Friday, 12 November 2010

Isabel Dean's hypnosis shoot

For those that're into this kinda thing... ;o)

I've got a new hypnosis video up at and clips4sale

Isabel Dean

Izzy was a very fun lady to work with. She’s more accustomed to dominating others than she is to being controlled, (She brought along a slave who drove her / moved furniture / and made cups of tea!) but she responded to hypnosis much better than she thought she was going to. The majority of the time during the shoot, any time we woke her, we had her believing it was the very first time she’d been woken up since we’d gotten started. That led to some nice confused moments where she woke to find herself posed / moved / nude / spreadeagled and with toys buried in certain person places. :oO

This shoot’s a lot more raunchy than the majority of my previous ones, I try to work to a model’s comfort levels when I hire them. Sometimes that means the ladies spend the majority of the shoot covered up, sticking to the more fun and roleplay based suggestions, teasingly revealing their rude areas only fleetingly… and other times it means the girls spend 90% of their time nekkid whilst playing with themselves like they’re pornstars.

This shoot’s definitely the latter. ;o)

As Izzy’s happier dominating than being dominated, I favoured language, feelings and sensations that she was happy to experience. Arousal instead of Submission, and Sleepiness over helplessness. She still responded brilliantly though. She was a natural eye roller, though I couldn’t resist the temptation to give her a distinct eye rolling trigger also. There’s a scene near the end of Part Two where her eyes are locked on the pendant. She feels she has to resist it’s pull as watching it is making her feel drowsy… every time she resists though, that causes her to feel a wave of relaxation that causes her eyes to roll.

There was a slight abreaction towards the end of the shoot where I had intended to have Izzy dominate her slave-boy hypnotically on camera. (The intention being to sit the camera over his shoulder whilst she hypnotize him, and by extension, the audience.) We discussed it up front and she was happy to try it out, but she realised as she was doing it that although she's very comfortable bossing a person around physically: (Drive me here, Give me a back rub, Strip and kneel, etc) in her case, the idea of controlling a person mentally and emotionally felt like having too much control. We stopped at that point, took a break, talked about her feelings on the topic, and made sure she felt okay before continuing, fortunately at the end of the shoot she was chirpy and happy again having enjoyed (apart from that one hiccup) the whole thing.

Directors Choice award, (which means I'm chuffed with how deep she went and how it all turned out.)

Sexy stuff! ;) Pics on my site, and it's available to purchase from my Clips4Sale store

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hypnosis Show 2

I’m in a bit of a weird place right now, so I’m just going to type and see what comes out. Continuous writing, or whatever they call it.

I’ll set the scene, since I’m going to try and get as much on paper as I possibly can whilst it’s still fresh in my mind.

We had another stage hypnotist come to my university town the other night, and there had been posters up advertising it for the past few days. If you’ve read my last post about David Knight’s awesome evening, you’ll understand why I was excited and dragged my roommate Elle along with me. I’d invited a few more friends, however in one form or another they’d bailed on me. Since it was just the two of us, I felt a little bad on Elle since, if I *did* get up (and I was in two minds of even doing this up until he started the show) she’d be left on her own for the duration. I think I even said to her at one point that if she didn’t want to go, it was okay, we could go next year or something.

I spoke to Lex about my apprehensions on the evening just before I started getting ready. This, of course, wasn’t anything unusual to him. I have a dreadful combination of mental tactics which often puts me off most activities. Firstly, I never think about things thoroughly until last minute. Seriously, if I’m going on holiday for example, even at the airport I *still* won’t be considering the fact I’m going abroad. I’m terrible for living in my own little bubble, oblivious to the world around me. Now, I know that can be useful in certain circumstances, but it’s a bugger for real life. Secondly, there’s the fact that when I *do* begin to think things through, I not only think them, but I over think them. I’m talking a pro’s and con’s list, a million and one ‘what if’s - the lot. I silently debate most decisions that amount to more than what I’ll be wearing that day (and that’s only since I generally adopt the ‘function over fashion’ look – frequently to my detriment, I’ve been told).

But yes, so I spent a long while just bouncing arguments and counter-arguments off of Lex, and I could tell before long he was getting pretty sick of it. I know it bugs him, but I have a habit (whether it comes from my submissive side, or my academic background) of presenting both sides of an argument, and making equally a good case for each side, and then waiting for someone else to make a judgement one way or the other for me. That way, if I don’t like their decision, I know I’ll have made the right choice in going against the advice given. But, to go through the same pain-staking process every time I want to make a decision - be it having take-away at midnight, or whether (in this case) I should get up on stage at a stage hypnotist’s show - quite frankly, is a pain in the arse. I’ll admit it myself. But you put up with it so well, Lex ;)

I’ll give you a quick overview of my feelings whilst I was talking to Lex, since they’re quite important to the events that happened later on that evening.

I’d had a really good time going under for David Knight, and whilst the whole evening was a blur until the day after, I was now looking at it with the cynicism of being able to recall *everything* nearly a year later. I remembered the suggestions I was given, my thought processes as I reacted, what I did, and what was going through my mind afterwards. At the time it was my first stage hypnosis show, so I didn’t know what to expect, and I was both anxious and excited. I followed his suggestions, not knowing what was coming next, and the cringing I did later on was pushed from my mind at the time. I had a suggestion to follow. I had a part to play, and by god I wasn’t going to let him down by not responding. So I responded, and I played up to the audience, and I felt and experienced most of the things he told me to. I got a lot of attention from the crowd afterwards, which was very nice. Over all, it was a lovely evening out, and my minor embarrassment was mitigated by the attention and praise I received, and the pride I took in myself for being able to respond, and keep it together, in an environment I wasn’t used to.

Then there came this year’s version. The posters around the university didn’t even include a name; they just simply said ‘Stage Hypnotist’, which didn’t exactly get my hopes up about the grandeur of the event. When we eventually arrived (Elle and I all dolled up nicely), we knew we were 40mins late, but we surmised that they’d be getting people to buy in the drinks for a good half hour before it started. Walking down to the Student’s Union, there was a group of students out walking about in the cold and the rain, who stopped us to ask us if we wanted to go and see a stage hypnotist tonight. As we confirmed that we were already going, they hurried off down the street, but Elle and I gave each other a knowing look – it mustn’t have been as hot-selling as he’d hoped. Sure enough, as we got inside the building and into the room, it was completely empty. Unsure of whether we had the right room (even though there was the poster confirming the location, the lighting in the room, and the positioning of a hell of a lot of seats telling us that this was indeed the place) we stood in the doorway looking a little lost until someone behind the bar shouted across that the event would be starting in half an hour, and that we could get drinks in the other bar. We exchanged puzzled glances, and headed into the other bar, but I felt incredibly sorry for whoever this hypnotist was, since no-one had apparently shown up.

As we entered the bar, the posters had changed from simply a ‘Stage Hypnotist’ to showing the name (though I don’t think I’ll mention it here) and a very creepy looking picture of the ‘tist. It had a yellow spiral background and his face in the bottom-right hand corner. It’s not that he was hideous looking or anything, but the whole image just stank of cheese. From the typical 45 degree angle he was at to the camera, to the head tilted forward to give him a bigger head (and by association, a bigger brain, maybe?) and there was this god awful smile on his face. A really toothy grin, but it was the kind you’d see on a ‘before’ picture for someone about to undergo dental corrective surgery. To say the least, my confidence was decreasing by the second.

Eventually, we got called into the other room, and the pair of us braced ourselves for the worst. But to our pleasant surprise, the room was beginning to look a little busier. Now, it was nothing compared to last year with David Knight, where it was basically standing room only, and students were unwilling to leave their seats to go to the bar for fear they wouldn’t have one when they got back. No, this year it was about half as full, if that, really. But we both pressed on, determined to make the most of the night.

As soon as I sat down, there was about 5 minutes where I made small talk with Elle on the outside, but inside I was going over the conversation I’d had with Lex earlier. As I’ve kind of gotten side-tracked setting the scene for the evening, I’ll just go back a little and try to re-voice some of my concerns. Now, I knew that I’d have no trouble going under – I *rarely* have *any* trouble going under, and I knew the audience would react at seeing me drop instantly and completely as I have a habit of doing when put into trance. I also knew that last year had gone really well; I’d enjoyed myself, the audience had enjoyed seeing the show, and it was a good night all round. But, my doubts were if I could do it again, knowing the general gist of what was coming. Could I play up to the audience in the same way? Could I make sure that I wasn’t just following suggestions blankly and devoid of emotion like I’d grown accustomed to with Lex? Not only responding correctly, I’d be going above and beyond that – entering the stage as a new me, if you like. A me that was uninhibited. Actually, I think that’s the wrong word, since I’m not a very inhibited person generally. I’m more than happy to randomly run-tackle-glomp people who are dressed up in the streets, or wearing ‘free hugs’ t-shirts. I’m more than happy to make a fool of myself on a karaoke, or run through a park kicking leaves and scaring pigeons (I even stole a balloon from a 4 year old once since it was my birthday and I wasn’t given one... Oh, and I was about 14.) But this version of uninhibited is different. It’s taking a suggestion, and not just following it like I’m used to, but going that extra ‘lights, camera, action!’ step further and parade around the stage like I owned it.

After all, the hypnotist is looking for impromptu lines/actions/emotions from the volunteers, and you can’t predict what’s going to happen. It’s like live television, except this time, you’re *encouraged* to act up because it’s live.

But in the end, it came down to one question: Would the embarrassment I might suffer on stage be greater than the regret I’d feel if I sat and watched the show? Would I be kicking myself later, or be relieved that I was ‘safe’ for once. I use ‘safe’ in a loose and unusual term, since it’s the first word that popped into my head, even though I know that hypnosis is perfectly safe and there’s ways and means of coping with just about anything a subject can throw at you. That and I flipping love going under.

So, the hypnotist came on the stage, and at first, I had mixed emotions. I was relieved to note that he wasn’t nearly as bad looking as his poster suggested (seriously, get a better photographer when you’re advertising yourself! Geez...) but conversely, he had a really thick Irish accent. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to go under with a straight face for him. But, he began his patter, and since the room wasn’t all that full, turned the initial testers onto the whole of the audience. He tried on the staff and those manning the lights, but to my amusement, they all ignored him. He had the audience standing up out of their seats, and sitting down as fast as they could whenever he lifted or dropped his finger, and then moved onto magnetic fingers and sticky hands on the whole of the audience. What surprised me though, was that he didn’t finish the delivery. He didn’t end the suggestion, he just told us that our hands were stuck, and then moved on to asking for volunteers.

Sloppy mistake #1

In the end, I thought what the hell. At least if I try it and don’t want to do it when I get up there, I can always pretend I’m a crappy subject, and get him to send me back down again. If I enjoy it though, I won’t have missed out and regret it later. So I got up on stage, and he just repeated the same thing. Sticky hands again, but it wasn’t the repetition that annoyed me (since I presume he was going for the expectation/reaction of a repeated suggestion), but it was his delivery. He was counting upwards, but between each number, he just repeated the same flipping words. “1, tighter and tighter... 2, tighter and tighter.... 3, tighter and tighter...” Now, that in itself is fine, in small doses. But for the general audience one, he went up to 25 and for the volunteers, he still went up to 15. This for me was a little much, especially since he was opening with phrases like “when we do this again [to the volunteers] your hands will be a hundred times more stuck than last time” – question, why do you need to go all the way to 15 then? Surely, with the multiple, you wouldn’t even need to go to one? 0.25, maybe? But it was the same for the trance “7, deeper and deeper... 6, deeper and deeper... 5, deeper and deeper”. Alright, I get it. If I go into trance before 1 will you shut up sooner? Please?

But still, I went along with it. Then he had us all line up across the stage, and I felt myself going deeper into trance the longer he spent with the other volunteers. I was stood with my eyes closed, hands still clasped from the sticky hands suggestion. He then proceeded to make each of us fall back onto the floor behind us. Now, that’s one sure-fire way to make me nervous anyway, but not only didn’t he catch me properly, but he’d not factored in how many students would be lying down on stage. So we were all lay down, very cramped (I believe I had my knees resting on some guy’s shoulder) and then rather than space us out and make us comfortable, he just gave us the hot/cold weather suggestions lying down on the floor, but not before telling us to ‘stretch out and sunbathe’. I nearly kicked the poor fellow below me in the head.

Sloppy mistake #2.

But still I went along with the suggestions, and the longer I was on stage, the more I was trying to plan a subtle way of asking him if I could leave the stage. I thought perhaps if he whispered into my ear any deepeners off mic like David Knight occasionally did, then I’d say something to him then whilst it was off mic. But of course he didn’t, and for a very long time I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the stage. I was dropping in and out of light trances, but I was responding almost as if I felt I had to; like it wasn’t me controlling my body anymore. It was as if there was a little ‘me’ inside my head asking to get off of the stage, and my body had other ideas.

I even lost my glasses at one point, thanks to an ‘8 year old naughty schoolchildren class’ suggestion where one of the other volunteers stole my glasses and after he put us back under, he either didn’t notice they were still missing, or didn’t care.

Sloppy mistake #3. At least *look* at your volunteers, you didn’t even have that many to begin with.

Eventually, when he started us on an ‘Irish Dancing’ suggestion, I plucked up the courage to walk to the side of the stage and ask him both for my glasses, and to leave the stage. He just looked at me dumbfounded. I suppose he mustn’t have had many volunteers just get up and leave the stage before. But he basically wanted me off the stage as soon as possible, which I could understand, but I just kept repeating to him that I’d lost my glasses. Luckily, one of the volunteers (who I’ll name ‘Grey Hoodie Boy’ or GHB) stopped responding to his dancing suggestion and gave them back to me, so I left the stage.

But I’ll tell you, from the moment I plucked up the courage to get out of my seat, even to now – hours after the event has ended – I’ve felt very peculiar ever since. I’m not even entirely sure why I’m feeling this way myself, or indeed what exactly it is I’m feeling. But I know I didn’t like it. I watched the rest of the show with Elle, and I just began to feel worse and worse as the night went on. I saw him put one of the female volunteers (we’ll call her Red) into a inflatable raft, and told her that she was lost adrift at sea, and that when she heard the sound of a plane (from a musical cue) she’d think that someone was coming to rescue her until it passed over. When she heard the Jaws theme, she’d think that Jaws was in the water and that she’d paddle as fast as she could to escape it. He woke Red up, and honestly, my heart nearly broke for her. She instantly looked around, her face awash with pure fright and despair. She really *was* lost and alone in the middle of nowhere in a boat she’d just woke up in. Then she heard a plane above her, and threw her oars in the air (making sure to steady herself occasionally with the waves) trying to get the plane’s attention. As it flew past, she just burst into tears. So what does the ‘tist do? Play the Jaws music.

Sloppy mistake #4. Way to kick a girl when she’s down, you fucker.

Red of course, doesn’t even pick up an oar. She just buries her face in her hands, and begins to cry, not before giving the audience a look of pure terror the moment the music came on. It was honestly heart-breaking, and after the audience’s reaction got a little too much, the ‘tist gave a few words that she wouldn’t feel hurt or distressed. He said that she’d just want to get away as quickly as possible. But it had little effect on her, and it was painfully obvious to everyone that it hadn’t worked. So in the end, he employed another lad as a scape goat and gave him a Jailhouse Rock trigger to dance like Elvis whilst he went over to Red and removed the suggestion of the plane and the shark. He then, rather than giving Red a few words of comfort or deepeners, or anything like that... He leaves her in the boat, and makes her belly dance to Barbie Girl.

Sloppy mistake #5. Seriously, give the girl a break.

It was obvious that the whole boat thing had woken her up, as every time the music played, it wasn’t an instantaneous reaction. It was one of embarrassment, and almost torment. It was like she was being forced to dance, and she wasn’t happy about it. GHB by the way, for the entire show (according to Elle) hadn’t been under, had been smiling and laughing and looking around whenever the ‘tist had turned his back, and hadn’t really been responding to any of the suggestions. But he wasn’t one of the ones that the ‘tist sent off stage until *right*before the wake up. When of course, the ‘tist *did* notice that both Red and GHB were having difficulty going under, did he try a rapid induction to shake things up? Did he try a bit of extra patter, or a short induction along with a trigger? Of course not, he just repeatedly clicked his fingers at the side of their heads, telling them 2-3 times to sleep until they eventually caved. Geez.

Sloppy mistakes #6 and #7, I think it’s safe to say. One for not noticing that one of your volunteers wasn’t under, and one for the Neanderthal assault on their senses until they caved into trance.

But eventually, he woke up the *three* (yes, there were only three) remaining volunteers at the end of the show, and then pissed off. I of course, was sat in my seat still not having been given a proper wake up, but my mind was clouded by this incomprehensible funk to add on top of it. GHB had been sent off literally right before the wake up, without anything for him either. I know that he wasn’t really under for the whole thing anyway, but I certainly was a little dazed, and even when I spoke to him afterwards, he didn’t ask once why I’d left, or how I was feeling, if I was okay, if I needed any further waking up, etc.

Sloppy/inconsiderate mistake #8.

Oh, and let me just add before I forget. The *star* of tonight’s show, a guy who told me as we were waiting in the line to be hypnotised, that he was pissed out of his tree – and you could tell in his uneasy swaying every time he stood up and was asked to do something on the stage. He still had a broom in his hand from the Jailhouse Rock trigger when he was given a ‘you stole my penis!’ suggestion. He was told he couldn’t leave the stage, but was shouting and screaming... and then threw his broom at me. To be fair, he was aiming for the lads in the music booth behind me, but it still fucking hurt and wasn’t a nice way to round off the evening really. The lad did come over and profusely apologise to me afterwards, so I’m not annoyed at him, it just wasn’t what I was expecting when I walked in. And I bruise really easily.

But yes, back to my strange mood. I spent the rest of the evening up until now a little quieter than usual, trying to dig down to find out what was up with me. I think I know the main parts, but not the specific details.

Up on stage, I’d had a major fight all the way along with my submissive side. This is the side of me that wants to follow any suggestion (within certain limits, of course) that I’m given, and follow it well. The part of me that wants to do the best I can for the ‘tist, and doesn’t want to let him down by disobeying or not following the suggestion as thoroughly and completely as I can. Coupled with this, I also didn’t want to let myself down. I had the weight of my past experiences with hypnosis crushing down on my back. I’m a subject who’s been popping in and out of trances for nearly 3.5 years now, and here I am, worrying about whether or not I can handle a stage hypnosis show? I’ve seen walls appear out of nowhere, and walked around Bristol as an Elven Queen (there’s a post coming about that, I promise!) and I was feeling so uneasy about the thought of being made to do something silly? I kept putting off leaving the stage, convincing myself at first that I was ‘waiting for my moment’ to tell him, and in the mean time I couldn’t *not* respond until that moment came. But it gave me a really disjointed feeling, like my body was doing something that my mind wasn’t actively taking part in.

Now, the majority of you reading this blog will be fellow hypnofetishists, so I apologise if I appear to be blaspheming by announcing that tonight, that *wasn’t* something that felt hot, or sexy, or even nice at all. I came away from that stage with a feeling that I think I’ve managed to pin down now, and I’m no longer denying it. I felt like I’d failed. Both as a practiced hypnosis subject, and a submissive. And from the moment I left the stage, I had to sit and watch the audience lapping up the performances of the other volunteers, and then after the show watch them get congratulated. I viewed it with both envy, and sadness. I thought I’d be kicking myself for leaving, and I guess in a way, I am. But not nearly as much as I thought I would be. I knew that if I’d have stayed on the stage, I’d have dragged myself through the performance, and I don’t necessarily believe I’d be any happier than I currently am.

But it brings me back to the analysis of why I was feeling the way I have been. Is it back to what I mentioned in an earlier post of self-conditioning? Aspiring to be this perfect hypnotic slavegirl who has amazing responses to any and all suggestions, and can be shown off by her Master with pride, knowing she can respond when he wants her to. To me, as a submissive, I felt I should have dragged myself through that performance regardless. Being a sub wasn’t going to be roses and sex 24/7, and I think I was forcing myself through it initially because I felt like I had to. Of course, when I plucked up the courage to leave, I felt like I’d tarnished the image I’d aspired to; like I’d failed in achieving it. It was like I’d placed a big, black mark across my (relatively) spotless record. Sure, before now I’d said no to suggestions, things asked of me in company I’d rather not show off in front of... but that’s what puzzles me. Why is it that this is the occasion I feel the worst about? Why do I feel like a terrible sub *now* of all times, with a randomer who was (I feel incredibly pompous for saying this, given my incredibly limited study of hypnosis myself) on the bad side of average himself?

At the moment of writing this, I’m just in an incredibly weird funk. I don’t feel properly woken from trance, even hours after the event ended (which I assumed I’d just wake from naturally over time) but I’m not sure if my funk’s keeping me in the daze. I’ll ring Lex in a second and talk him through it, but I just wanted to get as much of my thoughts down on paper as quickly as I could tonight.

Monday, 11 October 2010

So what do people enjoy from their inductions?

So a while ago I cooked up a second erotic hypnosis questionnaire to see what particular flavour of hypnotic fun most interested people. It's been about 3 months, and in that time I've had over 400 responses (at the time of writing it's 458 to be exact!)

Thanks to everyone that filled the questionnaire out. I hope you find the results interesting. And though I know some people were annoyed at the fact they couldn't skip questions, I had to force responses out of people otherwise it messes up the results of the figures and graphs when you try importing everything into Excel. (My it's a heady hedonistic and horny life I lead ;o)

The graphs are pretty big, so not all of them fit onscreen properly. Each one's got a fullscreen link below it though, so just click that and open it in a new window or tab to get a better view.

I've also added comments people left in the "Other" sections of the questionnaire. All names have been removed so it's pretty anonymous, if your fantasy is very private and / or specific to you and you'd like it removed, drop me a message at and I'll remove your comments from the post.

Oh, I should probably mention that the sites polled were Fetlife, MCForum, MCGarden, This Blog,, Hypno-Fetish, Bimbofication, Dollification, and Stuckposing. (So the interweb's kinky underbelly. As opposed to spacebook and myface ;o)

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


How old is everyone?
18-30: 63%
31-40: 22%
41-50: 10%
50+: 5%

What Gender's everyone?
Male: 64%
Female: 26%
Other: 10%

What sensations d'you enjoy experiencing within trance?
(Pick as many as you like)

Top 5
1. Controlled (72% Approval)
2. Arousal (72% Approval)
3. Submissive (65% Approval)
4. Enslaved (55% Approval)
5. Programmed (54% Approval)

Other requests: Stuck, Bound, Posed, Paralysed, Frozen like a mannequin, Objectified, (Okay! It seems I missed out you bondage, stuck and and statuephiles!) Uninhibited, Transformed, Regressed, Dominant, Owned, Orgasmic, Feminized, Robotic, Sextoy, Younger, Amnesia, Loved, Aphasia, Sexually Charged, Possessed, Nudity, Sexy (I can't believe I forgot to include sexy in the main choices), Bimbo, Seductive,

If you can only pick one sensation, what's your favourite?
Top 5
1. Controlled (14%)
2. Programmed (12%)
3. Arousal (8%)
4. Enslaved (7%)
5. Submissive (7%)

What kind of behaviour d'you like to see in your hypnotist?
(Pick as many as you like)
Top 5
1. Seductive & Confident (58% Approval)
2. Dominant & Commanding (53% Approval)
3. Explicitly Sexual (45% Approval)
4. Mischievous & Naughty (41% Approval)
5. Charming & Disarming (37% Approval)

Other requests: Sinister yet Mysterious, Loving and nurturing, Trustworthy and Interesting, Sexually Charged.

And if your hypnotist epitomized one feature, what would that be?
Top 5
Dominant & Commanding (19%)
2. Seductive & Confident (14%)
3. Evil & Controlling(!) (11%)
4. Mischievous & Naughty (10%)
5. Explicitly Sexual (8%)

What's your favourite kind of scene within trance?
Top 5
Transformed Mentally (61% Approval)
2. Forced to perform and Submissive (54%
3. Resisting but slowly succumbing (52%
4. Brainwashed through technology (50%
5. Being Transformed physically (49%

Other scenes: Snowing lightly in winter, Evil lair of a mad scientist, Held and Cuddled, Amnesiac, Forced to perform, but uninhibited, not embarrassed. Captured Superhero, Physically controlled, but mentally free. Recognizing my dom as my daddy. Female Stage Hypnotist takes advantage of me after a show. Sleepwalking Zombie. Frozen at attention on command. Forced to Masturbate.

What's your favourite gender in a hypnotist?

Any other comments?
  • I'd love to repeat some submissive mantras whilst in trance.
  • Fembots transferring data and programming from one to the other whilst "lip locked".
  • A pyramid scheme of hypnotism and hypnotists would be highly erotic and fascinating.
  • I want a trigger I can use as well.
  • Push my boundaries, break them down and make me theirs.
  • More Freeze mp3s!
  • Get Becky Speed to hypnotize your viewers!
  • Confusion, and sensory overload inductions work better on me than relaxation ones.
  • Dollification.
  • Feeling of decapitation!
  • Getting them to act like chickens! I know its an obvious one, but I've never seen it.
  • Naive girl hypnotist that doesn't realise that she's turning you on.
  • Something Beneficial and / or fun. (Thinking I'd been transformed into a leprechaun.)
  • Hypnotized to be a slutty bimbo.
  • A male or female store mannequin dressed by a man or woman in a suit.
  • Hypnotized whilst I'm already sleeping.
  • Strip naked whilst hypnotized, get on your knees, pleasure yourself and chant "I obey"
  • Made into a robot.
  • ASFR Programming that takes me by surprise, being turned "off", mindlessly performing tasks whilst both aware and unaware. Finding myself doing things in public that I can't control, walking home and finding my legs keep on walking, taking me around the block a few times.
  • Cuckold fantasies where women make me impregnate them.
  • I want to be a rubber love doll.
  • Reduce anxiety and expand psychic premonitions and abilities.
  • I want to create sexy gynoid mistresses.
  • I would like to be hypnotisted in to a female doll.
  • I would love to be reprogrammed into being a compliant sexy robot bimbo.
  • Self trigger to strip naked.
  • I'd love to be unable to speak.
  • I'd like to be a barbie doll or robot wearing pantyhose.
  • Experience orgasm as the opposite sex
  • Latex!
  • Length of induction is important, I'm not sure if it's just me or not but... the longer the better! A slow, winding path into hypnosis is frankly, delicious.
  • Mannequinization! Wax! Doll!
  • Obviously from the vast number of ticks, I'm a hypnoslut
  • Pocket Watch Hypnosis.
  • POV videos.
  • Preferred gender of hypnotist is trans or androgynous.
  • Rejuvenation would be nice for us oldies.
  • Would like to be become Lt Commander Data from star Trek Next Generation.
  • Slightly annoying you can't finish the form without leaving feedback.

  • Wednesday, 8 September 2010

    Holiday at Center Parcs

    Hi all, currently we're at Center Parcs on holiday, and somehow the weather's managing to stay sunny and warm. Huzzah!

    I'm sat on the sofa in our appartment right now where I've been writing and doodling hypno pics. Liz is sat topless by the window currently (Nothing to do with me, she's one of nature's natural nudists and gets really warm in the mornings.) daring all the neighbours to stroll past and get an eyeful. Our appartment is at the back of the building, so it's less likely... but it could still happen. Now and then I'll see our neighbour's going out on their veranda for a cigarette, so far they've not noticed Liz though. Nor have the ducks that are waddling up n down, but I think they're more concerned with badgering people for bread.

    We've had a great time so far, we've done a bit of cycling, some archery, we're playing badminton and fencing later on today, and what holiday would be complete without a lil bit of hypnotic play here and there? ;)

    A couple of weeks before we came away, Liz asked if I could make her a nice hypnosis file to brainwash her into being my completely subservient hypnotic thrall whilst we're playing house in the forest. Never one to disappoint, I cooked up a rather nice 25 minute file that does just that.

    The first half of the drive here consisted of Liz telling me what things we'd need to buy from the supermarket before coming. She's bought what seems like a months worth of food, I doubt we're gonna eat it all in just one week. The *second* half of the drive was spent in silence though, as Liz listened to and absorbed her latest brainwashing file. (If any ladies would like to listen and themselves become my thrall, let me know and I'll link you up. ;)

    We've got a nice airy appartment which you can see below, and Liz has already cooked a first meal for the pair of us.

    After the meal I didn't have anything for her to do, so had her put on her bodystocking, collar, and pose attractively on a table till I was ready to make use of her. I may have added the Top-Hat, Sunglasses and Blindfold digitally... but you get the gist.

    I know, it's missing a second slavegirl on the other side of the sofa to add some symmetry to the image. Do let us know if you fancy filling the position for a while, girls. ;o)

    Oh and if anyone's interested, here's the hypno pic I did for Trishbot last night:

    Later on we might join another couple who've messaged us and invited us to their hottub. Wonder what shenanigans that might lead to. We'll be sure to keep you posted. ;o)

    Catch you later.

    Lex and Lizzidoll. Xx

    Wednesday, 1 September 2010

    Axa preview vid


    Here's a fairly hefty preview from my shoot with Axa. There should be something for everyone here: Fembots, freezing, floating hands, wide mindless eyes, love spells that turn a girl from flirtatious and friendly, to rude and standoffish when it wears off.

    The full vid's 113 minutes long, Axa was a fun girl who seemed to go really deep in the first half. She responded really well to suggestions to forget her name, to empty her mind, and to wake up after a good 20 mindless minutes with no memory of her time spent posing around like a fembot, or stripping and giving me her underwear. (As you'll see by her reactions in the video)

    Less depth in the second half, but that's probably because we took a half hour break, had another cup of tea, and talked about the logistics of walking like a fembot for a bit too long. (Which is something that's really hard to pull off if you don't have the right rhythm for it.) When asked in the second half to continue her fembot style poses, I could see hesitation and nervousness in her behaviour, as she tried to incorporate the advice that we'd given her in the break, and rather than produce unsatisfactory fembot footage, I took a different tack, and made her into a Mistress (whom we then proceeded to freeze, spank and compel to obey our commands) Seeing a seemingly dominant girl helplessly obeying the commands she's given is something I'd like to see more of in future I think. ;)

    A pretty good shoot, hope you enjoy it!

    Buy the full thing here: Entrancement UK Clips4Sale Store

    Eyes open, mind blank
    Doesn't recall the trance or her name
    Tries out different names
    Doesn't believe that she's been
    Blank trigger
    Undressing whilst blank, giving me her underwear
    Entranced at attention
    Posing on command
    Reclining, tired eyes
    Brief Eye check
    Posing Fembot
    Robot Sexdoll
    Gets dressed
    Wakes and is shown her underwear
    Induction 2
    Lovestruck / Repelled
    Can't cover her nipples
    Unaware that she's playing with herself
    Voyeur scene: Forgets she has an audience
    More posing fembot scenes
    Axa the Dominatrix
    Axa the Slavegirl
    Slavegirl / Dominatrix Switching
    Light taps with the crop feel like hard spanks
    Dominating the Dominatrix
    Spanking the Mindless Mistress
    Back to normal
    Closing Chat

    Monday, 9 August 2010

    Hypno shoot with Kayla

    Had a shoot with Kayla over the weekend, fantastically gorgeous model... unfortunately she wasn't the best hypnotic subject... it took me half an hour to get her feeling lightly dazed, and even then, she wouldn't respond to the usual freeze / flirt / forget type suggestions.

    Not one to let any situation get me down, I took as many sexy hypno / robot / slave / statue themed pictures as the time left allowed me!

    Here's a few highlights, though the full (330 pics) set is up at my images4sale store here:

    Hypno shoot with Axa

    Had a shoot with a lady called Axa last week, it went pretty well, the video will be up over the next week or so. (Depending on how quickly I get to grips with Adobe Premiere Pro) In the meantime here's a rather nice dolly pic of her. ;)

    Wednesday, 21 July 2010

    Inviting others to play.

    Although it's nice in one sense to have a secret kink that the majority of our usual vanilla friends would never guess at, (most of them are aware that the pair of us can be a tad perverted... but few ever press us for any kind of detail.) it *is* fun to share our interest with other kinksters and couples from time to time, so when possible, we'll try to meet people who either practice hypnosis themselves, want to try it out, or are interested in learning or seeing it performed. Generally we'll swap techniques, socialise, or just use the opportunity to show off. Liz hasn't spent the evening as a mindless maid at any sexy parties yet... but the interest is there if anyone wants to invite us to any. ;o)

    Sharing this side of ourselves with others has lead us to some interesting places. There are the uncommon forum hypno-meets we've had at The Turf Tavern in Oxford: A dozen hypnotists working their way through a beer garden, united in their efforts to entrance as many unwitting university students as possible. Sticking the guys' drinks to tables so they can't be lifted... making them think their friends are invisible... or giving the ladies triggers that let them orgasm on command. (To be fair to
    Rich, the girls *did* say they sometimes had trouble "getting there", and he *was* only trying to help. ;o)

    We're also fast becoming regulars at the
    Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, (a fetish market held monthly in the UK) largely because it gives Liz the excuse to dress up in her corset, stockings, cuffs and collar, and then be paraded around on a leash in front of an appreciative audience. We have tried leading her round in public like that... but she has a tendency to disrupt the flow of traffic - including emergency vehicles - so it's probably more responsible if we keep it indoors. ;o)

    The BBB usually has some kind of demo as well, it could be bondage, knife play, domination, to name just a few fetishes, and usually they challenge any preconceptions you might have. Knife play for example... The idea of playing with knives always sounded horrifically dangerous to me, and the idea of deliberately cutting someone completely irresponsible. At the demo we saw though, the knives, (though they were big, shiny, and *sharp* were only used to cut and remove the clothes of the girls that were bound up, and later their ropes. The whole show was pretty sensuous and erotic, and though it didn't make me want to go out and buy a bigass set of knives myself, I could finally see what the attraction was.

    The May demonstration was spanking, and it got Liz awfully hot and bothered. An attractive blonde lady was stood in front of an audience of about 200 people wearing a pair of knickers and not much else, her hands stretched up above her and bound by cuffs to a gantry over her head, as an older gentleman demonstrated the correct way to use canes and floggers to achieve maximum sensation and arousal, with minimum harm to the submissive.

    The chap giving the demonstration: Mammon, was obviously a nice fellow, concerned with the welfare of his volunteer, as he'd check on her periodically to make sure she was enjoying herself, wasn't uncomfortable, etc... he'd give her the occasional hug, kiss, or playful slap on the arse, and now and then, he'd happily grope and fondle his captive assistant, as though she were a sexual object there for his amusement and for the pleasure of the crowd. (Which was exactly right. ;o) This kind of treatment *really* appealed to the submissive in Liz, who commented afterwards how hot it was that he'd just played with and publicly felt her up, like her modesty wasn't at all important.

    It appealed so much in fact, that we sought out Mammon afterwards and asked him if Liz could be the one tied up and titillated in front of the crowd next time. He was happy to agree, and if and when it goes ahead, you'll be sure to read about it here.

    The demos are pretty varied. June's demo was a D/S version of the TV show "Ready Steady Cook" (Titled "Ready Steady Top") and it's probably just a matter of time before someone organises some kind of erotic hypnosis demonstration. Rich is already pretty keen on the idea, and thinks we should cook up a show together, but I'm much more used to working in smaller environments. (As opposed to having 200 people watching me at work. :P)

    Birmingham and Oxford are a fair trek from where we live though, (2 and 3 hour drives away) and it would be nice to meet people local to our neck of the woods, so I signed us up onto the D/S dating site CollarMe to see if there were any interesting folks out there. There were a few fun and genuine people, though most of the "girls" would chat for a bit... then vanish, freak out, make excuses or implode if you so much as asked them to send a picture of themselves holding their username, let alone dance round naked on webcam for you. There's no verification system, so anyone can sign up for a profile whether or not they're actually the person in their pictures. After a while, this began to grate.

    As I said though, there are a few genuine gems on there. One such couple is Jay and Elle, (Or J and L as they're known on
    their Hypnorotica blog, but I prefer pseudonyms to random letters :oP) they're a sexy pair, also in their twenties, that live down in London. Jay's been exchanging mails with me for some time, looking to talk about the best ways to explore hypnosis with his missus, swapping stories and techniques. I think he sometimes reads the blog too. (Hello if you're there!) When I bemoaned the amount of fakes, fraudsters and time-wasters that CollarMe seemed to harbour, he suggested we try a swinging site... So we did. ;o)

    Fortunately, although plenty of the people on swinging sites are pretty much what you'd expect (shallow muppets with limited vocabularies looking for no strings sex with random strangers.) there are actually a decent number of people who are intelligent, sexy, and put friendships and a good connection ahead of there being any sexual shenanigans. People who *might* be comfortable seeing you parade around your hypnotized girlfriend... but only if everyone gets on with one another and there's chemistry and a good atmosphere.

    So far we've met a two couples, Fawn and Dan, who we get on well with socially, but haven't gotten *too* steamy with in private just yet.. possibly because Liz is pre-disposed to dislike any appartments that house cats, and Fawn's not *quite* as geeky as Dan, Liz and myself. (The majority of our time together's been spent discussing hypno-kink and roleplay games, which might leave Fawn feeling like a little bit of an outsider.) They're both in their 20s, both have "normal" dayjobs, but Fawn's done some modelling, and Dan's a pretty good fetish photographer, so we've got those things in common. Dan's actually interested in collaborating on some future doll themed hypno videos, so watch this space to see where we go with that.

    Dan's also quite the dominant, and has enjoyed showing off his rope-tying and bondage skills. Lizzidoll originally wasn't too interested in the idea of Shibari rope bondage, but spending a good couple of hours being tied, bound, and otherwise trussed in place in various sexy positions wearing nothing but her underwear has made some headway in changing this opinion. ;)

    The other couple we've enjoyed spending time with is Jack and Bella. They're a cute professional couple based in Manchester, which is less than an hours drive from us. They mailed us saying that they liked our profile (which unsurprisingly mentions bondage, mind control and hypno-play) that they're curious about what "erotic hypnosis" entails and would be interested in hearing about it, and seeing it up close. Never ones to turn down the oppurtunity to show off and misbehave, we were more than happy to meet up for a drink, and then we'd see where things went from there.

    Both of them are slim, and good-looking, Jack's pretty tall, laid back and a little bit suave. Bella's a pint sized cutie, with short red hair, and it wouldn't be amiss to use the word "Elfin" to describe her eyes and her haircut, or "impish" to describe her mischievous lil smile. (They're fitting words in fact, as when we've talked about using hypnosis to explore alternate personalities, Bella's expressed an interest in being hypnotized into thinking that she's some kind of pixie or elf, and has come to our world to save her own in some way... usually by doing something sexual in order to save it. ;)

    They invited us round for dinner (Fajita's, one of our favourite recipes and a sure way of getting into our good books) and we hit it off with the pair of them almost straight away. Jack's a gamer and guitarist, so it wasn't too long before we were discussing video-games, music, and he was showing us a couple of songs he'd written. (One memorable one called "Lesmosis" which describes the act of girls becoming more and more attracted to one another, the more time they spend in the company of lesbians... Not that I've ever encouraged Liz to grow more attracted to other girls... *whistles innocently*)

    We all (bar Bella) play Left 4 Dead 2 online, (An awesome game, where four survivors of a zombie apocalypse have to fight their way through hordes of undead to find rescue.) and have regularly started gaming together. Liz being a girl gamer is a huge flirt at the best of times (her portrait ingame is a rather sexy picture of herself) and when it comes to showing off her gaming skills online, her flirtations have taken on a new dimension of in-jokery where Jack's concerned though.

    The night drew on, we talked openly about our interests and kinks, and the others shared stories about themselves, their sexual escapades, how they'd been introduced to swinging, Bella's first experience with another girl, and how when she missed a date with Jack because she was sexing up another lady, he was more happy than annoyed at hearing about it.

    Throughout the evening I'd trigger Liz from time to time. One minute she'd be talking about her current favourite song... the next, I'd blank her mind, stand her in the center of the room and command her to strike poses for the enjoyment of all, next she'd be sat down again, none the wiser, discussing left 4 dead tactics, or uni... then she'd be frozen, mid-sentence, while Jack and Bella looked on in interest at the way I'd casually move her, caress her, or give her a little smooch. For the most part, Liz was unaware of these occurences. During one of them, Jack asked:

    "So... she doesn't know that she's frozen? That we're talking about her?"

    "On a subconscious level she knows..." I explained, "like if there was a fire, she'd realise and wake up... but consciously, she's still busy midway through a chat about uni, right now"

    "Cool... So what else can you make her do?" asked Bella with a grin.

    "Anything you like really... I can make her into an submissive slavegirl, have her orgasm on command... get her to do a striptease for us, or make her physically obedient whilst still able to say or think whatever she likes... which will probably be to tell us what a bunch of bastards we are."

    "Orgasm on command eh...? Fun!... So will she realise she's been frozen?" said Jack.

    "Not unless we move around... or she catches us all staring at her." I replied with a grin.

    Jack decided it *would* be fun for Liz to realise what was going on, so the three of us swapped places before unfreezing her. On snapping back to reality she carried on chatting for half a second, then frowned, looked to her left (Where I'd previously been sitting) and saw that it was Jack who had his arm around her, instead of myself,

    "AJ never sleeps soo..." (And loudly exclaiming as realisation kicked in) "GAHHHH! You bastard!" Looking around and seeing that everyone was in on the joke, she corrected herself: "Bastards! Stop messing with my mind!"

    "Do you really not want us messing with you?" Asked Jack, genuinely concerned that Liz didn't enjoy this kind of treatment.

    "Nooo..." began Liz, looking evasive. "LeaveMyBrainAlone..." she mumbled uncertainly.

    "Oh?" Jack said, somewhat skeptically. "Hey Lex, can you make Liz unable to lie?"

    "Easily done..." I grinned "Liz Obey: Veritas" (A trigger I've shamelessly nicked from Dan and Emily. It's not one that I've officially installed... but she knows exactly what it is, so telling her to obey it has the desired effect)

    "Yes Sir." she found herself saying calmly, before trying to give her own mouth a frustrated glare.

    "Do you mind us playing with you like this?" asked Jack

    "Not at all." she said, through clenched teeth.

    "Is there anything you don't want to do for us?" Jack enquired politely.

    "I'm happy to do pretty much anything you wish with Bella." said Liz, her eyes nervously glancing in Bella's direction as she began to blush furiously.

    "Innnnnteresting" I said, my eyebrows raising playfully. Liz continued blushing as she took a powerful interest in her own feet.

    "Is this turning you on, darling?" I asked, innocently enough.

    "This is making me feel really really horny. Argh!! F'kyu!!" she blurted out, her words going from absolute honesty, to deeply bratty.

    "So... what else would you like to see?" I offered.

    "Orgasm on command sounds pretty good." said Jack curiously. Bella sitting beside him, snuggled into his arm, and wrapped her own arms around him, her eyes fixed on Liz, waiting to see what she'd do.

    Liz was about to open her mouth to complain once more, but I was already counting.


    "Ohhhhh don't do it... Lex don't do it..." she blurted.


    Her eyes screwed shut for a second as she began to squirm a little in her seat, gritting her teeth again.



    (this is usually the point where her self control gives out, it's the moment where the balance between her desire not to be a spectacle gives way to her need for orgasm.)

    Her back involuntarily arched as her breathing deepened, one hand began to caress over her neck and breasts through her shirt, the other snapped her belt open and started fumbling for the zipper on her jeans.

    Murmurs of arousal were the only sound she was making now, her attention on the other people in the room melting away as though she was all alone. Bella appeared to be rubbing herself against Jack almost unconsciously as her eyes fixed completely on Liz's motions.


    Her hands delving into her underwear, Liz began to gasp the words "Please Lex... Please" as she touched and fingered and fumbled... closing on orgasm in just a few short seconds...

    But we were just getting started. So being the bastard I am, I counted back down. ;o)

    "Three... Two... One... Zero..."

    Lizzidoll paused... her left hand firmly buried in her knickers, her right one currently inside her shirt, cupping her left breast.

    "Uhm..." she said, with a nervous laugh. "Sorry about him." she said. Giving me a flush-cheeked look of arousal, and a great big punch on the arm.

    "Ohhh it's not a problem" said Bella, as Liz rushed to fasten her clothes back up. "So... Lex can make you striptease as well?"

    I ignored the look that Liz was shooting my way and said "Sure, got any music that you'd like her to dance to?"

    "Do *I* get a say in any of this?" Liz asked.

    "Do you *want* a say in any of this?" Jack asked.

    "No Sir." she said, truthfully, followed by "ARGH Let me lie dammit!!"

    "No... I think you can be seen but not heard for the time being" I said. "Lips Bound"

    And with that, Liz's mouth snapped shut. She continued to glare... till I asked if anyone would prefer to see a less stormy expression on her face. They did, so we soon had Liz standing attractively in the center of the room once more, gazing impassively ahead of herself, eyes half lidded, one hand hanging down coolly, the other resting on her hips, which were cocked to one side, a sexy pout on her lips, whilst Jack picked some music for her to dance to.

    Inwardly I know she wasn't half as annoyed as she'd been making out, and when the music started and her hips began to gyrate and circle, I knew that she'd be enjoying herself just as much as we were enjoying watching her. As the music played on, I marvelled at the confident way in which she held everyone's attention, strutting around their living room like it was her own personal dancefloor, turning her back, unbuttoning her shirt, giving us all a casual come-hither look over her shoulder whilst she worked her butt. Now planting her legs wide, bending all the way down, stroking a hand up each leg as she fixed her eyes on Bella.

    I snuck a look at Jack and Bella as this was going on, both were pretty enrapt by the whole show. Amazed at the change in Liz. On arriving, she'd been quiet and unassuming, over the evening she'd grown more comfortable and relaxed around our new friends, joking and laughing and talking about her love of gaming and music... now though she was a dancer, a striptease artiste, focused entirely on her craft. On arousing her audience. On stripping out of her top (and now her jeans) in the most sensuous and captivating way possible.

    Bella looked half hypnotized herself as Liz - now wearing just her underwear - strutted towards her teasingly. I think Jack noticed the amount of attention that his girlfriend was now bestowing on mine, as I could see the cogs turning behind his expression. He gave me a glance and a grin and mouthed "Lap Dance?" at me. I gave a grin and a nod.

    "Liz, why don't you give Bella a nice lapdance?"

    "Yes Sir" came the calm response, as Liz without hesitation mounted the sofa, planting a knee either side of Bella, gazing down at the girl with a look filled with lust. Bella stared up at Liz looking a little taken aback, but mainly like this whole scenario was *really* turning her on, and when I told Liz to unhook her bra, Bella's hands automatically began to stroke their way over her body. Liz smiled to herself, S-curving her body close, hovering her breasts millimeters from Bella's mouth, and coming within a hair's breadth of kissing over and over until Bella, unable to control herself any more pulled her in close and began to kiss her.

    As the ladies touched, and stroked and kissed one another, Jack and I sat back and enjoyed the show, grins on our faces, both of us looking pretty pleased with ourselves.

    "Kinda fun, isn't it?" I said.

    "Ohhhh yes." He agreed.

    "They've been snogging for quite some time... think I should stop them?" I asked.

    "You can do... I want to see what Liz's reaction is." he said, getting comfortable and turning to face them fully.

    "Liz... Release"

    Liz's reaction was a little delayed, she finished her kiss, opened her eyes, smiling with pleasure at Bella before fully coming to her senses. Her smile turned to a grimace of aroused embarrassment at the realisation of what she'd just been doing, and only then did she react to the fact she was kneeling topless on top of this girl that she'd only met a few hours previously. Her hands flew to her breasts, cupping and covering them.

    "Too late Liz" Jack began consolingly "We've already seen everything!" (talking about her breasts)

    "Everything!?" She gasped "Lex!!" she said, accusingly, (her hand diving to her crotch, making sure her underwear was still there... obviously thinking we were talking about more than just her breasts)

    "He means your boobs, babe." I explained.

    "Ah, these puppies" said Liz, giving the ladies a jiggle. "I thought you meant EVERYthing everything."

    "Not yet... though that could be arranged"

    "Oh brother..." she grumbled, then noticing where she was "Sorry Bella, am I squashing you?"

    "Not at all!" said Bella happily, leaning back in her seat, placing her hands either side of Liz's hips and enjoying the view. She looked extremely comfortable with having my topless girlfriend kneeling in her lap.

    "Oh... well... I should probably get off you anyway." apologised Liz, who even as a size 10 isn't happy with her weight.

    "Awwww" moaned Bella playfully, her eyes lingering on Liz as the girl slid off her and back onto the sofa, still cupping her breasts, and looking as though she was deciding between remaining semi-naked, trying to dress herself whilst remaining modest, or just being blasé about the whole thing as we were bound to have her doing more before the night was over.

    That wasn't where the night ended. (Liz was completely nude, kneeling down and gushing all over their laminate wood floor before the night was properly over, but I don't know if I should give you *all* the details. ;o) I think that's where I'll draw this particular post to a close though. I've already hit the 3,500 word mark and don't want to tire you readers out *too* much.

    That was our first meeting with Jack and Bella, and it went rather well. Our second meeting was spent at a the Malmaison Hotel in the center of Manchester, where I'd booked one of their poshest suites, in order to give Liz a very special birthday treat. And on that occasion, both ladies ended up hypnotized...

    But that's another story. ;o)