major Sado-Masochist. ;o)

Lex: Hehe, well cool. D'you mind me putting up some of this excerpt on the blog?

AJ: Be my guest.

Lex: Cheers!

The spread of hypno kink continues.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Lights.... Camera.... SLEEP!

This wasn't from the show I took part in, but you get the idea.

A little while back, I saw a poster for a stage hypnotist that was coming to my local area and it had piqued my interest. After musing about it during that day, I decided to casually drop it into conversation with some of my friends – to test their reaction more than anything else. It’s always strange, but when you have a hidden ‘interest’ like Lex and I do, on the one hand there are a *tonne* of moments that elicit chuckles and knowing smiles from those on the ‘inside’. On the other hand, it always makes me nervous to either tell a new friend about my hypnokink, or broach topics that could potentially ‘land me in it’.

So, with my best display of nonchalance, I brought it up to a few people; one of whom already knew about my hypnokink and so understood my sudden interest in the show. The rest, however (to my surprise) were rather divided in their opinions about it. I guess there’s always the assumption that any fetish you have will be scorned by the other members of society. But my friends were evenly divided really, I had one or two that were really ‘up for a laugh’ and others who decided to politely decline. No-one looked at me as if I had two heads when asking them, which was a pleasant surprise.

After managing to drag a few of them along with me, I attended my first stage hypnosis show earlier last week. Yup folks, Miss get-your-five-(trances)-a-day has never been to a stage hypnosis show. Sure, I’ve seen Mr McKenna on TV when I was younger; heck he’s one of the reasons I’ve got the kink I do. However, I’d never gotten around to seeing a stage show.
If I’m honest with you all, I’d been really nervous about it the more I thought about it. The dreaded ‘acting dilemma’ resurfaced as I pondered whether, if I did get up on stage, I’d be able to respond in front of all of those people. I’ve been tranced many a time before now as a ‘demo-doll’ for Lex’s hypnoshoots, but that’s two or three people in a room, and the models are going to be hypnotised later anyway. Here, I’d have to perform through all the usual embarrassing suggestions in front of 50-100 rowdy university students. What would happen if I got up on stage and was told I wasn’t going to be a good enough subject? Honestly, with all my hypnotic background, that would have killed me. But if that was the case, was I going to just force myself through any suggestion I was given?

By the time I arrived with my friends on the night, I wasn’t sure if I was even going to bother getting up. Having never been to one of these events, as far as I knew, the ‘tist just hypnotised the whole room and picked those who best responded. If this was the case, I wouldn’t get much choice, unless I actively fought the induction. One of the girls in our group reminded me that it was one of the lad’s birthdays, and that we should try to get him up on stage if we could. Now, I knew that he wasn’t too excited about the whole idea of hypnosis, and that part of him would ‘like’ to go under, but we both had a strong inkling that he’d fight it on an analytical level. So, whilst I felt a little bad (I did, honest!), I went across and introduced myself to David Knight before he began.

Now, when I’m a little nervous, I tend to adopt Lex’s ‘fake it until you make it!’ attitude. Which, worked great on the surface, however my anxiety has to come out in another medium. Mine is verbal diarrhoea. So not only did I tell David that it was my friend’s birthday, and that if possible could we force him up on stage but I ended up revealing a lot more than I intended. Positive comments Anthony Jaquelin had said about him on the UncommonForum... That I was a hypnofetishist.... That I’d been a subject for over 2.5 years now.... That I was nervous about whether I’d respond or not... Why can I never keep my mouth shut!

To his credit, David was a lovely fellow; really bubbly and chatty. He put me a little more at ease, mentioning that if I’d like to have a go, then great, if not, then it wouldn’t be a problem and that he hoped I’d enjoy the show.

At that moment the ‘birthday boy’ walked past us both, and I mentally cringed, praying to God he didn’t hear me dropping him in it. I nervously smiled to David, and decided to take my seat as the lights went down. It turned out I’d been wrong about his selection process. He asked for 12-14 volunteers from the audience, and at that moment I pointed my friend out to David, who proceeded to call him up onto the stage. To the birthday boy’s credit, there were only one or two glares that shot my way.

As the seats filled up on stage, my heart began to race. Decision time had come. In the background, a Countdown clock sounded (okay, no it didn’t, but it’s my story, and I’ll use whatever metaphorical props I like, thank you!) Was I going to get up on stage and risk not being able to respond to these suggestions, especially after I’d gone and told the hypnotist that I’d had a fair deal of prior experience as a subject? Or was I going to miss out, and in all likelihood kick myself later on for not going up? I looked up at my friend on stage, and felt a little bad considering both of our expectations for his abilities, and felt a little bad that I’d landed him up there alone. Biting my lip, I charged onto the stage, nabbing the last spot.

I looked around at the others lined up on stage, the birthday boy and I managed to exchange a brief knowing smile. No turning back now, I thought.

David began with some simple testers, floating/weighted hands, and magnetic fingers (yeah, look at me with my hypno knowledge! Booyah!) and had soon wheedled the number of volunteers down to about 10. It was strange actually, since I understood his patter and still managed to block out any points I began to overanalyse it. There were, however, bits of his patter I decided to ignore: “Imagine the superglue setting in between your fingers, now imagine a metal rod going through your hands, and a bolt on the end...” Erm. No thanks David.

He also placed me to one side at the front of the stage, facing to the side and looking up at the ceiling. There was the usual ‘close your eyes... breathe deeply... relaxing deeper all the time...’ patter going on, however it was unfortunately blocked out by one nagging factor. He’d placed me right underneath one of the speakers, and so having him talk through the microphone using a deep, booming voice, with my head inches away from a giant sound system, isn’t exactly what I’d consider relaxing. Then I felt his presence to the side of me, and (off the microphone, thankfully) he told me that as he clicked his fingers, every muscle would go limp and I’d fall back into his arms.

Being a woman, there was a small alarm bell in the back of my mind that made me *incredibly* nervous when he said that. I don’t even like Lex taking my full weight, even when he commands me to, and here I had to fall back to a guy I’d never met? Oh, I had no doubt he’d catch me, but would he be able to take my weight? I didn’t have long to muse about it because I heard the click and that small voice departed with an “Oh, fuck it” as I fell backwards. He was rather gentle, actually, which was nice, but the stage was fecking freezing! It wasn’t long before I was shivering, and tried to force my way back into trance and ignore the shivering until he came back to pick me up again.

It’s a flipping good job I’m so used to being a subject I can pretty much put myself under. And whilst the induction wasn’t *quite* as smooth as some I’ve had in the past, I have to bear in mind that it’s a stage show environment, not Lex’s bed.

He began with ‘simple’ methods of making fools out of the volunteers. Playing imaginary pianos, and riding horses (firstly becoming a cowboy, and secondly winning the Grand National). Apparently though, my movements were *slightly* more practised than the rest of the ‘key mashing’ and jumping around that was going on, as to me, I was just playing my piano at home, or riding as I did when I was younger. These suggestions were particularly amusing as a few of us ended up putting on spotless Western American accents as cowboys (or cowgirls in my case), and one lad when asked how he felt after winning the Grand National, responded (in a perfect Irish brogue) that he’d been training for 25 years and he wanted nothing more than to go home and have a bath. Bless.

Unfortunately for me, apparently what I’m most remembered for was a suggestion later on involving a pair of large glasses (we’re talking comedically large). Two other lads had been told that as they wore them, everyone in the room would appear naked. To their credit, the lads were really creative, and seemed to respond really well. After accepting the excuse that it was “Naked Thursday” in the University, one asked David if he could send all the males away and have all the women jump up and down. The other seemed incredulous that David had managed to get ‘his boys’ naked at the back of the room (even if they *were* rugby players). When it was my turn to put on the glasses, not only did I have trouble keeping them on over my own pair, but I made my repulsion *very* obvious as I caught the hypnotist out of the corner of my eye. I even asked him to stand out of my peripheral vision, and went back to checking out the *very* cute boy sitting next to me on the stage.

David of course, was not one to have his ego besmirched, and quickly zapped me again. I was told that as I awoke, he would now be endowed with the biggest cock I’d ever seen and that I’d be ‘all over him like a rash’. I’d like to add a side-note here, and apologise to the reader in advance for my own behaviour during this suggestion. I think the only thing that stopped me stripping right in front of the stage was a disclaimer he gave at the start that said there would be none of that kind of naughtiness ;) But, that didn’t stop me from using the worst and most clich├ęd lines in the book (we’re talking “so, do you come here often?” territory). David began to look a little uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop me, and – to quote the birthday boy himself – “he told you to sit back down in your seat, and the *sway* in your hips woman was frankly scandalous”. Even then, when he was torturing other volunteers, I got up out of my seat and went and sat next to him on the stage. To my uttermost shame, I even grabbed his arse as he walked past! He did go a lovely beetroot though....

After making one of the lads ‘lose his penis’ (“I look like fuckin’ action man! Where’s my dick!”) and trail off into the audience asking people if they had it, he gave the poor lad ‘the biggest cock he’d ever seen’. As if hearing him claim that it was ‘back to normal’ wasn’t funny enough, as David walked across the stage a ways in front of him, the lad kicked back his chair suddenly, yelped in pain and leant against the banister. His grunts were a mixture of fury and (very nearly) tears as he explained that David had ‘stood on his cock’ as he’d walked past. Heck, I was on stage and nearly wet myself with laughter.

David rounded the show off with some suggestions that played on temperature. Those who’ve met me know just *how* important being warm is to me. Up north, we call it being ‘nesh’, but I don’t care, I can’t *stand* being cold. So we all went from sunbathing (one of the lads actually took off his shirt and began rubbing himself with sun cream!) to freezing cold, and having to hug and rub the person next to us as well.

Another side note to thank David for that particular suggestion, as I got to rub my hands up and down the six pack of the hot guy next to me! *looks across at Lex as she’s writing this* Not that I wanted that at all... *cough*

After deeming that we’d been cold long enough (yes, I flipping well had, thank you!) he told us that we’d wake up in shock for different reasons. The two lads at the end would be shocked as they were gay lovers who’d decided to pick tonight to come out, and I’d be shocked as I was hugging this guy when I was in love with the girl next to me. Let’s just say she didn’t seem overly happy as I tried to explain that “it didn’t mean anything” and let my hand trail across her thigh...

The last suggestion he gave us (after waking us up and removing triggers) was that as he shook our hand, we’d explode in orgasm. Looking down the line, most of the guys seemed quite quiet about it, though their voices suddenly changed as he asked them what they thought about hypnosis (“fuckin’ GREAT!). And then... there was my handshake....

*hangs head in shame*

Oh boy, was it obvious.

I’m not generally ‘quiet’ anyway, but on stage with a microphone under my chin? That, coupled with the ‘bathroom break’ I had to make as soon as I left the stage really couldn’t have made my enjoyment any more blatant.

As much as I protested going under during the show (come on, I couldn’t have gone under without *some* display of brattiness!)... Actually, I think I’ll elaborate on that one for you all, as it was ‘hilarious’ according to my friends. David had a system of going down the line of volunteers and putting them to sleep one by one. Of course, when it got to my turn, I’d hide my head in my heads, and refuse to look at him. Now, I knew that he could have just said “Liz, SLEEP!” and I’d have gone under without looking, but he decided to humour me and after I’d told him that “I wasn’t going under that easy, you bastard!” simply moved on to the next girl. As soon as I poked my head up even just an inch, a click came from the corner of my eye, and I slumped down once more. This happened a couple of times during the night, and each time he’d just distract me, and then catch me off guard.

After the show was over, I received a lot ‘knowing smiles’ and the odd round of applause from the audience members who clearly knew me now. In the bathroom, I even got one girl I’d never met come up to me and jokingly call me a whore! I’m just hoping that I’m not going to be spotted so frequently around the University. After all... it’s a big place, right? There’s not going to be any repercussions from my scandalous acts that night... are there?

At any rate, I’m considering going to more of his shows in future, just to see if he remembers me (I sincerely doubt it) and what he makes me do the next time.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pandora Followup

Liz makes a regular habit of opening her “big bratty mouth” as she puts it. Maybe she’s just feeling mischievous, maybe she wants dominating and putting in her place… but doesn’t want to come out and say that. Or maybe she’s just so used to being a brat, that it’s the default mindset that she naturally slips into.

I could work on that… From a d/s perspective, surely the *best* kind of default mindset would be the one where she feels driven to please, and finds herself kneeling, deferring to me, offering herself for my enjoyment and generally behaving as though I’m the ever-glowing center of her existence.

Everyone’s desires are different though, and for me, the thing about being treated like that 24/7 is that I’d find it fantastically dull. I’d miss the banter we share, the discussions we have, the way that we’re both pretty adept at anticipating what the other is thinking at any given time, (As I’ve mentioned, there are times when I can pretty much read Liz’s mind without the aid of hypnosis) and the way we seem to be very much in tune. (On several occasions when we’ve been apart for hours, I’ve been texting Liz on my mobile at the exact instant she’s been messaging me.)

If she were a permanent slavegirl, her only thought might be “I want to serve Master” and I don’t know if I’d find that as stimulating. Obviously I still want to be able to click my fingers and turn darling Lizzy into a mindless thrall… but I want my brainy brat back afterwards too.

I know there may be people out there who’ll read me saying that and think me barmy for turning down the option of having a mindless slavegirl at my beck and call 24/7, but having someone around incapable of thinking for themselves can be a drain. Not only do I have to occupy myself and make the best use of my time, but I have to organise hers as well. When to cook, when to eat, when to clean, when to study, I know I could just stand her mindlessly in a cupboard somewhere till I need her, but I’ve too big a conscience to regularly discard her like that, or to organise her existence around following my whims.

To use an example from a game I was playing recently... In Mass Effect, the big bad of that game is called Sovereign. (A nice dominant name if ever I heard one.)

Sovereign is Reaper (A gargantuan malevolent sentient spaceship that’s been around for millions of years, and awakens with it’s brethren from hibernation every 50,000 years to wipe out all other sentient life in the galaxy.) It emits a mind control field that “indoctrinates” anyone aboard over a period of time. Some people will end up as it’s total thralls over a period of hours, for others it’ll take days or weeks, it gets everyone in the end though.

One of the problems with indoctrination, is that the more indoctrinated any given being is, the less willpower, initiative and imagination they have, till they reach the point where they’re a mindless husk, simply awaiting commands, totally loyal to Sovereign… but totally unable to do anything useful or intelligent with themselves. As such, the people who are most useful to Sovereign are those who are only partially indoctrinated. Mostly obedient to it’s will… but still able to act on their own initiative and carry out complex missions. (Not just “Go to point A and shoot everyone you see there.)

See? Even the giant evil spaceship from before the dawn of time doesn’t really want 100% mind controlled slaves. :oP

I think the best option’s probably to just sneakily cultivate more submissive methods of behaviour when she’s not looking. She’d still get to be a brat.. but at times she’d find herself thinking. “Hmmm, I really shoul prepare a nice meal for Master… uh… I mean Lex sometime” it’s something to consider anyway.

I have actually made good on some of the threats I made in Liz’s pandora post. On nights when she has uni the next day, her bedtime’s moved from “Whenever the hell I feel like it” (Usually 1:30am - 4am) to midnight. She doesn’t make it easy though. At times she’ll (“innocently”) start a game of Left 4 Dead at 11:40, even though a full game could take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, she’ll even ask if I want to play too… which of course I’ll always turn down… (well… always *consider* turning down… which is just as good, right?)

I think my crowning moment was actually the point where I *did* confiscate Liz’s WoW authenticator (Her only way of logging into WarCrack)

She had a coursework hand-in due in on the Wednesday. On the weekend preceding the hand-in she still hadn’t made a start on it. I told her that I wanted her to put in a good few hours the next day whilst at uni.

“I don’t need to do that, I’m going to be pulling an all-nighter on Tuesday.”

“Why not pull an all-dayer on the Monday and get the job done sooner rather than later?”

“I work best under pressure”

“You *are* under pressure, you’ve had 3 weeks to do this coursework, and now you’ve only got 3 *days* left.”

“Big deal. I’ll get it done” she said insincerely, and went back to riding some kind of flying beastie in her game.

As I tutted at this behaviour a plan formed in my mind. I looked over with a little smile and gave the command:

“Hey Liz? SLEEP!”

She slumped. Eyes closed. Head rolled to one side. Mouth partially open. Her flying beastie just idling onscreen awaiting input, whilst it’s controller sat thoughtlessly in her own chair… breathing deeply, awaiting input

“Sit yourself up straight” I said. (Not wanting her to pull any muscles from her awkward position.)

“Yes Sir” came her response. Her voice softer, deferential. Much better.

“Now… as you know. You’ve got a coursework due in on Wednesday, don’t you.” I quizzed.

“Yes Sir” came her impassive response.

“And as *I* know, you’re probably going to spend most of tomorrow gaming, aren’t you.”

“Yes Sir” she admitted emotionlessly.

“Well actually no.. what you’re going to find, is that unless you’ve done some work on your coursework, you’re not going to be able to game. D’you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“You’ll be able to start the games up no problem… but on getting into them, you’re going to find that your hands can’t remember how to play. You’re going to be a complete noob. Unable to get any headshots in CounterStrike, unable to shoot straight in Left 4 Dead, unable to cast spells properly in World of Warcraft. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good Girl. Now would you like to know how you’re going to get your gaming skills back?”

“Yes please Sir” she said, a slight catch in her voice. Even in her relaxed state, the threat to take away her gaming skills still had a a lot of impact.

“Very good. What you’ll find is that for every hour of work you do on your coursework, you’ll get an hour of skill gaming. Once that hour’s up. Back to being a noob. The only way you’re going to be able to play these games is if you do more work on your coursework again. D’you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very good. Now… waking up on three…”

I woke her up feeling pretty pleased with myself. It was a clever suggestion that I hoped would be effective at motivating her to do some bloody work. I dropped a few hints that gaming tomorrow would be tricky… but didn’t tell her the full extent of the programming I’d given her till I dropped her off at the train station the next morning. Her choice of words as I drove off in the car was colourful to say the least.

I’ll admit I may have patted myself on the back a little prematurely at this. I’ll also admit that I shouldn’t really have expected Liz to behave in the way I *wanted* her to behave, owing to the fact that she’ll exploit every loophole, and every questionable bit of logic that she can. What she failed to take into account though, was that I would indeed make good on another one of my punishment threats were she to disobey.

The next time I saw her, she was looking kind of happy and smug. Could it be the warm sense of achievement that comes from a job well done? I thought… Could it be she’s done her coursework already?

Of course not. This is Liz we’re talking about. Her smug demeanour stemmed purely from the fact that she’d managed to work her way around my programming without me noticing until it was too late.

“Good day at uni?” I asked.

“Mmhmmm” She said, with a mischievous little grin and a wiggle in her walk.

“Cool. What did you get up to? Do any work?”

“I spent the day hanging out with mates, trying to arrange another hypno-meet and browsing the hypnopics collective”

This came as something of a surprise to me. (Not so much the hanging out with buddies and browsing hypno-porn… she’s always doing that, but the fact she’d gone out of her way to start arranging another hypno-meet. She loves going to them… but is usually far too busy gaming to take any part in the preparation of them. Something was very wrong with this picture.)

“Oh? Okay… so did you get any work done?”

“Erm… not as such”

“What… do you *mean* ‘not as such?’” came my deliberately icy reply, though inwardly I was more in the mind to kick myself for not checking up on her work’s progress throughout the day.

“I mean… not… at… all?” She said, giving me the puppydog eyes, before breaking out her ‘Huzzah I’m a cute genius and I've beaten you at your own game' grin.

“I see.” I said, leaving a nice pause for effect. “Guess that means I get your authenticator then.”

Her face dropped.

“WHAT!? B… but… I didn’t game!”

“And the reason you didn’t game is because you didn’t want to do any bloody work.”

“But you only said you didn’t want me gaming!”

“Is that what I said? Because what I *wanted* was for you to get a move on with your coursework”

“But you only *said* no gaming!” she said with a hopeful smile. If I hadn’t already taken the wind out of her sails with my decision to take her authenticator this little loophole in my commands would have been highlighted with all the triumphantalism that the girl can muster. (Which can be a hell of a lot.)

“Dagnabbit. You’re obeying the word of the command but not the spirit of the command. I *wanted* you to get your coursework done. Not for you to spent your day arsing around looking at hypno porn. And you *knew* that.”

“Youonlysaidnogaming” she muttered, folding her arms and looking away, still flailing weakly at that dead horse.

The rest of the journey home was spent in silence. I knew from experience that she’d be working out a way to cheapen my victory, so the cogs were turning in my head as I concocted a way of maximising her drive to work now I had her full attention.

On getting home she fired up her laptop and asked me (now the possessor of her authenticator) if she could sign into WoW. She had a raid that evening, and one of the agreements I’d made in advance was that I was only going to put a stop to her WoWing on her own. Not cut back on her activities with her guild. (Which for those for whom it means something is one of the highest ranking guilds in our particular realm. The guys are great to chat to, but they will kick anyone out of the guild who they don’t think is pulling their weight.)

I let her sign in. She couldn’t resist the urge to mumble further complaints at me though.

“There’s no point in you trying to get me to work now. You’ve already got my authenticator. What else can you do?” she grumbled, trying to cheapen any victory that I was attempting to claim. She wasn’t going to make this easy. Good idea I know how to reward as well as punish though…

“Alright then… how about this… I’m going to keep hold of your authenticator for a week. But for every 2 hours of work that you do tomorrow *before* midnight, I’ll take a day off that week.”

She didn’t reply immediately. From the mixed emotions on her face I could tell that she was probably thinking “Dammit… sounds like a good idea.” or “I think he’s got me.”

“Alright…” she said softly, her eyes evasive, realising that I had her. That doing work in the daytime instead of leaving it till 11pm and *then* starting it was the only way she was going to get to lay a finger on her authenticator again in the next 168 hours.

She went back to her game, a little smile on her face.

Addendum I should probably clarify that this particular smile was from being forced into a corner where her only way out was to be a good girl. Not because she'd found yet another way to get around my orders.

That night there weren't many guild members online, so after an hour she logged out of WoW and put an hour or so into her coursework. She went to bed at midnight without being asked. (She's such a good girl.)

The next day I got a couple of eager texts from her telling me to ask her buddies how much work she'd done that day. (I've swapped contact details with one of her mates so we can both keep an eye on how much work she actually does.) She ended up wrapping up the first draft of her coursework before bedtime, grabbing a decent night's sleep (for a student who was intending to pull an all-nighter anyway) and getting her work handed in with hours to spare.

I should take her toys away more often. ;o)